The Switch Up Ch. 01


This is the introduction to a new story I am writing for a bit of fun. The hardcore sex will come very soon, but this sets the scene for the next chapters and allows you to meet the characters. Please comment, both supportive or critical- all is welcome! Enjoy!



“It’s unfair! You fuck just as many people as I do and yet I’m branded a slut but you’re put on a pedestal for it. It’s total bullshit!” exclaimed my 18-year-old twin sister, Zoe, throwing her beer bottle down onto the driveway. We were sat on the roof of our family home, drinking beer and just talking about life. When I say life I mainly mean sex.

Often, we would come up here and put the world to rights without our parents knowing and we were very open when we were talking to each other. Topics ranged from school to the latest person we’d had sex with. The added bonus of alcohol was made possible by our parents being away for a ‘some time alone’ over the weekend, basically an excuse to fuck which they refused to do when we were around. Not that we would have cared, mine and Zoe’s attitude towards sex was pretty open and it wasn’t as if they hadn’t heard either of us bring someone back.

“Sometimes I wish I was a guy,” she continued. “Life would be so much easier!”

“It’s weird you say that,” I said. “I’ve always wondered what it feels like to be a girl, you know, have tits and all that.”

“Tits are a curse,” she said cupping her breasts. “They’re heavy, pervy guys look at them and you have to constantly wear a bra!”

“You really think that?”

“Actually, no. I take that back, they’re annoying to have on you but they’re very sexy on other girls! Especially Mollie’s,” she said, praising one of her best friend and regular fuck buddy’s (Zoe was bi, you see) boobs. “I don’t like mine at all though, they’re too small. Emily’s are DD and mine are only a C.”

“Only? I’m sure they’re perfect. I love a C cup, you know what they say, ‘anything more than a handful is a waste’,” I assured her.

“I also take back what I said about having to wear a bra, they’re so sexy. I did tell you I had a fetish for lingerie, didn’t I?”

“Nope, you didn’t but I definitely agree!”

“I’m sure I did, when we talked the other week about what clothing fetishes we have,” Zoe said matter-of-factly, before pausing. “Do you ever think we’re too open with each other?”

“Nah, I think it’s cool that we’re so close and can talk about these things. It’s

healthy and it isn’t like we’re fucking or anything…”

“Do you ever, you know, get the urge to?”

“To do what?” I asked.

“To do something together,” she murmured, blushing.

“Zoe,” I said softly, taking her hand. “If you weren’t my sister, of course I would! I

mean look at you, but we’re related and it’s weird, never mind illegal.”

“That’s so sweet.”

“Plus, you’re the class slut. It would be hard not to have sex with you!” I joked.

“Dick,” she said, as she punched me half-heartedly on the arm. “I think it would be the other way around, stud. At least I fuck the same people; you do a girl for a week and then move on to the next one!”

“True,” I admitted, while Zoe regularly hooked up with her four best girlfriends and a couple of male ‘Friends with Benefits’, my style was slightly different. I either picked a girl up at a bar, or flirted with someone hot at school and had sex with her until it began turning into a relationship, at which point I bailed.

“Shit! Look at the time!” Zoe shouted, causing me to look at my watch, which told me

it was 3AM.

“Okay, you go. I’ll clean up.”

“Thanks, Dyl,” she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek, then heading towards the window. “Night, bro.”


As it did every morning the beeping of an alarm clock woke me. However, this particular morning the beeping sounded unfamiliar. I opened my eyes slowly. Since when was my ceiling that colour? Where had my light gone? I sat up and looked around. This isn’t my room, I thought. I scanned my surroundings: pink walls, dressing table covered with beauty products and on the bed table next to me there was something that was definitely not mine- a dildo.

Shit, I recognised it now, I was in Zoe’s room! I climbed out of bed, and suddenly became light headed. I must have stood up too quickly. I headed for the door that led into our shared bathroom. However, as I passed the full length mirror, I got a shock. Slowly, I stepped back into the view of the mirror. Rather than my muscular, 6’1″ and 180lbs self, it was Zoe that stared back at me. Her womanly form was clothed in an oversized t-shirt and what I presumed were pantie judging by the material I felt on my ass. Standing at about 5’8″, likely the reason that I stood up too quickly, her jet black hair messily framed her face and reached the small of her back.

‘My’ hands found their way to my breasts, which I gently cupped. Smooth, supple, and round- they were perfect. A tingle went through my entire body when bahis firmaları my hands brushed my nipples. Having been used to my nipples being basically useless my entire life, this was a different sensation. They felt heavy to me, causing me to hunch forward slightly. Slowly, I pulled the shirt up slightly, revealing a red lace thong. I slipped a hand inside the underwear and explored my new…’thing’. Zoe was completely shaved, as I had expected. Accidentally, I touched what I guessed was my clitoris; a bolt of pleasure surged through me. Trying to ignore what I had just felt, I continued exploring. Gently, after building up enough courage, I slipped a finger inside of me. The sensation was strange, but pleasurable. A weird tingle was building where my dick was usually. I took out my finger, which was covered in moisture; I lifted it to my nose and breathed in, a musky yet sweet scent. Smelling a finger that had been in my sister’s vagina did nothing for how wet I was becoming. A drop fell from my pussy, to be absorbed by the thong I was wearing.

This brought me to my senses. Logic dictated if I was in my sister’s body, then she should be in mine. After one more look at myself in the mirror, the body I had jacked off thinking about for years, I headed for the door that led to our adjoining bathroom.



The beeping of an alarm clock woke me, but I was too tired to realise it wasn’t my alarm. I breathed in deeply. My room smelt differently than the day before, a harsher scent than what I was expecting. I stretched my arms out wide, but they felt heavier than usual. Suddenly I became aware of a pressure below my waist that was slightly painful. I was probably just horny. Opening my eyes, with my head already beneath the covers, I looked down my body. What the fuck? I jumped out of bed, which was a mistake. I stumbled around, feeling lanky and heavy, like a weight had been attached to one side of my head and was throwing me off balance.

After finally composing myself, I realised I wasn’t in my room. This was Dylan’s bedroom. I looked down at myself. Where had my tits gone? My hips? My ass? My womanly, yet athletic, hour glass figure had been replaced by a muscular, six pack wielding hunk of flesh. I caught a look at myself in Dylan’s mirror.

“What the fuck?” I exclaimed, this time out loud rather than in my head. The image staring back at me was not me. It was Dylan. Dylan sporting his messy bed head and morning stubble. Looking into the mirror, I quickly became very aware that I was very naked as that was the way Dylan slept. Admittedly, Dylan was extremely hot. I knew he was good looking, because we worked out together all the time and clearly he got all of these girls to sleep with him somehow but looking at him he really was something else.

Then I noticed the one area I hadn’t yet explored; ‘my’ dick. There it was, standing to attention in all its morning glory. The pressure I had felt had come from my dick straining against the bed covers. Looking at it, I guessed it was around 6 inches. More than adequate for most girl’s needs, I found anything bigger than 8 inches to be uncomfortable. Length was important, but for me girth had always given more fulfilment and Dylan was certainly not lacking in that department. Instinctively, I guess, I grabbed my dick and stroked it a few times. Pre-cum began to ooze from the tip. Don’t get me wrong, I’d seen more than my fair share of cocks in my time, and I’d given almost as many handjobs yet jerking my own brother off whilst staring at his naked form from inside his head was too much, even for me.

The one question I’d always wanted to ask Dylan during our talks was whether the rumours about his size were true. Many whispered around the corridors at school that his massive dick was the reason that he managed to get so many girls into bed. Now was my chance, I guessed six inches, which I guess is average, but I wanted to know for sure. I searched his room for a ruler or tape measure. Finally, I found a tape measure in the drawer of his bedside table, along with a couple bottles of lube, plenty of condoms and something I wasn’t expecting- a pair of my panties! I could be angry about that later, I wanted to know his size before I lost my chance. Not that there was much chance of that in terms of me losing my…I mean his…no, my erection. I grabbed the tape measure. 7.2 inches long. I was shocked I was normally good at guessing. I measure his girth. 6.4 inches. Dylan was perfect, almost too big for my pussy, if not a little lucky to be sold so well at school.

Putting the tape measure back in the drawer, I picked up my panties, a pair of black Victoria’s Secret hiphuggers. Inspecting them, I realised they were the panties I wore for my last volleyball practice, and were covered in my pussy’s juices. Then I saw the white stains. He had cum in them! He swore to me he never thought about me that way, on several occasions. Don’t get me wrong, I was quite turned on and flattered that he thought of me like that. In kaçak iddaa fact, last night after we had been sat on the roof, I used my dildo to get off whilst I imagined it was his dick that filled me. Shit! It’s on my bedside table, and if I’m right, me being in Dylan’s body means that it he us in mine. Quickly, I turned to the door that connected the room to our shared bathroom and walked towards it.



I walked into the very large bathroom. In truth it was a wet room, with huge shower, toilet, sunk in jacuzzi bath and double sinks as I shared with Zoe. Don’t get me wrong, my family was not poor, in fact we were extremely well off after my father’s investments during the dotcom boom. It would not have been hard to put in another wall to separate the bathroom, an idea floated several times by our parents in our teens, but we always refused as we wanted to have at least one room we shared.

Before I went and woke Zoe, well, I suppose woke myself I decided I’d get in the shower to wash the sticky pussy juices away from my crotch area and legs. I must be really turned on, as all the girls I’d been with had never gotten this wet. Using the tablet device embedded into the wall, which controlled all of the functions in the bathroom, I turned on the shower.

I walked towards the mirror, giving myself a good view of my new body when I undressed. Cautiously, I lifted the over-sized shirt over my head, realising it was one of my old workout shirts. When, I’d removed the top I just stood, staring. My sister’s breasts were perhaps the most beautiful pair I had ever seen, and I’d seen a fair few. They were perfectly rounded, and hardly sagged at all. Her beautiful olive-brown skin continued over her tits, and there was not a tan line in sight. Quite small, dark brown areolas encircled her cute nipples, which were now hard.

I continued undressing, grasping the edges of the thong and slowly sliding it down my smooth, shaven legs and then stepped out of them one leg at a time. After bending down, I picked up the underwear and brought it to my face, breathing in. The same scent that filled my nose before, was there again. Dropping the panties back to the floor, I looked back at the mirror and ran my hands down my naked form. She was every bit a woman, yet before now I only thought of her as a girl, even though she was only three minutes younger than me. Yes, I had noticed she was attractive, but never imagined this was how my ‘kid’ sister would look in all her glory. I turned around, giving myself a good look at my ass. It was pert and toned from all her working out as well as playing sport. I ran my fingers over it, and grabbed each cheek with a hand. Looking at it, considering her slim and toned figure, it was quite big. Not quite in the realms of Kim Kardashian, but more than adequate. How had I not noticed how hot she was before? No wonder she had so many guys wanting to fuck her.

I stepped into the shower, becoming aware once again that I was extremely horny. Was it an invasion of her privacy to masturbate? No, it was my body for now; I would be the one to have to put up with the discomfort I was experiencing, if I didn’t do something to take care of it, not Zoe. I turned up the pressure of the shower and turned on the side nozzles. Then I positioned myself so the stream of water that came from around waist height, from one of the side nozzles on the wall would hit my clit, just as I had seen girls do in porn. I closed my eyes, and began to grope my breasts with one hand, tweaking each nipple. With the other hand I slipped two fingers into my pussy, and began sliding them in and out. I was slightly surprised, because for a girl who had sex so often, her pussy was still very tight. Involuntarily, I let out a slight, womanly moan. I felt my orgasm building, the pleasure was indescribable. I used the hand that was playing with my tits to massage my clit. I moaned loudly. My hips bucked involuntarily. My back arched. I pressed myself against the back wall of the shower. It felt almost as if I had to pee, as my orgasm came. Intense pleasure pulsed through my body. I cried out with joy.

Slowly, I slid down the wall and sat down. I let the water envelop me as I sat panting. That was so much better than stroking my cock. It was more intense, lasted longer. As I sat playing with my nipples, I realised I could have gone again. Women have it so much better! I came to my senses, realising I must find Zoe, well, Zoe in my body at least. Standing up, and switching off the shower, I stepped out. I grabbed a towel, and began to dry off making sure to spent longer on my boobs and pussy. As the clothes I had in the bathroom were dirty, to say the least, so I opted for Zoe’s rather sexy black, silk robe and opened the door that led to my room.



I paused at the door, holding the handle. I couldn’t go in there looking like this, I was still naked! What if I had gotten it all wrong and Dylan wasn’t in my body? Plus, he might get all freaked out if he knew I had kaçak bahis seen him naked. Noticing the drawers in the corner of the room, I turned and opened the top one. I grabbed a pair of trunk style, boxer-brief underwear. Bending down, I stepped into each leg holes rather clumsily and pulled them up. My hard on had not subsided and when I tried to pull the underwear over it, it just hurt my dick, and caused the trunks not to fit. Why wouldn’t it go away? Then I remembered, that Dylan was always in the shower for longer in the mornings than he was at any other time of the day. Did he have to jack off every morning, just so he could get dressed? I knew morning wood was supposed to be the strongest erection of the day, something I could personally vouch for from past experience, but I thought it would have gone down by now. Admitting defeat, I stepped out the boxer-briefs, and grabbed my cock. I was going to have to masturbate.

I remembered the lube in the drawer by Dylan’s bed, and I fished it out. Also, I picked up one of the condoms and read the packet: ‘Intense Pleasure, Ribbed and Dotted for maximum pleasure for both partners’. Deciding it would make clean-up easier as I had heard guys bragging about when they jacked it was really hard to clean up all of their cum, I grabbed one of those, too. I ripped open the condom packet, placed it on the head of my cock. Having put condoms on guys hundreds of times, I quickly pulled pack my foreskin and unrolled the condom. However, it did take me a little longer than normal as my hands were big and uncoordinated, plus I hadn’t used my hand to put a condom on in a while-I had found it was sexier to use my mouth.

Squirting some lube onto my hands, I grabbed my dick with my left hand. I wonder which hand Dylan used? It took me a few strokes to find a rhythm and get used to my new hands, but I was an old pro; I was probably better at stroking dicks than their owners were. If I had wanted to I could have made this last at least half an hour, but I had to find Dylan. I knew it wouldn’t take me too long to cum, I was too turned on for it to last and the dots on the condom really did provide extra pleasure. Having used the condoms before, obviously as a woman, and the ribs not doing much for me, I was surprised how good it felt. If I had been giving a handjob to some else my strokes would have been much slower, but I had to finish. Anyway, I could be stuck in this body for a while, I could take my time then. I was never really sure why guys stroked so fast, they missed out on the build-up and all the real pleasure, which for them was the best bit as their orgasm didn’t last very long.

The lube was drying up so I squirted some more on my hand, rubbing it over my dick and the condom. Pre-cum was seeping out of the tip at a steady rate, starting to fill the inside of the condom and lube up my dick even more. My ball sack shrunk as it brought my testicles towards my body. I began to get small surges of pleasure, warning me that I was close. Suddenly, my orgasm started building rapidly and I was about to cum. Not able to hold it much longer, I grunted and strings of cum shot into the condom. My throbbing dick pulsed with each stream, until I had exhausted my supplies.

Carefully pulling off the condom, I lobbed it in the trash. I grabbed some tissues and wiped my hands and dick clean, then returned to the pair of boxer-briefs laying on the floor. This time I sat on the side of the bed, and pushed my legs through. I stood up and pulled them up over my butt. Dipping my hand inside, I adjusted my dick and balls. Turning to the mirror, I stood still admiring my new body. The tight underwear really accentuated my V-Lines and abs. I spun around, to check out my ass. It looked strong and muscular, filling the trunks I was wearing nicely. I had always thought that guys looked extremely hot in anything tight, and this was no exception; with one last look at myself, especially my package that was boosted in size by the trunks, I opened the door.



As I tried to open the door, I hit something solid.

“Shit,” said the voice on the other side of the door. My voice.

“Zoe?” I shouted.

“Yeah it’s me,” came the reply. “Well, sort of anyway.”

“It’s Dylan.”

“Please tell me that you’re freaking out as much as I am.”

“Well, move out of the way of the door and find out.” I heard her shuffling out of the way, and I swung the door open. Standing in front of me was…me.

“Holy shit…” we both whispered as we stood, staring.

“Dyl,” said Zoe. “What the fuck happened. I’m scared.” She walked towards me, quivering. In a man’s body, especially one that was as muscular as mine, it looked uncharacteristically strange. Zoe seized me, in a tight bear hug, unaware of her own strength.

“Zoe, get off, you’re hugging me too tightly!” I squealed.

“Sorry,” she said, as she released me. “I’m not used to all of this muscle yet.”

“It’s okay. I’m not used to these yet,” I replied as I cupped her boobs.

“Hey! Stop touching my tits!” she exclaimed, slapping my hands away, again with more force than she released but she was too enraged to notice. “Wait. What the fuck! Are you naked under there?”

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