The jalet husbond´s wife episode number 2.


The jalet husbond´s wife episode number 2.The days vent on and the wife was fucking the hole lod of gays rom the prison, and in order to pay the rent ant to live she take $ for fucking the men, and it was under developing, one or to times she have 2 men at the time, and she admit that she love it, and have a talent to get the hole ting all right, she love to giv head and also to be licked and her pussy was so lecherous that she masturbate, just for the fon of ti and she take selfie pic. to giv to her husbond.One day her husband ask her about the Finans situation and she said that it was all right, bat he ak her about a new man have bean the prison guard, and ask her to take care about it, and she agre to do it as sun as possible.A week went on and the door bell ring, and she open the door, and there stod a black man, and said her that her husband have advise him to visit her, she was a little nervous and show him in he´s name was Joe, and was nice and calm to talk to, they istanbul escort talk about a while and drink som kaffe.Bat the talk about sex was on the will be a little horny, and when he strip out of he´s jeans she could not take the    enorme dick in her mound just to take it on her hand and it grov to enormes sides, then he wasn´t nice anymore, and take her mound and put all his finger ind and jump it so her mound get open and then he press his dick ind and she have to open her mound for fuld in orde to take the big penis ind and lick it, and after a while he took her to the bedroom and licked her pussy, just to get her pussy wet and she gav a loud noise and screamed height and when he took his dick and press it ind in her pussy, she was completely gone and bite him in the elbow and he fuck her and so deeply and hold a very long time, then he om with a hige moan in her mound and she got it all over her head, after a while ha ask her if he cut zonguldak escort live in he home, and will pay a rent to do that, she agre the deal, she have room to spend.The time vent on and a month was going on, and it vent ok all in all, she hav the fuck i house and she love the time as it vent on, bat her husband wasn´t happy about this, then she discovery that the husbond haw pimpet her out to the men in order to get him a nice time and $ in his pocket, bat in the other hand she love to fuck around with all this men, so for her was it just an opening to do the naughty things she do, inc. to get payment for fuck it was a new thing for her.Bat one day she vent home after a shopping tour, she so her fiends car in thee driveway, and was happy to have a visit, she have so many things to tell her, bat she wasn´t ready to look what she se in her living room and it was a chock to her.Her fiend was naked and Joe stod whit his dick in her mound, and escort bayan he slap her in the fase, and she love it, and he mound was completely whit open, and he press his penis ind and out it went, she was ready to went out of her living room, bat Joe gave a sign to her to get to them, she undres som of her clous, and went to the action in thee room.Her fiends name was Sus, and she haw not  seen her vent in the room, so it gav her a little chok to so her vent in the fucking seance, bat more when she took Sus´s breast in her mound and suck it and lick it and play whit Sus´s pussy and lick Joe´s balls, and lick her lips wit was full of Joes dick, he then fuck Sus dead and a long time, she cry and screamed high and loud when he jump hers pussy to ti com and com again and again, then he fuck his landlord, and when he com he sperm out over Sus and her, and they kis and shares the sperm.The rumor went round in our neighbors and more fiends vent on visit her home, to bi in the cirkel as tray a little difference, ske vent it with her husbond, and he got an idea to pimp out som of hers fiends too.End of story, it was a fictional story, I hav dreamt about and got a hard on, and you are very welcome to live a comment  down below, than you in advance Curtis/stifinder.

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