The Rendezvous


The RendezvousThe dimly lit room was difficult to see in when I opened the door. Thin streams of light filtered in through the windows from in between heavy d****s. The evening light was soft and had a warm glow to it. I could barely make out your silhouette on the bed under the sheets. The soft rise and fall of the sheets meant you were sleeping. I could also hear your heavy breathing.I close the door softly behind me, so as not to wake you, and start taking off my clothes. The anticipation already heightening my senses and making me semi hard. I take of my shirt and drop it on the floor. Next I pull my trousers and boxers off together and step out of them leaving it pooled on the floor. My semi hard cock twitches as I feel cold air on it, all the while I keep walking closer to the bed. I sit on the edge of the bed naked and look at your sleeping form.You are sound asleep and beautiful. I lean forward and brush the hair off your forehead and kiss it softly. You don’t stir. I give soft little pecks on your nose, ears, lips and chin as I pull the sheet lower down your body. You still don’t stir.I pull the sheet further down to your waist upto your belly button and see you are naked under the sheets. At least from waist up. Your breasts a beautiful chocolate brown topped with caramel nipples, which seem to harden in the cold air. My mouth waters as I lean forward and take one nipple into my hot mouth and nibble on it slowly. The fleshy nub feels amazing as I nibble and suck on them. Taking my time I thoroughly suck on one nipple and move on to the other.While suckling on the other nipple I look up at your face and see you looking down at me with half hooded eyes. There is a smile at the corner of your lips. I continue to suck on your nipples, alternating between one and the other. All the while I look at you as your eyes turn glossy and smokey with desire.I flick my tongue between your breasts and press it flat down on your skin as I lick up and along slowly, leaving a wet trail of saliva on your skin. I feel your breathing quicken under my tongue as I lick all the way up your throat and onto your lips. My cock fully hardens and I can feel my pre cum dripping out as I place myself on top of you and press my lips down on yours. My thick cock pressing down into your crotch from over tuzla escort the sheet that covers you from waist down as I feel you spread your legs.I groan in pleasure as I feel your legs spread open under the sheet. I crush my lips to your thick lips and push my tongue into your mouth without any further ceremony. I explore your mouth with my tongue slowly. Our tongues twisting together as I taste your mouth and take what is mine. I suck your tongue back into my mouth and massage it with my lips as I grind my hard cock into your crotch.I can feel you start to writhe and moan as you thrust your hips up to meet my cock as I kiss you and drink from your mouth.“ Patience baby.” I say before I pick up a scarf from the bed and loop it around your wrists. I see a surprised look in your eyes as I tie your hands together with one end of the scarf and secure them to the headboard. Your arms are now tied to the headboard and you are helplessly lying before me on the bed.“Now I am going to feast on you without distractions” I say as I slide down your body and pull the sheets off your lower half. I see you wearing sheer black thongs under the sheet and a smile curves my lips. They are my favourite pair and I know you wore them specially for me. I slide down between your outstretched legs and lick slowly all the way up your crotch to your belly button, through your panties, as I keep looking up into your eyes. I feel your hips thrust up in anticipation as your tied hands make it impossible for you to do anything more.“Please baby” you say as I take another long swipe of your pussy from over the panties . Your wetness and strong musk seeping through the panties. I can already taste your sweet juices on my tongue as I continue to assault your pussy through the panties again and again. Licking , long , hard strokes with my tongue. All the way from between your ass cheeks upto your mound. Your legs thrash about as you start to moan and thrust your hips harder into my mouth.My own cock rock hard as I lean back and slowly peel your thongs down your hips . A string of your sticky white cum stick to the panties and your pussy lips in a long string as I slowly peel your panties off you. I look at the inside of your panty crotch and see your wet juices coating all of it in thick sticky mess. I look pendik escort at you with a smile on my lips as I bring the panties closer to my lips and take a long lick at the inside of the crotch, licking the thick juices off it. I hear your breathing get heavier and faster as you watch me do that. My cock twitches as I taste your raw flavor from your panties again and again almost slurping it off the crotch.I lean forward and turn out the crotch and hold the panties over your own mouth. “Lick your juices and taste yourself for me baby” I say. I see you push your head up and suck the crotch of your panties fully into your mouth and suck hard on them. The erotic sight makes me go crazy as you suck your own cum off your panties. “Oh yes baby. Suck your juices off …mmmm” I groan as I watch you.After a few mins I slowly pull the panties out your mouth and toss it before leaning down between your spread legs. The outer lips of your pussy glistening with your sticky juices. The slit between your lips thickly coated with your cum as it dribbles down between your ass cheeks. The incredibly erotic sight of your naked smooth pussy inflames my passions even further as I spread your outer lips and push my tongue into your pussy, swiping it all the way upto your clit and scooping all the sticky juices onto my tongue.The taste of your pussy an incredible mix of sweet and salty as I continue to lick again and again sucking and licking all the accumulated pussy juice off it. The more I lick, the more juices flow out of your pussy flooding my mouth with the sweet taste. Your hips bucking helplessly up as I continue to eat you, feasting on your wet pussy.I spread your outer lips and reveal your clit and pussy. I harden my tongue and push it between your lips and deep into your pussy, fucking it and sliding it in and out. Slowly but firmly I feel your hips start to buck harder. I keep at it and increase the pace of my tongue, sliding it in harder and faster. I hear you moan and finally scream out in pleasure as you cum. Your whole body stiffening before you let go and flood my mouth.I leisurely suck on your outer and inner lips. Sucking your clit into my mouth and licking your smooth mound a few times till you quiet down.I am rock hard and throbbing. I slide up your body and position my aydınlı escort cock to the opening or your pussy.“Are you ready for my cock baby?” I ask you in a whisper.“ Yes baby. Give it to me. Give me your cock” you gasp.I hear you speak and my cock throbs and twitches. I am not used to you speaking like that. But actually hearing those words from your mouth makes me go crazy. I lift your legs up and place my cock on your pussy and give a hard shove burying all of my length into you. The hot wetness of your pussy swallows the whole length of my cock. I can feel your pussy spasming on my length. I clench my ass, to stop myself from orgasming instantly. I stay still and pant as I gather my senses , buried deep into you to the hilt.“Fuck baby, your pussy is so hot and tight. I could stay buried in you all day” I groan as I hold still.“Go ahead baby. Fuck me and cum inside me. I want to feel your hot cum spraying inside me. Deep in me” you say. I don’t speak a word. What you say is beyond incredible. I feel I will erupt inside you if I move an inch. I keep myself buried in you till I calm down before I slide my cock out slowly and carefully till only the head remains in you.I take a deep breath and slam my hips into you, burying every inch deep inside. I hear you gasp and groan as I start to thrust inside you slowly and in a steady rhythm. Squelching sounds fill the room as I keep thrusting into you and fucking you slow and deep. Beads of sweat gathering on my forehead before it splatters onto your breasts.Your legs wrap around my bottom holding me in place as if you are scared to let go as I plummel into your pussy deep and hard. Your whole body jerks up with each thrust. Your breasts wobble as I lean forward and suck on them as I keep fucking your pussy. I feel my balls tighten and a big load of semen gathering deep inside me , getting ready to flood your insides with the hot semen.Suddenly my ass clenches and my whole body goes rigid as I feel my cum start to spurt out of my cock and deep into your pussy.“Oh yes baby. I am cumming. I am cumming now” I groan.I push inside you one final time as hot ropes of my cum shoots deep inside your womb . Thick hot spurts of cum floods your inside as I hold myself still inside you. I feel like I am shooting one continuous load of cum into you rather than spurts. I slump down into you as I finish cumming . Our sweaty bodies entwined together. Feeding off each other. The last thing that crossed my mind before before I slump on you is, if there is a heaven. This must be it.

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