The Pen


It was certainly a unique pen.

Sabine had collected pens since childhood, but she’d never seen anything quite like this. Her friend-with-benefits had given it to her as a birthday gift. “Use it for inspiration when you get writer’s block,” he’d told her. “I think you’ll find it will work very well for that.”

Sabine questioned that. It was just a pen. A strangely-shaped one, nearly six inches long and big enough around that she had trouble gripping it to write with. It had a button on one side of it that didn’t seem to do anything. But just a pen, not anything particularly inspiring. At least not for the erotica she wrote.

The erotica she would be writing, that was, if she hadn’t run into a writer’s block big enough to qualify as a brick wall. Two weeks after her birthday, Sabine sat at her desk staring at a blank computer screen. She had a deadline on a short story for an online magazine and another for rewrites on a novella that had been accepted by an e-publisher, but she had no idea of what to do with either story.

“Damn it.” The advantage of living alone was that she could talk out loud to herself without anyone thinking she was nuts. Sabine switched off the computer without bothering to shut it down properly. The only thing that would be lost was a word processing document that contained only one word. She looked across the room at her pen collection. “Hmm. Inspiration, huh? Okay, weird-looking pen, let’s see if Jack casino şirketleri was right about you.”

She went over to the collection and picked up her birthday pen. When she touched it, a shock went through her. “Damn static electricity,” she muttered.

She rarely wrote longhand anymore; typing was so much faster. But when she got really stuck, sometimes using a pen and paper helped her through the block. She wasn’t sure that would be effective with this pen, though. It wasn’t the right shape to hold easily in her hand, which would make it difficult to write with. But Jack had seemed certain that it would help her when she was stuck, so she would give it a try.

She sat on her bed with a notebook propped up on her knees. “Okay, magic pen, do your stuff.”

She opened the pen and, expecting nothing, clicked the button on the side of it. This time, something happened. The pen vibrated.

Startled, Sabine almost dropped it. “What the hell? You never did that before. You must be one of those squiggle pens like my niece was telling me about.”

She made an experimental line on the notebook page. The line was perfectly straight. “Okay, so why are kids so excited about squiggle pens if they don’t do anything?” Sabine shook her head. “Everyone has to have the cool stuff, I guess. Okay, forget the squiggly lines and just help me get something written.”

Immediately an image of a man fucking a woman over the back of casino firmaları a chair came into Sabine’s mind. Perfect! That was just what she needed for her short story. She started to write a description of the image, but the tingling between her legs distracted her. “I don’t get horny when I write. What the hell is going on here?”

Apparently she did get horny when she wrote, at least with this pen. Her mental movie continued, with the man thrusting a huge cock in and out of the woman, while in reality Sabine’s pussy moistened. Shit. Inspiration, definitely, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to concentrate enough to write anything down until she took care of her horniness.

Deadlines could wait. Sabine set the notebook aside and started to put down the pen as well, but something made her hold onto it. A new vision began in her mind, two men pounding a woman on a blanket in a field. Why couldn’t she write this stuff down?

Because a pulse beat in her pussy and she couldn’t take the time. She had to touch herself. Now.

She slid down on her pillows until she lay on her back, and ran her hand over her crotch. Her body responded to the touch by increasing both the moisture and the tingling in her pussy. Still lying down, she shimmied out of her sweatpants and panties so her fingers could access her clit and opening.

Was it her imagination, or was the pen vibrating faster? She stared at the thing and could have sworn it güvenilir casino had changed shape. It now looked less like a pen and more like a—

“That’s ridiculous!” Sabine snapped. It was a pen, not a vibrator. She knew it was a pen. She’d written with it.

But it certainly looked like a vibrator now. Not even one of those plastic tapered ones; it looked like a real cock.

The X-rated pictures in Sabine’s mind came fast and furious now, and even without her touch she recognized the signs that she was nearing orgasm.

Fuck it. She needed to come, and if the pen wanted to pretend it was a vibrator, she would use it as one. She brought it to her clit and this time knew for sure it was vibrating faster. When it touched her, she cried out in pleasure; the vibrations sent jolts through her entire body, and more images of men and women fucking in every possible combination and position filled her brain.

Her orgasm built, but she wanted one more thing before it hit. Without giving herself a chance to realize how nuts the idea was, she thrust the pen inside herself.

And came instantly, so hard her back arched, so hard she thought she was going to fly off the bed.

Panting, she withdrew the pen and set it on the bed beside her. The vibrations stopped and so did the visions; the pen now looked like just a normal, albeit oddly sized and shaped, pen.

“Definite inspiration,” Sabine said. After a moment of recovery, she returned to her computer, turned it back on, and finished her writing in record time.

Rather than putting the pen back with her collection, she decided to keep it on her nightstand. Just in case she needed more inspiration someday.

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