The Purple Bowtie


Kara Atkinson wasn’t sure if her vision was blurry from tears or the rain on the windshield. She flipped the windshield wipers on and found her sight still watery. She brushed her hand across her eyes and sniffed loudly. Better, she thought to herself. Damn that Troy. How could he do this to her?

Kara and her long term boyfriend were at a wedding just a couple of hours earlier. Everything had been a blast up until the point she looked around and couldn’t find Troy. She threaded through the crowd looking for the ridiculous purple bow tie he’d insisted on wearing. After a little while she gave up thinking he must be in the bathroom, puking most likely, given how much he’d had from the complimentary bar. She headed for the ladies room. She was immediately greeted by the sounds of a couple in the throes of passion. She smiled inwardly, what was it about weddings that made people horny? She herself was wishing she had found Troy so they could sneak a quickie in one of the many unoccupied rooms. Then something caught her eye. The purple bowtie. It was on the floor by the man’s feet under the stall door. She felt the smile slip from her face and her knees go weak. Her mind raced, trying to come up with some other reason the tie might be there. Perhaps the man in the stall had one too. But she knew that was impossible. She cleared her throat. As she was about to make herself known, the woman in the stall groaned.

“Oh Troy!!” From the sound of her voice she was about to come. “Oh Troy!!!”

Now she knew. It was definitely her boyfriend in there. And what’s worse she recognized the female voice too. It was the bride!! She had stormed out of the bathroom as the tears began to fall and out into the night. Just hopped in the car and left. No plan. Just needed to get away.

Damn, she swore inwardly again. She began to survey her options for places to go. She couldn’t go home, Troy would be there, wondering where she disappeared to. Her parents were on a cruise in Bermuda, she could crash at their house, but she had no key. All of her friends were still at the wedding. She decided to head to the next big city and get a hotel room there, at least for tonight. She would order room service and raid the honor bar and try and soothe her scoured heart. Good, she thought, I have a plan for now anyway. She would deal with the full consequences tomorrow.

The rain began to let up a little and the highway opened up into farm country. There was nothing but her and the road and the rain. And a few cows for good measure. Kara turned up the radio and began to softly sing along. The idea of being pampered in a hotel was already warming her soul. Then she spotted a stranded motorist.

The marooned driver was a man around her age, in an Armani suit which the rain was currently destroying while he wrestled the flat tire on his BMW. He had dark hair and his mouth was set in a firm line. Her first thought was to keep on going. It was no longer safe to stop and help people. To much of a possibility that this well dressed man was really a lunatic lying in wait for a kind hearted Samaritan. Just because he had an expensive car and a nice suit doesn’t preclude the possibility of a maniac, she thought to herself. You would never stop if it was a bearded man in dirty army fatigues trying to jump start a Pinto. At the same time she couldn’t see the handsome man in the dark suit hurting her. Some inward instinct. She put on her blinker and pulled to the side of the road in front of the BMW. She rummaged around in her car for her umbrella and a flashlight. And her mace, just in case.

She climbed out of the car, put the umbrella up and walked toward the man. He was even more handsome up close. Dark eyes and strong jaw. Expensive haircut. And he had removed his suit jacket, the white shirt getting soaked and clinging to his skin. Highlighting his muscle definition. A sleek athlete’s body under all that banker gear. Kara was hit with an image of this man, holding her close, whispering hotly into her ear. It was so sudden and powerful she stumbled a bit.

“Uh…hello…” She said tentatively. He looked up from the jack. And broke into a brilliant smile, straight white teeth. “I was wondering if you needed to use a cell phone to call a tow, or a friend?”

“Wow, I didn’t think people stopped any more.” He said. “I would really appreciate that. I have a cell phone but I can never remember to plug the damn thing in so the batteries are always dead when I really need it.”

“Well, you can use mine if you want.” She rummaged around in her purse, and suddenly she remembered. The cell phone was on the kitchen table in her apartment, she hadn’t seen any need to take it to the wedding. “Oh no….I forgot it at home. Shit!” She looked up at him apologetically. He was still smiling.

“That’s okay, I’ll just change the tire myself. Thank you anyway. I appreciate the thought. Not many people have gone by and no one has stopped but you. I’ll get along fine.” He held out his hand to her. “I’m güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Jeff Andreson.”

“Kara Atkinson.” She took his hand and despite the cold rain found it was warm. A crazy thought crossed her mind. No, she thought to herself. You can’t do that. Stopping to let him use your cell is one thing, but letting him into your car for miles of desolate highway was another. But found herself disregarding her internal warnings. “You know, I could give you a ride somewhere to use a phone, you’re going to catch pneumonia out here.” She looked at her shoes, suddenly shy. “And you’re ruining your beautiful suit.” She smiled at him hesitantly.

“Oh I couldn’t impose on you like that.” He said. “Besides, don’t you know you aren’t supposed to pick up strange men on the side of the highway?” He was smiling as he said it though, shaking an index finger at her in mock rebuke.

“It’s not an imposition at all, and I think if you were going to hurt me you could have easily done it by now, not a single car has passed since I stopped.” She said.

“If you’re sure about it, I’d be glad to take you up on the offer. I’m getting pretty cold and the lug nuts on that tire are so tight I don’t think Hulk Hogan could get them off.” He held back still though, “Are you sure this isn’t a problem?”

“It’s not a problem. Come on, let’s get out of this rain.” She turned on her heel and started toward her car. He grabbed his suit jacket and his briefcase and followed.

In the car, she put the umbrella in the backseat and reached into her open gym bag and retrieved a clean towel. As he got in the car she handed it to him. He smiled and thanked her and began to dry his hair and blot at his soaked shirt. She checked the gym bag and found an old baggy Princeton tee-shirt she wore over her gym clothes when she was going or leaving the club.

“Here, you’re welcome to put this on. I know it isn’t quite Armani but at least it’s dry.” He took the shirt from her. “There’s not much I can do about your pants though, unless you want to wear my gym shorts.” He laughed and she noticed his dimples and the way his eyes sparkled and crinkled a little bit at the corners.

“Thank you, you’ve gone far above the call of duty.” He changed his shirt. Kara couldn’t help but admire his sculpted physique as he pulled the tee shirt over his head. She scanned his left hand for a ring, or the impression of a ring. His ring finger was naked.

They talked as the miles rolled by. She learned he was a lawyer for a film company. He negotiated contracts between the studio and it’s actors. That he was on his was to a meeting in the city in the morning. The way he’d panicked when the tire blew out. How he wished he had paid more attention in auto shop. He told her how he used to be a criminal defense lawyer but had to get out that business because he couldn’t defend the guilty anymore. She found herself telling him about Troy and the events that had transpired that evening. Telling him about the way she’d run out of the reception with no plans. She asked him if he could suggest a good hotel.

“Well, I don’t know much about the city, but the hotel the studio has me set up in while I’m here is supposed to be pretty nice, you could ask them for suggestions about other hotels in the area.” He said.

When they reached the city, she drove to the hotel. It really was a opulent hotel. A valet in a red jacket appeared at her window. She handed him the keys, then a porter came and asked for her bags. She zipped up her gym bag, and handed it to him. Thank goodness it was brand new and could pass for luggage. She figured this hotel was as good as the next one and she was getting tired. Besides, Jeff was staying here and she hoped to enjoy more of his company. Jeff handed the porter his briefcase and they walked into the lobby together. Immediately a bird like man with a wispy mustache rushed up to Jeff.

“Mr. Andreson!” He crowed. “We were beginning to get worried. The studio has called for you several times!!” He eyed the tee shirt Jeff was wearing. And then his eyes scanned Kara. She was glad she was still dressed somewhat formally. A long spaghetti strapped black dress and high heels. Although most of her make-up was gone due to crying.

“Calm down Perkins!” Jeff said, his mouth puckered, Kara could tell he didn’t like this man. “First of all, I need a tow for my car. It’s stranded with a flat tire about on Rt. 25 about 100 miles back. Be sure to retrieve my luggage from the trunk. Secondly, I need my suit cleaned.” He handed Perkins the limp, damp, wrinkled dress shirt and the rain spotted coat. “I’ll call the studio as soon as I get a chance to shower.” He turned back toward Kara. “Will you join me for dinner in the dining room this evening? It’s the least I can do for you after you were so kind to help me.” He smiled and those dimples appeared again.

“Sure, I’d love to. What time?”

“About 9?”

“Sounds lovely.” She said.

Kara had about güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri three hours before dinner was scheduled and she began to worry about what she would wear and how she could freshen up. She didn’t have any changes of clothes or make up. Not even a hairbrush. She looked through her little clutch handbag and didn’t come up with even a tube of lip gloss. She did however find something better. Troy’s wallet. He had given it to her to keep in her purse because it kept falling out of the shallow tuxedo pants pockets when he danced. She opened it up. About fifty in cash and his credit cards. Did she dare? Troy was such a cheapskate. He never ever tipped more than ten percent. Bitched at her if she didn’t buy shoes on sale. She had even found out from one of his friends (when his friend was well and truly intoxicated) that her Valentine’s Day bouquet came from someone’s gravestone. She cursed herself for staying with him so long. Well, Fuck Troy, she thought. She strode up the counter and inquired about a room, Troy’s MasterCard in hand. Upon paying for her suite she learned that she also had access to the hotel’s spa. She found her suite to be absolutely beautiful. Gold brocade wallpaper, a deep sunken tub in the bathroom. There was a sitting room with French doors that lead into the bedroom. A large canopied four poster bed dominated the room. Sheer draperies hung on the bed and the comforter and sheets were deep red satin. She had a drink from the mini bar and headed down to the spa.

At the spa, a woman with a gentle voice listed the available services here at the spa. Kara opted for the 30 minute full body massage, leg and bikini wax, a facial and body wrap. She allowed herself to pampered, massaged, exfoliated and waxed. During which time she found out the hotel also had a clothing boutique. So as she sat wrapped in South Asian Aloe Leaves and Malaysian moisture rich mud she was shown dressed and shoes. She decided on an emerald green dress that fell just above her knees. It was a halter dress and was backless. It hugged her curves and brought out the green in her turquoise eyes. She bought thigh high stockings since the ones she had been wearing had a run and a pair of 6 inch high heels in a dark green with ribbons that laced up her calves. After she was dressed, a make-up artist and a stylist came and did her hair and make up, while she was treated to a manicure and a pedicure. She went up to her room and put on the long black lace jacket she’d worn to wedding. She looked at the clock. 8:45pm, showtime.

As she entered the dining room, the maitré’d showed her to a table.

“Mr. Andreson said he will be down shortly, mademoiselle.” He said. And left her with a courtly bow and a delicate flute of white wine.

Soon Jeff joined her. He kissed her hand, making her shiver, and complimented her dress. They talked throughout dinner about various things. Everything from the Sainthood of Mother Theresa to the legalization of marijuana. And dinner was amazing. A grilled swordfish fillet with a white wine sauce and capers. A rich espresso cake for dessert and a snifter of brandy to top off the meal. She found herself doing the unthinkable. Inviting up to her room for a nightcap. Kara had never really been into casual sex. She liked to know her partners, too many unseen dangers in the world of discreet one-time encounters. But then again, she thought she knew Troy. And he had betrayed her. So far Jeff was twice the gentleman Troy had ever been. What the hell? Tomorrow she’d be back to her normal life, tonight was a treat for her and she was damn well going to enjoy it.

She and Jeff rode the elevator up to her room. She invited him to sit, make himself at home. She went to the bathroom to check her hair and make-up. When she got back there were two glasses of champagne and the bottle was resting in a bucket of ice.

“I had them send this up before we left the dining room. I hope you don’t mind.” He looked into her eyes. He was looking at her in a way that made her stomach tremble.

“No, not at all, it’s lovely.” She sat on the sofa beside him. “It’s too mach though really, dinner and your company was more than enough compensation for me.” She smiled at him.

“Well it’s not every day that a beautiful, well read, articulate, intelligent woman saves me from pneumonia. And I also enjoy your company.” At this point he took her hand. “I like you a lot Kara.”

“I like you a lot too Jeff.” She leaned over and kissed his mouth softly, knowing he was too much of a gentleman to initiate things. After a moment he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.

“Kara, I just want to make a few things known.” Apprehension tightened her abdomen, and she pulled her hand back. “It’s not something too bad, but I like to be up front. The first thing is that the studio I work for?” She nodded. “It’s an adult entertainment company. They make porn films. I really am a lawyer, but some women can’t handle the fact that I have güvenilir bahis şirketleri business meetings with large busted women name Lorna Loveglobes.” He smiled a little bit, but then his face returned to a solemn expression. “And the second thing, which relates to first is that I don’t like one-night stands. I’m very interested in you, but I need to know if this is just a rebound thing or if you are interested in me too. I don’t want to never see you again after I walk out of this room. What’s your take on this?

During this time, Kara was subconsciously falling in love. Here was a handsome, funny well dressed, intelligent man telling her that nonchalant, anonymous encounters didn’t hold an attraction for him. She took his hand.

“Jeff, there is nothing more in the world I’d like to do than to get to know you better and pursue a relationship with you. You are one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met and I can definitely handle you having a business meeting with a porn star. That’s what you do.” She smiled at him and took his hand and led him to the bedroom.

There he sat her on the end of the bed and knelt on front of her. He began to undo the ribbons that were curled around her calves. He slipped one shoe off, and the next. His finger tips lightly caressed her legs and the soles of her feet. He slipped the lace jacket off her shoulders and tossed it to a nearby chair, exposing her soft shoulders to him. Then he took her hand and kissed the palm, and then the wrist and continued kissing up her arm to her shoulders and then her neck. And then his mouth found hers and they kissed deeply, tongues exploring each other’s mouths. She reached up and pushed his suit jacket off and loosened his tie. She unbuttoned his shirt, pushed it off his shoulders and did what she had wanted to do since she saw him shirtless in the car. She ran her hands along the taut flesh, caressing his chest, playing with the tuft of hair below his belly button, thumbing one of his small dark nipples. He sighed into her mouth. She could feel his cock growing against her leg. His hand traveled down the front of her body until he was cupping her breast in his hand. He caressed the underside with his finger tips and thumbed her nipple, which grew hard with his touch. He bent his head to nuzzle in between her breasts before kissing her nipples through her dress. Kara hands still roamed his chest and she began to stroke his thigh and just lightly brush her hand over his swelling member. He moaned a little bit and pushed her gently so she lay back on the bed. She could feel the satin comforter against her bare back as he slid down her body, giving her nipple another brush before kneeling in front of her. He glided his hands up her stockings and under her skirt. Pushing the dress all the way up her head. She lay before him in her panties, her stockings, and her garter belt.

“You have a beautiful body Kara.” He murmured as he surveyed her body in the light spilling from the French doors.

“Thank you, you’re marvelous yourself.” She said with a gasp as he bent over and took one of her now bared nipples into his mouth. Gently closing his lips around it, rolling his tongue around it, biting it a little. She felt her already wet pussy swell and he continued to the other nipple. She had never been so aroused in her life. She felt a wonderful world of possibilities open up to her. A world of passionate love, a world without ever having to worry about jerks like Troy ever again. She brought his mouth to hers again and kissed him with her tongue. She lightly sucked on his bottom lip and drew his tongue into her mouth, delicately sucking on it. He moaned again and lay down on the bed beside her. She turned so she was facing him and began to stroke him through his pants. His dick was large, and it quivered under her hand as she stroked it. She unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. His penis was fully erect and she felt another drip of her own juices begin to trickle down her leg. Then she straddled him and began to kiss his ears, and his neck, moving down his chest. When she reached his cock she softly brushed the soft skin of the head with her lips. Kissed down the shaft and began to lick his balls slowly, running her tongue underneath and caressing that special spot behind them. She worked her way up again and began to lick the length of the shaft, swirling her tongue around the sensitive ridge around the head. Jeff began to moan softly in time with the strokes of her tongue.

She took the head into her mouth and played with it, then she plunged her hot mouth over his entire length. And began to suck gently. She moved up and down with her lips and his hand twined in her hair. He tugged gently on her hair until she looked up at him. He sat up and guided her body until her dripping slit was directly over his waiting mouth. As she continued to suck him into her mouth he began to tease her clit with his tongue, and then he ran it down, between her engorged lips and began to move it in and out of her. She moaned around his cock and he began to push against her pussy with his face harder, his tongue moving faster and his finger on her clit. She began to rock backwards and moan more distinctly as his pace picked up. His hands moved to cup her breasts and she felt herself arching towards orgasm.

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