The hen party


The hen partyPictures to this story here sat in a dark corner of the dance floor trying to stiffle my anger watching my so called best friend kelly run around after the other women like a little lap dog .. she had recently started a new job and was desperate to impress the “in” crowd of bitchy girls that worked there .. she had managed to somehow convince me to accompany her to this hen party which was for the head bitch as she was getting married .. the problem was she had pretty much ignored me for most of the night .. and left me sat on my own while she sucked up to the rest of the group .. there was 8 girls in total .. the dress code was maids uniforms .. so we was all dressed accordingly .. myself included .. i had on a red and white beer wenches uniform from ann summers as it was closest thing i had .. id had to sneak it out of the house and change at kellys .. my husband would go ape shit if he knew i was in public dressed like this .. so id taken a big risk for kelly .. but seeing as the pub we was in was two towns over i figured id be safe .. and i would of been had it not been for the collosal fuck up that was about to take place ..I was releived when kelly staggered over and announced we was all about to leave for home and that the two taxis that we had booked was outside waiting .. we all made our way outside .. one of the taxis was parked directly outside the bar .. the other couldnt get a parking spot so was parked around the corner .. i got into the back of the first car with kelly and the bride to be .. one of the other bitches was in the front passenger seat .. so the car was full and we was about to pull off when another one of the women came running up to the car and began pleading to get in .. the driver made it clear that his insurance only covered him for five passengers and if she wanted to get in then somebody else would have to get out .. i was offended when kelly asked me if i would “swap cars” so that this woman she didnt even know could take my place .. i refused at first but after everybody in the car begged and pleaded i got out the car and stormed off around the corner to find the other taxi .. It wasnt until the car pulled away that i realised in my anger i had got out and left my handbag in the car .. i quickly made my way around the corner to see the second taxi disapear down the road .. i had no handbag .. which meant no phone .. no money .. nothing .. kelly would assume id got in the other car and the other car would assume the same .. i was stranded two towns over from where i live .. and to top it all off i was dressed as a fucking maid !!! FUCK IT !! ..I growled and stamped my feet furiously on the spot .. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” .. I quickly walked back around the corner to the pub entrance and saw the door staff ushing out the last of the customers .. they stopped me as i tried to walk back in .. a bouncer exstending his arm in front of me “sorry love were closing” .. i tried to exsplain that i needed to use the phone but he wasnt lisening and just shook his head .. I swore at the bouncer and bahis firmaları stormed off .. i took a deep breath and composed myself as i walked down the highstreet .. “okay what are my options .. think lolly” I could find a payphone and reverse the charges .. but i could only remember my husbands phone number .. and it was a risk .. hed probably panic and insist on picking me up himself and then hed see how i was dressed and id be in big trouble .I could find a taxi rank and get a taxi to kellys .. shed have my handbag so i could pay the fare when i got there .. I decided to find a taxi .. i could tell it was getting late becauce the town was quieting down .. and the reverlers where thinning out .. id have to be quick .. i could vaugely remember a taxi place at the far end of the highstreet .. it was quite a long walk so i walked as fast as i could .. Finally i reached the end of the highstreet about 15 minutes later .. as i approached the doorway i noticed a lone man swaying drunkenly looking down at his phone .. he looked up at me as i reached around behind him to push the button on the intercom .. “there shut love” I pushed the button anyway and nothing happend .. it was switched .. i growled in frustration “uuughhhaaaw .. fucks sake” .. He looked me up and down with a goofy exspression .. “whats up beautifull” I turned away from the drunken guy and looked around in disberlief at my bad luck .. before turning to face him .. “i need a fucking cab” The guy chuckled sarcasticly “no chance of that im affraid .. i only just about convinced them to send a car .. you can jump in with me if ya like ?” I sighed in frustration before asking him “where are you going”He pointed up the road and said he was going to the next town over .. in the opposite direction to where i wanted to go .. i shook my head “no good .. im trying to go the other way” I ignored the drinken mans suggestion that i could go home with him and get a cab in the morning as i looked around desperately racking my brains for what to do next .. then i spotted the phone box across the road .. “right” i marched across the road and swang the door open only to be greeted by a vanderlized phone .. i shoved the door shut and leant back against the door with my head in my hands … until i was interupted by the man caling across the road .. “Hey … er .. Do you wanna use my phone?” I looked up and sighed in relief as i walked back across the road saying “oh my god thankyou” i extstended my hand gesturing for his phone but he held it close to his chest and smirked “whats in it for me ?”I stared at him with my mouth open before asking him “are you fucking serious?” .. the man nodded sheepishly in response .. i slapped my thighs and shrugged at him “I DONT HAVE ANYTHING !!!”He glanced up and down at my maids uniform and slowly licked his lips .. before he nodded towards me and quietly said “knickers?”I looked at him in disberlief “what ?”He leant back against the door and repeated himself “knickers … give me your knickers and ill let you use my phone” I shook my head and refused “NOPE … NOT HAPPENING”He shrugged and went back to staring at his kaçak iddaa phone “fine .. no phone call then” I considered walking to kelly but that would take me at least two hours maybe longer .. i admitted defeat .. i walked past him and clicked my fingers .. “fine .. come here” as i entered a short alley way beaide the taxi rank .. he followed me in as i looked around checking oone could see us before reaching up my ruffled maids uniform .. grasping the sides of my knickers and dragging them down my legs .. it gave me a unexspected thrill to pull my panties down in front of him .. i felt a little tickle as my clit began to throb as He stood watching with a stupid grin as i wobbled standing on one leg struggling to free my knickers from the little buckle on my high heel shoe unwittingly displaying my clean shaven pussy to him .. He stepped forward and offerd his hand to steady me craning his head to take in the veiw .. i held his hand and placed my foot on the wall next to me as he reached down with his other hand and lifted the little dress up and hummed in satisfaction “mmm you got such a plump little pussy” he dropped the dress over his hand and ran his finger tips up my slit .. spreading my little flower open and cheekilly rubbing my clit up abd down a couple times before i freed the knickers and stepped backwards away from him “heeey .. that wasnt part of the deal” He stood in silience grinning at me with his hand out “give them to me” .. i pauced for a second before dropping them into his hand .. “now gimme the phone” .. he stood and careesed them in his fingers .. tossing them up and down in his palm until they laid with the soft silky gusset upwards .. he pushed them into his face and inhaled deeply .. “mmmm your cunny smells like freshly baked bread” .. I shook my head in disaproval and jabbed my open hand at him “PHONE .. NOW” He gave me the phone and i immedietly turned my back to him .. i was concentrating on putting the number in .. dialing 141 to hide the phones number before i pressed call .. he took the oppertunity to run his hands around my waist and then cup my breasts .. i let him feel me up as i was distracted in making my phone call .. until he pulled the top of the little maids uniform down and my heavy breasts fell out and hung down in his hands .. i pushed my ass out towards him and leant over the wall to avoid his hands .. my priority was to make that phone call as quickly as possible .. so i allowed him to lift the back of the dress and take a look at my bare backside .. i objected over my shoulder as his hands caressed my hips .. “oi get off” .. he leant against me and whispered over my shoulder “im gonna fuck you” .. i waved my hand signaling for him to be quiet as the phone began to ring .. I felt him fumberling behind me as the phone arnswerd .. it was my eldest ..”Hello ?”I did my best to ignore him and concentrate on the call .. “hey darling its mum .. is your dad there ?” “DAAAAD ITS MUM ON THE PHOONE”i wiggled my ass in silent protest as i felt the little dress being gathered up my around my waist as i leant on my elbows on the wall ..”Hello ?””Hey its me .. lisen .. kaçak bahis theres been a mix up and kellys left without me .. shes got my phone .. my handbag .. everything .. can you ring her for me and let her know im still here?” “Shes left you ? where are you ?” i was about to reply when i felt his cock plunge past my soft pussy lips and sink all the way down into me .. i gasped loudly in shock down the phone ..”Ugaaahhhhh…. oooh … uhh”  “lolly ??? .. are you okay ???”I struggled to compose myself as he began to steadilly fuck his cock in and out ..”Im .. im fine ..  i … i twisted my ankle im ok .. im ok” “Thats it im coming to get you .. where are you” His cock was so big .. My voice trembled as i struggled to compose myself as he selfishly plundered me from behind ..”NO .. NO .. kellys car literally just left … please just … argh ……… just ring her she will come back” “Whos phone are you on?””Im sorry .. i got to go .. ring her please” I put the phone down and dropped it in the raised flower bed on the other side of the wall and bent right over .. “ooh you bastard … ok … ok .. fuck me … FUCK ME”he gathered speed slamming his massive cock right into the top of my cervix telling me “yeeah right up you … argghh you fucking whore” I was paralized in ecstacy .. it was the biggest cock id ever felt inside me .. i was in heaven .. completely subdued and all i could do is whimper “fuck me” as i just bent over and took it .. i felt reach down and grasp the base of his cock .. holding it still inside of me while he furiously jerked the base .. wanking himself into me .. i screamed when he came .. it was like a 3 long powerfull exsplosions of boiling hot spunk .. it felt like i was being flooded .. like a balloon was being inflated inside me .. my knees turned to jelly as he withdrew and i felt his cum run out of my destroyed pussy and trickle down my slit coating my clit in his warm sperm ..I collapsed to my knees desperate to see his huge manhood .. i stopped him from doing up his jeans and pulled them down grasping at his cock and pushing it in my mouth .. i looked up at him as i stuggled to squash it all in my mouth .. i reached down between my legs and caught his heavy load falling out into the palm of my hand and rubbed it all over my bald shiney pussy .. i finger banged myself and rubbed my clit with the sticky palm of my hand as his taxi pulled up and beeped ..He tried to pull away but i held onto his leg and sucked furiously back and forth just about managing to swallow two thirds of his massive cock .. he leant forward to reach for his phone .. and used his weight to force himeself right down my throat .. my head bumped against the wall as his fat bell end pushed against the roof of my mouth before sliding down my throat .. i released his legs and tapped his thighs in submission desperatly signalling for him to withdraw .. he pushed painfully against my tonsils and i felt my throat sleeve him ..I gargled and reached before he finally withdrew and i fell down onto my hands and knees gasping for air .. he went to leave but pauced “come with me”I shook my head as i caught my breath .. he lowered his phone down in front of my face “then give me your number” I shook my head again and choked out a reply “fuck you” He laughed at me .. and then left .. i watched him hop into the cab and it drove away ..

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