The Private Room


In the time of Henry Tudor, the infamous King who married six times, his countenance enthused many of his ladies in Chelsea Palace to take full advantage of the climate.

It was well known Henry also had many sexual encounters and several mistresses but anyone who dared to say a word about it was liable for the big chop

But at a time when the male issue was scarce, away fighting for the country, the women were pressed to excel their carnal desires, It was fine with those who referred their own sex to ease their sexual needs but for those whose desires were bent on the male agenda there had to be a way.

Obviously there were not enough guys to fill the requirements, only a few who were closely connected to the King, his servants and the like.

Romantic liaisons were out of the question but women still needed to be fulfilled. Lady Mary Sidney had the solution; The private room in the basement of Chelsea Palace. Once an armory but now` converted to a very cosy and delectable place given the feminine touch .

She approached others of high standing and formed a group who would be willing to share her fantasies in true form. She said “If we are to remain steadfast for our King it is only right that we should expel those frustrations that are essential to any warm blooded human being, and this is what I suggest to you…”

Robert Dudley, the King’s junior Master of the Horse was favourite. They all adored this very desirable and pleasant young man but were wary that the King might be offended if they teamed up with him for sexual favours.

Lady Sidney though was one of the King’s favourite courtiers and had on several occasions ‘exercised certain sexual habits with him. “I know our King will approve wholeheartedly and anyway, why should he have all the fun?” She said. “And anyway his contention is that sex is like food. That we all need both to sustain a good and healthy life and have the energy to fulfill our lives completely, that we cannot do that if we are bogged down with sexual frustration.”

The women talked among each other and upon Lady Sidney’s request made a decision as to whether they canlı bahis would like to indulge or not.

Most said they would like to try. Marie said it had been horrible not having a man and she was at her wits end, trying to keep her mind occupied so as to keep those very pressing fantasies at bay. Others related to what she said and there were those who had been with other women trying to solve their desires only to discover sex could never be the same as with a red blooded well sexed man.

Later in the week Lady Sidney advised the group that arrangements had been made and they were welcome to share the company of Robert who at first was a little apprehensive but given a few well-placed caresses and the warmth of a kiss he easily succumbed and said he would look forward tom having the pleasure to be of service to ten good women.

So the scene was set and a lot of hearts were thumping, just with the premise of being in the same room as this beautiful young fellow, knowing to what they were all about.

They all agreed that he is a very agreeable guy and they should share and share alike, each taking turns to enjoy what he has to give. That it could not be an emotional commitment that would make it all become complicated. Lady Sidney stipulated that. Let us all simply enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and look forward to when our men return from way when we will have the impetus to give our chosen ones our all, in as much as we have practiced and enjoyed, that our sexual ardor has not sealed up and withered, that we shall all be fresh for the right man when the time comes.

Now they were comfortably attired and waited for Robert to show himself and when he did he looked everything they expected, his Tudor garb and codpiece in place, looking well placed and very, very desirable and when he smiled, the smile was infectious and they all felt a sense of calm, knowing they would feel comfortable sharing their sexual pleasure with such a wonderful attractive young man.

The eight ladies looked wide eyed as Lady Sidney got the show on the road so to speak. She was the one who suggested the plan and it was bahis siteleri she who should implement it and in no time at all she shared warm kisses with Robert who responded immediately with his hands enveloping her.

The ladies were relieved to see that when Lady Sidney removed his codpiece he was as much in need as were they. They were ardently focused on the movement there as Lady Sidney, still ardently kissing Robert teased him there, over the silken underwear making the bulge look absolutely beautiful and with lots of sighs they watched it swell until Lady Sidney helped it out with slender fingers teasing and squeezing.

Now it was instantly full and the erection complete as silently each woman focused on the breed.

Lady Sidney tied a ribbon around its broad circumference explaining that the climax could not be until each lady had had her pleasure and kneeling, prompting him to part his legs, she began to indulge in doing what they all had in mind, and watching her suck him like that the sighs and moans were in plenty, each eagerly awaiting turn.

They were saying to each other juts how beautiful it was, that it was as much as any of them could wish for.

It seemed as if Lady Sidney was teasing them taking her time to enjoy Robert and her concentration was deeply focused on the job in hand. She made good stead of his wonderfully hung eminence too prominently teasing each one with her sensitive finger tips.

She was simply besotted and the suck must have lasted well on five minutes upon which time, two of the ladies were succumbed to a high sexual tendency and their quinny’s wet with desire

Then, as if Lady Sidney had forgotten the presence of her eager gathering she let go the throbbing prominence with a final deep suction and out it came, ready for the next participant formerly arranged.

“That is so wonderfully soothing” she said as she assisted the next lady to kneel in readiness to take cock in mouth and thanked Robert for his indulgence and hoped he could last out.

He replied that it was his pleasure and he would be glad to service all the ladies if they wished.

The bahis şirketleri look on their faces said they would want everything. Each Lady indulged in the cock sucking experience – some were greedier than others and had to be urged to finish letting the next one enjoy.

Each had their own way of taking cock in mouth, the angle and the depth and the use of busy tongues, some taking advantage of his balls beneath, with arduous licking, sniffing and tasting.

Robert, the lucky guy he was, held head back and closed his eyes, but occasionally taking a peak at who was the lady sucking him now, bunching the head of each one in his hands their heads bobbed up and down with each deep suck.

The sounds and the joy was infectious as each lady, fulfilled and pleasured with the sensual feel and taste of this fine man looked forward to his penetration, still with the taste of him in their mouths.

They compared notes on how the experience was for each of them and the size of his cock and how wonderful and soothing an experience it was, something they hoped would be repeated again and again.

However Lady Sidney explained that as soon as she released the ribbon tie each lady would need to be ready because Robert could not hold back too long and if he came too early, he may go limp and then they would have to wait until next time.

They worked it out, each of them taking position on the edge of the bed appropriately located for Robert’s easy access. Some preferred it doggy fashion and too the position required.

Like clockwork, as soon as his tie was released, Lady Sidney took him first of course lamenting that she loved the feel of well sucked cock and that set the rest of the gathering eager for his fuck.

They soon got their wish and one by one, each lady was soundly fucked to the brim and the cry of absolute satisfaction was released.

The gathering was treated to Lady Sidney’s pleasure to finish him off with a real vibrant wank when they screamed seeing him cum like a volcano. And then to see Lady Sidney suck him off again was perfection.

Of course the gatherings became very popular and that was not the end of it.

King Henry heard of it and chose four of the ladies, the ones he liked most, to join him in his bedroom and the result was so good that he promoted the young Robert to chief Master of the horse.

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