The Phone Call That Day


If you liked this story and want to hear more about my sister and I please let me know. I appreciate feedback good or bad because I want to improve as a writer. Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy…..


Ok this is the first time anything happened between my sister and I. She had just turned 18 and I’m older than her. One time we were home alone and the phone rang. We both ran for the phone in our parents room. We both dove across the bed but I got to it first and picked it up. It was for me, but she was still laying on top of me. We were kind of diagonally on the bed with our feet near one corner and the phone was on the nightstand near the head of the opposite corner. So she was messing with me as I was talking on the phone. She would tickle me and try to distract me and then she would pinch my leg and then my butt. It wasn’t working very well because I didn’t drop the phone and I didn’t hang up. So while I was still on the phone with my friend I rolled over on my back while she was still straddling me. So then she put her head down near the phone to try to listen in to my conversation. So I just turned my head so that the handset was trapped between the bed and my head. So she really couldn’t get to it or hear anything.

So then she started whispering in my other ear, again trying to distract me. It was kind of working, but then she ataşehir escort bayan shocked the shit out of me. She stuck her tongue in my ear, like she was my girlfriend or something. When she did that I laughed out loud. So now she knew she was getting to me. So then she started kissing and licking my exposed neck. Well, when she started doing that, it became a different kind of a game. I mean, it actually felt good, in spite of the fact that it was my sister doing it. So now, we were almost making out, except that we weren’t kissing because I was on the phone. Well, she kept doing it, and I started getting hard. At some point, she felt it because then she dropped more of her weight on her pelvic area, so now she was grinding her pussy on my now erect dick, while I was trying to talk on the phone. I was completely distracted and told my friend that I’d call him back. So I gave her the handset and without moving her body or anything she just reached up with her hand and hung it up. When she hung up the phone, she didn’t say anything or pause or anything, she just put her mouth on mine and we started kissing. I mean real kissing, like boyfriend/girlfriend with tongue, not like brother/sister.

Well, now I was completely rock hard, and she knew it. I was just wearing like some tennis shorts and no shirt and she was wearing gym shorts escort kadıöy and a t-shirt. So we were essentially making out and she was grinding her pussy on me. We did this for about 10 to 15 minutes. It was pretty fucking hot.

And then the phone rang. It scared the shit out of both of us and we jumped and started laughing. She didn’t move off of me but reached up and answered it. It was her friend this time, but she didn’t move, she was just straddling me and sitting up, still with her pussy right on my dick. So this time, since she was on the phone, I decided to fuck with her like she was messing with me when I was on the phone with my friend. So every once in a while I would flex my butt and in so doing press my dick against her. The first time she opened her mouth and grinned and mouthed “stop it”. So we were both grinning at each other for a minute. So I could see she wasn’t going to get off the phone anytime soon so every minute or two I’d do it again. After a few times she wasn’t surprised by it anymore. As a matter of fact, I could tell she liked it because her breathing kind of changed and there was no more grinning or mouthing at me to stop. So now I was doing it more and more. Then it got to the point that I was doing it constantly, almost as if we were fucking and I was thrusting up into her. After just a couple of minutes of this, maltepe escort she told her friend that she had to go and she would call her back.

She got off of me and went to her room. Her room was across the hall from our parents bedroom. I went to my parents bathroom and got a towel and laid back down on their bed and started jacking off. I have to admit, the thought crossed my mind, “what if the phone rings again”. At that point I was so horny I didn’t care and I decided I wasn’t going to cover up or anything. I should stop at this point and say that I knew she masturbated and she knew I did too. So there was nothing to hide, it’s just that we had never seen each other do it. But like I said, at this point I was so horny, I didn’t care if the phone rang and she walked in on me I wasn’t going to stop. I did happen to notice that when she went in her room she didn’t close the door. So while I was jacking off I could tell it wasn’t going to take long to reach my orgasm. Not long after I started masturbating I could hear her moans, so I knew she was on her bed doing the same thing I was doing. When I came it was absolutely the hardest I had ever cum in my life up to that point. I sort of felt funny that it was a hot make out session with my sister that got me that worked up, but I also couldn’t deny that at that point in my life, it was absolutely the most intense orgasm I’d ever had.

I just laid there for a minute listening to her, and when I could tell she was finished, I took the towel with me to my room. I didn’t feel ashamed or anything. As a matter of fact, I started thinking of ways to make it happen again.

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