The Misadventures of Ms. Watson Ch. 02


All characters are over 18+


James pressed his forehead against his desk as his third period class began. Wondering what he had done the other day. It was all a blur to him, yet the way his mother looked at him over breakfast, something must have happened. He just wished his fogged brain would release the memories that were stored from that day. Then there were his friends; they were reacting strangely around him as if they spoke in code. Saying things that made him wonder if the fragments he garnered were exactly true events and not some drug induced dream. He wondered just what Matthew had laced the bud they smoked that day. However, that would all have to wait as the loud speaker bellowed overhead. James arched an eyebrow when all three of them were called to the office.

He knew he wasn’t in trouble least he didn’t think so. Yet the smirks on his friend’s faces did make him wonder as they walked down the silent halls.

“This is going to be so great,” Sean said joyously as they rounded the corner.

“A whole week away from school, in mountains with them, can you picture the looks on all the dudes faces up there,” Matthew said practically drooling. James remained silent wondering just what they were talking about, they didn’t tell him they were going away for a week. James didn’t know what he was going to do, not with his mother acting weird around him. He knew he wasn’t going to stay at his father’s place even if he could have found it. Yet as they rounded the last corner there his mother stood, her eyes centered only on him.

Her black four inch pumps shone in the artificial lighting, her black translucent silk stockings contouring to her shapely legs. Mary Ann’s dress swayed in the re-circulated air she stood under the air return just for that reason. She wore no bra and even though it as forty degrees outside, she knew how her nipples were standing erect. Yet she didn’t care, not when the man that approached her made her feel like a woman renewed.

“Hello Sean, Matthew,” Mary Ann said nodding to them sharing a knowing look between them.

“Hello Ms. Watson,” they said in unison keeping up their ruse while in a public setting. They had been told if they wanted to continue have relations with their respective mothers. They would keep a lid on what had transpired the day before. Neither one of the teenagers were eager to ruin what they had with Susan and Diana.

“Do you have everything sweetheart?” Mary Ann asked lovingly as she stopped a foot away from her son. Yet all the while all she wanted to do was wrap him in her arms, press her lips against his, and explore his mouth with her tongue; as any woman would do with the man she was in love with. However, she had to be content with the close proximity to him while they were still within the school building. Her coat was draped across her folded arms to hide her fidgeting hands, hands that wanted nothing more than to explore her son, her lover’s body. To show him that only she could truly give him what he needed.

“Yeah, but what’s going on mom?” James asked looking over at his friends, noting the weird body language that was occurring between them.

“We’re going on a little trip, don’t worry I’ve already packed your things,” Mary Ann said a smile touching her lips. “Now be a dear and help your mother with this,” she said handing him her coat while closing the gap between them, cupping her son’s groin as the folds of her coat hid her hand. “Don’t be so shocked young man I have been wanting this all morning,” Mary Ann purred lustfully noting his surprised look. “I can’t wait to have this cock back inside me,” she whispered softly giving his manhood a light squeeze. “Now come on, the van awaits,” Mary Ann said as her firm ass, that she had spent years maintaining just for her ex-husband to take it for granted, brushed against her son’s loins.

James walked in a stupor as his mother led him to Diana’s light blue van. Their luggage strapped tightly, to the rack that was mounted to the roof of the vehicle. His mind racing as to why his mother had done that. Then out of the blue a sense of clarity as his fragmented memory flared to life, showing his mother between his legs, her tongue running up the length of his shaft before her glorious breasts enveloped his hard cock. He backed away from his friends as he caught the slight movement of their hands in their pockets. While they waited for their mother’s to decide on who was driving. James just couldn’t believe it came down to a flip of the coin.

“Well, kiddo, guess who gets to sit beside me,” Mary Ann said winking at him.

“Matthew, you sit in the far back and you my sweet boy,” Diana said her blond hair bounced between her shoulder blades as she neared her son. “Will sit in the middle as we have something special planned for you. Don’t we Susan?” she asked as her hazel eyes ran down Matthew’s body.

“Oh, yes we do,” Susan said biting her lip, as the bangs of her auburn hair brushed along her cheeks, while her brown eyes burnt a hole in Sean’s crutch. “I wonder how they react,” she said chuckling as they shoot into the kartal escort bayan van pushing at each other to get in their assigned seats.

“Such eager boys,” Diana said her hunger rising as she neared the van. Diana climbed into the back seat with Matthew, while Susan slid in next to her son. Telling them to be patient as Susan closed the sliding door.

“Come James, we must be going,” Mary Ann said pushing him towards the passenger door.

“Mmm… Now for the fun to begin,” Susan said as they turned onto the interstate. “You know remind me to thank your husband for the tinted windows,” she said looking over at Diana as she sat sideways on the seat.

“Finally something that man is good for,” Diana said nodding in agreement. “Well, don’t leave us horny women in suspense boys; strip!” They both giggled at their frantic grunts as the boys tore their clothes from their bodies. “My, my Matthew, that is such a yummy tool,” Diana said in a wanton purr as Matthew’s semi hard cock rested on his left thigh.

“Sean’s is no slosh either,” Susan said licking her lips as her eyes lingered on his hard twitching rod. “Sean, would you like to have my lush lips wrapped around this hard fat cock?” she asked leaning into him her lips brushing along his ear, as her fingertips skimmed along his engorged shaft.

“You cool with that, Matt?” Sean asked looking back at his friend.

“As long as you don’t mind me retuning the favor,” Matthew said patting his shoulder.

“Diana, have you been training your son in the art of pussy eating?” Susan asked looking over at Diana.

“Oh, yes, you’re in for a treat,” Diana said smiling mischievously.

“Excellent! Sean, I have been told that I taste sweet; would you like to have a taste?” Susan asked raising the hem of her dress. Glad that she had listened to Mary when she told them they should wear dresses on the way there. “Well, Sean will you taste me,” Susan said smiling as she bit on her nail. Gooseflesh rose along her thigh at Sean’s brief touch as he pulled down her thong.

“Mmm… yes, use that tongue your mommy taught you how to use,” Susan moaned as Sean’s tongue parted her lips. “So, Sean do I taste sweet?” she asked holding his head against her mound while she rubbed her clit along his nose. Shuddering as Sean nodded against her.

“Yes Matthew, get that tongue in there!” Diana growled bracing herself on the side panel as she ground her hips on his penetrating tongue. “Oh god! Susan you have a fantastic pussy eater on your hands,” she stammered as her free hand cupped her right breast. “Not even Andrew could ever…”

“Oh, what’s that sweetheart?” Mary Ann asked wishing she was the one in the rear of the van. Her eyes glanced over to her son noting the growing bulge. “Baby won’t you take it out for me?” she asked putting on her best pouting face knowing how it always worked on her son.

“Make me cum like this!” Diana screamed out in ecstasy as her legs clamped around Matthew’s head.

“Yeah dude, whip that thing out,” Matthew said egging on his friend as he lined himself up with Diana’s hungry cunt.

“Mmm… Sean, would you like to be able to do that anytime you wanted,” Susan asked her eyes flaring as her hot juices dripped off his chin. “Now I think a certain hard cock needs my attention,” she said pushing Sean up to a sitting position. Shimmying out of her dress she wanted to be naked, no, she needed to be nude before the man she was going to fuck.

“Yes, suck that cock!” Sean moaned loudly, the light tap on his shoulder startled his euphoric mind.

“Sean, just because Susan is sucking that fat cock there is no reason to use such crude….fuck yes….make that cunt sore, Matthew!” Diana demanded hiding her orgasmic face behind the curtain of her blond hair. “Disregard that baby,” she said thrusting back into Matthew.

James tried with all his might not to get aroused. It took all his will not to allow the erotic sounds that were occurring behind him to affect him. Yet that all changed as Susan’s pear shaped ass filled the empty space between him and his mother. James took a dry swallow as his mother’s hand ran along her ass.

“Yes, that’s it Mary stick those fingers in me,” Susan moaned before engulfing the hard cock that held her enthralled.

Mary Ann made sure her son watched as her fingers tickled Susan’s folds. Rubbing Susan’s juices between her fingers as she watched from the rearview mirror as Susan crawled into Sean’s lap. Sucking her middle finger clean she had to admit Susan certainly was sweet.

“James, why don’t you clean off the rest,” Mary Ann said holding out her hand. “Come on before it gets cold.”

“That’s my boy,” Matthew howled as James licked his mother’s fingers clean. James blood ran cold as he saw the predatory smile as Diana pushed Matthew onto the seat.

“Hell yeah, you better fuck my boy,” Susan said taunting her friend while pressing Sean’s face into her chest. “Now give me a kiss,” she said pulling Diana into her and making sure that their son’s were watching as their tongues swirled around each other.

“So, escort maltepe boys how do you like knowing that your mothers like their women just as much they like their men?” Mary Ann asked reaching over and resting her hand on James’ knee. “You still haven’t taken it out,” she whispered pumping her lower lip as she pouted.

“That’s awesome!” Matthew said joyously, thrusting his arms upward as Diana reached back lining up his cock to her welcoming canal.

“Does that mean we get to watch you three going at it?” Sean asked as Susan glided along his steel rod.

“Oh, does that get you excited Sean? To watch as I crawl between your mothers legs tasting her wet cunt?” Susan asked lustfully grinning madly at his nod. “My, such a naughty boy you are, whatever am I to do with you,” she said her tongue curled out teasing his lips.

“James, sweetheart would like to watch as Diana pleasures my cunt while Susan rides my face?” Mary Ann asked as her hand inched up his leg. James always had a thing for girl on girl action; given the mass of video files, he had stored on a hidden partition on his hard drive. He glanced over at his mother wondering if she had found them too. “All you have to do is take it out baby,” Mary Ann said rubbing his upper thigh.

“Do you really do that?” James asked in shocked awe.

“Every Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Susan moaned feeling Sean’s cock swell. “Oh, does that get you hot Sean? To know how much we like eating pussy as much as we like swallowing cock?”

“Baby, don’t make me beg,” Mary Ann said squeezing his thigh. Her eyes flared as the rest stop sign flew past them telling her they were only a quarter mile away. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to be a witness to it,” she said smiling wickedly as James fumbled with his belt.

Mary Ann knew they couldn’t stop for long not if they wanted to be in the mountains before night fall. Yet she needed to have his hard tool in her mouth. Pulling the van into an out of the way spot, so no one could see what was happening within that steamy interior, she killed the engine as she kicked off her heels; they would only hamper her. Mary Ann’s fingers unbuckled herself kneeling at James’ side biting her lip as her eyes focused on his groin.

“Here baby let me do it,” Mary Ann said sweetly, a wanton purr rippled across her mind as her hand grasped his hard tool. “You have no idea how much I wanted this,” she said breathlessly, leaning over his lap, her tongue running up his shaft. Her tongue teasing his head as she licked off the precum that beaded along the head of his cock. “James, sweetheart you don’t know how hard it was for me not to crawl underneath the breakfast table, and snake this beast out while you ate,” Mary Ann said softly before bobbing on his steel rod with a fury.

Taking his hand pressing it against her right breast she wanted him to feel her, to know that her body, her mind, her very life was his now and forever. Arching an eyebrow as his hand left her breast, keeping her hunger at bay as the hem of her dress rose over her bare ass. Gooseflesh rose along her skin as his fingers skimmed down her ass cheek.

“Yes James, touch me,” Mary Ann gasped as the pads of his fingers danced along her moist lips. Her grip tightened on his leg as James sank two fingers into his mother’s awaiting mound. “Yes sweetie, right there, make that cunt bend to your will,” she moaned as her womb began to ignite.

“Well, suck that cock mommy,” James commanded pointing to his wet cock.

“Yes, sir,” Mary Ann teased before returning his member to her mouth. She knew she was close given how she had worked herself up ever since she had set this plan in motion. Mary Ann wanted them both to cum with each other so she could ensure that this would forever be a pleasant experience for her son.

“Oh god, mom!” James moaned loudly as he leaned his head against the headrest. Now that he had experienced it without being drugged, James knew he didn’t want to go without it. “Yes, that’s it, suck that cock you dirty mommy,” James hissed softly all the while his exploring fingers never ceased their exploration. “You going be a good mommy-slut and drink down all of your son’s cum?”

Nodding, yet she didn’t like how he used that term, however, she couldn’t deny how hot being called his mommy-slut made her. Though, that didn’t mean she was going to let her son constantly call her that. For now all that mattered to her was she had his cock in her mouth, and James wasn’t showing any signs that he hated the experience.

“I’m cumming!” James growled, holding his mother’s head down on his cock and feeling his balls emptying into her hot mouth. He looked over at his hand as he felt his mother’s folds squeezing down on them while something hot and wet coated them.

“Mmm… I just can’t get enough of your yummy cum, baby,” Mary Ann said after she had swallowed his hot load. “So, does that mean you won’t mind giving me a daily morning protein shot?” she asked as she lapped up the last remainder of his cum.

“We are going to have sex, yes?” James asked eager to replace pendik escort his fragmented memory.

“Oh, yes, James whenever and wherever you want it,” Mary Ann said shuddering as he pulled out his cream coated appendages. “Go on baby taste me,” she said pressing his fingers to his lips. Hoping just hoping he liked the taste of her juices as he appeared to have enjoyed Susan’s. “So, do I taste good?” Mary Ann asked with bated breath.

“A little more tangy than Mrs. Richards but I’m not complaining. I assume I’m going to be able to get it straight from the source?” James asked chuckling at his mother’s vehement nod.

“Oh, sweetheart mommy has so much to teach you,” Mary Ann said lovingly as her fingers ran along his jaw.

It was mid afternoon, by the time their van snaked its way through the winding mountainous road. Mary Ann knew how short notice it was to set this up, yet with Diana’s connections they were able to rent out a home that had sat empty for a whole year waiting for a buyer. Diana had ensured her it was fully furnished so the house would still have that lived in feeling. Not an empty shell of a home that someone was trying to get off their hands.

Mary Ann also knew since her friends had started sleeping with their son’s they had all but forgotten about their husbands. While she could understand why Susan would look for a new lover, given her husband’s infidelities, on the other hand she didn’t know if Diana’s husband had stepped out of their marriage or not. However, if he had taken care of his wife properly, then she knew her friend well enough to know she would have never seduced Sean. Yet to her mind Mary Ann was pleased on how it all turned out.

While she didn’t know how long Susan and Diana would keep up their relationships with their son’s. Mary Ann knew without a doubt her son would have no need to seek out another woman. After this trip she was sure they would forever cast off the title of mother and son and forever be lovers. It was one of the reasons she had setup this trip so she could show her son just how much she loved him, and not have to worry about being seen by anyone they knew. Though, she did wonder if her friends had the same idea as she had.

The sprawling two story mansion loomed before them as the gray shingle roof rose over the crest of the hill. The gray flagstone siding gave the home a sort of English feel to it. Diana had already called her friend before they set out this morning to stock the home with provisions for the week. The owner also informed them they could use the house to their hearts content. At least to Mary Ann it seemed that he was all too eager to rid himself of the gorgeous home. Looking behind her as the four of them dozed in their respective lovers arms. Licking her lips at the sight of Sean’s cum still dripping out of Susan’s cunt.

“We’re here everyone!” Mary Ann called out rousing them out of their blissful slumber. Pulling to a stop in front of the main entrance; watching as her son studied the place. “James, do you like it?” she asked softly reaching over taking his hand. How her heart swelled as he lightly squeezed her hand.

“It’s pretty sweet mom,” James said looking over at her. “I saw a ski resort on the way here are we going to hit the slopes while we’re here?” he asked hoping they wouldn’t. Given the last time they did he had broken his leg so James wasn’t all that thrilled to repeat the process.

“Doubtful don’t you think,” Mary Ann said leaning over as the others got dressed. “There is something far more entertaining in there than skiing waiting for us.”

“Oh, yes I can’t wait to have my own little play time with this one,” Susan said draping herself over the back of his seat. “Since your mother says it is fine with her I’m finally going to have a taste of that fine fat cock of yours James,” she said purring lustfully into his ear.

“Not if I beat you to it Susan,” Diana taunted from behind her. “Well, we might as well get our things unpacked,” she said opening the sliding door. “Matthew since you’re the tallest one here would you mind getting the things off the roof for us?” Diana asked holding out her hand for Susan.

“Sure Mrs…..” Matthew began to say before Diana’s outstretched hand stopped him.

“Young man after the fucking you just gave me, call me Diana, because I want you moaning my name when I ride that cock again,” she said seductively, as her tongue flicked against her teeth. “I think we all should just use our first names given the intimacy we are all going to share. Don’t you think Susan?”

“Quite right Diana it’s so much naughtier having a young man moan out your name, than Mrs. Howle,” Susan said nodding in agreement reaching over and tweaking Diana’s left nipple.

Leaving their sons to unload the van, leading the way for her two friends, Diana just couldn’t believe how her cunt had been so satisfied in the month since she had stepped over that fine line. In all the years of her marriage to Patrick, he had never felt her womanhood throbbing hours after they had sex. Yet so far, her own son outperformed his father in so many ways. Wondering if their marriage was truly dead, she still loved him yet it wasn’t the love one needed to maintain a marriage. Not the love she felt for her son as she watched Sean as he carried their bags in as she leaned on the railing of the second floor landing.

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