The Sub


The SubI had a long week of dealing with short tempered people and was looking forward to going out with this gorgeous woman that had moved into my neighbor hood a couple of weeks ago, she seemed to be a bit of brat but I figured what the heck right it was a chance to get to know someone new, we had met at the local coffee shop a few days before .I had bought my coffee and was walking out as she was placing her order the person she was with seemed to be a bit confused about her sudden change of attitude she appeared to act as though this person owed her something and this guy looked her over and said you know what I don’t need this crap and left her standing there and walked out got in his jeep and took off as if his rear end was on fire.Another woman in the shop approached her and asked if everything was alright when she snapped at her, does it look to you like everything is alright you old bitch, that’s when I turned around and said that’s enough of that, what kind of a grown ass woman talks to another person like that, apologize to her, she immediately lowered her head and muttered an apology and then turned to me with big brown eyes and said I won’t do it again I promise.At first I thought what the heck is this all about I replied fin make sure it doesn’t and walked out the door and right behind me was this gorgeous woman I had chewed out she was about 5′ 9″ long flowing red hair gorgeous blue green eyes something of an athletic build she spoke up saying how it has been sometime since someone put her in her place and asked if we had seen each other before I told her no, I have to get running along.She told me sure I know where you live I just moved into your neighbor hood a few doors down from you edirne escort I saw you out mowing your grass when the moving truck drove past your house I was behind the movers in that panty waist jeep that took off out of here.I thought wow this chick is a piece of work, she held out her hand I gave her a good firm hand shake oh a little rough she said , I’m Alla I detected and eastern European accent I told her I’m Jack welcome to Sand town she asked could you please give me a lift back home, I told her hop in, I got in the car she opened the door got in and I drove her back home pulled up to her drive way and let her out before she closed the door she said let me makes us dinner tonight I need to find out how to get around this place and where to go to shop, fine I said and I took off.I was going to be late for work dealing with irate people with one issue or another the wonders of being frontline customer service reps oh well that evening I went down to my new neighbors house rand her doorbell no response I rang it again still no response after a few minutes I went back home.I saw Alla the next day and just ignored her as I went off to work, I can understand why the guy in the jeep left her ass where he did this chick was inconsiderate as all get out, well I spent another day in customer service hell and when it was quitting time I headed home I got home pulling my car into the garage closed the door and went into the house.Someone was ringing my doorbell like a maniac I opened the door and there stood Alla she proceeds to start on me about how rude I was to her that morning I opened the door so she could come in which she did ranting about how I had ignored her ağrı escort and I was being mean, I had all I could take it was either smack her a good one or shut her up with a kiss, I ended up taking her into my arms and giving her a long kiss which she seemed to be enjoying as she was kissing me back.When I let go of her she stood there stunned her eyes wide open all she could say was wow then I laid into her about the night before she grabbed onto me and started kissing me it got pretty wild for awhile we were all over each other pulling at each others clothes as I was moving her towards the bedroom.she has such a firm tight ass and long slender legs I had no idea just how fine she was until we were both naked in front of each other groping one another her perky sensitive nipples her d cup breast she had to weigh 120lbs if an ounce we ended up on the bed I took control right away and she responded with excited giggles and sighs as I did every thing I could think of to her and with her we went through every position we could 4 times that night I had her squirting from the moment I nibbled on her clit while pinching her nipples, we ended up falling asleep on the couch just a couple of hours before I had to get up for work, yes I did her in every room of my house on every stick of furniture we broke 1 end table racked my kitchen table something fierce and basically destroyed my recliner.I heard my alarm going off I was still half asleep got into the shower cleaned up got dressed gave sleeping beauty a smack on the ass and said hey wake up you’ve got to get dressed and get out I’ve got to go to work she looked at me funny and said something I couldn’t understand, so I ardahan escort went into the kitchen got a pitcher out of the cabinet filled it up with ice water and stuck her hand in it, she was up wide awake cussing me up one side and down the other in Russian I think.I told her fine we could fight about tonight when I got home from work, I told her on your way out shut and lock the damn door, and I went out to the garage opened the garage door started my car pulled out closed the door and was down the street.Later on that evening I got home expecting miss attitude to be at my door again, but what I found when I got inside was my house was spotless along with a note saying she had not been that taken care of by anyone before and she was very much liking it, well I was whipped from the night before and the days work, so I just crashed out on the couch.It was Friday I would get my paycheck at lunch break and if I had enough time I could get it cashed at the bank, well noon was here I got my check and figured I have a half hour I can make it there and back and still have time to grab something to eat, ok I get in my car head to the bank walk inside and what do I see but a new teller working at the bank I had a feeling it might be her I couldn’t be sure as I only saw the back of her head until she turned back around to see me standing at her counter.She smiled and said may I help you I said I need to cash this check put a $ 125 of it into my savings account $ 300 into my checking account and the remaining $250 I’ll take in cash, she did everything quickly and accurately and then as she handed me my receipts and the cash if I would be home right after work or was I going out , I said I’ll tell you what Alla I’ll be buy your place before 7, you get out of here when 6 or 6:30 right? yes she said 6:30 but I have no ride home, could you come and take me she said with a wicked ass grin.So there I am a date with a gorgeous brat that loves a take charge guy and I ‘m the guy she wants it from.

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