The Taking of Darlene, Pt. 4


The Taking of Darlene, Pt. 4Taking of Darlene 4Frank was not just upset now, he was incensed that anybody would be ordering him around or trying to humiliate him. His cock would beg to differ, however, as it again went hard and dripped cum. Despite being turned on his pride fueled a defiant streak within him. Vowing to put an end to this nightmare, he debated his next move.While Frank had the luxury of contemplating this “situation”, Darlene was not so fortunate. Mr. Q’s men cleaned her well as expected and made sure all the cameras had new video cards to record James’ destruction of yet another white pussy. Once they had completed their tasks they informed James she was ready and stepped out of the room while Darlene drifted in and out of a semi-hazy consciousness. Deep somewhere inside her she may have been processing these events but outwardly she was clearly disoriented and overwhelmed. That is until James slide between her legs. Now usually any woman alsancak escort fucked by three well hung BBC for over five hours would be loose and well prepared but then there is no real way to adequately prepare for James. Like Master Q, he had no real interest in foreplay or gentleness. He also lined his thick headed 13” rod of destruction between her now gaped pussy lips and then thrust balls deep into Darlene without preparation or stopping. Darlene wanted to scream but instead she just passed out. James did not even give her to opportunity to adjust or rest before he thrust again. He straight out repeatedly slammed his massive cock into her in a steady rhythm with no pause. James not only was huge but he great stamina and the ability to cum multiple times without ever losing his erection. Darlene continued cycling in and out of awareness as James continued plummeting her. She began orgasming almost immediately konak escort and soon she felt as if her body was in a continuous orgasm, She shook and twitched, ached and screamed but everything continued. Darlene lost all sense of time and reality. In truth she had gone to a place from which she would never return, her whole life would now be changed forever. She would orgasm at a touch of a black man from now on and more importantly she would need this more than any addict needed their fix. Little did Frank know but his wife was no more she was now a BBC Whore for life.This was just the beginning for Darlene, James would continue fucking her through the night into the next day. He dropped load after load of black seed into her and after the first few hours made sure that like Master Q, he would fuck against every ounce of resistance in her vaginal walls to insure she would remain gaped and useless to göztepe escort whitebois for the rest of her life. His deep thrusting opened her cervix as no one had ever done before. When he dressed the next afternoon, Darlene had been fucked by 4 BBC for over 24 hours almost without stop and she could not have even told you her name any longer…all she wanted was the continuous high of her recent hours of orgasm…her brain’s pleasure center was now truly addicted…Little did she know that she would have her wish…later that evening Master Q would invite his friends over for a little “party” at which she would be the center of attention. His parties usually involve anywhere from 6-20 other BBC and often played out for days on end. Darlene would soon find that her ass and mouth were no longer off limits and she was about to become a “three hole” whore. This would be her fate for the coming weeks as all remnants of the old Darlene would be fucked away. She would at best hazily remember her past life and so crave the orgasmic high that she now experienced that there would be no turning back. If she at all faltered in her transition to an all-out whore there were chemical aids to assist in her training but Master Q was confident that Darlene was already his for life.To be continued…

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