The Hiking Couple

Public Sex

“Are you sure were gonna stay dry on our hike? Those clouds look menacing,” Jenna asked unexpectedly.

“Yeah. I checked weather this morning. Shouldn’t get hit with it until late this afternoon.” CLUNK, Jeremy shut the back of the SUV. “Got your pack? Ready?”

“Let’s get this over with before we get wet,” laughed Jenna.

Jenna was a tall, thin brunette. She was athletic enough all during high school that she landed a scholarship a couple months ago. She was determined to stay in shape over summer break and insisted on hiking for a change. “I’m over the scenery in the gym”, she’d say over and over. Her breasts were a small B-cup but because of her training, had the most shapely legs you could imagine. From her perfect feet, trailing up the curves of her legs, met with the sexiest bubble butt I had ever seen. It wasn’t huge but it suck out and was the perkiest ass in all of Shannon Hills. Her ass was mesmerizing. It swayed and juggled slightly with every step she took. I couldn’t believe she was already 18 years old.

Today she wore tight black leggings. She knew those were my favorite. She knew everyone looked at her ass and drooled. She used it to her advantage, always silently teasing, “here’s my ass and you can’t have it.” Well it was finally mine; we’ve been dating for a year now. Oh and god did I love that butt. Wherever we went, I had trouble controlling myself around her. I constantly caught myself smacking her ass or giving it a light squeeze in public. She didn’t seem to mind though, she was sexy and she knew it.

We approached the trail head and I motioned her forward, “Ladies first.” Deep down we both knew I just wanted to watch her cheeks jiggle together as we walked. I straddled a half hard dick the whole way. Oh how I wanted to bend her over a rock or tree and fuck her brains out right here.

The hike was roughly three miles each direction with an old abandoned silver mine at the end. We didn’t speak much for the first two miles. It was mostly uphill with the occasional switchback requiring some level of concentration.

I broke broke the silence, “Well, I felt the first rain drop. Maybe we should turn around and call it a day. The storm seems like it’ll get here sooner than expected.”

“Nah, we’re almost there anyway.” We plugged further along. Slowly the rain drops picked up there pace. Within five minutes it was a slight drizzle. “There! I see the mine. Fhew, we’re illegal bahis here!” The mine was straight ahead. Nothing special, just an eight foot hole cut into the side of the mountain. At its entrance was a small overhang made out of wood.

*BOOM* Loud thunder rolled through the sky. Seconds later, the heavens opened and it started pouring. “Get inside the mine!” I yelled over the torrential rain. We were both soaked before we made it inside. Panting, we took a minute to catch our breath. “Didn’t want to turn around huh?” I laughed.

She punched my arm, “Yeah yeah you were right. Now what? How long is this supposed to last?”

“Rain this bad usually only last an hour or so up here. I don’t suppose you brought anything for us to do while we wait?” I said.

“Huh, well as a matter of fact I DID bring something we could play with. How do you feel about being naked in public?” she winked, ” I want you to fuck my pussy right here!”

“Holy fuck babe. Hell yeah!” was all I could get out before she reached up and pulled on my soaking wet shirt. We both embraced and passionately kissed. We quickly dropped our backpacks and took off each other’s clothes. At the time, I couldn’t remember who threw whose shirt where. It was primal. I had to have her. My semi erect cock never left me the entire hike. We were both breathing heavy. We mashed our naked bodies together, my now fully erect cock pressing into her stomach. I caressed her ass as our tongues battled. I squeezed her cheeks together and lifted her off the ground, setting my dick directly at her entrance.

“Oh baby! Fuck me please!” She screamed. I forced her hips down, impailing her super tight pussy with my throbbing cock. She wrapped her legs around my back and bounced up and down my shaft. “Oh Fuck Me! Fuck me babe. FUCK ME! I need that massive cock to pound me. OH GOD YES! YES! YES! Oooohhh baby I’m coming already!!” She wrapped all limbs around me as tightly as she could and convulsed with her first orgasm, not stopping my cock from thrusting into her hot wetness. Her juices were now flowing form my balls and dropping onto my legs.

She subsided enough to regain her awareness, “Oh fuck babe. Set me down. I’m still so fucking horny. Fuck my ass while I still dripping. I need you to fill my ass with your cum!”

I set her down and bent her over the mine cart in front of us. Taking my cock and rubbing it under her sweat pussy lips, I coated illegal bahis siteleri it with as much of her cum as I could. I pulled my cock up slightly and met her rosebud with my head. I rubbed her opening in circles.

“Oh for Christ’s sake, please just fuck my ass!” I didn’t wait for a second invitation. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back against my cock. Slowly but surely, she took ever inch of me. Soon I had enough of me inside her tight asshole, I pulled back slightly ensuring I lubricated her hole enough. “Please don’t make me beg!”

I pulled out just far enough that my head was just visible at her opening and without warning, slammed my cock as far in to her as I could go. I loved watching her ass bounce as I fucked her. Faster and faster I rammed my rod into her each time pulling on her hips harder. She too fell into the rythum and pushed back to match my pace. Our moans grew together. Getting louder and louder.

“OH FUCK BABY IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!” She screamed, “Faster. Please don’t stop. OH GOD YES! OOOH! Your balls are hammering my clit!”

Harder and harder I fucked her ass. I too felt the cum starting to rise in my balls; her ass jiggling like JELLO against my pelvis, oh god how I wanted to bite her ass. I slapped her right cheek hard instead. This sent her over the edge, “I’m cumming babe! Cum with me!”

Her body tenses again, her hands white-knucking the mine cart, her ass latched onto my cock. This sent me over. I felt the cum rise in my shaft, pumping into her ass. So much cum! My cock exploded, cum after cum spurt into her hole. I held onto her for a few moments as my cock slowly shrank. It plopped out of her hole with a “pop”.

Suddenly, we heard women moaning. We turned to see two women at the entrance of the cave with their hands down their unbuttoned pants, clearly playing with themselves. They both shrieked at the same time, obviously cumming themselves. My girlfriend and I jumped into each other’s arms, startled at the new development.

The two women slowly calmed down. The one on the left (Ms Big Tits) opened her eyes and looked at us, “You two put on a mighty good show. We were caught in the storm and heard screaming from this cave. We came to help thinking someone was in trouble but I see you were already taking care of her.

“Look, that was some of the hottest shit I’ve seen in a long time! We unfortunately have some good news and some canlı bahis siteleri bad news,” said the woman on the right (Ms Curvy), “Bad news is the trail is washed out from the flash flood. Good news is we’re both still horny as hell. How about you share that massive cock of yours and missy, we’ll take care of the pretty pussy of yours too. I’m dying to taste your clit!”

“Oh fuck yes!” Jenna and I said together. We went to the other two. Jenna dropped to her knees and buried her face in Ms Curvy’s pussy. Ms Big Tits dropped between my legs and began coaxing my dick back to life. She held it in her hand and licked it from bottom up. She took my balls in her mouth, “Oh my! Your girlfriend tastes mighty sweat. I might have to taste those lips when you’re done hunny.” She put her mouth over my growing dick and could feel it still expanding in her mouth. She swirled her tongue over my head and I got week at the knees. Up and down she began bobbing my cock.

Jenna was going to town herself, “Oh baby this truly is the sweetest pussy I have ever tasted. Oh I want to take you home with us!” She plunged her tongue further into Ms Curvy’s slit. Jenna grabbed both ass cheeks for support. Ms Curvy moaned loudly in pure pleasure, “Oh god what ever you’re doing don’t stop! Oh OH YES YES!” Jenna stuck her finger between the cunt lips and plunged inside. Faster and faster she fingerfucked the tight pussy, sucking on her clit. Jenna pulled her finger out and shoved her entire face inward, licking as hard as she could.

“Oh fuck me! Oh fuck yes. Oh my god that feels amazing. Oh yes!”

She reached around and spread Ms Curvy’s cheeks apart. Jenna took her wet finger and placed it on Ms Curvy’s rosebud. She pushed, sliding her finger inside.

“OH MY GOD IM CUMING. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? OH FUCK! OH. OH. OHH. OOOHHH!!” Jenna grasped Ms Curvy’s ass tight and continued lapping up her lips during her orgasm.

I couldn’t take my eyes of the spectacle before me. Seeing Jenna bring another woman to orgasm brought be to the brink of my orgasm. Ms Big Tits saw me getting close to cumming. She plunged her face into my pelvis, shoving my cock to the back of her throat. I could feel her swallowing my member.

“Holy fuck I’m cumming!” I lost control and spurt cum down her throat. Ms Big Tits gagged briefly but held on until I started to soften. We all sat back and could see the joys of a recent orgasm glowing in our faces.

“That was amazing. I would love to do that again. Same time same place next week? I think I might have a friend that would love to get in on this,” Ms Big Tits said between heavy breaths.

“I think that can be arranged,” I said.

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