The Landlady – Part 1


The Landlady – Part 1Suzie was an attractive woman about 45 years old and short but with a big smile and good figure. She was a landlady who had three students lodging in her large Edwardian house in 1966. The three lodgers were Clare, Hannah and Peter, all aged 19.One morning Suzie called round to see Brian and Helen who also took student lodgers. They were about ten years older.“You know, Brian, my lodgers really are a handful sometimes, being late in, not doing their chores and so on. Any idea how I can get them to behave?”Brian stroked his chin thoughtfully.“Corporal punishment, Suzie, that helps. They’ve probably all had it and it didn’t do me any harm bending over for a caning.”Suzie blushed.Helen chipped in.“That’s right, it never did me any harm either, a few strokes of the cane across my regulation knickers. Or you can use a slipper or a good old spanking. That’s what we do with our three students.”Suzie was flabbergasted. Yes, corporal punishment was commonplace but these were 19 years old.“You’ve had the cane, Suzie?” asked Helen.“Er, well, no, actually, no…” stammered Suzie.“Than a good spanking or the slipper?”The attractive Suzie shook her head.Helen and Brian both looked surprised.“Look here” said Helen pulling a wide drawer open on their kitchen table.Inside was a well-used leather soled slipper, a couple of leather tawses and several canes.Suzie blushed deeply. Her brother had been caned several times and her mother had received corporal punishment three times at her strict school but not her.Helen took out the objects and showed her friend.“You need to get these, well a slipper and cane at least, and use them – the sooner the better” advised Brian.Suzie nodded. “Well, I suppose so but where…?“The ironmongers on Station Road has a good selection of canes and the house clearance place round by the fishmongers usually has second-hand slippers” Helen added. “We can go round tomorrow.”“Now then, if you haven’t been spanked and are going to do it you ought to have some practice, so to speak” Brian suggested. “Come into the parlour.”The three of them went to the parlour which was large and nicely furnished.“This is usually where we deal with the girls and young Dorian, our students, or in their bedroom sometimes” said Helen as she pulled up a wooden chair and sat down.“Now, Suzie, over my lap!”“But…” muttered Suzie.Helen beckoned her over. Suzie went over the woman’s lap.“If you are going to give this then you ought to know all about it, Suzie” Helen said as she lifted Suzie’s skirt.Her hand rested on Suzie’s mature bottom clad in pale yellow pants which were caught in her cleavage revealing wisps of pubic hair. Then she began to spank her bottom. She spanked hard making Suzie gasp and writhe, her bottom reddening by the minute. Her cheeks flattened with each spank then returned to her nice plump rounded shape. She stopped after about four dozen smacks.“I should really take these pants down, Suzie” said Helen patting her friend’s bottom “but up you get.”Suzie stood and rubbed her bottom.“Gosh. If that doesn’t make Clare and Hannah and Peter behave then nothing will!” she said.Brian then picked up their slipper. “Well, if a spanking doesn’t work then the slipper may! Suzie, stand by the chair and bend over for your first taste of the slipper” he instructed.“Oh, Brian, really! My bottom is very sore” pleased Suzie.“Come, Suzie dear” urged Helen “you need to know what the slipper can do!”.Reluctantly Suzie stood by the chair facing the seat that Helen had vacated. “Bend over, dear” said Helen kindly.Suzie leaned forward and put her hands on the seat. Her bottom jutted out and Helen lifted her skirt and folded it over her back.“Right, a dozen with this” said Brian eager to use the slipper.Before he could wield the istanbul escort slipper Helen stepped forward and lowered Suzie’s pants to reveal her red bottom. Between her legs a plump hairy pussy could be seen. Suzy was not worried that her friends could see her bare bottom as the sting was of greater concern.Brian placed the slipper on her right cheek, drew it back and slapped it down hard. He then targeted the left cheek and kept going until each of Suzie’s cheeks had received six quite hard smacks that echoed loudly in the room. She bucked at each and yelped at most of them.When Brian finished she stood and rubbed her bottom and then tried to look over her shoulder at her bottom as she held her skirt up. Helen saw a large triangle of pubic hair but Brian just saw a very well reddened pair of cheeks.Suzie had barely pulled her pants up when the front gate shut noisily and an attractive girl waked up the path.The slipper was put in the drawer in the kitchen and Helen turned to Suzie who was still soothing her bottom.“This is Bethan and she is due a caning for several things including bringing alcohol back to the house.”“Gosh, will you cane her at bedtime?” asked Suzie“No she is going away for a few days and catching the 4pm bus so she can be caned now. You can stay and watch if you like.”Suzie had never been caned and certainly never seen a caning but she had seen a cane at her friend Molly’s house as Molly’s mother used it to cane Molly when she was naughty. The girl entered the house.“Bethan!” called Helen.The girl came into the room. She was 19 and had a mop of untidy blond hair and a very pretty face.“Oh, Helen, yes…um…you wanted to see me.”“Yes, Bethan, thank you for coming in. You know I wanted to deal with the beer you brought in. What did we say would happen if you did that again.”The pretty girl looked at Suzie and then at the carpet.“You said I would be caned, Helen.” She paused. “I do deserve the cane, Helen, shall I fetch it?”Just then Brian came in holding a cane from the drawer. He handed it to Helen.Bethan looked at it and at Suzie.“Six of the best, Bethan. Would you bend over” said Helen.Bethan faced the wall and bent over and touched her toes. Helen lifted her skirt to reveal a very attractive bottom in thin pale yellow pants and the girl’s bare legs. She moved to Bethan’s side. Suzie was transfixed and had a great view. Bethan’s cheeks twitched as the cane touched. The first of six loud swishes was heard.Swish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackHelen delivered six firm strokes and the cane flexed as it swoop down across her pretty cheeks but Bethan barely murmured. Suzie, Brian and Helen could all see the trace of the weals beneath Bethan’s pants. Helen knew Bethan marked well as she had seen her nude after a caning three weeks ago when Bethan had shown her the marks almost without any shame at being caned for being naughty.She stood and rubber her bottom briefly then tidied her dress.“Thank you, Helen, I did deserve that caning.”She kissed Helen and left the room.Back at her house Suzie saw Clare, Hannah and peter in the kitchen. Her bottom was still tingling.“Oh, look at the mess! I really should be much stricter with you three!” she saidThe three chuckled.“Well I hope you won’t cane us like at school” chortled peter.The girls laughed.“Wait and see young Peter” said Suzie. The three of them senses a change in their landlady’s mood.Suzie watched as Clare, a tall slim girl with brown hair in a long plait, Hannah an attractive girl with brown hair over her shoulders, and Peter a slim attractive lad left the room; his bottom looked very spankable in his tight trousers – and he had been caned before.The next day Helen took avcılar escort Suzie shopping. They went into a house clearance shop and sure enough there were several pairs of sippers for sale very cheap. Suzie selected a pair and took them to the shop keeper and handed over a shilling. Then they went to the ironmonger’s shop. As they entered an old lady greeted them.“Hello, lightbulbs, nails and screws, twine we have a wide range, just ask” she said gaily.“Thank you” said Helen “ we are looking for canes.”“Ah, garden canes?” asked the lady.“No, canes for dealing with naughty girls.”The lady looked at Suzie with a glint in her eye.“Well may I say she is not too old for six of the best.”Suzie went bright red but Helen already had ideas in that department.“Come with me” said the lady kindly as she led them to the back of the shop. In a rack was a selection of traditional canes,“These will enable you to deal with naughty girls, my dear, and these longer ones for a naughty boy.” She handed several to Helen.Helen flexed and swished them.“We want several for Suzie’s students” she explained “ they need dealing with and corporal punishment is the best way.”The lady nodded. “Yes, dear, a number of local landladies buy from me and Mrs Collins from Acacia Avenue told me only this morning she caned both hers for too many late nights. She said the boys had to bend over the end of their beds and take six of the best over pyjamas.”Helen and Suzie agreed which to use and paid for them while the lady wrapped them in brown paper.On the way home Suzie stopped at Helen and Brian’s house for a cup of tea.“Get what you wanted?” asked Brian.“Yes, a pair of leather soled slippers and three canes. That should do Suzie for a while” said Helen.“So you have never been caned, Suzie?” Brian asked.Suzie blushed. “No. No, Brian.”“Ever caned a girl or boy?” Helen asked. Suzie shook her head.“Well our lodgers are all away for a couple of days so a good opportunity to give you your first taste. Shall we go to the parlour?”Suzie saw Helen stand and she just stood and went with them. The spanking and slippering had been very arousing and that time in the ironmongers had been very erotic as Helen handled the canes.In the parlour Brian unpacked the canes and selected the longest.“Helen, I should demonstrate on you first. Can you bend over for the cane, please?”Helen put the wooden chair in place and bent over. Brian lifted her skirt. Helen had a very nice bottom with a dep cleavage.“Suzie you need the student to be stable, feet apart. Lift their skirt or ideally get the boy to drop his trousers. Caning over pants or even the bare bottom is best.”He patted Helen’s bottom.“Get the cane in position like this and draw it well back. Make sure you get the strokes across the more padded areas so it bites. And try not to cross the strokes as that hurts!”“It does! Said Helen.Brian then drew the cane well back.Swish-crackA beauty whipped across Helen’s mature bottom. She gasped.Swish-crackThis was harder and again she gasped.Brian lowered Helen’s pants to the ground and Helen stepped out of them. There were two red weals across her bottom and Suzie could see her friend’s pussy with lots of pubic curls between her legs.“That’s what you should be doing, Suzie. Now your turn” said Brian flexing the cane.Suzie thought Brian wanted her to cane Helen but Helen stood and indicated Suzie should move to the chair. She did this.“Bend over, Suzie, for the cane” said Helen.She bent over and her skirt was folded up. Helen’s hand rubbed her cheeks. Brian tapped the cane on her bottom. Swish-crackSuzie felt that a red hot poker had touched her. “Ouch!” she yelped.Swish-crack“Ouch, that hurt!”Swish-crackThat stroke was harder and she really yelped.“Good job our şirinevler escort girls aren’t here or they’d be in to see what the fuss is about, Suzie” said Brian drawing the cane back.“But, Brian…ouch!” squealed Suzie as Swish-crack as number four licked her cheeks.Swish-crack“Aaah!”Swish-crack“Oh! Gosh!”Suzie stood up and rubbed her bottom.“Wow that was…” she nearly said ‘amazing’ as a special tingle ran through her body. Helen put her arm round her.“Well done, Suzie, mind you if you had been caned as a teenager you would have known what it was like!”“Now, Suzie, you need some practice. Helen, bend over” said Brian.Helen gave him a sly look and removed her skirt. Suzie saw her thick bush of black curls as she turned to assume the position again. She parted her legs and steadied herself. Brian handed Suzie the cane.“Six of the best!” he said.Suzie tapped the cane on Helen’s bare bottom observing the two weals already there. She drew the cane back.Swish-crackIt was a firm stroke but Helen barely reacted. The stroke also landed higher than the first two.Swish-crackHelen gasped as that one landed on top of an earlier weal.Swish-crack“Ouch!” said Helen as that one was lower.Swish-crack“Oooo!” gasped Helen as the lowest so far landed.Helen stood and faced Brian and Suzie with her hands flat on her bottom and her hairy bush facing them.“That was well done and I am sure Clare and Hannah’s bottoms will soon deserve six of the best. Peter will also need caning so now you can give Brian a good dose.”Brian moved to the chair and lowered his trousers and bent over. Suzie lined the cane up.Swish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackBrian winced at each but his headmaster had been much more fierce years ago.Swish-crackSwish-crackSwish-crackHelen put her hand on Brian’s back to keep him down.“Well done, Suzie” she said tugging his underpants down to reveal his backside with six obvious weals. Suzie noticed he was smooth with little body hair. She knew Peter had a smooth body with just a cluster of pubic hair as she’d seen him walk naked from the bathroom to his bedroom one evening.“You can be a bit stricter with the boys” said Helen picking up a cane and moving to Brian’s side.SWISH-CRACKSWISH-CRACKSWISH-CRACKThree swift strokes made Brian wince again. Helen and Suzie studied his bottom Suzie saw the array of red stripes and the hairless cleavage between his cheeks running down to a large pair of balls dangling there. Brian stood and rubbed his stinging bottom and his penis showed signs of arousal.“Now let’s see what your bottom is like” said Helen.Suzie lifted her skirt and Helen lowered her pants. The two ladies stood side by side so Brian could see. The two mature bottoms looked gorgeous. The ladies faced Brian and as they bent down to pull their pants up they both saw that Brian was erect. He also got dressed.Brian re-wrapped the canes in the brown paper and handed them to Suzie. She thanked them for their tuition and headed for the front door. As the front gate clanged shut behind Suzie, Brian and Helen were heading upstairs. They watched Suzie walk towards her house through the net curtains as they undressed. Very soon they were naked and Helen began to kissed and wok on Brian’s penis which rapidly became erect. Helen bent over again and soon the only sounds in the house were the ticking of the grandfather clock in the hall and Brian’s thighs slapping against Helen’s striped buttocks as his erection thrust in and out of Helen’s moist pussy.On arrival at her house she passed Hannah in the hallway. Hannah wondered what was in the parcel – a long thin parcel slightly wider at one end.“You’ll find out soon enough” said Suzie with a smile. In her bedroom she hung the canes on the rail in her wardrobe and put the slippers on a shelf. Then she hurried to the post box to catch the afternoon collection.Hannah nipped into Suzie’s bedroom but this time it was not to examine the contents of her lingerie drawer. She looked behind the door – nothing. Nothing under or on the bed. Hannah opened the wardrobe. Three canes were hung on the rail.Hannah gasped.(Continued in Part 2)

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