The Horror and The Loving Lust Coll

Anal Fingering

Standing in middle of the joint, while holding a drink, I viewed the perimeter to scout the talent as I made a full 360 degree spin. “So many ladies around here, it is almost unfair I should have to pick just one,” I mentioned, scanning the ladies everywhere as the lights were dim and the techno sounding music with no lyrics was at a decent level.

“Dancing chicks, drinking chicks and drunk chicks. Oh, who am I kidding, all of them are all of the above.”

“Sexy redhead,” I whispered, checking out a thirty-ish fox, wearing a green blouse and black skirt, and nursing a martini. “Well, she is alone, so we have a pursuit in the progress now,” I muttered, moving towards her.

“Oh, those nice melons are making my cock hard, ” I thought to myself, glancing at her crack.

Then as I reached the five foot mark from her, another man snagged the stool next to her.

“Nice night, my lady,” the man said before he kissed her.

“Damn,” I muttered, as I walked passed them.

My pants became less tight, but I still got a quite nice look at a group of women standing towards the corner. I saw a redhead, four brunettes, a blonde and a couple black haired ladies, all showing off some cleavage and wearing short skirts.

“A bunch of sexy numbers together, maybe a threesome, four way or even a five way is in my future,” I fancied, heading over towards them.

A took a single drink and approached them. “Why hello, ladies.”

They all displayed disgusted looks as they looked my way.

“What the fuck do you want?” the blonde asked, coming towards me.

“I was hoping I could buy you drink, pretty lady,” I replied, checking out her body.

“You just walked over to eight women in a group to ask one of them if you can buy her a drink?” she laughed, with her hands on her hips.

My eyes wandered around as my mouth was slightly opened. “Yes, I guess.”

Then they each paired up and put their arms around each other as their eyes remained on me.

“Sorry, no pricks are invited to this party,” one of the brunettes stated, before each pair kissed each other.

I bit my bottom lip as my member became hard again.

“Already than,” I said, before I walked away.

I ambled back towards the center of the place. “Okay, I may have overestimated this place, or myself,” I sighed.

I went to a few more other ladies, but had no luck.

“Fuck, I’ve been at this for over an hour now, there has gotta be one woman to take a ride.”

Then I saw a woman sitting on a chair ten feet away. I walked towards her and got only three feet away.

“I will not drink this, dirt bag! I saw you put a roofie in it!” the woman yelled, while looking at me and throwing the drink at me.

“What the fuck, bitch?” I yelled, throwing my drink at the floor.

“I think you just answered your own question: I’m a bitch. Now fuck off.”

My hands came up and clenched up. “Fuck you too, stranger,” I said, before I strolled away.

I walked over to a vacant love seat and sat down. “Shit, these women seem to be stuck up mind twisters.”

“Damn,” a forty-ish brunette said, before she sat on the other side. “How many different ways can I say, ‘Crash and burn’?” she pondered.

“I can’t say I give a shit, lady,” I replied, looking forward.

“‘He shoots, he doesn’t score’, ‘Access denied’, or maybe just a simple, ‘Better luck next time’ will do here,” she spoke, glancing at me.

I looked at her. She was about five foot six, skinny and had decent sized tits for her average body as she wore a strapless short blue dress. “So, three then, who the hell are you?”

“Just the woman that has been watching you getting shot down. Oh, there is another one,” she mentioned, smiling.

I just gave her a dirty look with my top teeth showing and eyebrows going down. “Well, I’m glad I could give you entertainment, goodbye now,” I said before I got up.

“I’ll at least let you buy me a drink, I’m empty here, big and strong brunette man,” she told me, holding a glass full of ice and giving me a devilish look.

I leaned my head back for a moment and brought it back up. “Another for the lady,” I told the waitress.

We just looked each other for a moment, as no words were spoken.

I couldn’t help, but to look down at her hand. “Well, no wedding ring. Oh, fuck it, I’m not having luck with anyone else,” I thought, before I sat back down.

“So, how long has it been since you last got laid?”

“You say that as if I’m in a slump, hussy,” I answered, displaying a displeased look.

“So, at least a year?” she asked, as her drink arrived.

She took a sip as I glared at her.

“What, I’m just making conversation.”

“Enjoy the drink, lady,” I said, before I got up.

“Hey!” she screeched. “I didn’t say you could leave, I was talking to you. So, sit your ass down,” she demanded, hitting the cushion.

Then I looked back at her and my pants became tight again. To add to that mix, I looked down and saw her big crack in her chest. I felt my blood boil and sweat ataşehir escort bayan flow down my forehead.

I sat back down and she inched closer to me, while drinking through her straw. “I like you, I sense that you are a confident idiot.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

“So, how long has it been?” she asked before she slurped on her straw again.

My head turned slightly to the left. “Three years,” I exhaled.

She spit out her drink. “What, three years? Damn, I’d just turn in my manhood if I were you.”

I hit the arm. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I can be a witch, but a roaring lover too.”

“Good for you,” I told her, before I got up.

“Wait,” she said, as I walked away.

I marched right outside and shoved people out of my way in the process.

“Hey, what the hell?” a man asked.

I didn’t look back and zipped right to my car in the cool summer breeze.

I got into my somewhat small blue car and slammed the door. “Wow, cunt, you sure do know how to knock a guy down,” I said, before I turned the ignition on.

Then I heard a tap on my window.

I turned my head to see the woman standing there, sporting that same devilish look. “Are you shitting me?”

I reluctantly put the window down and her head came right in. She put her hands onto the door and laid a big kiss right onto my lips that lasted for about thirty seconds.

Her lips parted from mine. “Care to give this cunt a lift home?”

My cock rose up as my top teeth bit down.

“I’d really appreciate it,” she made clear, pulling down her dress slightly, giving me a better look at her boobs.

I eyeballed her chest for a minute, but then I glanced at her brown eyes. “What game are you playing?”

“No game, but I’ve been told I can be very persuasive though. So, may I please have a ride home?” she pleaded, giving me the puppy face.

After another twenty second tour of the top half of the front of her body, I unlocked the other door. “Get in.”

“Thank you,” she mentioned, before she circled the car to the other side.

She got in and we were off.

“I’m just a couple miles down the road here.”

No other words were spoken, but several looks were exchanged though. There were a few streetlights on, but no one was outside.

“What the hell are you doing, dude? This chick is obviously a screwball. First she kicks me down, then she asks for a ride home?” I thought.

As we made it to her house, I stopped in front of it.

“Thank you again,” she spoke, before she leaned over to me and kissed me again.

Her right hand landed on my right leg over the duration of our forty second kiss.

My lips came off hers. “This is too weird, I don’t even know your name.”

“It is Paige, what is yours?”

I just looked at her smiling lustfully at me for a moment. “Lawson.”

“Would you like to come inside, Lawson? I’d love to have some company tonight,” she wondered, caressing my leg. “A thirty-something man like yourself can handle a middle aged woman like me, right?”

“For the record: I’m only twenty-nine.”

“You are only as young as you feel,” she made clear, before she kissed me again.

My hand went to the ignition and turned the car off. She lifted her hand off my leg and opened her door. She got out and shut the door, but I remained in the car. After twenty seconds of glaring at me, she made her way to the drivers side door. I looked out the window as she stood close to the car.

“I’m waiting,” she stated, just before she grabbed the bottom of her dress and took it off.

My mouth opened widely, as I saw the dark, but clear image her in just a pair of dark blue panties. I glanced at her crotch and went all the way back up to her face, before I opened the door. I got out of the car and shut the door, without taking my eyes off her. I just starred at her proportional breasts as my arms stayed on my sides.

“Think of this as my way of yelling, ‘Get in my fucking house, Lawson!’, okay?” she asked, lowering herself and taking off her panties as well.

“Already than,” I replied, grinning with my top teeth showing and checking out her bald pussy.

As she held her clothes with one hand, her other one came to me. “Care to come inside?”

As my entire body clenched up, I grabbed onto her hand. With drool leaking out, I walked with her to the door and my schlong felt to be as stiff as a rock.

As she opened her door, she looked back at me. “Come on in,” she said, strolling in herself.

We walked into her front porch, she shut the door and jumped right into my arms.

“Good catch, now take me to my bedroom, it is the first door on the left,” she mentioned, before she laid a kiss on my left cheek and put her head onto my left shoulder.

As I felt my dick rising into my waistband and leaning onto her stomach, I began walking through the dark, but clean house. I only had the moonlight to see, as the ten o clock hour was breached that Saturday night, but I managed to carry her the twenty-something escort kadıköy feet to her bedroom. She pushed the door open, reached over and turned her light on.

Then she positioned her head in front of me. “You’ll be so happy you hooked up with me, I’m a lot feistier than most women,” she made clear, before I released her and she dropped her clothes.

Her hands seized the bottom of my black dress shirt and yanked it right off me. With her eyes on me, her hands went to my crotch and undid my pants. She dropped to her knees and pulled my pants down completely. She untied my shoes and took them off me as well. She stood up and pushed me onto the queen sized bed. Then I leaned up onto my arms.

“Spongebob Squarepants boxers? Sexy,” she moaned, yanking off my pants and socks.

My cock leaned onto my stomach and the head stuck out slightly past the waistband. She bent down just for a second and picked up her panties.

She threw them to me. “Smell the lady juice on them and savor the scent,” she ordered, crawling to me.

She grabbed onto my boxers and tugged them right off me as I picked up her panties. She threw my boxers to the wall and my wood became the center of her attention.

She grasped it. “Wow, you have such a long and thick cock, Lawson,” she commended me, stroking it.

“What is it, ten inches long?” she inquired, as I took a deep inhale from her panties.

“Something like that,” I groaned, dropping her panties, bringing my hands to my forehead and breathing heavily.

Her sinister smile reappeared as she calmly leaned towards my willy. “I’ve never taken a cock this big before, Lawson, but I’m up for it,” she made clear, just before she took my pecker into her mouth.

“Holy shit,” I moaned, hitting the bed.

Her lips slid all the way down to the base and she stayed there for a minute. My body lied down completely and my arms were positioned on my chest. Her tongue slid around on my rod as I stared at the ceiling. She circled it several times, while she converted my solid mind into mush.

I felt my body sweating nonstop, but yet I found myself shivering. My eyelids closed and my legs clamped up. That served as no distraction for her as she began thrusting her mouth onto my manhood.

“Oh, the soft lips are making their move now,” I whispered, as my head moved to the side.

My tongue slid out and licked my lips in three full revolutions.

Then I lifted my head up. “Oh, you must have a thing for hung guys,” I moaned, bringing my left hand over to her head.

I caressed it and she coolly turned up so her eyes met mine. Even as she continued to thrust her mouth, our eye contact was maintained. Every time I felt her creamy lips move, the bed moved a bit, as my body twitched. Then her hands peacefully made their way over onto my chest and rubbed it in slow, but hard motions. My right hand made the trip to the top of my neck and felt my pulse.

“Well, you are calming me down.”

Then she leaned her head back up and my johnson slid out. “Well, I do know how to rub a guy the right way too,” she told me, stroking my manhood. “I’m not a total fucking bitch.”

Her hands grabbed mine and pulled me up onto my butt. Then they descended back to my dick with her left at the base, while the other stroked it. “When I see a guy I want, I take him,” she mentioned, before her head dropped back down to my dick.

Her tongue slid out and licked the left side of my cock several times while maintaining eye contact.

“As you shit on him in the process?”

“Buck up and be a man, Lawson!” she warned me, before she took my right ball in her mouth.

“Okay, just please don’t bite me there,” I pleaded, with my hands rapidly hitting the bed.

She looked at me with a slight smile, while sucking on it. As it felt quite numb a moment later, she took it back out and stood up. As I couldn’t help but to glare at her gorgeous body.

“Do you like what you see?”

My head nodded slightly and she climbed onto the bed with me. She positioned herself onto her knees with me in the middle. Her fingers fell down to her slit and spread out her lips as they were right above my prick.

“Wait, we need a condom, ravishing woman.”

“Come on, live a little, Lawson,” she persuaded me, before she lowered herself and let my cock shift right into her pussy.

“Oh,” I moaned, as my head leaned onto her breasts. “These are quite lovely in so many ways.”

“So, you like feeling my breasts and cherry too, Lawson?” she pondered, bringing her hands onto the back of my head. “I hope you can forgive me for all the bullshit I put you through.”

“I think so,” I answered, before my palms drifted over onto her butt and caressed her cheeks.

My eyes closed and my eyelids rubbed right across her big tits. “I have no idea who you really are, but you are dynamite.”

“I know,” she agreed with me, before she began bouncing. “Just hold me tight or I might explode.”

“I will,” I told her, as it began getting harder to breathe.

Even as bostancı escort she was moving, I grazed her right in between her breasts, going back and forth numerous times. “A flexible pussy, very soft breasts and an odd urge to fuck me, what’s not to like?”

“Nothing,” she replied, before her head bowed forward and let her long hair come down onto my back.

“You like my long hair too, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I replied, before my hands came to her shoulders.

I pushed her back and made her recline so the top half of her body hanged off the bed.

“Hey, don’t let me fall!”

I grabbed her hips. “I wouldn’t dream of it, Paige.”

Then I began shoving my wood up into her slit. “Yes, just like that, but faster, I want a total stranger to make me cum,” she moaned, as her sweaty palms tried their best to hold onto my neck.

My palms slipped down to her butt to hold a nice grip on her while she rode me. My cum felt to be as hot as magma, with it oozing around inside. I was feeling like my lungs were shriveling up and dying. I saw her, plus two copies of her as they were all floating around. As she was bouncing up and down nonstop, my spine was twitching around and tiring me out as well.

“Oh, I’m gonna shoot my load deep inside you, Paige, even if it is the last thing I do,” I moaned, as the bed’s back legs hopped off the ground.

“Do it, bastard, I wanna feel it,” she said through her teeth, tightening her grip on me. “If you don’t, you are dead to me.”

I glared at her tits.

“Stare at them, Lawson and drool. Give into your desires and give me what I want,” she ordered me, while vibrating.

“Fuck, my back is killing me,” I groaned.

“You are not fucking stopping until you give me that cum, you horny bastard.”

“It is like I have an ice pick jammed in the bottom of my spine.”

Her palms moved over to my chest and pushed me down. “Oh, shut the fuck up, whinny ass. A hot and horny woman throws herself at you and you just wanna gripe? Fine, just lie back and let me do all the work, baby,” she said, before her hands landed on my stomach and she began to ride me as I didn’t move a muscle.

My arteries felt to make my blood stop, while every single other muscle sensed themselves shutting down as my bare cock received the ride of it’s life from her wet and flexible slit. My head leaned way back and just began to turn back and forth.

“Holy fucking shit, the room is spinning and I’m burning away.”

“I know, now quit stalling, and give me the steaming hot cum, Lawson. Give it all to me.”

“My fucking member hurts too!” I yelled, as my head leaned towards the door with my eyes closed.

As I felt the moment coming, where my cum was boiling, I opened my eyes. At first, I noticed nothing, but after a few seconds, I noticed something moving. I brought my hands to my eyes and rubbed them for a few seconds.

Then I removed them and looked at the door again. I saw a younger brunette lady in just her pink bra and panties with her right hand in her panties.

“Whoa, what the fuck!” I yelled, just before my cum was pushed out.

I felt a decent amount of cum shooting out into her snatch, as my heart strings felt to be tied together. My head lied back down on with my face staring right at the ceiling.

“Yes, Winter, your presence has pushed him over the edge,” Paige said, standing up on the bed and looking towards her.

“You just needed a little nudge,” Paige mentioned, before she spread out her pussy lips as the visitor came to the bed.

She was about five foot five with long brown hair and decent sized boobs for her medium build body. My eyes drifted down to Paige’s pussy and watched my cum spill right out onto the bed.

“Oh, Lawson, did you really just spew that much cum into this strange, but sexy woman?” Winter pondered, leaning down towards me and bringing her face only a few inches away from mine.

My teeth bit down onto my lip and I blinked several times too. “I guess.”

I rubbed my eyes again and attempted to catch my breath. I took a good look at the new woman and she appeared to be about nineteen or twenty. Her hair was brown too, but her boobs were slightly smaller.

“Your panties are soaked,” I muttered.

She glanced down at her panties and felt her panty covered slit. “You should see the sight I’m seeing.”

“You mean ‘Insanely sexy woman’, Winter,” Paige mentioned, walking off the bed.

Paige strolled right to her and looked down to her as she was about eight inches taller than Winter. Then they both wrapped their arms around each other.

“This is my beyond beautiful step daughter, Winter, Lawson. Do you like her?” Paige pondered, turning her head to me.

My head barely shifted down and then they turned back to each other.

“So, you have yet, another man toy to cheat on my dad with?”

My face froze for a few seconds with my head back. “Did she just say that you are cheating?” I inquired looking at Paige.

“Yes, and she loves to watch when I commit adultery, don’t you, Winter?” she asked, before their lips came together.

My eyes widened and I leaned in closer. I watched them make out for a minute as my hands were away from my pecker. Their eyes were closed and they were caressing each other’s backs as if they were in love.

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