The Town of Umbolo: Coming of Age


This is another story from the town of Umbolo. A town where familial love is actively encouraged, especially between mothers her mothers, so soft and svelte and her brothers, firm and muscled. She gently ran her hands up and down her back and had to resist the urge to carry on and move her hand’s down to their respective buttocks, so she could feel the differences there too.

They finally pulled out of the hug and as they did, Nicole couldn’t help but look down between her mother’s legs to the neatly trimmed bush that framed her most intimate place, she felt her heart beat slightly faster as she saw a white pearl of cum leak from between her mother’s nether lips and make it’s way down her thigh. She looked over from her mom, and saw her brother’s penis, only semi-erect, but still wet from the combined juices of their Oedipal love making. Nicole felt desire stirring within her, her chest felt slightly tight, her breathing was getting deeper, her pussy felt like it was calling to her, increasingly keen for some attention and she felt an increasing dampness slowly leak out between her labia.

She suddenly realised she had been staring intently and obviously at their genitals, and looked up quickly embarrassed. Her brother was looking at her with an amused smirk on his face and her mother laughed.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s normal to be curious,” her mother said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Nicole smiled warmly at her and went and sat at the table. As much as she loved her mother and brother Nicole was slightly disappointed to see that the person she wanted to see the most, her father, was not here.

“Um, where’s dad?” she asked, trying not to sound too eager.

“He just popped out for a bit, don’t worry Squirt, he’ll be back soon.,” her brother said warmly, also sitting at the table, “someone’s a bit keen eh, daddy’s girl?” he laughed good-naturedly.

“Whatever momma’s boy,” she shot back.

“Momma’s boy and proud,” he said gazing lovingly at his mother before grabbing her by the hips and pulling her back onto his lap and planting a big kiss on her lips.

They made idle conversation for a while, talking about her birthday and reminiscing about birthdays past. Nicole though was barely paying attention, she kept glancing towards the door anxiously, waiting for her father to walk in. When the handle of the door finally began to turn, she had to resist the urge to jump up and run to the door. She just about managed to stay seated however but couldn’t keep the giant grin off her face as her dad, Ben, walked in. He looked fantastic, he always did. He brushed his sandy brown hair away from his face and fixed his sparkling blue eyes on her. When he smiled she felt like her entire body lit up in response. She beamed at him.

“Happy birthday honey pie,” he said smiling, he lifted up a box that he had bought in with him, “I bought some fresh croissants from the bakery, I know it’s your favourite.”

It was her favourite, though she didn’t eat them often in order to say in shape. He held out his arms beckoning her into a hug. Nicole didn’t bother playing it cool, she leapt up and into his arms, pulling him close into a deep embrace. With her face pressed into his chest she inhaled deeply, revelling in his masculine smell. He bought his arms around her as well and she felt so safe and secure, cocooned in his powerful arms.

She looked up at him smiling, and he reached down his face to hers and kissed her. Not the usual familial kiss on the cheek, but a proper kiss. He sucked her lip into his mouth and with it, the sexual tension that she had felt building up was released. She kissed him back intensely, her tongue pushing into his mouth, as she clung on to him. She was in heaven, she had never felt more connected to another human being. Eventually he pulled back, which was easier said than done because Nicole definitely didn’t want the kiss to end. He tucked her hair behind her ear and held her face in his hand.

“Don’t worry angel, evening will be here before you know it,” he said lovingly.

Nicole sighed, her father was right, but she had waited so long for today, waited so long to be with her father, and now that she was so close she didn’t feel like she could wait any longer. Still, she smiled back at him, gave him another squeeze and then opened the box and took a croissant out.

The rest of the day passed pleasantly enough, she had a nice breakfast and then spent the morning getting ready for a lunch with all her friends. The lunch, held at her favourite restaurant, was fun, but Nicole was restless. She kept between alternating between thinking back to the kiss esat escort she shared with her father and thinking ahead to the evening when she would finally be able to go further with him. The thought of that sent shivers through her, her pussy was aching for satisfaction, and she at several points considered sneaking off to the toilets and pulling down her panties and fingering herself to what would surely be an incredible orgasm. She held off though, she wanted to save it for tonight. She knew that would make it so much more special.

By the time she had finished lunch and returned home it was already late afternoon. She entered the house where her family was waiting for her. They were in the living room watching TV and she joined them, sitting down on the couch next to her dad, who pulled her into a cuddle. They chatted for a while among themselves, with Nicole regaling them with the details of the lunch, which all things considered, had been a lot of fun.

As the sun began to set over the town of Umbolo, Nicole found herself getting more and more excitable. It was so close. She could barely sit still. Her mother, perhaps noticing her squirming, got up.

“It’s getting pretty dark outside,” she said with a smile at Nicole, “I think it’s time for presents.”

Nicole grinned as the other members of her family got up and went out of the room, before returning, each holding neatly wrapped presents. Her brother went first. He had gotten her some personalized gymnast grips and leotards. Nicole, who was a keen gymnast, was delighted and gave him a big hug to thank him. Her mother went next, she had bought Nicole and a new iphone, once again to Nicole’s delight. Her father went last, his was the smallest of the presents, but when Nicole removed the wrapping she saw that it was a long jewellery box, she opened it excited and saw within a beautiful white gold necklace with a flower pendant set with diamonds. Nicole gasped, it was gorgeous.

“Oh dad,” she gasped, “this is so beautiful, it must have cost a fortune!”

“Anything is worth it for my girl,” he replied.

My girl. The words filled her with so much joy. She leapt up and into his arms. He lifted her off her feet, kissing her deeply and urgently, she responded in kind. Their tongues duelled and caressed as her father lifted her up off her feet to keep kissing her. Pressed against him like this she could feel him slowly get hard, it was such an erotic sensation to feel him slowly grow against her thigh. Nicole couldn’t resist and began grinding against him. Nicole’s mom noticed this and cut in.

“Alright enough you two, Nicky why don’t you go upstairs and get cleaned up,” she said.

They reluctantly let go of each other and Nicole almost ran upstairs. She went into her bathroom and stripped off her clothes. Perhaps unsurprisingly her panties were absolutely soaked. She pulled them off leaving a long strand of her juices hanging lewdly from her sex. She was almost afraid to wipe it off because of how aroused she was. She set the shower to cold and climbed inside. She had hoped that the cold water running over her lithe body would calm her down, and it did a little but not much. She was too excited and the moment was too close at hand.

She got out of the shower still trembling. She walked over to her dressing table and sat down and looked at her reflection, her cheeks were flushed, and she was unconsciously biting her bottom lip. Out of nervousness or arousal? Nicole wasn’t sure but seeing how hard her nipples were and and the heat radiating from her pussy the latter definitely played some part. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Honey, it’s me. Let me in,” her mother’s voice said through the door.

Nicole got up and opened the door slightly to let her mother in. Nicole’s mom came into the room holding another present in her hands. She stopped for a second looking at her still naked daughter and smiled proudly.

“You are going to make your father a very happy man,” she said, giving Nicole a quick kiss on the cheek, “This is for you to wear tonight.”

She held up the present for Nicole. Nicole opened it eagerly, within was a beautiful white summer dress.

“I don’t think you’ll need anything else,” her mother said, “Just the dress and maybe the necklace he got you, I’m sure Ben will love that.”

“Thanks mom!” Nicole replied as her mother slipped back out of the door.

Nicole slipped the dress on, and then sat back at her dressing table doing her hair, once she was done with that she took the necklace from the box it was in and clasped it around her neck. The chain was a little etimesgut escort long and the pendant sat just at the top of her cleavage which was nicely displayed by the dress her mother had got her.

She got up and left her room, making her way to her parent’s bedroom. Her heart was pounding in her chest, butterflies in her stomach and she could feel a droplet of moisture making its way down from her pussy down her thigh. Her mother was outside the bedroom and saw her looking a bit shaky so quickly made her way over.

“You look beautiful honey,” she said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek before holding her hand to help keep her steady. She led Nicole to the bedroom door and opened it to usher her in. The bedroom had been transformed. There were candles all over the bedroom that cast a warm but dim light all over the room. The bedsheets had been replaced with what looked like silvery silk and the floor and bed were littered with flower petals. It was beautiful, but to Nicole not nearly as beautiful as the man standing in middle of the room. Her father.

His shirt was off and the light of the candles cast enticing shadows across his chest and abs. He was looking at her and his eyes burned with desire. Nicole was rooted to the spot, transfixed. It took her mother in the end to push her forward towards him. Nicole fell forward into his arms and he immediately took her into a deep kiss. Her hands were pressed against his chest, and as she ran her hands through his chest hair she could feel his heart pounding in his chest. His hands slowly moved down her back, until one rested nicely on her ass, gently squeezing her cheeks as he kissed her. Nicole’s mother smiled seeing the two lovers, completely lost in each other. They looked so correct together, like they were perfectly made for each other. She quietly backed out of the room closing the door behind her, they still hadn’t had dinner but she had the feeling they wouldn’t be breaking for food any time soon, she’d leave some food ready for them downstairs and in the meantime she had her own lover who completed her. She walked happily to her son’s room.

Back in the main bedroom, Nicole and her father kept kissing, her fathers hand kept roving over her back and ass, gradually he lifted up her dress and stroked and groped her ass. Nicole moaned into his mouth, the feeling of her hands on her bare ass. he pulled apart from her and began to lift her dress off. She lifted her arms to help him to take it off until she finally stood before him, bare except for the necklace he had bought her, and fully exposed to his eyes. He stepped back and took her in hungrily, from her toned gymnast’s legs, her beautiful pussy, freshly shaved and leaking slightly onto her thighs, her firm toned tummy, and her breasts, not especially large but pert and perfectly shaped with enticing pink nipples perched upon it, the necklace nestled within the valley they formed, and that angelic face that he loved so much, staring adoringly back at him. His desire for her raged like a fire and he could feel his cock straining within his pants.

He walked forward and lifted her up and placed her on the bed. He kissed her briefly on the lips before moving down her body kissing her neck and collarbones and down to her breasts, he kissed each one delicately, before sucking one of her nipples into his mouth. Nicole’s body erupted in goosebumps with each kiss, and she moaned in pleasure as he sucked her nipple, his hands caressed her breasts. She ran her hands through his hair luxuriating in the pleasure. He resumed his journey down her body, kissing her belly as he moved closer and closer to her most special place. He reached her hips and kissed around her pelvis to her thighs, planting delicate kisses closer and closer to her pussy. Nicole was almost delirious with desire.

“Please, daddy…” she whimpered.

Ben wasn’t about to keep his daughter waiting, he gave a single long lick across her labia and Nicole shuddered with pleasure. Her clit was throbbing almost painfully as his tongue brushed past it. He lapped at her sex, savouring her abundant juices. Nicole’s arousal which was already high was almost as it’s peak, her breathing was heavy and her moans grew louder. He bought his finger up to slowly insert it into her burning quim. The first feeling of her father’s fingers pushing into her sent her over the edge and she came loudly, her thighs sandwiching his face.

Ben didn’t stop, easing his finger into her, feeling her walls gripping her like a vice. He continued to lick her steadily while his finger kept working inside her, stroking her in all the ankara escort right places as she continued to shudder in pleasure. It finally became almost too much pleasure to bear and she pushed her father’s head away. She lay panting on the bed as he moved up next to her. He held her close and stroked her hair, until she had recovered somewhat. She looked up at his face still slick with her juices and kissed him, savouring the erotic taste of her arousal on his lips. five minutes with her dad had already bought her more intense pleasure than she had felt at any point before in her life.

She wanted to make him feel the same pleasure. She gently pushed him onto his back. She looked down to his pants and saw his a significant bulge where his cock was clearly straining against his pants. She moved down, trying to emulate him by kissing down his body, she was sure her attempt was a lot clumsier than his but she tried anyway. Ben didn’t mind in the slightest. Feeling his daughter’s hot breath moving across his naked torso was driving him wild. His cock had never felt this hard and he longed for release.

Nicole reached his pants and moved to unbuckle and unzip them. Her hands were trembling slightly with excitement which made the process a little trickier than it would normally be. She finally managed it though and with a deep breath pulled his trousers and underwear down releasing his penis. She gasped as it came into view. It was the most beautiful and beguiling thing she had ever seen. It stood proudly from a neat patch of pubic hair, throbbing gently in all its veiny glory. She saw a drop of precum forming on the top of the head and she tentatively reached out and licked it off. The taste was a lot more pleasant than she had been expecting, slightly salty but enticing. She reached out and gripped it, enjoying the feeling of it pulsing warmly in her hand. She stroked it up and down and her father moaned in pleasure. She licked the head again, then paused her stroking to lick up and down his shaft, delighting in the moans she managed to elicit from her daddy. When she reached the top she sucked the head in and resumed stroking. She tried to take it deeper, but only managed to take it halfway before she gagged slightly. She was annoyed with herself and resolved to practise later until she could take the whole thing down her throat. For now though she satisfied herself with stroking and sucking what she could.

“Stop, baby,” her father said after only a minute, “Your mouth feels amazing, but I don’t want to cum in it just yet.”

He pulled her up and gave her another kiss before putting her on her back. He got between her legs and spread them wide, opening her up to him. Nicole looked down at her father in excited anticipation. He took his penis and gently rubbed the head up and down her slit, sending tingles shooting through her body.

“Are you ready sweetheart?” he asked her.

She nodded slightly in response.

“I love you baby,” he said, pushing into her tight hole.

Nicole gasped as she felt her dad’s warm manhood enter her. Her pussy was quite wet from how aroused she was, but still her tight pussy was slightly uncomfortable being stretched by the first cock it had encountered, the cock that helped make her. Noticing her wincing slightly, Ben leaned over slightly giving his daughter a gently kiss. He stroked the side of her face.

“Don’t worry honey pie, we can take it nice and slow,” he whispered softly.

She smiled warmly back at him and he kissed her again, just holding his cock in her warm tunnel savouring the feeling of his daughter’s cunt. Nicole enjoyed kissing her dad, if it was rapidly becoming one of her favourite things to do. She was gradually getting used to the feeling of her father inside her, her pussy feeling more comfortable around his cock. She wanted to tell her dad that she was ready to start again, but also didn’t want to stop kissing him, so instead she began to move, pushing her ass into the bed and then lifting it back up, to encouraging him to start thrusting. Ben didn’t need more encouragement and he began gently thrusting in and out of her. She moaned into his mouth, a formless wail of pleasure, spurring him on. He slowly picked up the pace, detaching from the kiss as their respective breaths grew more haggard and desperate. He moved his hand, squeezing and tweaking her nipples as she moaned beneath him. He knew he wasn’t going to last very long, he was okay with that, this was just the first time of the rest of their lives together, there would be many more. He looked down at his daughter’s face as he fucked her, relishing in the sight of her flushed face with a few strands of hair clinging to the sweat of her face, her eyes were half closed in pleasure and her plump lips were parted to allow soft moans and grunts to escape from it. He lay down on her embracing her tightly and really fucked her, thrusting rapidly in and out.

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