The Lake House Pt. 01


All characters are over the age of 18!

Summary: Ben has always dreamed of fucking his sister. The night before his family is to leave for their Lake House his sister comes into his bedroom with a surprise that makes all his dreams come true.


Family vacations sucked. My whole life, I had been forced to endure summer after summer of family vacations. Many of you would probably call me spoiled or ungrateful, but not one of you ever had to put up with my mother and father. Both were uptight prudes who thought that they were better than most people. When the few who they believed to be better than them were around, they would grovel and basically kissed the ground they walked on. It was embarrassing, exhausting and altogether the worst days of my life.

The family vacation was never anything really all that special. Good old dad had inherited a lake house from his father after the old man had died from getting too excited while he was knocking boots with a prostitute. The lake house was nice enough, big enough that they all had their own rooms—that included Mum and Dad having separate sleep quarters. There was a rather modern and nice telly in the living room that got all the channels. The lake right outside was pretty good as well.

Every summer, as I said, Mum and Dad would pack the car and drag my sister, Alice, and I down to the lake. The drive took a total of seven hours, and every time we drove, it took longer and longer. There was always pit stops along the way, but that was only to go to the toilet and to stop for lunch. The rest of the time was either spent in silence listening to Dad’s awful taste in music or Mum’s most recent audiobook. Thank god for iPhone and headphones.

The last vacation felt like a long time ago, even though it had only been last summer. Things had been different as it was during the middle of our parent’s divorce. Just before we had left, Mum had discovered Dad’s affair. It had been going on for months according to their evening arguments, but Dad had promised it was over. Alice and I knew better.

We would sit at the top of the stairs, throwing pieces of popcorn at one another trying to catch it as we listened to Mum and Dad fight. It was the most amusement that we could get since Mum took our phones away before we got sent upstairs to bed.

The lake house vacation came earlier than any other year. School had only let out two days before Dad announced we would be driving down to the lake house in a few days. It was apparent that Mum wanted to get away from it all, and so we packed up everything.

Alice and I packed our bags, and both agreed that by the time we came home from the lake house, our parents would be getting divorced. If the two managed to stay together, it would be a miracle.

The lack of parental interest in our lives had left Alice and I growing up rather close. We had spent years sticking to each other like glue, parenting each other and making sure to stay out of our parent’s way. Alice was older than me, she had turned nineteen a few months prior, and while I thought she was the best sister ever she wasn’t the brightest start in the night sky. Her grades had been terrible for as long as I could remember, not that our parents cared, and no matter how hard I tried, she hadn’t been able to finish school. She should have headed to college already, but she had been held back to repeat her senior year again, this time with me. It had been fun having her stay back. She was in my classes, and I wasn’t left alone with our parents. Even being 18 years old, myself, I liked having her close by.

The only bad thing about Alice still being around was that she was my biggest distraction. If my mother ever learned about my obsession with my sister, she would either have me locked up in prison or have a priest perform some sort of exorcism on me. But I couldn’t help it. Over the last few months, my every dream had become about it. I was waking up from erotic fantasies with a rock hard cock that needed some desperate attention.

The first wet dream about her had her pink pouty lips wrapped around my cock, sucking me off until my orgasm hit and she pulled back so my cum covered her face. Waking up after that had me dying for it to become real. The dreams and my imagination only ever grew, my last girlfriend was as close to Alice as I could get. Long brown hair, brown eyes, pink lips, at least a c cup for her breasts and a perky ass.

Her name was Ava and she was new to our school. The teacher asked for someone to show her around and who was I to say no to a girl with pouty lips and big brown eyes. I showed her around the school and then introduced her to the supply closest where I made sure she wrapped those lips around my cock before giving her a nice facial. That supply closest was used often by a lot of different students, especially me.

I did sleep with other girls, while I wasn’t popular like Alice, I was a good-looking guy and nice enough that I didn’t have to try too hard. But no matter how many pussies I dipped my cock into, I couldn’t forget about escort ataşehir Alice.

With our parents falling apart at the seams, Alice, being herself, had become more attentive to me than normal. Whenever tensions were high, she would hover, and it made me only want her more.

The night before we were due to drive down to the lake house, she had come into my room after both our parents had gone to sleep to check on me. I was stretched out on my bed, book on my lap when the door popped open, and Alice slipped in.

If I didn’t have any self-control, I would have mounted her then and there. She came into my room wearing a ridiculously small and see-through silk nightgown. It was soft baby pink, and the neckline plunged low enough that the top mounds of her perky breasts were on display, and the bottom was short enough that if she bent even a little bit, her ass cheeks would hang out. I could also see the matching pink panties peaking out as she stood across the room for me.

I shifted in my bed and placed my book over my now rock-hard cock. All I wanted was for Alice to pull off her panties and ride my cock like her life would end without it. I swallowed the build-up of saliva in my mouth and offered her a smile.

She returned into and walked over to my bed. “You okay, Ben?” she asked.

I nodded. “Yeah, you?”

She sat down on the edge of the bed; her nightgown slid up her thighs, leaving them bare for me. Her hand reached over, and she grasped my knee. “I’m alright, just not looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Tell me about it.” I shifted and kept my hard on covered.

“At least they will be too mad to fight. Hopefully, it will just be the radio the whole way.” Alice turned more to face me, she lifted her knee onto my bed, and she tucked her ankle behind her other calf. Her nightgown lifted more, and I could see the pink panties from before.

I gulped. My cock throbbing for attention. “Then we can just avoid them once we get to the lake.”

Alice nodded. She bit down on her lip, and a light pink blush covered her cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. She almost looked embarrassed, but the innocent look in her eyes just turned me on even more.

“I…um…” She glanced towards my crotch, and I looked down. I froze as I realised the book had fallen off my lap and my cock standing up as far as it could in the confines of my PJ’s.

“Oh,” was all I managed to say.

Alice giggled and asked, “Were you reading something naughty?”

I shook my head. All I wanted to say was that it was all for her, but, how could I?

“Or is it for me?” her voice dropped into a deeper tone, and it caused my cock to twitch. Alice’s hand slid up from my knee and rubbed along the inside of my thigh. She moved to kneel just above me and glanced up and down my body. Biting down on her lower lip, she peered up at me and said, “I know you think about me.” Her voice spread goosebumps across my skin, her hand crept higher up my thigh and moved along my covered cock. “I can hear you as you jerk yourself off, wishing that it was my mouth wrapped around you, or that you were inside my pussy.”

I couldn’t speak. The shock had taken over as I heard every single dirty thing, I had wanted to ever spill from Alice’s mouth fall out. I had to be dreaming.

She reached the top of my pants, gripped the top and pulled them down my legs. My cock popped free and stood before us. She smiled and ran her fingers up from the base all the way to my sensitive head that was already leaking pre-cum. I hissed as her fingers pinched the tip and played with the skin.

Alice smiled widely and moved to slid from the bed and knelt on the floor. I followed and sat on the edge of my bed, her mouth now level with my cock. She wrapped her hands around the base and pumped me.

I moaned as her hands wrapped around me, giving my cock the attention, it had so desperately wanted.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” Alice asked.

I nodded; no words would come out.

My eyes were locked on Alice as she leant down to lick the tip of my cock. She licked and sucked on the very tip, sending jolts of pleasure down my length. Her hands still gripped my base, and she giggled as I grunted when she took just the tip in between her lips. I moaned and watched in awe as the pouty lips of my sister swallowed my cock. Every inch disappeared in my sister’s throat until I felt my cock hit the back. About two inches couldn’t fit into her pretty mouth, and she made sure to keep one hand rubbing my base. She moaned around my cock and pulled back, my length slowly slipping from her mouth.

“Fuck, Alice.” My hands gripped her head and guided her as she started to bob her head. She applied the perfect amount of pressure, one hand pumped the base of my cock, the other found my ball sacks and gently massaged them. I was in complete heaven. “You love my cock in your mouth, don’t you?” I asked.

Alice looked up at me. Her eyes were wide with lust, her lips swallowing my cock whole. She hummed her answer and deep throated kadıköy escort bayan me again.

“Best cock you’ve ever swallowed.”

She hummed again.

“I’m going to cum down your throat, and you’re going to swallow every drop.”

Alice squealed around my length, excitement flashed in her eyes, and the pace of her movements increased. She wanted my cum, she was desperate for it.

I gripped her brown hair and thrust my hips right along with her. I was going to cum into my sister’s mouth, Alice’s mouth. Not some other girl who looked like her, my sister was sucking my cock and wanted so badly to swallow every last drop of my cum.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” My hair gripped her hair even tighter, a brief thought that I might be hurting her flashed in my mind. Still, the intense pressure that burst from within me as my cum shot into Alice’s mouth washed away anything but the pleasure that overwhelmed me.

I buried my cock as far as I could into her throat and watched as she swallowed every drop, her eyes locked onto me.

Alice pulled back once she had every drop, my cock softened in her grasp, and she let it go with a pop. I used my grip on her hair to pull her up and into my lap. She straddled my waist, and I kissed her as hard as I could. I tasted my cum on her lips and tongue, and it made me want to do it again.

Pulling back from the embrace, I wanted to fuck her so bad. I lifted her up, and she muffled a squeal into my shoulder as I dropped her onto the bed beneath me. I was ready to rip those panties off and fuck her until she screamed my name, but she stopped me.

Alice kissed me again and then said, “Not yet.”

I frowned. “Why?” It came out in a whine, and Alice just giggled and kissed me.

“Because I want to enjoy this, not rush.” She sat up and wrapped her arms around my neck. “We can play more tomorrow.” She kissed my nose and then laid down in my bed, her nice ass facing me, barely hidden by the little piece that she called panties.


The sun was high, and the parents hadn’t stopped arguing since they had awoken. I had been enjoying my morning as I was woken up by Alice’s mouth. She had told me to stay quiet as our parents were awake downstairs and she had sucked me off before letting me cum all over her breasts and face. It was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen, but she still wouldn’t let me fuck her, she kept telling me to wait.

I had managed to make it downstairs after a long shower where I jacked myself off to my memory of Alice’s lips. I found her standing in the kitchen, eating a banana of all fruits and dressed like a tease. She had chosen a yellow and white sundress that showed off her beautiful legs and her breasts perfectly. She had tied her hair up in a high ponytail, and I could see the simmer of her pink lip gloss. I had to shake myself out of the stupor that she put me in when Dad yelled for me to help him pack the car.

The cars that both of my parents had were both not ideal for road trips. Both of them had small sedan cars that didn’t have a lot of truck space. That meant that two suitcases always ended up on the back seat. Alice and I could either sit with them between us, or we could sit right next to each other. I usually stacked them in the middle so I could avoid being too close and getting a boner, this trip I was going to take full advantage of the situation.

I stacked the bags behind the driver’s seat and made sure Alice would need to sit mostly on me for the ride. Even if all I got was her ass cheeks rubbing on my car the whole way, it would be worth it.

When we were ready to go, Alice gave me a cheeky smile when she noticed the seating arrangements. I climbed in first, and Alice slid in on top of me, her bottom rubbing against my crotch.

My dad glanced back and asked, “You two okay?”

“All good, Daddy,” said Alice and wiggled her bottom.

I bit back a groan and gave him the thumbs up.

Mum didn’t speak. She plugged her ears with headphone and turned her body away from Dad. It was going to be a long drive.

It didn’t take long to hit the highway; Mum was intent on ignoring Dad, and he was doing the same thing. His terrible music was playing loud enough from the radio that Alice and I could talk without having to be worried they would hear. I was also pleased that Dad’s rear-view mirror was mostly blocked, and he wouldn’t be able to see much unless he turned to look at us.

Alice leant against me and said, “I like this seating arrangement much better than the old one.”

I smiled and ran my hand up her bare leg. “Me too.” I slid my hand under her dress and smiled as she shivered at my touch. Last night the closest I had gotten to touching her sweet pussy was when she straddled me. I had every intention of making sure the next six hours were filled with pleasure for both of us.

My fingers reached her panties, and I smirked as Alice’s breathing hitched. The plan was to finger her and see how long until she would cum. Being able to get Alice off without our parents escort bostancı just in front of us turned me on that my cock was already hardening in my pants. I also wanted to tease her, she had tasted my cock, and I wanted her to be so needy for my cock to fuck her pussy that she would beg me to do it even if our parents watched us. God, I was a sick fuck, but Alice was just so fucking delicious.

I slid my finger across the soft fabric of her panties and applied enough pressure to push the fabric in between the folds of her warm pussy. Her hand gripped my shirt, and she let her head fall back and lean against my shoulder. I nuzzled my nose into her hair and add another finger to me teasing.

Her panties were quickly becoming ruined by the juices dripping from her, and I whispered, “I think these may need to come off.”

She whimpered as I applied more pressure. “Ben, please.”

I smirked and moved my fingers to the side of the fabric. I pushed it too the side and found the soft wet folds below.

Alice bit down on her lip and groaned, her hips lifting up, begging for me to bury my fingers in her.

“You two okay back there?” asked Dad.

“All good. Alice is just grumbling about how warm it is back here,” I said.

“I turn up the AC for you.”

Alice whimpered as my finger dipped inside her.

“Thank Dad for being so considerate,” I whispered in her ear.

“Thanks, Daddy,” she whined out.

I slipped in my second finger, and her grip on my shirt tightened. “Do you wish that it was my cock fucking you right now?”

She nodded.

“I could bury my cock inside your tight pussy and fill you to the brim with all my cum.”

Her mouth fell open, and her hand reached down to grasp my hand as I increased the pressure of my fingers as they entered her again and again, rubbing her walls, pinching her clit.

“I would bend you over these suitcases and fuck you while Mummy and Daddy watch, maybe then Daddy will fuck you after me.” Her eyes rolled back, and I pulled her face to look at me. I smiled down at the overwhelming pleasure across her face and watched the disappointment as I halted my fingers.

She let go of my shirt and grabbed my wrist with both hands. “No, don’t stop.”

I leant down and kissed her gently, making sure to keep my hand still. “Beg me,” I said against her lips.

She whined and tried to push my fingers back inside her.

“Beg me to let you cum,” I said.

Her hands tightened. “Please, little brother.”

My hard cock twitched.

“Little brother let me cum.”

I kissed her again, this time harder and thrust my fingers back into her pussy. Her walls clenched around my hand, and I added a third finger to stretch her even more. My cock throbbed with excitement as her walls quivered around me, I could just imagine how her silky inside would squeeze and caress my cock once I was able to fuck her. I couldn’t wait to coat her inside was my hot cum, and her gushing juice splashing all over me.

Alice squirmed, and her nails dug into my skin. With a hard thrust and a last tight squeeze, she shuddered as her released rushed through her and her cum gushed out of her cunt. It coated my fingers and hand, soaked her already ruined panties and a small pool gushed out onto my pants. She trembled in my hands and relaxed utterly against me, her grip loosening.

“Your quite the gusher,” I mumbled in her ear. I played with the juices inside her pussy and pulled out my coated fingers. I brought them up to me lips and licked the tips clean. “And you have the best juice ever.”

Her eyes widened, and she wiggled her bum against my still throbbing cock as she watched me clean my hand.

“Did you want to taste yourself?” I asked.

She nodded.

I dipped my fingers back into her sensitive folds and pulled a whimper from her. With my fingers coated again, I lifted them to her face and smeared her cum against her lips. She licked at the juice and pulled my fingers into her mouth. Watching her suck my fingers reminded me of how wonderful her mouth had felt around my cock. Her tongue licked between my two fingers, and she flashed her innocent eyes up at me.

“Naughty minx.”

She released my fingers with a pop and reached up to kiss me. Tasting her cum mixed with her saliva made me want to fuck her even more.

“Are you two hungry?” Mum asked.

I pulled away from Alice delicious lips and smirked. “Starved,” I said.

“Absolutely famished,” said Alice.

“Pull over at the next stop,” said Mum.

Dad just grunted an acknowledgement.

For the next few minutes of the drive, Alice leant against my chest. Her cum was still leaking from her folds, and my cock was still hard against her ass. I would have to see if I could find a chance while we were stopped to get some relief.

I rubbed my hands up Alice’s thigh and whispered, “How do you feel about becoming a truck stop slut?”

Alice nodded and smirked up at me.

Slipping away from our parents would be easy. They were two busy avoiding each other they had been completely oblivious to us in the back seat. We could head to a different spot and sneak into the restroom, or maybe I would just wait for Mum and Dad to walk away from the car, and I would bend her over the bags like I had said earlier.

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