The new girl, Ep. 2


The new girl, Ep. 2This woman. I can’t get her out of my head. All hours of the day I think about her. I think about her beautiful smile, her gorgeous gray eyes, those sexy hips and thighs. I remember our conversations and how much joy I feel just being around her. So a few days after our first encounter, after waking up with a gloriously erected gentleman’s sausage, I sent her a message. We talked back and forth for a bit, hinting at the fun we could have if only given the chance outside of work.She then asked the question, if she were there with me at that moment, what would I do to her? At this point, my mind and my heart go racing. This magnificent woman has legitimate interest, I thought to myself. I could imagine every little thing I wanted to do to her. But it was so hard to condense it down into intelligible, coherent words. I wanted kiss every inch of her body. I wanted to suck her pert nipples. I wanted to embrace her, feel her skin on mine. I wanted feel her body thrashing wildly in pleasure. I wanted to be the source of all pleasure in her world. I wanted to scratch and bite her, and for her to do the same to me. I wanted to make love to her, but I also wanted to wreck her pussy to the point that it would never be the same for anyone else!What I felt was such a mind boggling array of emotions and lustful thoughts that I figured this woman would think I was a nut case. But instead my words triggered in her what I was experiencing. She wanted to meet. My heart nearly pounded out of my chest. Anyone can talk a big game, but when the chips are down…I was nervous. She said she had to grab a few things and she’d be in town as quickly as possible. We live about 25 minutes apart, so I had about that long to come up with and excuse to tell my wife.Well, since this was a work related affair, and because things at work can be very hectic and require someone to be called in at a moment’s notice, I told her I got called into work. When my darling lover got to town, she sent me a text saying that she was situating the hotel room and would be at work to pick me up shortly. So I drove across town to work and parked, just in case the wife decided to go check up on me. This seductive temptress of a woman was already there waiting for bahis firmaları me. I changed vehicles quickly and off we went.Having not really seen her outside of a work uniform, except that one time in the dark and that was only half of a body, I was blown away by what I saw. She was in form fitting attire, fairly normal by anyone’s standard, but on her it was fantastic. As we walked to the hotel room, I couldn’t help but admire her form. She was a walking dream. As we entered the room, we immediately embraced. Our eyes met, then our lips. In a fury of passion we found our way to the bed, teasing each others bodies. She sat me on the bed and told me she would be right back. She then excused herself to the restroom.Upon her return, she was wearing nothing but blue lace panties and a purple lace mid length piece of lingerie. The woman standing before me, slightly nervous but with a smile that would brighten every bad day, was a vision of perfection. Never before in my life have I seen someone attain such a level of beauty. She came to the bed and laid down, offering herself to me. I wasn’t sure it was actually happening. We started passionately kissing again. It began at her lips but quickly moved to her neck, to her chest, to her magnificent breasts. My hands found their way from her breasts to her stomach, then her hips, her thighs and finally to her now damp panties.As I stroked her moistening vulva, she let out barely audible gasps and very cute quite moans. At this moment, I decided it was time to disrobe. I removed my jeans, then my boxer-briefs, exposing my astoundingly erect cock. She smiled at me, knowing what was coming. I then turned my attention back to her. I removed her lace panties as seductively as I could, but with a minor fumble that made us both giggle (As I said in the first story, this is real life. Things happen). As I got her panties off, I once again was presented with what I saw as perfection of female anatomy. I could see her clitoris barely exposed, but erect. I could see the glistening of tasty pussy juices on her labia. Our eyes met again. I could feel the passion in her gaze. She wanted me inside her.I went to mount her, between her legs. But rather than enter immediately, I grabbed my manhood and kaçak iddaa rubbed it on her clitoris. It was so much fun to watch her squirm. Then, as she pulled me down onto her, I entered. Her body tensed as I stretched her. As I thrust deeply into her, our lips again met, our tongues intertwined. I then removed her remaining lingerie to expose her breasts and torso. I started thrusting harder, then took her legs and folded her over to allow my penetration to explore the deepest reaches of her vagina. She began to writhe under me, gasping and moaning in ecstasy. But this wasn’t enough for me. I reached a hand down and began massaging her clitoris while pounding her dripping pussy. As I was nearing my end, I could feel her expel hot fluid onto my cock. She cupped both hands over her mouth to muffle her sounds. She then grabbed me and pulled me tightly into her. Her eyes went wide then closed as she undulated against me. Finally, I pulled out. She had told me I may not cum inside her. I then sat back and admired her as she recovered. I then flipped her over in an attempt to enter her from behind. How astonishing the view was. I was in heaven looking at her pussy presented to me in such a way. But alas, it was a failed attempt, though, as I don’t think my dowel would fit into her slot. I didn’t want to hurt her, so we left it alone.After a few moments, she was kind enough to grab hold of my erection. She placed it into her mouth and began to stroke and suck my cock in the best display of fellatio I had ever experienced. She took my entire shaft. I could feel her throat, her tongue. I could feel her playing with my piercings. All I could do at that moment was let my eyes roll back in my head and enjoy the experience. As much as I tried, I couldn’t control my reactions. I would just undulate and make odd noises. As I was nearing completion she stopped and smiled at me. What a tease!We then embraced each other in a deadlocked cuddle. We again kissed, passionately, deeply. We explored each others bodies with our fingers, admiring what had been accomplished. After a short time, I slid my hand to her still wet snatch and began rubbing it. Her clitoris was quickly erect once more. She spread her legs further apart, allowing me maximum access. kaçak bahis I then took my other hand an inserted a finger into her love canal and began massaging her g-spot. She again began to moan and undulate. I went harder and faster, taking cue from her movements and sounds. I kept going until again she expelled her hot fluid onto my hand.At that moment, I grabbed my cock and thrust deeply into her. I went in hard, but the tightness I experienced was unfathomable. My cock would barely fit, but she took every inch. I again folded her in half and began pounding away with all of my effort. I watched her as she again fell into a pool of pleasure and excitement. I kept going, harder as i could, all the while massaging her clitoris and sucking her nipples. Finally she let out a squeal and her body tensed. Again she squirted a bit on me. I pulled out and laid down next to her. I just watched as she twitched, caressing her body. When she was got to a point of relaxation, I wrapped my arms around her. We looked into each others eyes, a clear and present passion flowing between us.We spent several more minutes kissing, embraced. As the time passed, I noticed she was beginning to drift off. So I gripped her tightly, holding her head against my chest as she fell asleep. As she lay there sleeping, I stroked her back and admired her form. Once more, everything in my world was right. I was where I was supposed to be, doing what I was supposed to be doing. It was then I realized that I may be starting to fall for this woman. What a scary thought, falling for a woman I can’t have. But I didn’t care. She was sleeping on my chest, and I contemplated allowing myself to drift off as well. But knowing that surely my allowable time away from home was coming to an end I woke her. I was heartbroken to do so, but knew it was time. We dressed, grabbed our things and left the room. She dropped the key at the front desk and out we went. As I got into her car, I could feel the mild depression wash over me, knowing that this may never happen again. She dropped me off at my car back at work. We kissed once more and off she went. I got in my car and just sat for a few moments attempting to fathom what had just occurred. I still, to this moment, can’t fully comprehend what we shared. But is there more to come? Only time will tell. She read my first story and said it was spot on and she likes it very much. Perhaps the same will be true with this one. Until next time, friends!

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