The New Client Part 2 – dedicated to Miss Terie an


The New Client Part 2 – dedicated to Miss Terie anShe lead me by the hand down the steep steps and as we went through a dark doorway she said take two paces forward, you’ll be ok it’ll help with the imagery. She stayed by the door and I heard it close. Then the lights came on. I blinked and looked around the room unable to beleve what I coulld see ahead of me. To the right was her husband standing quietly (how long ad he been in the dark) but this was not what caught my eye as I scanned the room agog as I couldn’t believe what I saw, a mirrored column, a cage with a padded top, a padded bench, cuffs attached to the wall in a cross configuration. I continued moving my head tot he left, there was another bench type contration, the wall was covered with chains hood, whips and all sorts of paraphanalia, then a glass cabinet in which was displayed a number of dildos. Then finally I came to a small pedastal table, looking back at me was the white mask I had seen in the painting upstairs presented on a small stand. NowI knew why the picture seemed familiar and possibly why I had been moved by it so much. I was suddenly aware I was no longer standing alone, a finger gently cupped my chin and shut my open mouth.Her fingers drew down my chest and groin, pendik escort I twitched involuntary. “I hope you like our play room and will take a closer look at some of our toys”. She looked at her husband and said to him, “ show him how the bench works. With this he quickely went to the bench and central bench and lay on top with his head at one end and his arms and legs d****d down the sides, It was at this point I noticed that here were cuffs where his hands and feet were. All this time he said nothing. The lady now with her lips so close to my ears that I could feel her breath with every word she seductively spoke. “I am Misstres or Miss Terie and I feel that you would like to discover the joys of serving me.” Her fingers toyed with my nipples through my shirt as I gave out small little moans of pleasure. “All you have to do is kneel and submit to my authority”. This is a new client I can’t do this but even as these thoughts flew through my mind I found myself lowereing my self to kneel at her side. I watch as she walks to the table and picks up the mask and places it over her face disguising her form me and hiding all view of emotion. She look at her husband and tells him to go and get changed.She kartal escort walks back to me and stands in front of my kneeling body. “Get up, strip and put your clothes neatly over there”. I rise quickly and strip as fast as I can piling my clothes up. Whe can see I;m exciting by the situation asI stands there naked. She takes hold of my hard member and leads me to the bench. He tells me to get on and I position myself as her husband had previously. This time though she reaches down and sttahes the cuffs quickly to my wrists, no chance of backing out now. She goes to the other end and fits the cuffs to my ankles. I’m now starpped face down unsure of what is going to happen to me. She looks across at my pile of clothes and tells me in a hard voice, no longer the soft tones of before, “that is not a neat pile, you will need to be punished”. Before I can say anything I hear a swich and feel a sting on my ass check. I yelp in pain and surprise. Miss Terie whispers in my er “that was only a tap you pussy, now six more nad you will thank me after each one”. The next one hits my other cheek, I jolt but this time I keep quiet. “Are you forgetting something slave”. “Thank you Mistress” I blurt out. “Too slow, maltepe escort we’ll start agin”. I feel the crop harder this time hit the same cheek as the first one. “Thanks you Mistress” I reply quickly. Five more each one promptly followed by my words. By the 6th I can feel the sting all over mmy are cheeks and am breathing more heavily. How can I find this so exciting but I am as my cock is still rock hard. She walks up to my head and sasys wew ill make a good slave out of you yet.At this point her husband returns but now instead of his normal clothes he is wearing a black pvc short dress with pink frill down the centre and on the trimming at the arms and base. He is wearing pink fishnets as well. To match the closthes my eyes are drawn to his groin which is exposed by his too short dress. To match the pink of his outfit I can see his cock is locked away in a little pink chastity device. Miss Terie looks at him and says “Wall.Sissy” He goes to the cuffs on the wall. Sits on the beanch and holds his arms out wide. Miss Terie locks his arms and feet in place then gets a pink ball gag and straps it around his head. To finish she covers his face in a mask which has the shape of a dogs head and puts covers over his eyes so he can’t see.She now returns to me and fits a similar gag, black this time. She then takes two clips and attaches them to mu nipples oen at a time. Slowly making sure they get a good grip. I gasp intot he mask as each is attached. I feel her fingers trace down my back and over my still red bottom. Her nails just

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