The Master’s Chamber


The Master’s ChamberHello All,I’m new here but not to the game. I have currently undertaken a woman who wishes to be taught in the lessons of complete submissiveness and utter servitude; no matter the cost to her ego, her mental acumen, or the physical strain on her body.I’ve been penning her short stories in order for her to stay mentally focused. I figured other’s may enjoy them as she does. They’re written in the Subs perspective.Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them,Master Saturnaie and his Pet.——————————————————————————– In the Master’s ChamberPart 1:I woke to Master snoring. His deep sleep told me that he was pleased and comfortable with my presence. I knew it would make him happy if I were kneeling by the side of the bed awaiting his first instruction.I slid out of bed and dropped to my knees. I watched as Master slept and wondered wildly what this paragon of virtue could be dreaming? Was he dreaming of me? Could thoughts of varying my punishments, sarıyer escort with a few jealously interjected pleasures intwined, be rolling around his beautiful brain? Is he dreaming of scenarios? Perhaps I’m made to lie in a tub of my own urine while he and a number of his male friends stand in a cattle call waiting for their turn to empty their bladders on me? With their bladders emptied they again stand single file, this round they plan to empty every drop of semen. Men of every race and distinction take their turn in front of me each stroking themselves until they’ve reached inevitablity and drip their hot, sticky seed on my skin. The smell of piss and cum mingling together like some loathesome stew makes me feel utterly disgusting. Yet, at the same instant, totally free.Should I feel guilty these demented thoughts? No. Master allows me the privelage of reconciling the worst filth with the knowledge that these lessons are meant to train me to become his (or who he sees esenyurt escort fit) perfect subordinate cunt slave.My mind drifts amidst the worst acts one can do, or have done, to their bodies. One which is a recurring, appalling guilt begins with me barefoot in an empty parking lot. Concrete pillars line the dark spaces in long, dizzying, single rows. Their gray protuberances are millions of spires edging higher and higher towards an endlessly blackened sky. Broken floodlights blink on and off as if shorted out, causing shadows to flare in one direction then dissappear to another. Ghosts chasing my fear of the dark. As I navigate this concrete jungle, trying desperately to fnd an escape or anyway to light; I suddenly realize that every step I take is countered by other, louder footsteps.There are other people here. Others hidden between the shadows, waiting to catch me between the darkened halls where I’ll be taken to some hellish no where. My mind tries desperately to concentrate on any given light source, and avrupa yakası escort hope it leads to sanctuary. In the smallest of light I can see bare flickers coming through the bottom of a door. The door is small and adjascent to the wall to my immediate left. The dark is so consuming it makes my skin taut from the thought that there’s certainly someone, or a number of someone’s, are waiting. My trepidation dictates that I make a run for the door, to make it to safety being the single goal.I take a deep, hard breath and begin to move my feet. First the left, then the right. Each step becomes harder, the soles of my feet pound the cold, slick pavement. Each footfall landing with more determination. With the light from the ground becoming more real and more distinct, I used each of my muscles to push me harder and faster; the goal now within grasp. I inhaled a deep breath of victory as I reached the door. Catching a quick breath, I used my shoulder to help move the door opened as my hand turned the knob. What I absorbed first was the heat. It felt I had awakened a sleeping sun on my skin. One moment to enjoy this radiant energy before opening my eyes. At that moment, all went dark…my head began to throb tensely and with an obnoxious persistence.The last image I made out before thick sleep took me over, were a number of brown sandaled feet circling around.(To be continued)

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