The Task Part 2: Slutty Girl

The Task Part 2: Slutty GirlPart 1:, when we left off I was busy trying to get inside three girls at my college in order to gain a thousand years of pleasure to stop a crazy succubus having her way with me. I figured that the best way for me to approach the task I’d been set was to start with the sluttiest girl in college, I’d been asking around for 2 whole hours and the same name came up over and over again. Lauren Michaels. Now I know what you’re all thinking. Nice going Karl go for the easiest option first but whoa now, this girl has been with like 50 guys and I, little old me has to make her cum, yeah so not so easy, eh? I’d heard from a group of guys she usually hung out by the football pitch so I headed over there. As I walked I couldn’t help looking at the mark on the back of my hand, it drew me in, every time I stared at it, it seemed to shift into another shape so I could never get a good look at it. I finally arrived at the football pitch; it took me about 5 minutes to walk round the damn thing to find her. There she was the infamous Lauren Michaels. She was lying flat out on her back, taking in the sun and smoking what was most likely an i*****l substance. She was pretty tanned with long, bright red hair that fell over her beautifully curved face and was kept under a dark green beanie; she wore black eyeliner and eye shadow and slutty bright pink lipstick on her big lips that were apparently great for sucking dick. She was very skinny and had a stud piercing in her nose and a lip ring on the right side, and she was wearing a torn red shirt which allowed everyone to see her bright pink bra which covered her perky B-cup breasts. She was wearing the shortest denim shorts I think I had ever seen in my life and it was clear why she wore them, they exposed her gorgeous, long curvy legs that made me go weak at the knees and at the bottom she wore dark green converse. At this point she caught me looking at her and raised an eyebrow. “Ummm can I help güvenilir bahis şirketleri you?”“oh uuh hey” I went and sat down next to her, ok tattoo do your thing. “So, is everything good with you?” normally I wouldn’t even dream of talking to someone like her even under these circumstances but I could feel myself drawing power from the mark on my hand, making me more confident.“It was, until about thirty seconds ago” ugh, this bitch was hard work already. I needed to know what to say to her, to know what she wanted to hear. I opened my mouth to say something else when my whole arm erupted in agony. The markings shifted into Mesmer’s face.“Wow watching this is just painful. Tell you what, since you’re so hopeless I’ll help you out a bit more.” The pain shot up to my head and then faded. “Ugh what is wrong with you?” I snapped my attention back to Lauren. “Ah sorry about that, I had a… headache, it’s gone now though” I smiled sheepishly and got a sarcastic one back. What the hell had she done to me? “For such a weirdo that guy is kinda hot” I stared, I’d heard her talk but her mouth hadn’t moved, Oh you’ve got to be k**ding me I thought, I can read minds now? Well if that’s the case.“Pretty hot out today isn’t it?” I pulled off the jumper I had been wearing making sure to lift up the thin T-shirt underneath flashing my new hard abs.“Wow I would love to see what this guy’s packing downstairs” I saw her smile, Gotcha.“Anyway I only came over because I need a research partner and I heard you were pretty good in the area”“OH. What is it you’re doing?” I could see she was confused, everyone knew she wasn’t the brightest girl around.“Well It’s a study of sexual relations in the modern world” She chuckled and flashed me a sexy smile.“Sure why don’t we head back on over to yours?” I nodded and helped her up, as we walked away I wrapped an arm around her and pressed the sides of our bodies together.Needless to say with my new power once we got back to the apartment it didn’t take much bullshit tipobet güvenilir mi about the fake essay for us to end up in the bedroom. We made out stood at the bottom of the bed as she ripped my shirt of and ran her hands over my new muscles. I pulled off her top revealing a tattoo under her breasts that read “Cum Addict” and pushed her backwards onto the bed then leaped on top of her. She reached down and grabbed the bulge in my jeans as she grasped my bottom lip in between her teeth. I wrapped my hands around her shorts and slid down her body kissing the length of her as I went taking her shorts with me; she was wearing a pink Hello Kitty thong. I rubbed my finger up and down the slightly wet patch. Being able to read her mind meant I knew exactly what it was she wanted, I switched my finger to my knuckles and grinded them up and down which caused her to squeal with pleasure. I pulled the underwear off, some of her wetness came with it in strands. Removing the thong revealed her bald pussy; I’d seen enough porn to know my way around this area. She had big lips that were now dripping wet; I pressed my face into them and pressed my tongue in between then running it up to the top and lapping at her clit. I got her clit between my tongue and my top teeth and gently squeezed it between them; she put a hand on my head and forced it closer to her, her nails felt good as they scratched against my scalp. She pushed me away and spun round on her front, then she yanked down my trousers and admired my cock, it seemed my abs weren’t the only improvement that had been made. She grabbed my now 9 Inch long member and kissed the tip before running her tongue up and down the length of it. She looked up at me with her big blue eyes as she greedily shoved my manhood into her mouth and sucked. It felt so good with her huge lips massaging the length of me and I felt myself wanting to cum but when I resisted the urge, the now familiar pain in my hand helped cool me off. She stood up and I undid tipobet giriş her bra, I traced around her nipples with my thumbs and then sucked on then one after another which made her giggle. I pushed her back on the bed and she landed on her front and held her ass in the air for me. I climbed on the bed knowing exactly what she wanted and slid my cock slowly into her dripping pussy. It felt good as the tip of my cock rubbed in between the large wet lips and into the soft, warm hole. I could see she didn’t want me to be gentle so I rammed myself into her as hard as I could; She began yelping with pleasure as I banged into her and I was hypnotised by the ripples I made in her ass as I slammed against her. The whole bed was moving now and I was slowly forcing her up the bed. She wrapped her hands around the top of my headboard. I pushed myself as far as I could ramming as fast and hard as possible. Even with the power from the mark it was becoming almost impossible not to cum, but I sensed she couldn’t last long either she was just muttering “Oh God Oh God Oh God” to herself over and over. I gathered all my strength and slammed into her with so much force the bed slammed against the wall so hard I’m sure I dented it. Lauren let out an almighty wail; I spun her round and saw her eyes rolled back in her head as her whole body shuddered with pleasure. I aimed and shot my huge load all over her tattoo, she recovered a few seconds later, rubbed her hands in my seed and then licked them dry. I collapsed on the bed, exhausted. She lay next to me for about a minute or so as she recovered before getting up and putting her clothes on. I had a feeling she wasn’t the cuddling kind. When she saw how soaked her thong was she shrugged and threw it at me.“Keep it, you earned it. I sure hope I helped you with your work.” She bit her bottom lip “If anything like that comes up again, you know where to find me.” And then she was gone, I lay there and heard the front door open and close. Then I heard Mesmer’s voice in my head “One down two to go”That’s when I realised. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I’m open to requests if you have something you want me to write leave your idea as a comment or PM me. I’m sure lots of you will think there’s a load of spelling errors in there, but I’m English so here they aren’t.

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