The Old Man next door


The Old Man next doorA neighbor and good friend of my husband and I lost his wife to an illness.At the time he was 75 years old.We hadn’t seen him for awhile after the funeral so I went over one day to check on him. I brought some food for him. When I got to his door I could see that the inside door was open. As I was ready to ring the doorbell I saw him walk by the door and he was naked. I stood there thinking about what to do and then I saw him walk by again but this time I could see him stroking his cock. I froze then stepped to the side so he didn’t see me. Being nosey I decided to ring the doorbell to see if he was alright. I rang the bell and after a short time he appeared at the door wearing just a pair of shorts. This wasn’t weird to me because I have seen him at the pool many times. He invited me in. As we sat talking I just couldn’t not say something about what I saw just because it could have been a young person instead of me that saw what I saw.I said ” Doug I’m sorry I have to say this but I saw you walking around naked and playing with yourself. “I told him I was concerned about some young person seeing what I saw and he agreed.I said ” you know I know you miss her bad but there are other women out there bahis siteleri and I know that she would want you to move on. I know she would.”He was very embarrassed and after awhile of talking he finally said ” do you know any women you can hook me up with?”I said that I would think about it and let him know.Then he said to my surprise ” it’s too bad you’re not available I have always found you very sexy and still do.”I think I turned every shade of red and he apologized a lot. We talked more and I was so taken by him that I was actually thinking about having sex with him. I had never had a long conversation with him and didn’t know how charming he could be. To my surprise also he knew that my husband and I were not having sex.He said ” I know that women are different but you are still young enough that you could have desires.”Well to get right to what I know everyone wants to hear. I made him go close and lock the door. When he came back I sat up in the chair and motioned for to come over to me. As he stood in front of me I pulled his shorts down and was not surprised he had no underpants on. His cock was soft but big, thick and hairy. I took his cock in my one hand lifting it to my mouth. I licked and mouthed canlı bahis the head. He groaned as if in pain but I knew it was a pleasurable pain. I wanted to give him what he had been missing and more. I took his cock slowly into my mouth sliding down the now swollen hard shaft. It was so thick in my little mouth but I missed this as much as he did since my husband no longer could have sex and his wife was gone. I stroked his big hard cock as I sucked on the head. I had a feeling he wasn’t going to last long and for right now that was fine with me because I didn’t have a lot of time. My husband was just next door and though he usually doesn’t come looking for me when he knows I am in the neighborhood this would be my luck for him to do just that.I continued sliding my mouth up and down his cock while massaging his big hanging balls. My pussy was soaking my panties and I wanted to jump on his huge hard cock but there was no time so I worked slowly and passionately on making him cum fast. It took longer than I expected but he finally blasted a huge load of cum into my mouth. He groaned loudly and I sucked in every drop of his old man cum.” Oh my god, oh fuck Jenn” he yelled out.I licked and sucked his big hard cock clean.When güvenilir bahis I was done I stood up and he said ” fuck Jenn that was amazing I don’t know how to thank you I needed that so bad but how do I thank you.”I said ” by not telling a soul about this ever. You must take this to your grave. And besides you don’t think this is it you owe me an orgasm but not today because I have to get home.”He was speechless as I left.When I got home my husband was in the living room watching TV.He said ” how is Doug?”I replied ” oh he’s fine just a little lonely so I stayed and talked for awhile.””That’s good” my husband said ” I’m sure he appreciated that.”All I said was ” yep” and ran upstairs to the bathroom saying ” I have to pee bad.” I was so horny and wet I just had to masturbate.I removed my clothes quickly. My panties were so wet. I started to rub my clit and pinch my nipples thinking about Doug’s big cock. I rubbed furiously at my clit then shoved my fingers up inside my soaked cunt. I was on the floor against the wall. I had to grab a towel to put in my mouth so he wouldn’t here me. I was fucking my self so hard and fast that soon I erupted squirting all over the floor. It was so intense that I shock all over.I collapsed on the bathroom floor still shaking and thought about Doug and whether he could keep our dirty secret because I now wanted his cock so bad. I was definitely going to figure out a way of getting that big cock inside me.

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