The Maid Pt. 11


Fresh from the shower, she stood in front of the long mirror, admiring her trim nakedness and her newly shaved pussy, the bare smooth ‘V’ at the top of her legs with that dark vertical pink slit dissecting it. She couldn’t help but reach down and rub her fingers over it. Smooth as a babies bottom. If she was going to be licked tonight, she wanted it smooth. The thought of it made her tingle, her finger pressing, delving between those puffy outer lips to rub the hood covering her hardening clit.

“Oh fuck yes.” she was ready. She wanted that thick hard cock from this morning she thought as she stroked her pussy, guiding the thick growing wetness from her opening up onto her clit.

“Stop it!” she said to herself, reluctantly pulling her hand away from her aroused clit. “You’ll never get through dinner.” Turning to the bed, she pulled on her panties. Pale in colour and sheer, they hugged her pussy perfectly. Not only that, they were so sheer that should she get excited and wet, they were sure to reveal a nice dark wet patch, something she wanted him to lick before pulling them aside. The way she was feeling now, they would be drenched before the main course.

All day, she had thought bahis firmaları about nothing but that thick hard cock. It had felt like so long with the Butlers waning interest in her in favour of the local gash. Now, her pussy was alive once again and eager to be filled, she wanted to be stretched open, filled and covered in thick hard squirts of warm cum. “Fuck!” at this rate, her panties will be wet before she got downstairs. She so wanted to lay on the bed and rub her pussy, make it cum and taste her fingers, but she couldn’t. Fully dressed and ready to go downstairs, she took one last look in the mirror. “Perfect” she thought, grabbed her purse and left the room.

Dinner was all she had anticipated, no expense spared, small portions of very expensive delicacies, all accompanied with generous amounts of complimentary wines.

“Have another.” he said, pouring more wine into her half empty glass.

“Are you trying to get me drunk?” she asked playfully. He didn’t need to. What he was paying her, she was his already. And besides that, there was that lovely thick cock of his. The alcohol was just making her desire it even more.

“I do believe you intend to fuck me.” she kaçak iddaa blurted out. “Would you like me right here on the dining table just like the first time, or up in my room again.” she said looking at him with a mischievous grin.

“Perhaps we should wait till the dishes have been cleared away.” he replied, the thought of her spread open on the dining table making his cock swell.

As soon as the last of the dishes were cleared away and the door closed, she was out of her seat. Tipsy from the wine, she walked towards him, pulling up her dress to reveal her panties, which just as she had jokingly predicted, were stained dark with her wetness and arousal.

“You want this don’t you.” she told him, stroking the damp material between her legs.

Unseen under the table his cock was instantly hard at the sight of her ruined panties, as he imagined the wet eager cunt that lay beneath them. Standing up, he unzipped his pants.

“No!” she told him. “Lick me first.” she said. Climbing onto the table and spreading her legs wide.

Incensed by the thought, he buried his face in the warm wet material between her legs, sniffing up her scent before pulling them aside to lick kaçak bahis her. Aroused and ready to cum, she laid back and closed her eyes, savouring the feel of his tongue lapping at her clit and his mouth sucking at her lips.

“Oh fuck yes!” eat me she panted, aching to cum. His fingers slid inside her, rubbing her fast as his tongue teased her swollen hard clit.

“Oh fuck!” she cried out as her quivering legs gave way to the body jolting eruption between them.

“Don’t stop!” she cried out, her hips bucking up hard against his mouth. Ignoring her pleas, his mouth abandoned her tasty wet cunt and he rubbed her clit frantically and insides with his fingers until she was writhing uncontrollably in a massive orgasm in front of him on the table.

“Bed.” he ordered, dragging her up into the sitting position and helping her off the table. Still aching for for something hard inside her, she rubbed his cock as he guided her up the stairs.

“Fuck I want you in me.” she said in a husky aroused voice. Even though he didn’t answer her, as he guided her into the master bedroom, precum was already flowing freely into his underwear from straining aroused cock. Minutes later, she was driving down hard on his thick dagger of flesh until he was crying out and she felt it flood her with his wet warmth. Promptly, they fell asleep. Not knowing that the new day would bring a whole new twist to their arrangement.

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