The Male Emanuelle


The Male EmanuelleIve been with my girlfriend Chloe for 10 years and generally we’ve been happy and we’ve had some incredible sexual experiences which just keep on surprising me. Last weekend I decided I was going to head out with some friends and have some drinks and Chloe decided she’s so the same. Before we went out chloe did her usual ‘fuck me quickly’ before you head out act which was basically to remind me of what I had at home and to lower my interest in others when I’m out. She came out of the shower and walked over to me whilst I was shaving and dropped her towel, turned around and bent over and said ‘fuck me and cum all over my ass’. I was instantly hard and slid my cock between her already wet pussy and proceeded to fuck her and within a couple of minutes I had ejaculated a heavy thick white load all over her asshole and butt cheeks. We finished getting ready and went our separate ways and I wasn’t completely satisfied with our quick fuck and whilst I was out decided I’d sext chloe which was fun and excited me for meeting with her later in the evening.On the night out I was having a great time, the drinks were flowing, everyone was laughing and joking and the bar had a good selection of girls to look at (only look). I decided to increase the intensity of the sexting and sent a couple of photos of me naked, to my surprise I got a text back saying ‘omg Erin just seen your photo and she can’t stop talking about how amazing your dick looks’. God I was made so horny, Chloe’s friend Erin was beautiful, she was 5ft4” curvy, with DD’s and although she’d recently had a c***d was in incredible shape, she was possibly even more attractive now she’d became a mother. Anyway, I joked and said that Erin should come back home with us and generally they laughed it off and nothing serious moved forward.I had became so horny again that I needed a release so I decided to call it a night and head home and masterbate, even though i ejaculated earlier my cumshot which sprayed on my chest and even hit my face was huge. I cleaned myself up and hid the evidence of me playing with myself and fell asleep.A few hours later I heard chloe come in the door giggling and she had company, she brought Erin home and also another girl called Stacey ‘Stacey was the opposite the erin, she was petite with small perky boobs and a real tight and fit body, someone you’d look at and think they’ve probably never been fucked because it’s hurt them and they’re too innocent for it. I can hear them chatting and laughing downstairs and next thing they’ve made their way into the bedroom, they’re all drunk and Chloe and Erin are giggling and getting ready for bed and go into the dressing room to sort out some nightwear for them all, meanwhile Stacey laid across the bed with her head upon my crotch which was completely innocent on her behalf but I couldn’t help but find it sexy and I could feel the weight of her head pressing against my cock which was turning me on. I could hear the girls down the corridor laughing still and seem very pre-occupied in each other. I noticed Stacey had fell asleep and she was wearing a slightly revealing see through laced top and a short skirt, although it felt wrong I couldn’t help but try and peep at her butt and see if I could move any clothing to reveal something. I was still a bit drunk and I pushed my luck and move her laced top to one side revealing the most incredible pink nipple I’ve ever seen and to my surprise it was pierced. bahis firmaları My cock was throbbing hard and her head was still lying on it facing towards me, I got more confidence and placed my hand on her breast and squeezed, they were small but very full perky breasts and felt amazing, I run my left hand down her body until I reach between her legs and I stopped in hesitation. I checked she was sleeping again and placed my hand onto her pussy and squeezed gently enough not to wake her but hard enough for me to feel her lips. I moved her pants to one side and licked my finger and placed it on her clit, she was already a little wet. I was working her clit softly and slowly and I could tell her body was responding positively so I placed my middle finger inside of her. Many things happened at that point, my cock throbbed and let out pre cum as I was so horny, my finger slid into what might be the prettiest and tightest vagina I’ve ever had and by doing so, Stacey moaned harder than before which woke her up. She sat up and looked at me confused, I had immediately remove my finger from inside of her in a panick and shut my eyes pretending to be asleep. She confusing put her boob back in her top and nervously left the room. I was so scared that she was going to tell erin and Chloe but she just went into the spare room and I guess she just fell asleep.So now I’m super horny and hoping chloe comes to bed and wants some sex and she came to bed but with Erin, they were still giggling and were wearing just bra and pants and ended up standing at the foot of my bed. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Erin, her bra could hardly contain her breasts, they were full and desperate to get out of the restraining bra. The girls literally just jumped into bed with me and we were ina 3 way spoon which I felt incredibly awkward for two reasons, reason 1 Erin was the middle spoon facing my bum/back and reason 2 I had the hardest cock known to man. I awkwardly lay there and could hear chloe snoring away and I could feel Erin snuggling into me, I could feel her breasts against my back, I couldn’t take anymore of it so I sat up ready to leave and all of s sudden a hand landed on my lap. At first I just thought it was an accident but then the hand wrapped around my hard throbbing cock. I was so nervous but so horny that I allowed it to happen. It was Erin’s hand, she slowly caressed it and started to jack me off, I laid back down facing her and placed my face close to hers and she whispered softly ‘I’ve wanted your dick ever since is seen it, this is what’s going to happen, you’re going to ejaculate which will be inside my mouth, then you’re going to sleep somewhere else, get it?’ I didn’t say anything I just stepped out the bed and faced towards her and she jacked me off, to me it was loud but chloe was passed out, Erin placed her lips upon the tip of my dick and within 10 seconds I cum inside her mouth, two little squirts of cum and then one watery squirt which she didn’t expect and it missed her mouth and was on her cheek. I didn’t react, I left the room immediately and left her to clear up.As I closed the door behind me and walked down the corridor I checked which room Stacey was in, I wanted to clear the air and apologies. I put my head inside one of our small spare rooms and she was laying there wide awake still fully clothed, I said ‘hey, can we talk’. She said ‘yeah, let’s go downstairs though, I don’t think anyone should hear this’. We went downstairs kaçak iddaa and as I turned around Stacey placed her lips on mine briefly and then slowly pulled away, she said ‘what you did was bad but you did it and if I’m being honest it was one of the most arousing experiences I’ve ever had’. I couldn’t believe it, I asked if she was actually asleep and she said ‘no I was awake the whole time’. I pulled her back towards me and placed two of my fingers in her mouth and whispered in her ear ‘you are beautiful and innocent but this is going to be the naughtiest and hardest fuck you’ve ever had’. I removed my fingers from her mouth and placed two of them inside her pussy, it was so tight and she wasn’t fully horny by this point, I lifted her up onto the kitchen counter and slowly fingered her, she was warming up, my fingers we’re sliding in and out of her pussy with ease now, I forced a third finger inside of her, initially I could tell it was too much for her but within seconds the enjoyment was back. I caressed her breast with my spare hand and passionately kissed her, biting her lip, ear Love and nipples. My hand was moving forcefully and quickly with all three fingers easily thrusting her pussy, she was so wet, the only time I’d felt a pussy so wet was when Chloe squirted. I lift Stacey up and away from the kitchen side so that she was straddling me whilst I stood, I lowered her onto my throbbing cock and slid inside of her, she moaned instantly, her body quithered with enjoyment, I proceeded to fuck Stacey, she bounced up and down, her prissy was squelching, her juices were dripping down my legs and between my ass. I put her down and told her to face away and bend over the kitchen counter, she obeyed and a slotted my cock back inside her with ease and I told her to push back and bounce against my body. She was bouncing as fast and as hard as she could and it felt amazing, I was getting close to cumming and all I could think about was making sure that I cum on her face. This beautiful petite innocent girl to the naked eye is being fucked and needs to experience a big load on her face, a welcome to the club gesture.I couldn’t help myself though, I told her to stop fucking and to hold still, I placed my thumb onto her asshole and pressed gently, I spat just above my thumb to lubricate her hole and slid my thumb inside her ass, god it was right, I started to thrust slow, deep, hard and agreeisveky, the thumb in the ass just got to me, I pulled out and told her to get on her knees and like the good girl she is she obeyed. I held her hair back and jacked off until I cum for the fourth time that night and amazingly there was enough cum to give her a reasonable facial, I stood her up and passionate kisses her, she said ‘we don’t do this again or speak about and thank you for an incredible evening’I was exhausted and my mind was running wild, I’d had a quicky with Chloe, a hand job from Erin and fucked the life out of Stacey all in one evening. It was now 3am and time to call it a night. I felt like with Erin that I had unfinished business as I wanted to fuck her so badly and wished I could see those amazing breasts that she has, I took myself to the unoccupied spare bed and woke up with the strangest sensation, I was petrified or what chloe might say, did she hear anything and I just laid there nervously. I heard someone get up and before I knew it chloe came in to see me and kissed me passionately, I knew then that I was ok, kaçak bahis she hasn’t heard anything, things got a bit fruity and she started to suck my dick, thank god id washed it before i slept, I felt like she could tell I’d ejaculated already and she did, she said ‘have you wanked already?’ I half heartedly said ‘yeah, I was super horny last night’. She said ‘well you’re going to have to wait until Erin and Stacey go before I finish this off’. God I was so annoyed, iif she hasn’t spent 15 minutes sucking my dick I’d have not even bothered thinking about sex but now it’s on my mind.Everyone slowly woke up and the three girls got into bed together to talk about their nights out, neither of them knowing what each of the other had done, eventually they decided they’d go grab some take out and bring it back home which was my time to have a quick wank.They left and that’s exactlt what I did and I used my mind rather than porn and all I thought about was Erin’s breasts and wondered what they’d look like, I was wanking and moaning, I placed a finger inside my ass to help me along and all of a sudden I heard a noise and I panicked and stopped wanking, someone was still in the house. I put a dressing gown and went next door only to find Erin getting dressed, I said ‘hey, I didn’t know you were here’ she said ‘quite clearly you didn’t or else I wouldn’t be hearing you wanking for the past 20 minutes, have you finished yet? It’s weirding me out’ I was confused by her response, it was quite aggressive and considering she’s sucked my dick hours before wasn’t what I expected, I saiid ‘no, I’m stuck here with a hard cock’ and as I finished my sentence I let the robe fall to the floor revealing my big throbbing cock. I looked her in the eye and said ‘we’ve got 15 minutes and I know how much you want to feel me inside of you’. I walked over towards her and kissed her forcing her back to the wall, she responded and kissed back and placed my hand between her legs and placed her hands around my cock, she was tugging my dick rapidly and I was finger fucking her with two fingers, her Pussy felt great although it was the cute little flower that Stacey had, I could tell that two fingers was barely enough so I added a third with ease. I threw Erin onto the bed spread her legs and placed four fingers inside of her, I held them deep inside of her and didn’t move, I let her wet vagina adjust to the big insertion and once it had I thrusted slowly but with long movements. I changed position so that she could play with my cock, I dropped my fingers down to two as the position made it hard to use my hand and carried on finger fucking her, she was so wet and before I knew it she squirted, her pussy clenched and loosened repeatedly and she started moaning ‘I’m cumming, don’t stop’. Her conclusions slowed down and I laid beside her, she instantly jumped up and placed my cock inside of her, I have s big dick, it’s 8 inches in length and 6 circumference and it slid in with ease. I had her where I wanted her, her whole body was on show and all that was left was for me to reveal her breasts and I took full opportunity of it, I pinged her bra off and she slid it off, her breasts lowered slightly but to my surprise they sat perfectly and she had the smallest of nipples, they bounced with every movement she made, before I knew it I was cumming, I said ‘Erin, I’m going to cum’and she jumped off and swallowed my dick and another load of mine, she came up and kissed me and said ‘next time we should see if Chloe wants to join in’ and then she left the room and I slowly fell back to sleep and woke up hours later.Chloe came in to see me and said she was popping out and kissed me goodbye.

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