The Party Surprise

Big Dicks

Gerry worked with Jake at the bank and they had become very close friends. Jake, my boyfriend of three months, and I were invited to a party that Gerry was having for his girlfriend, Mandy.

When we arrived, there were several other couples that were already drinking and chatting on the patio along the side of the house. Gerry spotted us and waved us over to the bar where he was mixing some drinks for the guests. He handed each of us a gin and tonic and began to introduce us to some of the other guests who had been mingling and milling about.

Although I had met Gerry before, this was the first time I had a chance to meet Mandy. She was very petite with short black hair. Her figure was very diminutive and she had a wonderfully infectious smile. She seemed very happy to make our acquaintances.

After the introductions, Gerry turned to me and said, “You are looking exceptional today, Liz.”

It made me feel good to hear that from him as the comment was completely unsolicited.

“Why thank you Gerry. You are looking pretty damn good yourself.”

I looked over at Mandy and she had an enormous smile on her face as she listened intently to our every word, nodding agreement with what I had just said.

Gerry was what any girl would consider to be tall, dark and handsome. He had the body of an athlete and a face that could grace the cover of any sports magazine. What I would give to have a roll in the hay with that man.

As the evening progressed, additional guests were arriving at a steady pace. The music was loud and the food was fantastic. Jake and I were having a great time, meeting new people and dancing the night away. As time went on I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off of Gerry. The more I drank, the more I would find myself stealing glances at him.

The alcohol was getting to me and devilish thoughts were beginning to creep into my head. As much as I cared for Jake, I could not help thinking about Gerry, fantasizing about him having his way with me. The thought of fucking him was beginning to consume me more and more with each gin and tonic I drank.

I had several opportunities during the evening to talk to Gerry, one on one. He was a very fascinating man and I found myself hanging on every word he spoke. I am not sure what he was thinking but I was definitely feeling some chemistry between the two of us.

I began feeling the full effect of the alcohol as the evening rolled along. As is usually the case when you are having a good time, the evening was passing rather quickly. A good many of the guests had gone home and as I looked into the house, through the sliding glass door, I could see that Gerry was sitting on a recliner in the family room, relaxing and enjoying his drink alone.

Jake and Mandy were having a conversation out on the patio where the remaining guests were relaxing. I thought to myself that this would be my best shot at making a real impression with Gerry.

I slid open the screen door and entered the room, closing the door behind me. I made my way to the sofa and sat down. I positioned myself so that Gerry would get a good look at my long, slender legs. As I leaned against the arm of the sofa, I made sure that that he could get a good eyeful of my shapely figure. I then took a large swallow of my drink.

I was feeling no pain from the large amount of alcohol I had consumed. bahis firmaları Gerry and I chatted for a bit and I stared into his dark eyes as I listened to him speak. The room was spinning as I set my glass on the coffee table and leaned my head back.

When I opened my eyes, the room was completely dark. I had no idea what time it was. It was then that I realized that I had passed out on the couch. The only sound I could hear was that of Gerry breathing. Apparently he had passed out on the recliner.

I was still feeling somewhat woozy as I removed the sheet that someone had placed over me as I slept. Feeling a bit brazen, and I am sure still somewhat intoxicated, I crawled off of the sofa and onto the carpet. The house was completely silent as I moved towards the recliner on my hands and knees, feeling my way in the darkness.

My heart was racing as I contemplated what I was about to do. As I reached the arm of the recliner, I leaned forward and positioned my face above the fly of his khakis. I wanted this man in the worst way and I was going to have my way with him.

My hands were trembling as my fingers began to unfasten the top button of Gerry’s pants. Slowly, I slid the zipper down, parting it as I went. Reaching under the waistband of his underwear, I grasped his member with my trembling hand. It had a velvety texture and was soft and warm. It was quite a handful for a flaccid penis. With my other hand, I tugged gently at the waistband, further exposing the object of my desire, as my mouth lowered towards his sleeping cock.

I ran my wet tongue over my lips and began tracing the length of his cock with my mouth. As my lips tenderly nibbled, my tongue darted delicately over the surface of his limp shaft. Not wanting him to inhibit me from achieving my goal, I picked up the pace in order to get his motor running. I sucked the head between my lips and gently lashed at the sensitive underside of his penis with my wagging tongue. I clamped my lips gently, but securely around his shaft as I continued my slow, deliberate sucking. It was then that I heard a soft moan.

He was beginning to stir from attention his manhood was receiving.

I could feel his cock beginning to swell in my mouth as my tongue flitted and my lips slid slowly along its length. As he attempted to sit up, I reached over and pressed the palm of my hand against his chest, encouraging him to lie back.

His cock was continuing to elongate and expand as he again relaxed on the recliner. Within a very short period of time, it had become totally rigid.

It was at that time that I began a complete oral assault, drawing his cock deeply into my mouth and sliding my wet lips along its length with a much greater sense of urgency. I was going to give him a blowjob that he wouldn’t soon forget.

I felt his hand on the back of my head as my mouth slid down the length of his pole. He whimpered his approval as I sucked and slid my mouth back up to the head of his cock. His cock was quite lengthy, just as I had imagined it. I sought to take it all in my mouth and feeling the fleshy head reaching the back of my throat, I deftly deep-throated him as I teased his shaft with my tongue.

He reached for my breasts and took turns with each of them, fondling them and pinching at my hard nipples through my shirt with his strong hand. I could tell by kaçak iddaa his sporadic soft moans that he was really getting extreme enjoyment from my oral assault.

My pussy was aching with desire and I began struggling against the urge to climb on top of him and take his impressive cock for a ride. As much as I yearned to feel him inside me, this was not the time or the place.

Knowing that I am usually pretty rowdy when fucking, I wasn’t willing to risk getting caught. I had already determined that I would act on that at a later time. A quick, but memorable blowjob seemed like a much more practical option.

I consider myself to be quite accomplished at oral sex, be it a man or a woman that I am tending to. And, from the reactions and body language, not to mention the soft noises he was making from the attention I was lavishing on his hard cock, he had to think so also.

My oral assault on his now rock-hard penis continued. About the time that the taste of his pre-cum became evident, my hungry mouth was steadily sliding up and down along its length. I had gotten into a rhythm, pumping him with my mouth strokes, and I desperately wanted to feel him cum in my mouth.

My fingertips traced lightly over his scrotum, eliciting even more of his soft whimpers. Soon I could sense his hips rising up to meet my mouth as my head continued bobbing up and down steadily. I massaged his balls with my free hand as I continued working my mouth along his shaft.

I wrapped my fingers firmly around the shaft and pumped his cock as I sucked, working feverishly to bring him to the brink of his orgasmic release. He was now straining in a desperate effort to get there.

Soon he began trembling, signaling his impending orgasm. I held his cock firmly between my lips as my tongue massaged the sensitive underside of his rod, further coaxing his release. Soon, his hips lifted slightly and he let out a muffled groan. It was just about that time when I felt an enormous torrent of his hot jizz splashing against the back of my throat. He let out a stifled moan that seemed quite loud in the still of the night as I felt the distinctive spasms of his cock against my lips.

I hesitated briefly as his cock continued delivering waves of his cum into my waiting mouth. As I struggled to swallow his considerable load, his powerful spasms began to subside and I began to gently suck his cock clean. My mouth moved slowly along the length of his hard pole, cleaning up every last trace of his orgasm, as I basked in the pleasurable state that I myself had reached.

I was able to swallow every last drop of his plentiful load. I was contented in knowing that I had just given this very sexy man such pleasure. We both remained motionless for a short period of time as our heavy breathing subsided. I then tucked his semi-flaccid penis back into his shorts, slid up the zipper, and refastened his pants.

Without either of us saying anything at all, I slowly made my way in the darkness over to the sofa, climbed up, and covered myself with the sheet.

I had become rather aroused from pleasuring Gerry and having his hard cock releasing its hot load in my mouth. I found that my own arousal had put me in a very dire way and now I desperately needed some release of my own. Without any hesitation, I situated myself comfortably, unbuttoned my shorts and slithered kaçak bahis my hand under the waistband of my panties. My dripping wet pussy provided me with ample lubrication to allow me to commence pleasuring my fully engorged clit.

I lubricated the area around my clit thoroughly, using my own abundant secretions. I started by massaging the area in a circular motion, gently but deliberately teasing and taunting my now aching button. With my free hand, I massaged my breasts and teased at my erect nipples with my fingertips through the fabric of my shirt.

With years of practice, my skillful and experienced fingers knew precisely how to coax my orgasm along. Within minutes I was reeling from a powerful, satisfying climax. My body rocked as my magic index and middle fingers took me over the top. The intense contractions caused my body to quiver violently as I lifted my ass off of the couch. My body twitched over and over again as I let my orgasm consume me.

It seemed as though it took a while until the waves of pleasure subsided enough to allow me to completely relax again.

After a brief rest, I began the process again. I was still horny and felt as though another orgasm would be in order. I began to work my clit feverishly once again and was having a bit of trouble getting off. This was one of those times that I could have used one of my trusty, reliable vibrators.

Maybe it was because my first orgasm was so satisfying that I was having this kind of trouble getting off a second time. Then again, it may well have been the alcohol.

Still being a bit under the influence, I fell back to sleep a short time later without finishing what I had started.

The morning came and I awoke to the sound of voices coming from the kitchen. My hand was still inside my panties reminding me of the pleasure I had given myself. I could hear Mandy and Gerry discussing how well the party went the night before.

I was lying there with my eyes still closed as the bright sunshine was beaming through the window above the sofa. I was thinking about the blowjob I had given Gerry and how he was going to react when we, once again, came face to face. I removed my hand from its resting place and refastened my shorts.

I opened my eyes and sat up. It was then that I realized that the man on the recliner that I had mouth-fucked was not Gerry. It was Gerry’s annoying, obnoxious friend Matt who I had met for the first time at the party. He had spent a good portion of the evening eyeing me up and had made me somewhat uncomfortable to say the least.

I was horrified. Fortunately for me, he was still fast asleep. I remember thinking that maybe I could get out of there before he wakes up.

I arose and immediately headed towards the kitchen, being careful not to rouse Matt.

When I entered the kitchen, I asked where Jake was. Mandy told me that he was upstairs in the guest room. It seems that when I passed out, they had covered me and left me to sleep it off on the couch.

The embarrassment I was feeling was overwhelming and I wanted to leave right away. I went up the stairs to the guest room and awoke Jack. I told him that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to leave right away. He got dressed and we returned to the kitchen together.

As we were saying our goodbyes, Matt walked into the room. He just smiled and went to the refrigerator to get some juice.

We were getting ready to leave when Matt said, “That was an awesome party. I really did enjoy myself.”

I am sure he did.

He then winked at me as Jake and I turned to go out the door.

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