The Slutty Daughter Ch. 02


Jim’s shame did not abate. He had jerked off twice thinking about how his own daughter had jerked him off. Twice in the three hours since she had done that to him. In his recent memory he could not remember being able to get it up so much. With his wife twice was the outer limit and usually after one time he was good for the night. And, he was hard again.

As Jim sat growing hard thinking about his 18 year old’s request for him to cum on her face he realized that he couldn’t continue to hide from her. He had skipped dinner and knew that staying in his room for the next week before his wife returned wasn’t an option. He resigned himself to the fact that he would have to interact with Jamie and set about making that interaction as normal as possible. He dreaded the thought of what might happen if he was around her but knew he had to be.

Jim looked up to see Jamie descending the stairs. “My lord” he thought to himself. She hit a point where the light behind her illuminated her not quite sheer nightgown in such a way that while you could not see detail her shape was clearly outlined. Jim’s cock jumped in his shorts. The girl had a body that looked almost cartoonish. Her monstrous breasts stood unnaturally high on her chest even as it was clear they were not assisted by a bra. The giant outsized flesh sat atop a waist which would seem small on a normal sized girl but because of Jamie’s titanic proportions seemed almost non existent only to flare out into wide hips that could make any man melt. The nightgown stopped mid thigh giving Jim an unobstructed view of his daughter’s thick creamy upper legs.

“Daddy” she screamed “I thought you might be mad at me and decide not to talk to me” She jumped off the stair and bounced over to where her father sat. Jim noticed the wobble of the gigantic breasts and was mesmerized by it. She leapt from her feet and landed on the couch where her father was straddling him kissing him right on his lips. Without thinking Jim allowed himself to get swept up in the moment and kissed her back. For a few moments they kissed, lips pressing into each other this way…that bahis firmaları way. It is when their lips parted and Jim tasted his daughter’s tongue that he was snapped back to reality.

“No princess” Jim said pushing her back inadvertently causing her to actually sit on his lap and his hard on.

Jamie’s soft ass cheeks came into contact with her father’s cock which was fortunately separated from her flesh by his shorts and her nightgown. The meaty bottom engulfed the hard member wrapping it in warmth. Jim groaned.

“Oh daddy, you are hard for me again” Jamie began to grind her ass against her father’s erection “I’m so happy daddy. I was worried you wouldn’t want me anymore but now I know you do. You really want me daddy.”

“No princess, not like that, I don’t” he lied to his daughter “I want to be a good father and my body is not doing what it should, I am not doing a good job of controlling myself and…”

“Daddy, if you have to control it then it’s what you really want” she was grinding faster “it’s what I want and I can feel that you really want it too.”

In a last ditch effort to save himself from just throwing her down and fucking her right there Jim exploded off the couch tossing Jamie to the side. As she fell her legs splayed giving Jim a brief but clear view of her pussy which this time was not covered by anything. The image instantly burned in his brain.

“No” Jim bellowed standing looking down at Jamie “I came down here to try to see if we could act normal around each other. I wanted to see if we could watch a movie like every other night but this is too much.”

“I’m sorry daddy” Jamie said talking to his jutting cock which because of their positions was now at eye level as it tented his shorts “I am fine with watching a movie with my daddy especially if we snuggle like every other night. I promise I will be good too.” She raised her eyes to meet his and smiled.

“Ok. Fine” Jim said as some of the tension left his body “you choose the movie”

Jim laid on the couch and Jamie pressed herself into him feeling his erection separate the two halves kaçak iddaa of her ass as she pressed herself against him. For her it was perfect. Jim however was feeling uncomfortable. He couldn’t will his erection to go away in fact he was sure it was harder than it had been just moments ago.

“Jamie, I…”

“Daddy, calm down it will be okay. You aren’t doing anything and I am fine with it. It let’s me know you think I’m special. Besides it feels…nice.” She thought for a moment and added, “but if you had helped with my acne you probably wouldn’t have this problem.”

She giggled.

Surprising himself Jim laughed as well.

The movie started and almost immediately Jim realized letting Jamie choose was a mistake.

The movie was called 9 Songs and chock full of what appeared to be real sex between the two actors. The effect it had on Jim was to turn his already hard cock into a twitching bar of steel. As much as he had tried to resist Jamie a bit earlier his mind began to think of her as the woman in some of those scenes and himself as the man. The visuals and feel of his daughter’s warm round ass against his cock was sensory overload.

“Yes Daddy” Jamie moaned snapping Jim back to the present. Jim realized his hand was on her large breast squeezing it, tweeking her nipple. His groin was mashed into Jamie’s ass pushing forward. She was pushing back. They were basically fucking with clothes on.


She interrupted him, “you would never have to Daddy.”

“What…what are you talking about” Jim asked confused.

Jamie aimed the remote at the TV and reversed the movie. The woman and man had an exchange where he asked if they would ever have sex without a condom. The woman answers no.

“You would never have to Daddy.”

Jim snapped. He had tried hard to be good but he lost it. He sprung from the couch knocking Jamie on the floor.

“You really want it?!? Huh!” He yanked his shorts down. His erection sprang upwards. “You really want this don’t you?!?”

Jamie looked up at her father she wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

Jim kaçak bahis grabbed her hair twisting it in his hand . He grabbed his erection with his other hand and began stroking. “I am trying…so fucking hard…so hard…to be good but this is what you want”

“Da…” she began but was cut off.

“Shut up…slut. I am going to give you what you want.” His hand was a blur as he pulled her closer to his throbbing cock her lips were less than an inch from the tip, “Here comes what you want…here it comes…here it..”

Jamie saw her father tense and was surprised when the first shot hit her right between the eyes. The next came so quickly that she barely had time to close her eye before it hit her right eye and cheek. The volley was different than she expected it would be. She thought it would be gentler this felt like she was being attacked and even though she knew she was fine she instinctively went to scream and was met with another jet which hit the back of her throat.

“Ah fuck…you little…you slut…I’m not finished yet…I have more…more for your slutty face” Jim said as he thrust forward continuing to paint his daughter’s face with cum.

Six more ropes of cum exploded from Jim before he was done. When he was done he loosened his grip on Jamie’s hair and stumbled backwards onto the couch. Jim tried to catch his breath.

Jamie was stunned. Her face was literally covered in cum. Her father’s cum. She was trying to figure out to do next when she tasted her father’s seed in her mouth. For Jamie the taste of the salty creamy fluid was incredible. She swallowed making a mmm sound as she did.

Jim opened his eyes at that sound and saw his daughter on the floor on her knees scooping cum off her face into her mouth. Each swallow seemed to bring joy to the girl as her face lit up every time the liquid touched her tongue.

“Daddy, OMG daddy this is great” she licked her lips “thank you so much daddy it’s delicious.”

Jim who was erect again and painfully so twitched hearing this.

“I am going to enjoy this acne treatment every time” she gave him a wry smile as the cum on her face began to dry “who knew it would taste so good too”

Jim gave a sigh of defeat.

Jamie looked directly at her father, “Daddy, there’s something else the girl’s tell me.”

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