The Lesson Pt 1

The Lesson Pt 1The master walks into his room and pours a drink. He takes his riding jacket off and throws it onto the bed. Turning, he finally sees the girl on her knees by the window. Looking at her, he rolls his eyes.Master: Fuck, I forgot about you.Slave: My Lady Sofia sent me to you. She said you would …punish me.Master: Yes, she’s rather fond of that, isn’t she? What did you do?Slave: She was offended by me, sir. She said I embarrassed her.Master: Really. Do tell.He sits heavily, examining the slave more closely. Her dark hair is tied loosely back from her pretty face. She’s wearing a simple grey tunic, open at the neck to show her cleavage, rising and falling quickly with anxiety. The skirt is short, just covering her pert arse and showing her fine legs. Lady Sofia would be easily offended by such a lovely little thing on her staff.Slave: She found me with a man, a man she liked, Jay.Master: Jay? That is offensive, but I’ll need more than that to decide what to do with you. Don’t make me drag it out of you, girl. I’m tired and I’m losing patience.The girl blushes, her cheeks colouring. She pauses for a second, looking at the floor.Slave: He … I … I was sucking him off when the lady found us, and she was very angry.Master: Come here, girl.She is pretty, and he is getting hard just thinking about fucking her. He unbuttons his britches as the slave rises and comes to stand before bahis siteleri him. He pulls out his prick and strokes his growing erection.Master: On your knees. Now give me your hands.Kneeling down between his legs the slave reaches out to him and he takes her little cold hands and puts them on his cock.Master: Now, you stroke me real slow, while you tell me exactly what you were doing.She hesitates, trying to get her thoughts in order.Slave: Jay summoned me to the library. When I came in he ordered me to kneel down. He took my hair in his fist and pulled my head back. He had his cock out and he told me to open my mouth, wide … Is this what you want?Master: Keep going, bitch. You’ll know if I’m not getting what I want.She’s sliding her hands up and down his shaft, slow but firm and tight, and he can see her nipples, stiff and dark through her tunic.Slave: Jay put one hand against the wall behind me. He was pulling my hair tight and he pushed his cock right into my mouth in one stroke, all the way to the back of my throat. I wasn’t ready for it, and I choked and pulled away. He stepped back, his cock soaked and slick with my spit, and he slapped me hard.She is nervous, her chest heaving as she tells what happened, and pumps the master’s cock in both her hands.Slave: Jay said, “If you do that again, bitch, I will tie you to the gates and let every passing dog fuck you in mobilbahis the street.” And I believed he would. I’ve seen girls chained like that. So I took a deep breath and opened my month as wide as I could. He had my hair in his hand again and he thrust into my mouth, but he was taking his time now. I swallowed him more slowly, inch by inch, and took him all the way, as deep as I could, so his shaft was right down my throat. And when he pulled his length slowly out it was so wet and dripping down my tits. He fucked my mouth over and over, and my cunt was wet and I was hoping he would push me against the wall and screw me hard. And I could taste a little cum in my mouth as his cock seeped some seed and I licked it from the tip….and then Lady Sofia came in and saw us.Master laughs a little: And?Slave: She was shouting at me to get the fuck off my knees and get out of her library. And Jay turned round to her, and just said, “Silence” and she was instantly quiet, like he was her Master… He said, “You will stand and watch whilst I finish what I am doing.” And he did, now really taking his time, enjoying being watched. He thrust into my mouth, fucking my face until we were both soaked with my spit and then I felt his cock swell and his balls tighten as he was about to cum, and he pulled out and shot his load over my mouth and my tits, until there was cream mobilbahis güvenilir mi dripping all over my face.The slave is still stroking Master’s shaft, harder and faster now. Her pussy is wet from telling the story and seeing the Master’s prick so close to her lips and her tits and she wants him to fuck her hard and rough.Master: Is that all?Slave: No, sir. Not quite.There is silence as Master looks at her expectantly.Slave: Jay made me stand then and had Lady Sofia come close to me. He ordered her to lick me clean. And she used her tongue and lips and licked his cum off my tits and sucked my nipples until they were rock hard, and she licked my face and took the cum dripping from my lips with her tongue and I opened my mouth and we were kissing and her fingers were between my legs and she was pushing them into my creamy wet pussy and I was sure I would cum when she touched me. But Jay commanded her to stop and sent me from the room. And when the Lady saw me again she told me to come to you, sir, and that you would punish me for my behaviour.Story finished, the slave takes the Master’s cock in her mouth. She sucks the tip, already oozing a little white cum, and swallows his prick deeper and deeper into her throat. Her head is in his hands, pumping up and down, his slick shaft ramming in and out of the pretty lips until he shoots his load down her throat and she swallows his hot cum and sits back on her heels, gasping for breath.Master: Very good, pet. You are a horny little bitch. If I were Sofia I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my household, but she never learns. You will learn though. Before you return to her, you will learn a lesson.

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