The Perils of Belle. part the first

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The Perils of Belle. part the firstAllee Belle stood serenely admiring Her striking reflection in the full length mirror wall which occupied one whole side of the dressing room in Her suite. She; unlike the majority of those citizens of the Republic with access to them had elected to start taking the anti-agathics which effectively halted Her aging later than most did in Her early twenties. Technically She was fifty two years old but She did not look a day over twenty three; the wonderful d**g – only available to the wealthy – halted the natural cellular decay which caused aging and ultimately death in those who could not afford it. Now and henceforward until She chose or was forced to stop taking the course She would ever be the beauty She was now, at what She considered correctly was Her prime.The Aurora Bellerophon was the pinnacle of luxury amongst the Republic’s many luxurious space liners. Even those who chose to style themselves “rich” had to save up for a berth on her. Allee though came from a different class of wealthy all together, generations and centuries back Her family had been bankers. Now they didn’t really have to do anything, but could just by existing gain a vastly better than comfortable living from the interest of centuries of sound investments. Truth be told Allee was rather bored with Her life, though beyond the dreams of the majority it lacked adventure and this was the reason why She was currently aboard. Not for the luxury of the vessel – She would have just as happily slept in the hold of a dilapidated tramp freighter – but for where it was headed.She had been accepted as an unpaid assistant to a Xenobiologist who had been detailed to investigate a newly amber classified planet somewhere near the Horsehead Nebula. Every planet known to the Republic is colour classified; green are civilised, colonized, policed, safe and open to all full citizens with the correct documentation, red are either deemed dangerous or very recently discovered and travel to these is prohibited. Amber though offer opportunities to those willing to explore them; a red rated planet must be investigated by the Republican Exploratory Service before being upgraded to amber; if it had a reasonably breathable atmosphere and no obvious danger. At which point scientists, explorers and opportunists flock to it to spread across its surface like lichen to exploit what they can from it before all too quickly it becomes green rated and thus open for colonization and industry. tuzla escort Oddly for an agency with Exploratory in its name they actually do very little, really just surveying from orbit, it’s the independents who do the leg work. There are a very few black classified planets to which no travel is permitted because of war or plague but few places stay black rated for very long.Professor Djack Odhams had been engaged by one of the pharamaglomerates to investigate the local fauna for any possible beneficial effect which they could develop. He was not well known and it was only by pure chance that Allee had found the vacantvert he had posted while killing time on an Omniweb search with the criteria “exploring” and “biology” – both subjects that She had an interest in- whilst waiting for a luxebath to fill. In their first waversation Allee did not seem the best candidate but when She told him She was willing to work for free; indeed would finance some of his equipment, that She was available immediately and that all Her travel documents were up to date, She was rather rapidly accepted to the post. When at Her post with Prof Odhams Her attire would be the best the 28th century could provide, clothing of the uttermost practicality for the explorer about planet; hard wearing but light and able to contend with anything a new climate could challenge it with. Tonight though, the costume – for that is really what She currently wore and so admired upon Her reflection – was something else again. It had cost what most would consider a vast amount to have made, after all almost all fabric in the Republic was manmade. Allee wore an entirely bespoke outfit; the nether garments – a pair of French style panties and a simple unadorned camisole – were of white cotton, She had never felt the likes of it before and was coming to terms with actually feeling it. 28th century clothing at least the sort worn by the affluent, though able to cover one’s nakedness (Though just recently there had been a fashion for body paint which only sort of managed that.)and maintain a comfortable temperature is so fine as to be almost unnoticed by the wearer and allows for complete ease of movement. This reproduction of an ancient, anachronistic garb was alien to Her sensitive flesh so much so She found not a little to Her embarrassment just wearing it aroused Her… Thick woollen socks tickled Her feet and the heavy leather boots had taken almost twenty minutes to put on ; the sancaktepe escort “lacing” (A word with which She was unfamiliar.) had baffled Her. The shorts which reached to just above Her dainty knees were a dull mud colour and of a material called “serge” which was rough and She was thankful for the cotton beneath. Her blouse with “buttons” (Another mysterious and unknown word.) made of little steel circles was of linen; crisp and snug about Her but She was happy by the way it confined Her slightly. The best though was Her hat, She had never really had need to wear a hat before; it was heavy and strangely phallic atop Her head. She had not known what a “pith” helmet was before tracking through numerous historical wavefiles. As soon as She had finally seen an image She wanted one, it had cost a small fortune in itself and taken weeks to create, but even before it had reached Her She decided it was Her most favourite item of attire ever. So; tonight it would be dressed as an “explorer” that She would attend the captain’s costume ball. She had little doubt that anyone would recognise Her as such, but that was all part of the fun. If anyone asked Her about it She could excitedly explain just why She had chosen the outfit. Just wearing it She already felt less bored and as though something wonderful and exciting was just over the next horizon. The mirror made no comment that She had been staring into it for half an hour or understood the flush on Her cheeks or the rapidity of Her breath. It merely did what was expected of it and reflected back the gorgeous Allee, but it was just possible that what was an inanimate object might be the tiniest bit desirous of so beautiful an image. Though all Her slightly glazed eyes saw was the perfect picture She presented, in Her thoughts She was already toiling through a steaming verdant jungle, the tortuous humidity had suck the unaccustomed cloth to Her trim lithe body, Her breath came fast and hard catching in Her throat as though it were broken glass. All the muscles in Her legs ached, Her sides hurt and Her exposed skin was flushed and scratched by the foliage She pushed headlong through. Something was chasing Her, something ancient and malevolent that She knew wanted Her in the worst way, and it was gaining… The mirror saw Her hand snake down Her flat stomach into the shorts; this subtle five limbed creature was also chasing something; something tender, delicate, beautiful and arousing. üsküdar escort In fact, just like Allee Herself.“VOORT, VOORT, VOORT.” Allee was suddenly roused from Her languor, She did not know just how long the klaxon had been sounding but around it was an automated announcement; “all passengers report to their evac stations, this is not a drill.” Still half in the jungle Her mind took precious seconds to snap back to reality, when it did the hatch to Her suite’s private escape craft was already open and a row of cheerful green lights beckoned Her towards it. A pleasanter, less urgent but still insistent voice replaced the other; “Suite occupier, please make Your way to the pod, remain calm. Rescue ships have already been alerted, all will be well. “Even now still a little dazed She stumbled into the little pod, as soon as she had sat in the bucket seat the door pistoned closed behind her and She heard the dull metallic clack of it being dogged secure. There was a quiet hiss and the newer voice spoke again; “passenger; a chemical relaxant has been released for Your comfort please breathe deeply.” She did so, it had a floral scent and made Her giggle. “Now, when the respiration equipment falls from above please place the mask over Your nose and mouth. If You did not manage to find the goggles beneath the seat please close Your eyes once You have applied the mask.” A thin surgical type mask fell in front of Her attached by a white tube to some air supply system She could not see, She grabbed it and put it over Her face, now a little scared despite the relaxant at not having found the goggles She closed Her eyes. “The pod will now fill with anti-kinetic gel, please sit still and remain calm and do not remove Your mask or goggles.”Slowly Allee felt a rising weight envelope first Her feet, Her ankles and then slowly creep up Her calves. She dared to open Her eyes fleetingly to look down, it was a lurid pink translucent stuff which reminded Her of a dessert She couldn’t remember the name of. It was warm but slightly numbing and its level still rising, when Her lap was covered the weight of it pressing down upon Her made Her feel quite strangely stimulated, perhaps because of the relaxant. Her mind swam away again as Her arms became trapped by it too; still trying to escape Her pursuer She had fallen into a quagmire of quicksand, She could feel it grasping at Her to swallow Her utterly. She felt hot and flushed and very aware of the strange clothes She wore. Her breath came quicker as the insistent weight pressed in to Her tender, sensitive body parts it felt wonderful… She breathed a great sigh and condensation fogged the mask as the gel covered the very tip of Her helmet and She found a light headed narcotic sleepTo be continued…

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