The Packages Ch. 05


I’m at Jim’s house, which is needed for the guaranteed privacy we need to speak about such things as incest without having to whisper. As I go through everything that has happened, he says nothing to interrupt me. When I talk about the details of eating Tammy’s pussy and her resulting orgasm on my open mouth and face, he grins widely in silence. When I go over the details of fucking her pussy and filling it with cum, the grin gets wider and the silence continues. When I get to the part about taking her ass in great detail and filling it deep inside with my cum, he starts to drool a little in continued silence.

Once I finish going over every last detail, he says, “Damn, Jackson, you are one lucky son of a bitch. I was expecting to have to offer $100,000 before any anal took place. Looks like I could have saved some money, but not going to stop now.”

I smile and say, “You were right, Jim. All it took was crossing the line a little and everything changed. Of course, the promise of millions is a great motivator.”

He nods and says, “Course I was right, since I have a lot of experience on the matter. And I was right about something else, wasn’t I?”

I grin and ask, “What’s that, Jim? You think your right about everything, so do you want to narrow that one down for me just a little?”

He grins and says, “Cause I’m right about everything. I’m referring to how hot it is to fuck your daughter and know your son is fucking his mom.”

I nod in complete agreement and say, “Damn right, Jim. It is very hot.”

His grin widens, as he says, “Only going to get hotter. Any ideas for the next package?”

With no hesitation, I say, “Hell, yes. I want to watch Tammy and Cindy eat each other out.”

He nods and says, “You’ve got it. Anything else?”

I shake my head, then say, “No, Jim. Whatever it is you think up next, it’s bound to be interesting. Besides, I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”

He says, “Probably for the best. One thing to know your going to see your daughter and wife eat each others pussies, but not know knowing anything else about what I have planned will add to your own excitement. Besides, if I give too much away, you’re not going to want to wait and that could ruin things. Can’t take any chances they find out you know what’s going on.”

I nod and say, “You’re right on that one. Don’t want to lose any of this and them finding out might stop everything dead in its tracks.”

He says, “No sense taking any chances, so don’t bring up anything to any of your family about wanting to watch your wife and daughter together like that. Not a word.”

A couple of days pass and I have not had any opportunity to be alone with my daughter. The language we used when we were alone was something that was not meant for anyone else in the family to hear. Of course I’ve been fucking her, just as my wife has been getting fucked by my son, but the language is far less intense.

We are laying in her bed after having filled her asshole with my cum and hear my wife moaning loudly in our bedroom. I take it as an opportunity to talk to my daughter without fear of being overheard. There is no way my wife and son can hear anything I am about to say.

I look into my daughter’s blue eyes and I ask in a quiet voice, “Can we talk about something serious, Tammy?”

She looks a little worried as she says, “Yes, daddy. What is it?”

I have a sincere look on my face as I say, “I know I got carried away with the language when your mom and brother were at the hotel. Did the words we were using bother you?”

She lets out a sigh of relief and her face changes from worry to happiness, then says, “Oh, that. I though you were going to say you want to stop being with me. No, daddy, the words didn’t bother me. It’s the opposite, daddy. It made me very horny when we talked about me being your incestuous fucking cunt of a daughter.”

I grin and say, “Good to know, my little fucking incestuous whore of a daughter. Guess we’ll have to find some time alone, won’t we my fucking cunt of a daughter?”

She grins back and says, “Yes, daddy, we do.”

She giggles and the moans from the bedroom die down, which leaves me no opportunity to continue delving into the language we both enjoy. I wish I can get hard again quickly, but my daughter understands the need for time. I know we make an odd pair, but both of us are quite content in our oddity.

Everyone has gotten quite comfortable with being naked in the house, so none of us have any clothes on when the bell rings. I’m the closest to the door, so I throw a robe on and ensure it is tied tight enough to prevent it from opening and revealing my cock to the world. Unfortunately, covering up a seven inch erection is not an easy thing to accomplish. The last thing I want is someone to call the police regarding a flashing incident. I may not have close neighbors, but the road I live off of is heavily traveled. I find a new package, about the same size as the last, and know ataşehir escort the fun is getting ready to start.

I take it inside and close the door behind me. There is no way to contain the excitement on my face as I bring it to the living room and set it on the floor next to the couch. There is no reason to set it down anywhere else, since this is the room where we have watched every DVD we have been sent. I remove my robe and toss it to the side, then look under the coffee table and see all four black masks. They have been required for every order we have been given and have little doubt they will be required for this one.

I call out loudly, “A new package arrived.”

I don’t have to worry about being heard, since I can hear them all moving towards me. My son arrives first with his hard six inch dick moving up and down with his quick steps in perfect rhythm with his balls. He is followed closely by my wife, since they were just in bed together, and I watch her nipples bounce along with the movement of her D cup tits. My daughter is the last one to join us and I get the added pleasure of seeing her B cup tits bounce even more than my wife’s had.

I ask, “Who wants to open it?”

Tammy says in a voice filled with excitement and anticipation, “I’ll do it.”

She teases me with her ass as she points it right at me and spreads her legs wide. She bends over to show me both of her holes, which I know very well. She fumbles with the box to take far longer than needed to continue her torture of me. Finally, she opens it and grabs a letter from the top. She stands up and places it on the coffee table so I will be able to stare at her tits when she turns to read. She returns to the box and starts the torture again as she removes a DVD, another expensive recorder and another tripod. I want to fuck her in the ass right now and it takes a great deal of restraint to remain seated on the couch.

The battery for the other recorder is full charged and ready to go, but this one will need to be plugged into the wall. The new battery will need to charge, just like the previous. Cindy takes the recorder and teases Bill the same way my daughter is teasing me, which means I am no longer alone in the torture as we are both staring at assholes and pussies.

Tammy bends over a little more and spreads her cheeks to show me a slightly open asshole, which she knows is something I really enjoy seeing, then says, “There’s nothing else in the package.”

She gets up slowly, while releasing her cheeks and turns in order to grab the note, She reads, “Congratulations, Quiller family, for making it to the next step of the game. This successful completion of this round will result in each of you getting $100,000.”

This time none of them take deep breaths or let out whistles. The amount causes them all to jump up and down quickly in excitement and the noise is far louder than any whistle. I get up to join them in the celebration. There is a lot of whooping and hollering, as none of them have any reason to doubt the amount will be paid in full and in cash. They all know they are getting close to the end, but I have no intention of ending anything until long after the contest is concluded.

Tammy continues, “To remind you, everyone must agree or the entire family forfeits the game and you get nothing other than the $11,000 each of you has already won. You will not have the opportunity to win the $1,000,000. You will watch the DVD as a family and wait until it says stop. You will all wear your blindfolds, while following what you see. You will not resume the video until Jackson and Bill are ready to go again. Only then will you continue to watch and follow the instructions. The video will end when the word stop no longer appears on the black screen. The second recorder is going to be needed, but only one will be used for your first task. Once all tasks are finished and recorded, you will email the video to the same address as the previous ones were sent.”

I open the fully charged recorder and put a flash player in, one which is no longer filled with the previous video we made. I start the charging process for the new battery and set up both of the tripods, just in case they are needed. Tammy puts the DVD into the player and sits down next to me, since Cindy and Bill are taking up the rest of the couch. She presses play and we watch a black screen.

The screen fades in and shows the same four people as the first video and none of them are wearing any signs this time. The screen fades to black and the words, ‘Jackson, you will record this.’ The words fade and are quickly replaced by a close up of a hard dick and a spread pussy just inches above. The camera pulls back and I see the mother and son on a couch and both are looking into the camera, while the daughter is sitting next to them. My family remains clueless in regards to their identity, but I know exactly who they are. Not that I have any intention on revealing the identity kadıköy escort bayan of the family, since that would ruin things.

The camera zooms in on the dick and pussy, then the mother slowly lowers herself onto her son’s dick. She starts to ride him and they both find a rhythm quickly. Both start to moan and he cums quickly inside of her pussy. His orgasm is impressive as he continues to fill her with one explosive wave after another and some of his cum drips out and onto his balls.

He stays inside of her as the angle moves to show the daughter getting into position as she gets on her knees and she is facing the dick inside the pussy. Only then does the mother lift herself up and off of his dick, then the daughter’s mouth covers the pussy hole completely. His dick is pressed against her tits, as she is swallowing the cum being pushed out of the mother’s pussy. She pulls her head away once she is certain there is no more cum to be found and turns her head toward the camera. She opens her mouth to show it is full of milky white cum, then closes and swallows everything. She opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue to show there is no cum left.

She turns back to the waiting pussy and starts work her tongue on the mother’s clit. The woman lets out several moans, before grabbing the daughter’s head and pulling it so her mouth is directly over her hole. She lets out a scream as she releases her own orgasm and gives the daughter far more than she can swallow. What she can’t swallow, flows down her chin and onto her tits and his dick. It is a considerable amount that is lost out of her mouth, but she swallows what she can.

Once the orgasm subsides, the daughter lowers her mouth to the now flaccid dick of the brother and takes it entirely into her mouth. She lets it out slowly and shows there is very little of the mother left on his dick. She takes it all the way in again and releases even slower. She does it one last time and keeps it in her mouth for a very long time before releasing his dick.

The video fades to black, then the words, ‘Bill, you are to record this,’ appears on the screen. The scene is identical to the one we just watched in every way and I find myself to be quite content with waiting until after my son has his fun. There is something exciting about knowing my daughter is going to have the result of two orgasms in her mouth and one in her pussy before long. Jim certainly knows how to be creative with my request and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After everything repeats, the video fades to black and the word, ‘Stop,’ appears on the screen. Tammy presses stop and waits for someone to say something. However, there is way too much going on in all of their minds for anyone to speak quickly. This is the first time Cindy and Tammy are expected to do something like this and I believe the amount being offered is more than enough for them to cross another line. After all, my family has already crossed a lot of them, but there is always the chance one will refuse.

Almost in unison, the silence is broken with the sound of agreement from every member of my family. I quickly join in and look to see if there is any sign of nervousness, but find only excitement. Even my wife cannot hide the anticipation on her face and I know there is not much they wouldn’t be willing to do at this point. I have no idea if it is the money or joy of crossing another line that has them excited, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is I am one step closer to having the total debauchery I want to experience with my family.

Everyone gets into position and I get a close up of my son’s dick and wife’s dripping pussy. I press record and hold up a finger to show I am recording. Her pussy lowers onto his dick and easily takes it all the way inside. She starts to move up and down and I bring the camera up to capture the look of pleasure on both of their faces and my daughter watching in eager anticipation. I move back down so I don’t miss a moment of his cum entering her pussy.

Cindy lets out a moan and says, “Bill, I love your dick inside me. This makes your mommy feel so good.”

Bill lets out a moan of his own and says, “Don’t stop fucking me, mommy. Your pussy feels perfect wrapped around my dick. Don’t stop.”

I can see in the monitor every movement and like when he pulls out almost all the way. Her pussy grips him and tries to prevent him from escaping her. Then slowly taking it all the way inside again. Over and over the movements continue with increased moaning from both of them.

Cindy lets out a loud moan, then says, “Cum inside me. I want to feel my son’s cum inside my pussy. Give it to me, son.”

He lets out a loud moan of his own, then says, “I’m close, mommy. I’m so close to cumming inside you. I need to cum inside my mommy’s pussy. Don’t stop fucking me.”

She lets out a few moans and says, “Cum inside my pussy. I need my son to cum for me, now.”

He grits his teeth and says, “I’m escort maltepe cumming, mommy.”

I do not miss a moment as he starts to fill my wife with his cum. His orgasm is fascinating to watch as I turn the camera to his asshole and watch as it retracts and relaxes very quickly. I never thought about any guy in any kind of sexual way before, but I can’t help having thoughts about my son. After all, what’s one more line to cross. If I can think of my wife and daughter together, then I can certainly think of myself and my son right along with it.

Cindy lets out another moan, then says, “That’s it, son. Give me all of your cum. Mommy needs all of it.”

I continue to keep his asshole centered and cum starts to drip from his balls. Not one drop spoils my view and I hold the camera steady until there are no more signs of an orgasm from my son’s asshole. I move the camera to her pussy and then change position to catch my daughter as she positions herself to do her part. Once her tits are in just the right spot, Cindy quickly raises her pussy to Tammy’s waiting mouth and she lets out a moan as she feels her daughter’s mouth there for the first time.

It does not take long before all of the cum is out of my wife’s pussy and inside of my daughter’s mouth. She turns to the camera and opens wide to show it is full of her brother’s cum and some is dripping down her chin. She closes her mouth and swallows everything down, then opens it again to reveal there is none left as she seductively sticks her tongue out at the camera.

She turns back to her mother’s waiting pussy and sticks her tongue out and places it on her clit with no hesitation in her movement. Cindy lets out a soft moan to show she enjoys what her daughter is doing to her. She starts to work her tongue as best she can and is rewarded by the sound of increased moans.

Cindy says, “That’s it. Eat mommy’s pussy. My daughter’s tongue feels so good working mommy’s pussy.”

Her tongue works harder at the sound of the encouragement and is rewarded by heavy breathing and more loud moans. The moans increase in noise and intensity, which coincides with her tongue increasing speed as she wants her mother to cum for her. I know she is close to climax from the fucking she took from my son, so it shouldn’t be much longer now. All I can do is watch as I record and know my time is coming soon.

Cindy lets out a loud moan and says, “I’m close. My daughter is doing a good job on momm’s pussy. Now make mommy cum.”

There is no sign of my daughter’s tongue tiring from the work, instead it only increases the movement and my wife begins to tighten. She roughly grabs the back of Tammy’s head and moves her so her mouth is perfectly aligned. She pulls her face into her pussy and lets out an eruption more powerful than I have ever know her to have.

Tammy’s mouth quickly overflows from the result and I can see plenty dripping down to rest between her tits and his cock. She swallows and opens her mouth quickly to take more, then has it fill once again. Her tits and his cock are getting soaked in what is coming out of Cindy’s pussy with no sign of slowing. Several waves take my wife and each one more than fills my daughter’s mouth and adds to the collection point below.

Cindy goes through her final wave and then releases Tammy head. She pulls back from her mother’s pussy and the lower half of her face is shiny and slick from having so much escape from her mouth. She lowers herself and has no problem taking the entirety of my son’s cock, since it is not hard at all. She keeps it inside her mouth as her tongue works to remove any sign of the combined orgasm that came out of her mother’s pussy, then moves her head up slowly and I wonder what it would be like to do that to my son. She takes it all the way again, and again releases slowly. The third time she holds her head in place, but gags just a little. She slowly releases all of it and it is not quite as soft as it was just a moment ago.

I press stop and wait for everyone to move, then I hand the recorder to my son. Tammy positions herself just above my very hard dick and Cindy sits next to me on the couch. I’m certain she is happy to not have to do anything until I cum and then she will be on her knees, since her body needs time to rest after her orgasm. We see my son hold up a thumb to show he has started recording and I know her pussy is going to look fantastic on camera with my massive dick inside of her.

I feel the head enter her pussy with ease and want to force her down quickly, but the rules are clear and we have to take our time. We both let out soft moans as she lowers herself all the way and it feels like a wonderful suction cup buried deep inside of her pussy. She starts to move slowly up and down and each movement brings new wonder as we both moan together.

As we find a rhythm, I wonder if my son is going to focus on my asshole in the same manner that I did with his. It’s going to be a whole lot more than looking with the next package. The notion of total debauchery causes my dick to twitch deep inside of her pussy and she lets out a moan. Neither of us say anything, since we don’t know if we can keep our secret language a secret. So we settle for our moans of shared pleasure.

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