The Super Supermarket


Are Markets Ever This Super?

He could sense her close before he saw her, a gentle waft of soft subtle scent treated his nose, inhaling deeply, trying to absorb more of it but conscious of his surroundings. He didn’t want to be too obvious to her or to anyone else in the supermarket that night. As he moved his trolley forward he took the opportunity to turn and look at the shelves and beyond, searching for the source of his distraction. “It can’t be true” his mind whirred as he surveyed the population of the aisle, a disheveled old man who looked like he was just finding solace from the falling snow outside and a middle aged woman who didn’t look like she had time to apply any type of fragrance other than sweat from trying to control the three small children running riot about her over stuffed cart. Disappointed he returned to the matter in hand and again browsed the goods on offer. Whilst evaluating the variety of olive oil on displayed before him, his mind wandered, replaying the events, that captivating smell, turning to see from whom it emanated only to be disappointed with who he saw. As often happens with many of the brains little nuances, he saw a vital detail in his memory that he hadn’t seen in real life…the ankle and heal of a black boot disappearing around the corner.

Surely this must be his distraction….he pushed forward on his cart, spinning it around and heading back to where he had seen that boot in his minds eye, scattering children to the left and right of him as he sped past the disgruntled mother and her attempt to buy the entire store. At the end of the aisle he scanned the length of the store but without luck. He pressed on, checking each aisle as he passed it but to no avail, she was nowhere to be seen. “She must have paid and left already” he thought to himself, “Oh well, maybe next time I’m in here”. He resigned himself to the tedium of grocery shopping and looked around to see what he needed next on his mental list.

He headed toward the fresh produce close by, inspecting apples as he placed them in a bag he felt it again, that shiver down his spine and the hairs on his neck standing proud. Subtly he drew breath through his nostrils and sure enough it was that fresh scent again, breathing again he felt as if he would suffocate if he could not breathe that air all the time. He spun around, not wasting time and avoiding the possibility of missing her again, his heart fell as he could see no one around him. As he returned to face the fruit, he saw her in the mirror on the back of the display in front of him, the black boots encasing her calves, the shiny black stockings bridging the gap to her thigh length skirt which hugged the curve of her buttocks. The tailored jacket sweeping in at her narrow waist, with her chestnut hair cascading down her back. It had to be her…..

Whatever it was that she was looking for, he had a desperate and urgent need to buy some. The apples forgotten, he turned and moved towards her, pushing his trolley past her but as close as he could get without crashing into her. As he passed by he inhaled and was thrilled when that same sweet scent caressed his nose, it was her.

He stopped just a few feet casino siteleri past her and picked up some of whatever was in front of him as if looking for the one he wanted to buy. She looked up and the smile she flashed towards him melted his very soul. Their eyes locked, lingering for just too long to be nothing, he returned the smile and as he did she moved towards him. His heart raced as she cover the three feet between them, it took what felt like an eternity, their eyes locked the entire time she was moving. As she drew level, he opened his mouth to say something; he hadn’t figured out what yet but he quickly closed it again as she continued past him. His heart sank, why hadn’t he said something to stop her from moving on by, why couldn’t he have thought of something witty and charming to stop her and get her talking to him, why was he so stupid to think she would be interested in him??? He turned to see her one last time as she walked away from him, knowing deep down that would be as close as he would get to this enigma. As she rounded the corner to the next aisle she looked back, a cheeky mischievous smile across her full lips and a sparkle in her eye made him rethink, perhaps she was more interested in him than he thought. Confirmation was given to him, or so he hoped, as she moved out of sight her tongue flashed across her lips while her eyes still penetrated his.

Could it be true? He was unsure; as he followed her to the next aisle; what would await him. Half way down the row she was standing, again with her back to him, standing and looking at the goods on the shelf. He moved forward slowly, waiting for some indication from her as to what should happen next. His answer wasn’t long in coming, she replaced the can on the shelf and bent over at the waist to reach for another can on the bottom shelf. His heart beat loud enough for the entire store to hear it as he looked on, his eyes consuming the vision before him. Her bending had caused the skirt to rise up the back of her thighs, the material pulled taught around her firm globes and there, just there, he could see the tiniest slip of her bare thigh above her stocking tops. His mind was a blank, he stared ahead at the fantastic sight before him not conscious of the fact he was still moving until he was jolted back to reality by his trolley hitting the shelves and bumping it into the stirring in his trousers.

As he approached she bent her knees and squatted down, turning towards him all in one fluid motion as if you had practiced it a thousand times. His sorrow was visible on his face as the beautiful sight he had been treated to now was gone. He stopped close by her and absent mindedly picked up a can from the shelf but all the time his eyes fixed on her. The animal within him thought how she was at the perfect height to give him a blow job and his mind screamed out at the top of its silent voice “while you’re down there luv” as he had heard so many times but never had the balls to actually say himself.

He stared openly at her, not concerned about being caught, it was too late for that, he was sure. While he stared she started to move again, with her left knee resting almost on the floor canlı casino she turned her body to face his causing her skirt to bunch up at the top of her thighs and exposing the milky white flesh of her inner thigh, his breath caught in his throat at the sight.

Her eyes betrayed her desires, her craving for him. As he stared at her, captivated by her every movement, every inch of her being, he was lost. As quickly as it began, her display was ended, the screaming kids behind him caused her to turn away from him and almost a reverse of her earlier motions, she straightened her legs until her knees were locked and still bent at the hips her exquisite rear filled his sight. She stood up as the mother turned into their aisle, chasing her brood of tear-aways.

Immediately that he broke from her spell, he became uncomfortably aware of the bulge in his trousers and the presence of minors. Keeping his back to them and their mother as much as possible, he rotated so his obvious erection was away from their eyes as they passed down the aisle. Turning a full 360°, he saw the mother stop ¾ the way down the aisle, far enough away that he could relax about his predicament. The beauty that he had been stalking; or was it her stalking him?; was still in the same place but now stretching for the very top shelf, she was tall but not tall enough to reach. This was his chance to get close to her and break the silence without fear of it appearing untoward. He moved close to her and as his body came within inches or hers, she turned and looked at him. They didn’t have to talk, the unspoken offer of gallant assistance to a damsel in distress and her acceptance were all conveyed through the deep, soul searching stares.

His arm stretched upward to the shelf, almost as if a shadow cast by her own outstretched arm, in his attempt to grasp what she was reaching for his body moved just millimeters from hers, enveloping her frame that most would consider tall; until she felt so tiny and fragile beneath him. His breath now washed over the back of her neck, he could just make out the fine hairs there standing proud, stimulated by his presence, his closeness. As if to emphasize her thoughts to him, he felt her body press back against him, turning slightly to ensure their fit was tightest she leant back into his body and he cocooned her without moving.

For a moment he was shocked by her overt actions here in public but as he realized his erection was throbbing in the soft crevice of her bum cheeks he was over come with desire. His right hand still held the can he had reached for, still outstretched and resting on the top shelf, his left hand now moved slowly up her outer thigh, tracing the seam in her skirt, up to her hip. He grasped her, softly but with a strength that told her he was in control, he pulled her back into him, pressing her body into his. A soft moan escaped her lips as she felt his hardness, his hand released her hip but she kept her body against him, his now free fingers snaked beneath her jacket and smoothed the silkiness of the blouse against her skin. He could feel her breathing, fast and shallow, his breath equally paced flowed across her neck still, his lips kaçak casino moved closer to her, she could feel the warmth of his mouth now as he neared. The moment his lips grazed the flesh of her neck she shuddered against him, the hand on her stomach pulling her tight, almost holding her up as her weight fell against him. His right hand now released the can and he lowered it, as he did so, she began to match his movements with her own arm. His stopped and gripping her wrist placed her hand on the edge of the shelf, closing her fingers around it to make sure she knew what was expected of her, she complied. His hand now stroked the back of hers until it trailed down her arm.

The noise of the children or more accurately their irate mother shouting at them broke the spell between the two of them, as they both looked towards the noise they saw the mother staring blankly at them then turn shaking her head and calling for a store clerk.

They stepped apart from each other and their eyes met for a moment before she turned and walked in the direction of the outraged mother, the cart being used to steady her legs as she went. Dumfounded, he turned to walk in the opposite direction and as he rounded the end of the aisle he saw the store manager run up and stare into the now empty space.

He couldn’t leave it like this, his mind whirred as he moved along looking for her again, his head filled with the scent of her and the feel of her against him, he just had to have more. And there she was, standing in the queue for the deli counter, he turned and headed towards her, almost sprinting to ensure he was next in line behind her. As he took up his position directly behind her she turned ever so slightly, he wasn’t sure if she was looking to see who was there or not.

The line shuffled forward a few feet and he added an extra one to bring him back within millimeters of her. His hands hung limply by his sides except for imperceptible movement of his right hand as his index finger extended and his arm lifted to drag his finger across her bum cheek She didn’t even flinch as he stroked back and forth following her curve. Again the line shuffled and she moved forward away from his touch, he returned to her, almost standing beside her as his finger found the firm fleshy mound again. As his finger traversed her rear he became very aware of the lack of panty line, his erection that hadn’t subsided since their earlier moment twitched in his trousers. He worked his finger down her curves to where her thigh joined her bum, back and forth and up and down to confirm that she was indeed panty-less but there just in the middle he found something, “This must be a thong” he mused to himself, a little smile crossed his lips.

He became bolder now, his finger changing to his hand caressing her, moving more quickly, more urgently as his desire began to grow as hard as the throbbing member in his trousers. His hand roamed up and under the jacket, his fingers slipping between her body and the skirt as his hand moved back downward, he had to confirm it was a thong, he didn’t know why he just knew he had to. His fingers found a tiny patch of fabric hidden by her skirt, he followed it left and right as it tapered to just a string and disappeared around her hips. Again his cock twitched but this time it pushed up against something as it flexed outwards, nonchalantly he looked down to see her left hand now resting upon his crotch.

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