The morning after my night out with my sister

The morning after my night out with my sisterContinued from my other stories…feel free to read those first to set the scene.I woke, feeling a slender arm d****d over me, gently stroking my cock which is getting harder in the knickers I’m still in from the night before.I relax and enjoy the feeling of nails through the black lace. Before long Jane’s hand slides inside my knickers and takes her cock in her hand, she whispers ‘I want this inside me Danni’.My heart races, my cock twitches at the thought of sliding deep into my sisters wet pussy. I role to face her and we kiss slowly and passionately. Our rongues entwined as my hands run along her sensual curves. Outlining her breasts with the back of my hand as she mimics the movements before squeezing my nipples, insitictively I let out a gently groan.My hands slowly brush over her stomach, finding her thong that is still damp from the night before. My fingers glide over the satin covering her pussy rubbing gently at first steadily increasing the pressure as I feel her wetness sprea through the material. Jane is holding aksaray escort bayan my cock firmly through my knickers, grinding her hand against me, the heel of her hand pressing hard sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. I pull Jane’s thong to the side and run my fingers around the outline of her pussy, gently easing a finger into her wetness, my thumb rubbing her clit the same way her hand envelopes my cock.Our breathing speeds up and gets deeper ‘Dan I want you in me now!’ Jane says as she pulls my cock free of my lace black shorties. I pull my finger from her pussy and we both enjoy the taste, our tongues meeting as we share another romntic embrace.Jane rolls me onto my back and straddles me, my cock poking up hard and high from my knickers. She pulls her white thong to the side showing me her neatly trimmed pussy. Slowly stroking her clit she eases 2 fingers deep in her pussy ‘I want you to cum so hard in here Danni, all day everyday.’ Jane says. This time she takes her fingers deep in her mouth, letting me imagine her lucious aksaray escort lips around my cock.Jane lowers slowly over my cock, sliding gently around her pussy lipe. The head of my cock oozing precum mixing with Jane’s jusices. I feel my cock pressing against her opening before that familiar feeling of relief as I begin to slide inside my beautiful sister.Jane rides my cock slowly to begin with, gradually taking more and more of me inside her. Our bodies rocking in unison, the bond between us becoming ever closer. Jane stops as I am fully inside her, our hips pushed firmly together. She leans forward and kissed me deepely as she grinds slowly but firmly against me. Jane sits back up with me fully inside me, fucking me slowly but forcefully. I lean my head forward and slowly begin to kiss her breasts, slowly licking the nipple as I caress her perfect tits, taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking hard as I squeeze harder.Jane’s breathing starts to get shallower and she starts fucking my faster, I move my hand so I have a nipple in my mouth, the other escort aksaray being pinched between my thumb and finger.Her moans become louder, her rocking faster and more deliberate. Her body tenses and then relaxes as wave after wave of orgasm flood through her body. Jane screams louder than I have heard her before. Her pussy convulsing around my hard cock, urging me to release my seed within her.Jane continues to ride me hard screaming how she wants to feel me cum inside her. I hold her hips as I begin my own rocking motion, allowing the tension to build in my balls.’Cum in me Dan, cum in your sister. I want to feel you filling me with your hot spunk.’ Jane whispers breathlessly. Our bodies moving fluidly. I start to feel my legs tighten all the way to my ass, my balls quickly following suit. I hold Jane’s hips tight as I begin to fuck her hard. I feel my spunk building in my hard shaft before I release endless amounts of cum deep and hard inside my beautiful sister. My whole body is shaking as my juices flow steadily into my sister.Jane leans forward and we kiss slowly and deeply as our juices mix together. ‘Thank you Jane, that was amazing.’ I whisper in her ear. ‘I know, I hope its not long before you can do that again!’ She replies with a smile.Hope you enjoy and I will try not to leave it as long next time!

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