The Picnic


We load up the car and I put the picnic basket in the back with a wink to you and a quick warning not to peek. You giggle and brush your hand against the front of my jeans, making me gasp as your eyes widen at how hard I am at the moment. I open the car door for you and you climb in as I walk around to the driver’s side. We drive out to a secluded spot I know of and I notice that you can’t seem to keep your hand out of my lap. By the time we reach our picnic spot, I’m dying to get you stripped down to make love to you. I pull the basket out of the car and lay down the blanket before pulling you tight against me and kissing you passionately, my hands massaging and caressing your breasts. We slowly lower ourselves to the blanket without breaking our kiss and one hand slips from inside your shirt to slide down and caress your pussy through your pants. I hear you start moaning and I smile before pulling your shirt off of you.

I reach into the basket and pull out a bottle of chocolate syrup with a mischievous grin and gently lay you back on the blanket. I look deep into your eyes with lust and slowly remove the rest of your clothes. I smile when I realize you aren’t wearing anything under your pants. I place a gentle kiss on your sweet pussy, then kiss my way up your body to your lips. I can hear your breathing get heavier with anticipation. I lean back and create a trail of chocolate syrup from your neck to your breasts, outlining your nipples with the sweet, dark liquid. I continue the trail from your beautiful, heaving tits to your lovely pussy, letting it slip between your wet lips just a little.I put the syrup aside and slowly start to kiss and lick the syrup from your gorgeous body. I work my way down between your tits then around one of your lovely breasts, spiraling my way up to your hardened nipple and smiling when you gasp, then moan as I suck gently.

Your moans get louder as my tongue flutters over your sensitive skin trapped between my lips. I continue to lick and suck on your beautiful breast until it is completely clear of the chocolate syrup, then slowly lick my way across to the other one, once again spiraling my way up to the peak and your sensitive nipple. Repeating the process as, this time, you hold my head tight against you as I clean your nipple of the sticky substance. I kiss my way back into the valley between them and begin the long, leisurely journey down your sexy body. I hear güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri your breathing get heavier as my tongue dips into your belly button and then you gasp as my tongue brushes over your clit. You moan as my fingers gently part your sweet wet lips and I slide my tongue into you. I take my time as I lick every last trace of the syrup from within your dripping pussy. You hold me tight against you as you writhe in pleasure beneath the attentions of my tongue and, soon, my fingers as they stroke your clit. I hear you begging for more and I oblige you as you start crying out as you cum. “More,” you moan in ecstasy. “Oh, baby, don’t stop!”

I slide my tongue from you and you look at me with mild disappointment till you see me pull the whipped cream from the basket. Your eyes widen in surprise and I start spraying the sweet stuff on your body. You moan in anticipation as I begin to repeat the process, licking you all over and taking extra time cleaning off your tits and sucking gently on your nipples. I slowly start licking my way back down your body, rubbing the the cream into your sweet pussy and sliding my fingers in and out of you to make sure that there’s plenty to lick out of you. I feel you start to buck against my hand and you’re soon cumming all over my fingers. I slip my fingers from you and lick the sweetness from them before lowering my mouth to you. I slide my hands under you and hold you tight to me as I start to lick your sweet pussy. I take my time to get all of the cream from you before sliding up to suck on your sensitive clit and you buck beneath me. I slide my fingers back into you and slide them in and out of you slowly till you cum once more. I raise my head from you with a mischievous grin and reach into the basket once again.

You give me a look of curiosity and then smile when you see the container of honey I pull out. I move over to you and you brush your hand against me and I moan softly. Your eyes widen at how hard I am and you tell me to strip. I slowly remove my clothing and you smile even more when I’m finally naked before you. I pop the top off of the squeeze bottle of honey and start to bring it towards you, but you shake your head. I look at you quizzically and you look first at the honey, then my hard cock and lick your lips. I smile and nod and slowly start to coat myself in the sticky, golden liquid and I tell you that I have my own ideas güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to go along with it. I lean over you and drip the honey down on your lovely pussy, using a liberal amount then slowly lowering myself onto you. My mouth finds your sweet, coated lips and I start licking up all the honey I can, moaning as I feel my rigid rod slip between your lips. I slip my fingers back inside you, pulling honey out of you and licking it up as I feel your tongue sliding all over me. I moan loudly then suck your clit between my lips and hum softly. I feel you start to buck beneath me as your lips and tongue slide along the length of me and I go back to licking and sucking the honey from your sweet pussy. My fingers continue to slide in and out of you and soon you are cumming again and again. My moans get louder still and I throw my head back, calling out to you that I’m about to cum. I feel your attentions increase after I say this and I cry out in ecstasy, nearly screaming your name as I cum.

Needing a few moments to recover, I climb off of you and pull the basket close. I give you a devilish grin and pull out handful of grapes and you ask me what I’m planning on doing with them. I chuckle evilly, then place one on your sweet pussy, gently slipping it into you. Your eyes widen in surprise until you feel my tongue slide into you and pull it back into my mouth. I slip another one into you and I hear you start moaning again in anticipation of my tongue following. I continue to lick you and pull grapes from your soaked opening till you beg me to make you cum. I smile and return my attention to your clit, causing you to close your eyes and moan loudly. Before long, your hips are bucking and you cry out that your cumming as my hands gently caress your beautiful breasts. I continue to lick and suck your clit till you can take it no longer and I move down a little lower to lick you dry.

I reach into the basket one last time and pull out a bowl of sliced strawberries in that sweet syrup and you shake your head. “Not right now,” you tell me. “I want you in me, now. The strawberries can wait.” I smile and move in between your lovely parted legs. I place my tip between your slick lips and slowly slide into you, taking my time to get my full length within you. We both moan as I start to move, sliding out until just my tip is within you then sliding all the way back in. I reach forward güvenilir bahis şirketleri and squeeze your luscious tits and gently pinch your nipples as my hips rock back and forth. I hear you start to whimper as I slowly make love to you and I feel your hand slip down between us. Your fingers part around my shaft as you rub your clit while I slip easily in and out and your whimpers become cries of pleasure. I start to move a little faster and your moans and cries get increasingly louder as I quicken my pace. your hips start pushing back against me and I feel your muscles tighten around me as you wrap your legs around my waist, pulling me deeper into you. I see you trying to hold it back and I tell you to just let it out, since there is no one around and you scream out loud as you cum.

I slip out of you and you ask me where I think I’m going and to get my cock back in you, now. I smile at your words and roll you over onto your stomach. I coax you up on your knees and slip into you from behind. As I enter you slowly, you buck back against me suddenly, driving me deep within you. I hear you growl as you feel me fill you up completely and I grab hold of your hips. I slide out of you almost completely, then pull you back onto me as I thrust forward. I moan loudly as I repeat this motion over and over. You start calling back to me as I reach around you to stroke your clit, saying, “Oh god, baby. Don’t stop! Please don’t ever stop!” I reach forward with my free hand and massage your breast while I continue as I am, and I soon feel you tighten around my shaft as you cum, screaming my name again and again. I slip out of you again, thinking of perhaps doing something a little different when you suddenly turn on me.

You force me back onto the blanket, your eyes burning with lust and desire and you mount me, sliding down the length of my shaft and sitting there for a moment. You look deep into my eyes and tell me that we’re not going to stop till you make me cum again. I smile at you and tell you to do to me what you will and you growl that you plan to. You brace your hands against my chest and stare into my eyes as you start to raise and lower yourself on my hard cock. My eyes roll back and close as I start moaning loudly, my hips bucking beneath you. You start to slide up and down my pole even faster, ordering, then begging me to cum. I reach forward and start to caress your clit and you climax again, almost immediately. I watch you riding me, moving with wild abandon and I call out that I’m going to cum. You cry, “Yes! Yes, baby! I’m cumming, too!” I feel your muscles contract around me, milking my hard cock as it starts to jerk, shooting my cream deep within you and you continue to ride me until your orgasm passes.

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