The sleep Over – An Adult Story

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The sleep Over – An Adult StoryI just got out of my Dad’s car. I had a sleeping bag. A pillow. Some clothes in a duffel bag. I was wearing some tan cargo shorts, a black t-shirt and some sandals. I got invited to sleep over at a Jeff’s house. He had sent me an invitation in the mail. At first I was not going. I did not know anybody at the sleep over. I had just moved here from NY. I had only been to school for a short time. But my parents thought it was the perfect chance to meet new people. I just wanted to get out of the house for the night. We were suppose to camp out in his back yard. There were two tents already set up in his yard. Jeff a cool guy. We have a few classes together. He is dating this really hot girl for quite some time. I knocked on the front door. A minute later Larry answered the door. “Hey Buck! About time you got your ass to the party.” I shook my head. “What’s up man. Where should I throw my stuff?” I said. “Fuck! Just put it over there. I am not sure were camping out back. It suppose to rain.” said Larry. There was about a dozen guys in his living room. We all went down stairs to play some pool in basement. Jeff had a real nice basement. I got sent to get some drinks from upstairs. I brought some food and beers down from his fridge. I got a big ovation when I came back.”Damn Buck! Way to score with the beer. Do you like my place?” said Jeff. “Yeah! It’s cool. Where your parents?” I said. “Thanks! They went out for the night. There suppose to be home later. They only left me two rules for tonight. NO GIRLS! Don’t burn down the place.” he said. “So far so good!” I said. We all hung out for the rest of the night. We played some pool. Shot some air hockey. Some guys took a few drinks from the liquor cabinet. We drank all the beers. Around 11pm we all went out to the tents int he back yard.I looked around as the guys through there sleeping bags in the tents. I felt a few rain drops. I was just about ready to say something. “Ummmmmm!” I turned my head toward the house. I saw some lights in the garage turn on. “Looks like my parents are home guys. I’ll go tell them where all out here.” said Jeff. I tossed my sleep bag just inside near the opening of the tent. I laid down as a few of the guys in my tent were making fart noises. About thirty minutes later Jeff came back. “My Dad so drunk. I had to help him into bed. He is passed out and sleeping. I left him, he was snoring pretty loud. My Mom in the bathroom. I told her were all out back. She said if any of you guys need to go to the bathroom to use the one in the basement. She was going to bed shortly.” said Jeff. We all talked for another hour or so. A few guys were tired. So we all decided to get some sleep.I rolled over near the zipper on the tent. I had one eye open. I was just now starting to feel like I had to go to the bathroom. I was going to hold it. A few minutes later I had to go real bad. I looked around to see the guys were facing the other way. I looked over at Jeff who was fast asleep. I pulled up the zipper and got out of my sleeping bag. I walked across the wet grass to the back sliding glass door. I took off my sandals. I walked across the living room. I opened the basement door. I walked down the stairs. There was a white hand rail on the left side going down the wall. There was a white wooden staircase rail about three feet off the white carpeted stairs.I turned on the light to the bathroom. It was real small. I just got my cock out when I started to go. A minute later I shook the last drops in the bowl. I washed my hands. I checked the mirror. My hair was wet. I wiped my head off from the rain. I heard the door to the basement open. I then heard it close. I could here someone coming down the stairs. I thought I open the bathroom door to them use it.I walked out into the basement next to the bottom of the stairs. “Oh Hi! You must be one of the boys from the sleep over. I’m Jeff Mom! Mrs. Knight. You can call me Sarah. How was the party?” she said. My mouth fell open. Mrs. Knight was about 5ft 6 with short blond hair. It was set high on her head. She had blue eyes and very dark pink lips. She was halkalı escort wearing a white see through teddy. It left nothing to the imagination. I could see her big fat nipples. Her 4inch puffy aerloes. She was wearing a gold necklace with a big fat pendant that was stuck in her massive cleavage. I could see her big white tan lines left from a large bra. The middle of her immense cleavage was tan. The rest of her upper body was tanned. She had many freckles to go with her curvy figure. She put her hands on her big hips.I breathed in trying to catch my breath. Her sweet perfume was intoxicating. The white lingerie was stretched over her large breast. I could see a big patch of blonde hair covering her pussy under the see through teddy. She smiled as she looked my up and down. “The party was nice.” I think I said. “Cool! I see you were the first to have to use the bathroom. I also see you guys found the beer in the fridge. It’s OK honey. I won’t tell Jeff Dad. Did you leave the seat up?” Jeff Mom said. I was like what???? Then she pushed the bathroom door open. She pushed the door somewhat closed. It was still open about 4inches.I turned to look at the door. I heard the seat move on the toilet. I then heard Mrs. Knight sit down. Should I shut the door. Should I look in. God she was so hot. She was twice my age. I was turned on. Her son was still outside in the back yard. All the guys were asleep. Oh and her husband was just upstairs. I looked down to see my answer. My cock was sticking straight out on my left leg. My white boxers were straining to keep my 9 3/4 inch cock in place.I looked in. I could see her on the toilet. She had her thick legs wide open. Her large thighs were tan. She had stopped going tot he bathroom. Now she was just running her middle finger in her big hairy bush. She had her right middle finger in her mouth. She was biting on her long white finger nails. Was she putting on a show for me. Did she know I was watching her. My young mind went blank. I was not sure what to do. A few minutes later I heard her moan. I then heard the toilet flush. I moved away from the door. I took a few steps up the stairs. I heard the water from the sink. A minute later the door opened.”Ohhh! You still here. Do you have to go again?” she said. She was now standing at the end of the stairs looking up at me. I was so transfixed by her bodacious body I almost forgot to check her feet. She was wearing some fluffy white slippers. Her toe nails were painted white to match her finger nails. She smiled again. “Mmmmm!!!!” was all I could say. I was at a lost for words. “You might have a hard time going with that. Here let me help…” Mrs. Knight said.I looked down to see the zipper on the front of my shorts was wide open. My hard cock pushed out the thin white material of my boxer briefs through the hole. She walked up the two steps to have her lips right in front of my cock. She pulled the strings on the side of her see through teddy. It fell to the ground around her slippers. She reached up to unbutton my shorts. She pulled them around my ankles. She then reached up to yank off my boxers. Her eyes got big when my cock sprang up and almost hit her lips. She pulled my cock up to see me naked balls. She ran her tongue all around my big hairless balls. She cupped my ass as she ran her tongue down the length of my shaft. She then licked off the precum from the tip of my swollen cock head. I grabbed the hand rails to keep my balance. I arched my back to get more of my cock in her mouth. She had got most of my hard cock in her mouth. She gagged at first but then got used to the size. I licked my lips. My mouth was going dry. She was sucking the juices out of me. She ran her finger nails down my muscular thighs. I could feel her large breast on my thighs next. I could feel her nipples piercing my skin. I was breathing heavy. She ran her small hand up on my chest. She pinched my right nipple as she smiled with my cock in her mouth.It had been a few weeks since I had cum from a wet dream. I was not sure how long I could last. I tried to think of other taksim escort things, so not to cum quickly. But she was making very hard to think of nothing but her. She cupped my balls again and slowly sucked my cock. She got my cock not to explode. I bit my lip as she kept my big load in my balls. She smiled as she ran her hands all over my body. She then deep throated my cock. Her pink lips were at the base. Her tongue under my shaft. Her eyes at my skin. I grabbed the top of her short blonde hair. I started to fuck her mouth. After a few minutes she spit my cock out. She clamped my balls again. She had stopped me from my orgasm again.”Mmm feels like you have allot in here.” she moaned. She took one more step up the stairs. She but her hands under her big breast. She wrapped her warm breast around my cock. I watched as my cock disappeared in her immense cleavage. The tip of my cock peeked out. My cock was all wet and dark from her sucking on it. Now she was squeezing her breast together mashing my cock inside her flesh. I bent my knees to fuck her tits. She cupped the front of her breast as her nipples rubbed against my hard abs. She watched as I wrapped my hands around her breast. I puled them up as my cock fucked her tits. She held on the rail to keep her balance. I watched as she licked my cock head again. I could feel my balls against her chest.After a few more minutes she cupped my balls again. She stopped me from cumming a she spanked my cock on her big breast. “MMmm that was nice! I hope you not going to cum soon. My pussy is so wet. Eat me honey. Get on your knees. Eat my pussy. God that it. Your mouth is so big. Lick my pussy. Eat my cunt.” she moaned. I was between her legs. I moved her to were I was standing. I was now on the bottom were she was. I cupped her big ass in my hands. I had my mouth wide open sucking her juicy pussy. She was dripping down my chin as I pushed my tongue in deeper. I started to run my tongue clockwise on her labia. Then counter clock wise. She held the hand rail with her right hand. Her left hand was on top of my short hair. She looked down between her legs to see my blue eyes. My tongue darted in and out of her pussy. I gripped her big ass making her flesh squeeze out my fingers. Her thick thighs were next to my head. I could barely hear her moan as she rubbed her legs on the side of my face. I slipped in two fingers as she came for the first time in my mouth. She drenched me with her orgasm. I gagged as I came up for air.After her next orgasm, she pulled my hair on my head. My cock was still hard. She looked down to see my cock swing between my legs. She then stuck her head over the railing. One leg on one step. Her right leg was up one step. I got behind her meaty ass and slapped her cunt lips with my cock. She moaned. I then pushed my dark purple cock head into her pussy opening. Her muscles pushed open. Her big cunt lips encased my hard cock. I got 1/2, then 3/4, then all the way in. I could feel her ass on my thighs. My cock was buried deep inside her. She held onto the rail. Her midsection rested on the wooden rail. I was on my end of my toes fucking her nice and slow. I here the wooden railing creek under her, as I fucked her pussy.I picked up the pace as I bent my knees some more. I was not fucking her at a different angle. I slapped my cock upwards as her body shook. I gripped her hips and slammed my cock in her. She moaned. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster! Fuck me!” she moaned. I bite my tongue as I slapped her ass with my right hand. Her tan ass turned red as I fucked her some more. She let go off the rail to put her hands on my legs. She gripped my ankles as I fucked her amazing body. She moaned again very loud. “I’m cumming young man. MMMmmmmmmm…..YES!!!!!!!!” She had a big orgasm on my cock. I slipped out from her pussy muscles pushing my cock out. I heard more fluid hit the steps from her hot pussy.She let go of my ankles. She grabbed my cock. She licked off her juices. She cupped my big balls again. I was so close. She was going to make my cock explode. I watched as she climbed passed me. She şişli escort laid down on her back. She opened her pussy and guided my cock deep inside her. I put my toes on the edge of the last step. I put my hard body on her soft flesh. I then put my mouth on her left breast. I started to suck her big nipple. I then pushed both her breast together. I was sucking each breast in my mouth. I sucked both her nipples as her mouth fell open from joy. I was still fucking her tight pussy. I was bouncing up and down on her body. She gripped my ass pulling me down deep inside her. I had my cock so deep that my balls were rubbing her big pussy lips.”I…I…..” I was close to cumming. She clamped her pussy muscles on my cock. She was stopping me from cumming again. I bite her nipple making her moan. “I bet you have to cum. I want a big load deep inside me. It’s OK. I’m good baby. No more k**s. Fuck me…don’t stop. Fill me up that big monster of yours.” she screamed. I grunted. Her pussy muscles loosen there grip on my cock. My toes curled. Her toes curled. I let go over her nipples from my mouth. “YES!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled. A second later I erupted deep inside her. I could feel a big load come from deep inside my balls to the tip of my cock. A huge wave of lust came over me. I was still coming for the next few moments. I fell on top of her. Then she orgasm. “YES!!!!! God your making me cum again. You fucker. Damn you still cumming honey.” she said.Slam! Click! Click! I heard the sliding glass door open and close upstairs. I looked at Mrs. Knight. “Quick follow me young man.” she said. I raced down the stairs behind her. I picked up our clothes. We ran to the corner of the basement behind the pool table. A second later I saw Jeff come down the stairs. “Damn the stairs are wet. Fucking guys spilled something on the steps.” said Jeff. He opened the bathroom door. The door closed behind him. “You better get back outside before the report you missing.” said Mrs. Knight. I put on my shirt and shorts. I slowly tippy toed out to the back yard.”Wake up Buck! Time to go in.” said Jeff. “What time is it?” I said. “It’s 10am. My Mom cooking breakfast in the house. Come on.” said Jeff. I ran my hand through my short hair. I walked into the kitchen. The rest of the guys were sitting around the table. Mr. Knight kissed his wife. “Off to go hunting boys. Later!” he said. “See you tomorrow honey. Have fun. I hope one of these strong boys can help me clean up after breakfast.” said Mrs. Knight. I saw all the guys keep eating. “Mmmm the last one. Jeff is there any more of your friends out there?” said Mrs. Knight. “No! Buck is the last one. He slept all night with a big smile on his face. Kinda of weird if you ask me. Sit over there Buck. Take my Dad place at the head of the table.” said JeffI watched Jeff Mom bring me some eggs, bacon and toast. “You must have a big appetite to go with that big smile young man.” said Mrs. Knight. I watched as one guy after another left the table. Mrs. Knight was wearing a black zip up jogging suit. It was very tight around her big curves. I smiled when she unzipped the top to flash me near the sink. I then felt her hands on my shoulders. Her big breast on the back of my head. “Jeff what are you plans today?” said his Mother. “Were all going to the mall in a few minutes. Buck! Are you going?” he said. I smiled. “My Dad picking me up soon. Is it OK? I stay here for a few extra minutes until he gets here?” I said. “Is it OK Mom?” said Jeff. “OK! But I need some help with these dishes. I also need some help cleaning the basement and the mess in the back yard.” she said. I watched as all the guys including Jeff went out the front door of the house.”MMMMmmm. Take off your clothes. We got allot of cleaning to do. I got the whole afternoon plan for us big boy. Get that big cock out first. If your good at doing the dishes I let you fuck me in the ass for a reward.” she moaned. I dropped my shorts. Pulled off my shirt. Five minutes later I had Mrs. Knight on the kitchen table. My cock was opening her ass hole. “Call your Dad. Tell him I’ll drop you off tomorrow. I know a great motel near the highway. We can have our own sleep over tonight. Just you, me and that big cock.” said Mrs. Knight. I plunged my cock in farther as she screamed. For some strange reason, I did not get much sleep at the sleep over with Mrs. Knight. But I did enjoy another great piece of BBW ass.Love,Buckxoox

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