The Seduction of Simon Ch. 05


After the sizzling encounter with Simon, Isaac, and Ray, Miss Prim was so horny she knew she would never be able to wait a whole week for more sex. Remembering how good it had been to screw David, her hunky coworker, she decided to leave a note in his mailbox to meet her at 6 o’clock in the janitor’s closet the following evening. When David read the note he was thrilled. He had jacked off furiously at least two times per day since his tryst with Miss Prim and had a perpetual semi hard-on in his pants as he walked down the halls of the music school. As he got ready for their hot encounter, David chose his clothes carefully…a dark blue jersey, navy blue pleated pants, white socks and sneakers. Underneath, he wore a plain white crew neck t-shirt and white full cut Hanes boxer shorts. Since it was obvious that Miss Prim was turned on by the white boxers he wore last time, he had experimented by wearing them under his dress slacks for about a week instead of his usual white jockey briefs. To his surprise, he adjusted to the extra fabric of the boxers rather quickly. They were especially comfortable under the pleated trousers he sometimes wore. Ultimately, David decided to switch to boxers completely. He threw away his worn out briefs and bought a couple casino siteleri of 3-packs of full cut plaid boxers, one 3-pack of baby blue full cut boxers, and 3 pairs of plaid trim boxers to wear under shorts or tighter pants.

David hurried to the janitor’s closet at 6 o’clock on the nose. As he opened the door, he saw Miss Prim arriving from the other end of the hall. They went in together, since no one else was around. Miss Prim shut the door and locked it from the inside. Then she passionately embraced David, kissing him deeply.

“Hmmmmm, I’ve looked forward to this” Miss Prim cooed.

“s-s-oo h-h-ave I” David was stuttering in his extreme excitement.

“Let’s strip to our underwear” Miss Prim quickly got out of her dress. Underneath she wore a baby pink bra and matching pink crotchless panties.

David pulled his jersey over his head as Miss Prim sunk to her knees and quickly divested him of his sneakers. Then she moved up to his crotch, fondling the enormous lump in his slacks until David begged her to stop. Smiling, Miss Prim unbuckled David’s pants and slowly lowered the zipper. He helped her by stepping out of his pleated slacks completely. Miss Prim groaned. David looked like a white angel in his white canlı casino crew neck t-shirt, white full cut boxers, and white ankle socks. She patted the firm bulge in the right leg of his boxer shorts, pushing his full erection agonizingly slowly toward the center fly opening. After what seemed like an eternity, Miss Prim was treated to the amazing sight of David’s rock hard 7 incher and prodigious ball sacs protruding from the front of his boxers. She started with his balls, sticking her tongue out as far as it would go as David writhed and groaned in pleasure. At the same time, her hands went up the back of his boxers and she inserted a couple of fingers into his butt. Miss Prim frigged David’s buttcheeks unmercifully as he howled loudly with delight. She then moved to his prickhead, swirling her tongue all around the large ridge. David shrieked as she opened her mouth completely and swallowed about half of the length of his fuckstick in one gulp. Miss Prim then deep throated David with abandon as he made loud guttural moans. When David started to spew copious precum into her mouth, Miss Prim let his penis slip from between her lips. Breathing heavily, she tipped him back in his chair and slowly lowered herself on his love muscle. David let kaçak casino out a loud groan and tried to hold back as Miss Prim started to give him the ride of his life. She did all the work, sliding up and down on his prick with abandon. On each downstroke, David was inside her so deeply she could feel the cotton fabric of his boxer shorts against her crotch. After about 2 minutes of extreme bliss David knew he was at the brink.

“Here it commmmmeeeeeesssssssss……. AUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Miss Prim felt David’s cock explode in her pussy. At the same time she experienced her own sweet orgasm.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Miss Prim moaned so loudly she wondered if either of them could be heard.

David shot off eight huge spurts in Miss Prim’s twat, then fell to the floor, panting heavily. As for Miss Prim, she was so aroused she easily frigged herself to another orgasm while David watched. The exhausted couple lay on top of each other for two full minutes. Finally, Miss Prim reluctantly got up and started to put her dress back on.

“Thanks David, I really needed that” Miss Prim gently took his limp penis and put it back in his boxers.

“Anytime…and I do mean anytime” David winked back at her.

Miss Prim opened the door, waved goodbye to David and cautiously went out in the hallway. She immediately started to plan her next encounter…an underwear party at her home, with just her and the seven males she had fooled around with so far!!

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