The Soccer Mom next door


The Soccer Mom next doorI live in a typical quiet neighbourhood on the edge of a busy town, my neighbours are all typical busy working families with 2.4 c***dren and mortgage, where as I am a single guy in my early thirties.Now my neighbours to the right of me, John and Lucy Bennet are that typical perfect couple I was talking about, John works in office in town for a financial company making good money, Lucy is a the perfect stay at home mom with one k** at junior school, and between bake sales and soccer practice spends most of her time making sure her house is perfect.Then one day it seem their luck changed, John’s company was caught up in some financial under dealings and after a big investigation the company was heavily fined, and because of that, John and several other lower level people were all quickly let go.Then if that wasn’t bad enough, John got hit by a drunk driver the next day and the damage pretty much wrote off the family car, then that was followed by little Joey accidentally put his football through the main family TV, and then to cap it off, bizarrely a small light air craft flying over head got into trouble and had to make for a road below, and on it’s way down clipped the top of John and Lucy’s house causing considerable damage, which their Insurance company seemed reluctant to help fix.They were in a big mess and really needed a helping hand, which is where I came in.”If you would like” I said the next morning as we stood outside looking up at the hole in their roof “I could help you out?””Really?” asked Lucy turning to look at me.”Sure, I have a bit of money, I could let you have it to fix all the problems this morning!” I replied cheerfully”Oh thank you Paul, that would be great!” Lucy said excitedly before giving me a friendly hug.”It would come with one condition though” I then added”What?” they both asked”That, if I lend you this money, Lucy, spends the day with me, no questions asked” I repliedLucy immediately backed away from me looking shocked, John also looked pretty disbelieving.”No, no, no” he mumbled”Well, I tried” I replied before turning to leave “But you let me know if you change your mind?” I then added as headed back into my house.I know it was a cruel offer to make in their time of need, but Lucy was a hot petite soccer mom, with a light blonde hair cut, in a bob down to her chin, an angel face with perfect complexion to match, and I was sure under her typical soccer mom blouse and sensible trousers, she had a perfect body to go with it, I really wanted to find out.I think I waited nearly ten minutes before I heard the doorbell go, and going to answer it, I found them both standing sheepishly outside.”Okay” John said “But we want the money first!””Sure!” I replied and then invited them in, we then made our way into the living room, and as they sat down on my tan leather couch, I went got my iPad.Then exchanging bank details I quickly transferred one hundred thousand over to their account as promised, which should cover all their costs, and with a sigh of relief, they could relax knowing things were going to get better.Then I escorted them back to the front door, and as John stepped out first, I said goodbye to him, and quickly closed the door, before turning to face Lucy.”What are you doing?” she asked nervously.”Completing the deal” I replied “You get the money you need, I get a day with you!””You can’t be serious?” she asked nervously”Oh yes, I can!” I repliedAnd then gestured to her to return to the living room, back karşıyaka escort in the room, I told her to have a seat, and then got two glasses out before pouring us both some whiskey.”I don’t drink whiskey” she mumbled “And it’s only 11 am in the morning!””Drink it!” I replied handing her a glassShe took it from me and nervously took a sip before spluttering “God I hate that taste!” she moaned”Try some more, and relax!” I said pouring a bit more into her glass, she then took another sip and made more disgusted noises.I then sat beside her on the sofa, before reaching down and taking hold of one her legs.”What are you doing?” she asked”Take your shoes off, I want to help you relax!” I repliedLucy looked at me for a moment, and then slowly kicked off her sensible slip on black shoes, and I could see her little pink feet sticking out of the ends of her green slacks.”here!” I said lifting her legs up and turning her on the sofa to face me.Then as she sat across my sofa, I took hold of her little delicate feet and began massaging them, first her right foot and then her left foot, just gently rubbing them between my fingers, and just as I hoped Lucy sat back and began to moan softly between taking sips of her drink.”Doesn’t that feel good?” I asked”Oh yeah” she sighed half closing her eyes.I continued on massaging her little feet for another minute or so, and then lifting one foot up I placed it in my mouth and began sucking on her little pink toes.Lucy moaned a little louder, but didn’t say anything or stop me, and so I continued to massage and suck her feet.After a few more minutes Lucy was looking pretty relaxed, so taking a chance I moved my hands up her legs and when I reached the top her trousers, began undoing them.Her eyes opened and glanced down at what I was doing “What are you doing?” she asked nervously again.”I want to massage your legs, but I need to take these off first!” I replied slowly pulling the zip down on her trousers.Lucy amazingly didn’t try to stop me, and once her green slacks were undone, I began easing them down, and she even lifted her little bottom to help me.Once they were fully off, I tossed them to one side and stared at her slim perfectly tanned legs that led up to a pair of white cotton panties.”Nice legs!” I said before slowly running my hands up them”Thank you” she replied “When I was at college I was a dancer!”I gently ran my hands up and down, feeling her soft flesh, squeezing her tanned calf’s and tanned thighs, and she moaned softly again, and then quickly she lay back and closed her eyes.”See! isn’t this nice?” I said “Just the two of us getting to know each other, relaxing the way it should be.She just mumbled something, but remained laying back with her eyes closed.After a bit longer, my hands began to creep up her legs, and my fingers gently brushed up the inside of her thighs and began pressing against the white cotton stretched in between, and amazingly again, she didn’t complain, and in fact her legs opened slightly wider and I could see the thin material stretching over her little soft mound.Then my fingers slipped up under her cotton panties and pressed against the soft flesh inside.She moaned again, and her breathing got a little heavier, but still she didn’t stop me or complain, and so I gently began massaging her soft little mound.I could feel it was a little hairy but clearly trimmed, and the heat coming from it clearly told me she was definitely enjoying the attention.After a few escort karşıyaka seconds my finger tips found her little slit, and slipped across it, she moaned a little louder and opened her legs more, she clearly wanted me to continue, and so I began gently running my fingers up and down her mound, rubbing that little furry area, before occasionally gliding a finger up and down her moist little opening.Lucy moaned more and more, and began flexing against my fingers, then one finger slipped in, it brushed easily between her lips and suddenly was inside her moist warm hole, and Lucy let out a loud moan, before just laying there and gently grinding against my finger.For the next few minutes I steadily pumped my finger in and out of her wet hot hole, Lucy moaned over and over grinding against my knuckle, until finally she tightened up, went very quiet for a second lay very still, and then sighed heavily, she had just cum on my finger.”Was that good?” I asked”Yes” she whispered back with her eyes still closed”Then I think you’re going to love the next bit!” I said, before I pulled my finger out of her hot wet hole.Took hold of her little panties, and began pulling them down her legs.Lucy again didn’t try to stop me, and just lay there letting me do it, I then tossed them to one side, before looking at her naked bottom half.Her little mound was on display now, and as I thought it had a little blonde bush of trimmed hair covering it, but everywhere else was perfectly shaved and nicely tanned.Then moving between her legs, I lowered my mouth, and placed against her soft inviting pussy.”Oh yes!” she sighed as my mouth clamped over her little opening.Then eagerly I began licking that pussy mound, running my tongue up and down that slit, and slowly getting it to open so I could taste the forbidden juices with in.”Oh Paul! oh Paul!” she mumbled over and over.I licked that little wet pussy repeatedly, shoving my tongue into that little tight pink hole, and teasing her little clit every so often.”Oh Paul! oh Paul! oh Paul!” she kept muttering between breathing heavily.Her hand soon found the back of my head and she quickly pushed my head deeper into her pussy, and as my tongue lapped away between her lips, my nose rubbed up against her little pink clit.”Oh Paul! oh Paul! oh Paul!” she muttered some more.Finally I felt she was ready, very wet and eager for more, and so I quickly pulled away, stood up and began undoing my Jeans.Lucy opened her eyes and stared at me as I got undress, and as I opened and pulled off my jeans her eyes widened at the sight of my hard ready cock.”Eight fat inches, all for you!” I said shaking it a little in front of her.”God! it’s so much bigger than Johns!” she replied”Really?” I said back “Oh well, just as well you have the rest of today to get use to it!”I then moved between her legs, and placing my cock at her little furry entrance ran the big round head a couple of times up and down her slit.She moaned softly but once again made no attempt to stop me, before I began to push my hard pole into her moist little hole.”Oh Paul! oh Paul!” she mumbled loudly as my cock brushed between her pink little lips, and moved deeper inside of her “Oh Paul!” she mumbled again.I was now a few inches in, and despite the fact she had had a k**, she was still pretty tight.Then steadily I began fucking her, pumping my big fat cock back and forth, letting her get use to it inch by inch.”Oh Paul! oh Paul! oh god!” she muttered as she lay karşıyaka escort bayan back and took over half my eight inches deep in her pussy.Yes, I was now fucking the petite hot blonde soccer mom from next door, and it was hot and amazing as I hoped it would be.After a few minutes I began moving quicker, fucking her a little harder, and she urged me on loving the power of my thick long cock between her legs.”Oh yes Paul! Harder! Harder!” she moaned, so I did.Her hands gripped my shoulders as I pumped my cock back and forth into that hot little pussy, her legs rose up and hung to my sides as her eyes closed and her head tossed back and forth urging for more of my cock.I was loving fucking this hot Milf, and keen to see the whole of her began undoing her light green blouse as we continued to fuck.Undoing all her buttons, I pulled her blouse open and found a small pair of round boobs under a lacy white bra that matched her knickers.Then I pulled down one of her cups, and a little round brown nipple popped out, I instantly clamped my lips around it and began sucking on it, and Lucy groaned excitedly.Then as I sucked on one of her little boobs, she pulled her arms fee of her blouse, pulled her straps off her shoulders and then pulled her bra completely down, her little boobs spilled out completely, and I quickly began sucking on each.For the next few minutes we fucked eagerly and hard on my leather sofa, Lucy was now so into it she was flexing against me eager to meet my thrusts, while I happily sucked on those little tanned boobs.Then Lucy got louder with her moans, the combination of our powerful l fast fucking and me sucking on her nipples was clearly exciting her a lot, and soon she began showing all the signs she was about to cum.”Oh yes! oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!” she muttered repeatedly while breathing heavily “Oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!””You going to cum?” I asked”Yes Paul! yes! I’m cumming! i’m cumming!” she mumbled back.I drove my cock into her harder and faster, pounding that little pussy into the sofa below it making her groan louder and louder until finally “Oh god! oh god! oh god! OH GOD!” she suddenly cried, and then she began bucking against me and groaning heavily.This was a big orgasm, harder and heavier than the one before she was loving it.And as her orgasm washed over her, and I felt her little tight pussy convulse, it squeezed my big hard cock and knowing this perfect hot blonde soccer mom was coming on my cock, I felt my balls churn.”Oh SHIT YES!” I cried before pulling my cock out of her wet cumming pussy, and began shooting my load all over her face.”Oh god! oh god!” she cried as she continued to cum and be cummed on.Then after a good few seconds we were done, and with a sigh we both calmed down.”Here suck my cock!” I said offering her my dripping pole.”Urgh! no!” she moaned “I don’t do that! and why did you cum on my face?” she then moaned.”Because I wanted too, your pretty face looks hot with my cum on it!” I replied back looking at the white blobs slowly dribbling down her face and in her blonde hair.”Now suck my cock!” I said again pushing it towards her mouth, and after resisting fir a moment, she finally opened her pretty little mouth and let me push my cock in,Lucy then began sucking the last drops of cum from the tip and could probably taste her own pussy juices on it as well.After a minute she pulled it from her mouth “There!” she said scowling.”Great!” I replied “Now roll over, were not done yet!””But you came!” she replied”Yes I did, but it’s not even midday yet, so role over, and open wide for another fucking!” I replied Lucy looked at my cock, hard, ready, and glistening with her saliva, before slowly rolling over onto her flat stomach.”Okay, round two!” I said grinning as I moved between her legs again.TO Be Continued…

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