The House Ch. 02


“Fuck,” I gasp as the front door of our shitty apartment unlocks. Mom’s home early from work; way too early. I really hope she hasn’t gotten fired again.

I straighten out my plaid skirt and try to play it off as if I hadn’t just been masturbating to hearing my cousin get blown by his girlfriend. Fuckin’ Jenny, too; how the hell did that happen? I remember when we used to live in California, I’d hang out with Tina, Jenny and Melody sometimes when we were in town. While Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jeff lived down in South Orange County, we lived out in fucking L.A. I hated it there; especially since where we lived was so ghetto. Imagine being one of twenty white girls in your school; then imagine being a sophomore with a D cup and an ass that even some of the black chicks pointed out. Yeah, that was my life until Mom met Dan, my step dad. He’s an alright douche. One good thing about him is, he’s in the military, so as soon as they got married, we got the fuck out of Dodge, so to speak. It was actually Compton, but you get my point.

Now we live in Arlington, Virginia and I graduated from an all-girls Catholic school. My mom stuck me there because she wouldn’t believe me that Dan tried to seduce me on my eighteenth birthday. Honestly, I was better off there than I am now that I’m back at home with Mom and Dan. I’ve got a year of community college under my belt, and, no, I’m not graduating like I told Tim on the phone. I’m not even transferring to a college out there; I just need the fuck out of this place. I don’t know why I lied to him; knowing him and Tina they would open their home to me just to save me from the living situation I’m in.

My mom an abusive bitch and borderline alcoholic, my step dad is a drunken pervert and has only gotten worse since finishing his time in the Army. Now he’s a mechanic who spends most of his money on alcohol rather than rent or other bills. If it weren’t for the fact that my mom likes to hit me when she thinks I look at her the wrong way or thinks I’m popping an attitude when I tell her there’s another message from a creditor on the answering machine, I’d take her with me back to California.

You see, I saved up for a one-way ticket and packed as much of my shit as I can fit into two suitcases and a carry-on; I’m taking off. I’m nineteen now; I can do what I want and I’m doing what’s best for me. I’m removing myself from a shitty situation and hoping my cousins will take me in. Knowing Aunt Amanda and Uncle Jeff, and the amazing people they are, Tim and Tina will help me out until I get on my feet.

“Hi, Mom,” I say as sweetly as I can as she enters the tiny living room of our third story apartment.

She grunts at me and then eyes me suspiciously. “What are you wearing?”

I look down at my plaid skirt and white button up top from my old school uniform and shrug. “It’s all I had clean; I’m doing laundry right now,” I tell her, which is a lie since all my shit is packed up. I have just another set of clothes to wear for tomorrow. I plan to stay at my friend Rebecca’s place until the next day when she takes me to the airport.

“As soon as you have some clean clothes, change. I don’t want you looking like a little tramp when your father gets home,” she says and then heads for the kitchen, mumbling something about me being a dumb slut.

I sigh and then head to my room, but she stops me as I pass by the kitchen, grabbing my left wrist. Suddenly my hand is in her face and she’s sniffing my fingers.

“You dirty slut!” she says and then slaps me across the face. “Masturbating in my home, in my fucking living room! Let’s see what you were watching before I came in!”

Shit, Dan’s probably left one of his pornos in the DVD player. “Mom, I wasn’t watching anything! I was on the phone before you came in!” I argue.

“Oh yeah, talking to who? One of those asshole boyfriends of yours, huh?”

“I’ve never had a boyfriend, Mom,” I tell her, which is true. Ever since Dan started hitting on me when he left the Army and was still looking for work, I’d all but sworn off men. Rebecca’s a little more than just a friend.

“Right, my little lesbian slut of a daughter,” she says and then picks up my cell phone, which I stupidly left on the coffee table. She goes to my recent calls and sees Tim’s name at the top of the list. “Crying to your cousins about your shitty life?”

“Mom, stop,” I plead, my emotions getting the better of me.

“I bet you’d like to go live with them, wouldn’t you? My perfect, rich sister and her perfect husband and perfect twins! Go ahead! Go live with them! See what I care! Maybe they’ll teach you to respect your mother for once!” she barrages me with her typical guilt trip, but it doesn’t work this time.

“Maybe I will!” I shout back at her and then rip my phone from her hand, which shocks her; I usually melt into a crying heap of tears when she gets like this, but a girl can only take so much. I storm to my room, slam the door and call Rebecca, putting her on speaker as I gather my already packed bags.

“Hey girl,” her angelic voice sings as she answers after a single ring. “What’s up?”

“I need out ataşehir escort bayan of here now, Becca,” I tell her.

“Sweetie, what happened?”

I tell her about my mom slapping me and the things she called me as I pull my suitcases from my closet and throw them onto my bed.

“I’m on my way and I’m bringing Trevor with me,” she says.

“Thank you,” I practically whisper to her.

“We’ll be there in ten minutes,” she says and then hangs up.

I grab my phone and put it into my purse just as I hear the front door open and close; Dan’s home. Now I’m really in trouble. Mom’s going to bitch at him and then he’s going to come punish me. I remove my phone from my purse again and sit in front of my door. If he wants in here, he’s going to have to push me out of the way. It won’t be too difficult since I weigh maybe 120lbs, mostly in my boobs, as Becca would say.

Dan pounds on my door and I let out a small scream in fear. I just need to hang on for ten minutes. He starts to push the door open, but I put my foot against my bed to hold me in place. I quickly dial 9-1-1.

“Nine-one-one, what’s your emergency?” a woman answers.

“My step dad is trying to hurt me!” I cry.

“Did you call the fuckin’ cops?” he shouts from behind my door.

“You’re calling from a cell phone, can you tell me your address?”

“Thirteen-Twelve, seventh street, apartment three-A,” I rattle off quickly.

“Stay on the line with me; I’ve dispatched officers to your address. Just don’t hang up, okay, sweetie?” the woman says. “Do you have a lock on your door?”

“No!” I cry, tears flowing down my cheeks now. My heart is racing, pounding wildly in my head as he tries to push his way into the room.

“Do you have anything to defend yourself with?” she asks.

“What? No, I have nothing.”

“Not even a baseball bat or a heavy book?” she presses.

I scan my room for anything, but it’s all packed in my suitcase. “No, everything is packed in my suitcase. I’m supposed to be leaving for California in two days.”

“Officers are on their way, sweetheart, just do whatever you can to keep him out of your room. What’s your name, sweetie?” she asks, trying to keep me calm.

“Courtney,” I tell her.

“What’s in California, Courtney? Family? Friends?”

“Yes. I’m trying to get away from here; I need a fresh start,” I tell her, shockingly beginning to calm down, though my leg is still holding up as I keep Dan out of my room.

“That’s great, honey. Does anyone else know you’re in danger?”

“Yes, my friend Rebecca and her brother, Trevor, are on their way. They should be here in about five minutes,” I tell her.

“Good. Is Trevor a big guy?” she asks.

Suddenly I picture Trevor and nod. “Yes. He’s a hockey player in Richmond.”

“Good, I’m glad someone will help keep you safe until the officers arrive. They should be there in about fifteen minutes. Just stay with me, okay?”

“Okay,” I cry into the phone; my leg is starting to burn and my back is sore from Dan’s attempts to get in. He must be really drunk because normally he’d be in by now.

Somehow my foot slips off of my bed and I lose my leverage to keep the door shut. I scream and drop my phone as I’m shoved aside. I roll onto my back as Dan pounces on me, pinning my wrists together painfully above my head. I scream out uncontrollably, even as he backhands me across the face. He hits me again, this time with a closed fist and I taste blood in my mouth. Down the short hallway I hear a commotion at the front door; I recognize Rebecca’s voice as she shouts with my mom, but it’s the sound of heavy footsteps coming towards my room that bring relief.

Without a word, Trevor barges into my room, sees Dan pinning me to the floor and then he tackles him off of me. Trevor pins him down and hits him once across the face and Dan lies still, his eyes closed. Trevor then turns to me and helps me up. He grabs my hoodie from a hook on the wall and wraps it around me since buttons from my blouse have ripped off, exposing my braless chest. Trevor’s always been such a gentleman to me.

“Come on, let’s get you out of here,” he says after assuring the emergency lady that I’m okay.

I nod and he escorts me down the hall. “Oh my God, Courtney; are you okay?” Becca asks as soon as she sees me, ignoring my furious mother.

“What’d you do to my husband?” she shouts at Trevor with her shrill, annoying voice.

Trevor hands me off to Becca and then turns towards my mother. “I knocked his punk ass out, bitch! Did you even see what he did to your daughter?”

One of my eyes feels swollen and I know my lip is bleeding, but my mother barely shows a sign of remorse as she looks at me.

“She brought it on herself,” she says indignantly.

Trevor shakes his head and then walks back down the hall to my room. He returns thirty seconds later with my bags and purse. Suddenly there’s a knock at the front door. When we turn, two uniformed police officers are standing there; they arrived a lot quicker than the lady had said.

“Officer, arrest this man for escort kadıköy assaulting my husband!” she demands and the two officers look at each other skeptically.

“Son, why don’t you step out into the hall with me,” one of the officers suggests as the other steps into the room.

Trevor nods and then sets my suitcases down by the front door as he follows the officer. The second one looks from me to my mother and then back to me and Becca again. He jerks his head to the front door and then turns towards my mother as she begins to scream at him. We wait in the hall as the other officer asks Trevor what he saw and what happened. When they’re finished, he steps up to me for my statement.

“I’m sorry, miss, but I just need to hear your side. You’re the one who placed the call, right?” he asks me.

I nod. “Yes. As soon as I heard him come home, I knew my mom would sick him on me. She and I had gotten into an argument earlier and I was planning to stay at my friend, Becca’s place, until my flight the day after tomorrow.”

“You’re leaving town?” he asks.

I nod. “I have a one way ticket to California,” I tell him. “I have cousins out there I was going to stay with for a while until I can get on my feet.”

He nods. “I don’t blame you. Paramedics are on their way to check you out. I’d feel better if you waited for them outside,” he says. “But, first, finish your story.”

I tell him everything that happened from the moment my mom came home to when they showed up. When I finish he nods and then goes to grip my shoulder. I flinch so he pulls his hand away.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he says.

I shake my head. “It’s okay. I don’t mean to be jumpy,” I tell him.

“Do you want to press charges against your father?”

“Step father,” I correct him.

He nods. “Of course,” he says apologetically.

“Will I have to stick around if I do?” I ask him.

“You may have to cancel your trip until this is resolved, yes. However, if you don’t press charges, I’m required by law to arrest him for assault and he will be charged by the state. All we’ll need is a statement from you, but if you can give me your contact information of where you’ll be staying in California, then that may be enough to get things going,” he says.

I nod and then text Tim for his address. A minute or so later he texts it back and I show it to the officer so he can write it down.

“Thank you very much, miss. Now if you’ll please wait for the paramedics to arrive before leaving tonight, I’d appreciate that,” he says.

I nod and thank him again before Becca leads me out of the building. Some of the doors in the hall are open as people are peaking out to see what’s going on. They murmur together as we walk past, but I don’t care; it’s mostly about my parents anyway.

When we get outside, the paramedics are just pulling up and when they see me, they automatically know who they’re here for. After running their test to make sure I don’t have a concussion, they give me an icepack for my eye and clean up the minor cut on my lip. I don’t need any stitches, thankfully.

“You got lucky this time, kid,” the older woman says. “You’re blessed to have friends like this,” she says pointing at Becca and Trevor.

“Yeah, I am,” I agree with her, smiling at the siblings. I almost don’t want to leave them here, but I need to get as far away from my mom and Dan as possible and they understand that. In fact, they helped me come to the decision I needed to leave.

An hour later, I’m curled up on the couch at Becca’s, staring at the TV blankly with my head in her lap and my feet in Trevor’s. Becca’s fingers comb through my blond locks gently while Trevor lightly strokes my shin. The television is on, but I’m really not watching it and I know they’ve only got it on as a distraction while they wait for me to start speaking.

“You knocked Dan out with one punch,” I blurt out to Trevor.

He snorts but doesn’t say anything, which makes me chuckle, which in turn draws some giggles from Becca. I laugh again and Trevor joins me; soon all three of us are laughing together uncontrollably.

“I love you guys,” I say as we finally wind down from our fit of laughter. “And I’m so glad you showed up when you did,” I say sitting up. “A minute later, and who knows what Dan could have done to me.”

I turn to Trevor and fall on him for a hug. He pats my shoulder reassuringly as I start to cry again. I kiss him on the cheek, which is something I’ve never done before. As much as I’ve wanted to over the past couple of years, I’ve never shown him any more affection than a hug in greeting. His head turns and our eyes meet; his eyes are so, so…pretty! They’re soft, dark brown and they sparkle when he smiles. We stare at each other for what seems an eternity until he presses his lips against mine. I melt into his kiss, falling into his lap as I slither my arms around the back of his neck. I open my mouth and invite his tongue in and he responds by doing so. As our mouths begin to wrestle as we make out, his big, strong hands roam all over my back, which is only covered bostancı escort by my white blouse and the purple hoodie he’d put over my shoulders when he’d rescued me from Dan.

It’s not long before I feel his cock press against my butt and when it does, he doesn’t try and hide it; instead he subtly grinds into me and it drives me wild. Then I feel sucking on my toes. I break my kiss with Trevor and see Becca taking my right, big toe into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the digit. My pussy begins to tingle as these two siblings show me their affection and love; not to mention lust as Trevor slowly bucks his hips up against my ass again. I turn back to him and clamp my mouth on his again, sucking his tongue into my mouth.

Trevor unzips my hoodie and then slowly begins to unbutton my blouse, and one by one, the buttons release the strain my breasts put on the tight fabric. As the shirt opens up, the cool air from the apartment creates goose pimples on my tanned flesh. Then, when the last button finally releases, I shrug out of the blouse and drop it somewhere behind me on the floor along with my hoodie as Trevor’s big, meaty hand finds and squeezes one of my breasts. I’m so distracted by what Trevor’s doing, that I hardly notice that Becca has made her way up to my knees already. I’m wishing at this point she’d just hurry and get to my pussy already. It’s tingling so bad from both of their ministrations to my body, that I’m almost on system overload and need some kind of release.

Becca must have read my mind, because she’s now removing my white, cotton panties. I don’t know where my underwear lands, but I know where her tongue lands: just inside my thighs, teasing its way to my pussy, which is beyond dripping wet by now. I have no other thoughts of the events of the night aside from what these two amazing siblings are doing to me right now. Trevor pinches one of my hardened nipples and I gasp into his mouth, which makes him smile. I like the feeling of someone smiling while they’re kissing me; it’s like assurance that I’m doing something right. As he begins to twist that nipple, Becca finally licks my slit from bottom to top, teasing the clit with little flicks of her tongue.

Unable to control my actions anymore, I break the kiss with Trevor and let my head fall back; but he doesn’t seem to mind since this now gives him full access to my tits. He continues to massage one breast while sucking on the other as Becca presses her tongue deeper into me. My mind is in complete bliss as I start to lose track of what they’re doing. All I can see is the back of my eyelids and warmth floods my body and I can no longer tell what’s going on.

Every inch of my is in sexual heaven that I can’t tell how much time has passed when I finally come back to reality and find myself with my face now pressed against Becca’s cunt and Trevor is fucking me from behind; his huge cock filling me more than I’ve ever felt before. I wish I knew the details of how I got into this position, but I push that thought away as I eat my best friend and lover out. I look up at her as I shove my tongue deep into her pussy and see her pulling on her smallish breasts. Her perfectly tanned skin (we like to go tanning together) glistens with sweat as if we’ve been fucking for hours already.

Then Trevor changes things up. He pulls out of my pussy and teases my ass hole with the tip of his cock. I stop eating Becca out for a moment to look back at him. His eyes seem to be asking permission, so I reach back and grab one of my butt cheeks and pull it to the side, opening my puckered hole for him some more. That’s when I see just how huge he is. Holy shit, that thing is a lethal weapon! At least eight inches long and so thick, I wonder if he’s part donkey! I relax my anus for him as he presses his engorged meat against my ass again, pushing the head in as he helps me spread my cheeks. If I thought I felt full before, it’s nothing compared to his dick in my ass. It’s not my first time trying anal, but it is with a live cock. Becca’s taken me in the ass with her strap-on a few times.

When he’s finally sheathed in my ass, he slowly begins to fuck me again. After another minute, I return to my girlfriend and eat her pussy out some more. When I finally bring her to an orgasm, she seems way too excited with an idea. She kisses me and then promises to return very soon. I don’t mind because Trevor is doing a number on my ass. Then, a couple minutes later, Becca returns with her strap-on; it’s like she’d been reading my mind or something.

“How about some double penetration?” she whispers in my ear.

We’d talked about bringing a guy into our lovemaking in the past to try this, but never had the guts to go pick a guy up. But, now that her brother has fallen into our laps, so to speak, how can we pass up the opportunity to fulfill our fantasy? So, I nod and she then sticks her big, black, fake cock in my face so I can lube it up with my saliva. I begin to give her fake cock a blow job, licking it up and down and coating it with as much spit as I can. Then, she helps me into more of a standing position on my knees, and Trevor helps by holding my shoulders. He’s stopped his pumping into my ass for the time being so we can get into a better position for them to fuck me. Becca gets on her knees as well and with her tall, leggy body, she’s at the perfect height to shove that thing way up into my cunt.

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