The lady girl club part 2


The lady girl club part 2After a unexpected wild Tuesday at the club. I spent the rest of the night Fucking Faith every which way I could, I even had her fuck me once and fill me with her hot load. I don’t make it a habit of getting fucked or sucking cock, but brings the a****l out of me.Wednesday night was quiet, but because of my slutty staff we did well for the club. Thursday was Toga night. The person with the hottest Toga wins a date with the staff mmember of their choice and a private party in my VIP lounge with four of the friends on Saturday night. The judges are Me, Faith, Linda and the head of my security team Robert, Robert is a big guy, about 6’2″, 250 pounds, Bi with a nice 8″ cock. I know this because I have seen him have more that a few of my staff and customers bent over a table or fucking them against a wall. I was in my office waiting until 11 when the contest was to start. Their was a knock on my door and in walked a beautiful Black girl. Her name was Angie and she was looking for a job as a bartender. I told her that she was that she was going to talk to Faith, the club manager, she said she had and Faith sent her back here for me to interview. I called Faith a bitch and told Anger to have a seat. I asked her to tell me about herself. She went on for about twenty minutes telling me what she thought I needed to know. I asked her did she realize that this was an alternative club and. She if so, does she have a issue with that. She said no not at all. I also let her know about how almost anything goes here except no d**gs that no mean no. Also I like my staff to dress sexy, just shorty of slutty if you want. She said that she could handle that. I said that I need to ask you a question and I hope I don’t offend you but are you all female or a lesbian. She told me that she was Bi and I should look for myself if I am all female. She stood up and took off her dress with she was naked underneath. She had perfect E cup tits with big chocolate nipples, curvy with full hips and a sweet bubble ass, also her cunt was shaved bare.She walked over to me with her tits inches away from my face and asks, does this answer your question if I am all girt. She stepped closer and I took a tit in my mouth, been a long time since I’ve a big black tit in my mouth. As I switch back and forth on her nipples, I put a few fingers in her wet cunt and started finger fucking her. Her legs were buckling, so I had her get on her knees, take out my cock and blow me. She , did it and she was good. She gave me a wet sloppy blowjob, just the halkalı escort way I like it. I stood up and told her to strip me naked. Then I sat down and without being told she sat on my cock and started giving me the fuck of my life. This whore knows how to fuck. She told me she loves my black cock and then begged me to let her put it in her ass. Again she didn’t wait for an answer, and again sat on my hared wet cock sliding it deep in her tight black ass. She scream to me and said fuck, this is a big dick. She was fucking me so hard it gave her an orgasm. Right after her I started cumming deep in her ass. As we are getting our breath back, I hear Faiths voice say, so does this mean she get the job, I told hell yes. When Angie sat beside me still recovering with Faith came over and sucked my still hard cock and then moved to Angie and started licking he pussy and ass. When she was done with her, she said she could start tonight. Angie put on her dress and left. Faith said my turn and buried my cock in her ass and fucked me until she squeezed another load out of m We dressed and went out to judge the contest.The place was busy but not so over crowded that it would make it hard to judge the contest. Their were some wild togas. Most of the lady girls and other women’s togas had tits falling out. Most of the transgenders, you could see part of the dicks hanging out, and other were hard causing a tent with balls showing and they gay males were dressed the same. A lot of the women’s togas were so short if the stretched or bent over everything will be on display.Paula explained the rules and started the parade past us. Even though most of the people were in costume only about 40 were in the contest. It was amazing, Especially the transgenders. A lot of them were flashing tits, but some of them intentionally made their dicks hard so them would either push their togas out into a tent or just let them stick out. The lesbians either had their tits almost all the way exposed or very close and then their togas were so short they just baring covering the cunts. The gay males were dressed similar to trans men, but some of them had their asses out. While the parade was going on I saw sex going on everywhere. Trans men had gays and lesbians riding their cocks. Others were riding each other and I couldn’t count how many people were getting blow jobs or getting their pussy eaten. We decided to choose five winners. A straight female, a trans male, a şişli escort lesbian, a gay mail and a woman to male trans. Our straight woman winner was Ashley, beautiful blue eyes, short blonde hair, 5’4″, 160 pounds decent size tits, wide ass and the true definition of a horny slut. The trans man is Laura Spanish, big brown eyes, 5’8″, 160 pounds, long black hair, big tit with big nipples, hot ass and a fat 8″ dick that she like to show off. The lesbian was Betty, She is fucking hot brown hair, 5’8″, 125 pounds and perfect firm body with tits and ass. The gay male was Aaron about 5’10”, 175 pound, decent body, average dick with low hang balls the hung below his toga. The female to male is Rich also known as Marge. He looked like a cute man. Short black hair, on the thin side. He was a flat chested woman so he didn’t need to have boob work. He is quiet but I heard he was a freaky whore in bed. We told the crowd that we would pull the winners a side and let them know they won., I told Paula to send them to my office one at a time. when they all came in I was sitting on my sofa naked and told them all that they had won one of the spots and they told me who they wanted for their date. I played with each of them a little before they left.Just as I am about to get dressed, there is a knock on my door I start to dress fast then I think it of them coming back so why dress. I say come in. Well it’s not one of the winners, it is a lady that was in the contest. Here I am naked as the day I was born in front of someone from the club. She doesn’t even blink an eye and ask if she could talk to me. I said but let me get dressed. She said no need, not like nothing I have seen before. She is about 5’9″, big girl, easily pushing 200 pounds. Massive tits with huge nipples poking through her tight fitting toga and pretty girl. I asked what can I do for you. She said a lot but for not, was wondering who won the contest. I told her that we have already spoke with the people who won. She said that’s to made, I was really hoping to win spot. Look at this toga, I put a lot of thought and effort into it. She turns around to show me the back side, lifts it up a shows me her fat bare ass and when she turns back around she had pulled her tits out and was showing me her smooth pussy. She said well I think I deserve a runners up prize. She reached behind her neck, untied the top of her toga and the whole thing few to the floor. That monster between you legs will do.She walks over to me, put her arm around sarıyer escort me a forces her tongue in my mouth for a wet sloppy kiss and I return the favor. My hard cock is between us rubbing against our stomachs. Without breaking our kiss she get my cock between her legs and starts moving back and forth grinding my cock against her wet lips and clit. she said MMMM this going feel good in me. Come baby, fuck mamma like the cheep slut that I am. She lays down on the rug, spreads her fat legs really wide for a big girl.I get between her legs and tease her hole with my fat cock head, she’s wet already. She told me to stop teasing her and just fuck her. With just the tip of my dick in her hole I told her I am in charge her and if she has a problem with that get you naked ass up and leave. She had a look of horror on her face, you could tell she is used to being the dominate on, but that is changing here now, if she wants this dick I am your daddy. Yes you’re my daddy, please fuck me daddy, give me your black baby daddy. I told her, good bitch get ready for the best fuck you have ever had. I gave her about three inches and she’s going crazy trying to get more. I asked her if She said yes daddy, my fat white cunt belongs to you, Good answer so I gave her a few more inches. What do you need to give me something, you want it bitch. She said please daddy I need you black cock. I’ll give you all of it. What are you going to give me for giving you my hard cock, whatever you want daddy. I told her I want to fuck her fat ass after I give her my hot load. She looked scared and said daddy I have never fucked in my ass before. I said it is cock for ass, you choose. As she’s thinking about it she is still trying to get more of my cock in her. She say yes daddy, my ass is yours just please give me the rest of that fat dick. I shoved the rest of mt dick all the way to my balls as she gasp and says holy fuck daddy this is the biggest cock I have ever had. yesss!! daddy break my cunt baby. I am giving her the cock she craved, she’s moaning and crying and begging for more. I get get two handfuls of those massive tits and huge hard nipples, when I squeeze them harder she moans louder. I laid on her and took a nipple in my mouth licked and then bit it, then switch to the other one. That pushed her over the edge and she screamed that she was cumming. I felt her cream on my cock so I pulled out and she started squirting like a fire hose on me and soaking my rug. I shoved my cock deep in her cunt and filled her with my cum and she started cumming again. After a couple of hours I fucked her her ass and pussy again and filled both hole. She got up to and put her toga back on, I said no, go out there naked, find Paula and let everyone see that you fucked the owner and it is his cum running out you ass and cunt. Faith gave me that look of not again. She showed up at my house and got some of the same.

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