The New Girl, 2 off 2


The New Girl, 2 off 2The New Girl, 2 off 2Sam, my PA, smiling leads Joanna back to her fellow secretaries before she comes over to me.With a big grin she asks, “Did you enjoying fucking a mere girl?” Smiling I just grinned back. “Look,” Sam points to Joanna, “She even happier now.” We watch her receiving a fist full of money.The party died when the call for the junior staff to board their coaches home. Sam hands me a drink and suggests, “Take this and you will have a great night.” Thinking it was a sedative I took it and said my good nights and went to my overly large room.Stripping I take a hot shower. To my surprise I had an instant hard-on just thinking about the young employee I just fucked. Thinking then of my recently dead wife I felt ashamed. Turning the shower on to cold I soon lost those naughty thoughts.Naked I return to my bedroom and I’m drawn to the window overlooking the city. Hearing a click behind, I see through the reflection in the plate glass window, the dividing door between my room and my PA’s open. Turning, I see Sam stepping into my room and out of her stunning red dress with split from hem to waist. As she moves, her entire leg elegantly reveals itself. She too in naked underneath.The teen I fucked earlier was lovely but is a shadow in comparison to this fortyish brunette. She now loses that sexy red dress and leaves it where it falls. Her boobs as 38’s and her gym sculpted body is as trim as any super model. Her long legs are horned by daily running. Sam d****s as hand over her bald pussy, “Do you like? I had this waxed especially for you. Her hips seductively sway as she comes close. Sam takes my hand and slides my palm over the naked pussy. “WOW”“I’m glad you like it.” She takes my hard dick in her hand and guides me back to the bathroom. I’m bewildered. She runs some hot water into the sink. She drops to her knees and over the next couple of minutes she shaves my dick and balls.“There all done.” She stands. “We will go back illegal bahis to your bedroom and fool around like two innocent virgins! By the time that pill wears off, this will be sore.”She leads me to the master bedroom and turns on all the lights in the room! Without a word she then opens fully the blinds to the floor to ceiling picture windows. The city scape is amazing but I’m transfixed with the lithe creature causally walking naked organising the room.Doing that ‘come here’ with her finger I unhesitatingly move. She drops my robe and manoeuvres me so that our side profile is exposed to the entire city. Kneeling she takes my dick into her mouth and expertly blows me. Initially coating my shaft in saliva before looking up into my eyes. Flicking her tongue under my dick while sucking hard. She sees that she has my full attention. I feel her tongue move down my shaft as is stops my PA allows my dick to slip effortlessly into her throat. As her lips reach my root she moans, sending vibrations to my balls. As if taking my entire dick wasn’t enough stimulation these vibrations has me desperately holding off my explosion. Breathing she allows me a brief rest bite. The seconds that I’m out allows me to compose myself slightly before she plunges my entire dick to the hilt; bam. My stunning PA had be blowing like a virgin on his first blowjob. Every drop of man juice she swallows allowing not one sperm to escape.She is grinning as I start to apologise for firing tooooo early. “No apologises necessary. By the time we leave in the morning, you will be lasting a lot longer and, I promise, firing blanks.”My dick hasn’t deflated. Sam turns her back to the plate glass picture windows. She allows just her shoulders to touch the cold glass. Arching her back she thrusts her perfect breast high and her pussy expose at the top of her splayed legs. “Now lick my pussy.” Like a little boy I scamper between her firm thighs. Gosh oh how I’ve missed licking pussy. Her illegal bahis siteleri sweet tasting juices freely flow over my mouth. Her tight body quivers as I hit her pleasure buttons; repeatedly. “Dave. That’s better than my fantasies. Don’t stop. No. There. Harder.” My tongue finds just the spot. Seconds pass. Her body goes rigid. Sudden uncontrolled spasms erupt throughout her body causing her hips to thrust me off. Sam is panting still against the window. I’m sprawled on the floor.With a flushed face and breasts Sam demands, “Fuck me. Now.” As she turns facing the window she pushes her bum up, wiggling it provocatively. With a hand on my dick, the other on her hip, I easily locate her pussy. As my knob lodges into her tight pussy she clamps the love tunnel hard, preventing access. “When I say……Take my pussy with as much force as you can. I’ve always fanaticised that you’d r==p me like this but at your office window, overlooking the carpark at leaving time!” I never knew.Sam takes a couple of deep breath as both of my hands grip her hips. I’m ready. Taking a final deep breath she says, “Dave. Now……………Oh fuck. Fuck. Yess” she screams as I r==p her married pussy. In seconds she’s cumming, screaming her requested violation to the city before her. I ease slightly and continue fucking her until she is back in control. Now I fuck her for my pleasure. 15 minutes pass and I’m really enjoying fucking her in full view of the city. I find myself wishing it was my office and that the leaving staff look up from the carpark, due to her screams.Sam has had a couple of smaller orgasms when I ask, “Can I cum in your pussy?” She jumps off and kneeling she says, “Not yet.” She forces my explosion to erupt in her mouth, with her tongue encouraging for more juice. Sam and I got into my oversized bed and dozed. Two hour later I had to go to the loo waking her. Just as the last drop of piss escape I hear, “Don’t forget to give my dear friend a good wash.I returned canlı bahis siteleri to bed with a very clean but hard dick. Sam’s mouth takes a good while checking it over. Deciding that it was clean she slid a shapely leg over me. Slotting my dick into her pussy. She rides me. With a slow rhythm she soon had me begging for her to go faster. Sam wouldn’t hear of it. She knows at this speed she can ride me all night. However the pace was right for her and with slight alterations to the angle of penetration she has six orgasms before it was my turn. God this girls fuck great. I was allowed to explode I her pussy as I had little juice left. She didn’t want to sleep in a wet bed.I fucked her again before going down to breakfast. After breakfast and as promised, she gave be another blowjob, just like the first time. Twenty minutes later she is still repeatedly taking my full shaft. Only this time I was begging to cum. She grabs my balls tight. Pulling them down hard she plunges my dick deeper than I thought possible into her hot mouth. After my first spurt down her throat she allows my knob to pump my merger offerings on to her tongue. Opening her mouth she shows me just half a teaspoon of cum. True to her word. I was sore, not as bad as her tough, and I was firing blanks!What a girl.PS. I’ve had mirrored glass fitted to my window overlooking the main employees carpark; at great expense. Every day just before knocking off time I ask my PA to strip naked and assume the search position, spread-eagled against the window. I too am naked. I tease her lovely body shamelessly. When I judge that as many employees as possible are getting into their cars I r==p her. Every time I take her with one sudden forcefully thrust. She always screams. More for my arousal than pain. Oh, on the first night of her fantasy I left a window open. The entire workforce looked up. Sam’s pussy immediately squirted as she cum. With the loss of friction I ravaged her pussy to create friction and I exploded deep in the hot pussy seconds later. My PA is now Mrs Johnson and I still r==p her daily and other things!I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have writing and researching it. Thanks Sam for your help.Regard Jack

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