THE TRAINING OF CORINNAOur date had gone well I had a wonderful time with Simon he wined me and dined me told the most wonderfully entertaining stories he had me laughing all evening so why was he now brutally ass fucking me? After our date he brought me to the door and kissed me oh yes I had wanted him to kiss me very much plus I was kind of horny from the wine and it felt so nice that I grabbed his cock through his pants then his tongue got busy in my mouth and all thoughts of no sex on the first date vanished I was no virgin my cherry had been busted a long time ago but most times I like to make them wait for a couple of dates before I give them the pussy not tonight though I was going to fuck Simon no matter what! I broke the kiss and asked sweetly “Would you like to come in for a drink?” He knew what that meant and quickly said yes we got into my apartment and the clothes flew off he carried me into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed “I like it a little rough!” He said and before I knew it he had me on the bed ass up in the air with my hands held behind me he plunged his hard cock all the way up my ass he didn’t even work it in a little or finger fuck me first to loosen me up I gasped in pain as his cock and it was a nice big cock let me tell you filled my colon completely I felt his balls and they were big hairy balls slap into my pussy my very horny pussy that had gotten me into this mess in the first place I was going to have to give it a good talking to later…but right now I was getting ass fucked and not in a nice way he hard fucked my ass driving his big cock in and out while I cried out in pain “Stop Simon I don’t like that Please stop your Killing Me Oh My god!” Simon laughed and said “Your going to learn to like it Corinna I’m going to teach you how to find pleasure in the pain!” Then he pulled his cock out of my ass and then threw me over before I could speak he had my head over the side of the bed backwards and then he jammed his cock down my throat and I gagged as his balls covered my eyes like big hairy shades and I tasted myself I had heard of this treatment it was called ass to mouth I had never done it before the thought had been too repulsive to me to let anyone do that not that I had ever been asked to before Simon did not ask he just did it to me I felt his cock fucking my throat and I could not breathe and I started to panic then he began to rub my clitoris and suddenly things changed a tingle spread from the nub into my pussy up my spine and into my brain where it turned into an orgasm and I came with his cock deep in my throat my face purple from lack of oxygen with my sore ass still wide open from being fucked so brutally I came and came hard Simon then came too but he pulled out of my throat and filled my open mouth with it as my orgasm continued he kept filling my mouth until it ran out of my lips and down my face and into my hair then he pinched my nose closed and said “SWALLOW!” at first I refused then he pinched my nipples hard and pain exploded with my orgasm and it was so intense he repeated “Simon Says SWALLOW!” so I did it took a few gulps to get it all down and I gagged a bit from the thickness of it then when he saw that I had finished it all he milked the last few drops into my mouth and made me swallow them as well I was gasping and still feeling the after effects of my own orgasm when he got onto the bed he pulled me over and put a pillow under my head then he kissed me and at first I resisted but then hormones took over and as he spread my legs I felt my traitorous hand reach for his cock it was hard again and I put it where it was supposed to go and my pussy gratefully accepted it I had another orgasm almost immediately I had never cum this quickly before and I thrashed and squirmed beneath him he felt my tits then pinched my nipples again and I had another orgasm what was going on how was he making me cum so many times other guys had to work at it to get me to release but here I was giving it up time after time with Simon did I like the rough sex obviously my body did for it was now hypersensitive responding in ways it never had before I had been mad at him for just taking me like that but now I was having second thoughts about it if it made me feel like this then maybe Simon knew what he was doing after all I decided to just relax and enjoy the sex he brought me to many more orgasms before cumming himself I felt him release deep inside me and my womb welcomed his offering! He kissed me passionately then looked into my eyes and then smoothed the hair from my sweat slicked brow “Now that wasn’t so bad now was it?” I had to admit he had a point no it wasn’t so bad in fact I had never came so many times in so short a time before I was confused a little but his cock was still inside me and that felt nice his body laying on top of me was beautiful well proportioned and muscular and yes he was very handsome so he liked it a little rough I guess I could learn to like it other women did I could try it if I didn’t want it later I could break it off completely and move on…so I said “Okay no it wasn’t so bad but my ass still hurts you jerk!” I play punched him in the chest and he laughed then I laughed and then we made love again and I fell asleep in his arms and slept soundly the sound of his breathing lulling me into even deeper sleep…Okay so my ass was a little sore the next day but not in a bad way in a I just got fucked by a big cock kind of way and that’s not bad at all so when Simon asked me over to his house for the weekend I was excited and kind of a little scared what sinop escort would he do to me there would I like it I mean I did begin to like it our first night I still can’t believe I fucked him on the first date I am such a slut but hey I was horny and I got fucked didn’t I so no harm right? I told Simon I would let him know about the weekend I needed a little time to think about it I did a little research on guys that like rough sex and I found all sorts of unbelievable stuff out there girls tied up fucked whipped pussy tortured god you name it guys do it to us and the girls are smiling they love it I began to think about it and the thought began to turn me on more than a little so I called Simon and told him I was on for the weekend so I went and bought some sexy underwear and some hot spiked heels I saw the girls in the video’s all wore spiked heels I worked out hard all week toning my body I wanted to look amazing for Simon just in case he wanted to take some pics of me I know I’m a slut so sue me! The weekend came and Simon picked me up I was wearing my leather coat that came down to my knees I wanted to surprise him when I took it off I was wearing nothing but sexy underwear under it but had my clothes in an overnight bag when we got to Simon’s I was a little nervous but after we got inside and I took off my leather coat Simon’s eyes lit up “Damn girl but you look so fucking HOT!” I paraded around for him for a bit letting him check out my toned and sexy body we had a few drinks and suddenly my underwear fell off I just looked and they were gone replaced by Simon’s hands Simon’s body rubbing against mine on the sofa Simon’s fingers sliding into my pussy I was ready and he knew it so he took me by the hand and led me to a room I thought it was his bedroom but it wasn’t he said “This is my playroom Corinna come in and play with me!” He opened the door and the walls were painted black there were all sorts of things in there things I had seen in videos and photo’s… chains an assortment of whips were hanging on the wall it looked medieval in there a large ring was sticking out of the high ceiling there were ropes hanging down I was amazed and a little frightened at first but he showed me around let me touch and feel everything he took me in his arms and kissed me “Pleasure and Pain let me show you the way to your freedom!” I looked into his eyes there was no malice there this was what he enjoyed could I enjoy it too I would let him show me if I didn’t like it I would just leave but I didn’t realize that it’s hard to leave when your tied up and helpless so I let him take me to the ropes that were hanging and I let him tie ropes to my ankles he attached the rope to a wheel and pushed a button up went the rope and then up went me and as I rose my legs spread wider and wider until it felt like I would split in half when I was upside down then he tied a rope to my long hair and pushed a button the ropes pulled my hair towards the opposite wall when my head was level with my feet he stopped the ropes from pulling then my arms were bound together tightly I was facing the floor as my arms were tied to ropes and when the button was pushed and the wheel turned my arms raised behind me up straight to the ceiling it was excruciatingly painful and I cried out in agony I was being held up by my ankles and my hair he had a huge mirror against the wall so I could see myself I looked like the girls in the photo’s maybe better my well toned German body was flawless and even though the pain was intense I got hot looking at myself! He admired his work then took some more rope and bound my breasts he tied them so they were poking out from my body straight they turned a deep red and purple color and my nipples were huge with blood standing like fence posts then he pinched them really hard and I screamed in pain he laughed and said “That is not pain my Darling I will show you what pain feels like!” I almost fainted but then it stopped “Lets get you acquainted with my whips Corinna we’ll teach you their ways the ways of your flesh!” My body shivered in anticipation and fear as he went to the whip rack he chose a cat of nine tails and returned “This is a good beginner whip great for first timers!” He brought it down with a hard lash across my buttocks I hissed in pain then he said “There is the pain now lets add the pleasure!” He went to a drawer and selected a horseshoe looking thing and brought it over he inserted it into my pussy and my asshole at the same time and I gasped as it entered he squeezed it until it clicked and held itself tight inside me it was pressed against my G-spot I could feel it there just below my pubic bone and then he turned it on and waves of pleasure exploded into my brain I had an immediate orgasm which was made more intense by the pain of the rope suspension I writhed and moaned as the currents of pleasure ran through me then the whip came down again and my ass cried out in pain I was still cumming as the blows fell I lost count how many they fell not just on my ass but all over my body I cried out in pain and pleasure again and again finally he stopped he came to my head took my hair in his hand and lifted my face higher “Enjoying yourself Corinna I have something special for you now I love those beautiful tits and pussy of your but we need to decorate them up a little he went to a cabinet and got out a wooden case he brought it over and opened it inside there were golden teardrops as large as a Kiwi fruit and some as small as g****s they all had one thing in common they all had a long wickedly looking escort sinop sharp hook at the top of the teardrop he chose two of the largest ones and held them up for me these are for your nipples he said I don’t see that they have been pierced that’s good more fun this way!” He got below me and I watched him in the mirror he pulled up a chair and sat down in it then he reached up and took one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed hard I groaned from the pain and as he pulled my nipple away from my body I watched it stretch he was going to pierce my nipple with that thing OMFG I was helpless to stop him then he took the wickedly sharp end of the hook and began to slowly feed it through my nipple I let out a horrible scream as I felt it pushing through my flesh finally it popped out the other side and he looked to see that it had gone through straight then he let the teardrop hang free the weight of the thing pulled my nipple towards the floor and I screamed again “All this screaming will not do! The neighbors might hear you and call the police!” He climbed out from under me and went to another cabinet he came back with a hood fitted with a gag he shoved the thick bulb of the gag into my mouth and it filled my entire mouth cavity I could not utter a sound then he wrapped the hood around my head it had eye holes and a nose hole but no mouth hole and when he zipped it up I was silenced completely I looked at myself hanging there from ropes welts from the whipping striping my body I saw my eyes staring back at me from the black leather hood all I could make was muffled cries barely heard he smiled patted the side of my face then he went back to work he pulled then pierced my other nipple then let that one hang free both my nipples were being stretched towards the floor the pain was intense I watched as blood seeped out of my nipples and ran down the golden teardrops to drip onto the floor what a sight it was he went and got a camera and took lots of photos from all angles I noticed a video camera in every corner of the room with blinking lights taping my initiation into this dark painful but intensely pleasurable world of his…He went to another room and when he came back he had a silver box with a ribbon and a bow on it “I have a present for you!” he stated then he came by my head and showed me my gift it looked like a vagina made of gold it had designs on it and a single word SIMON engraved across it… he showed me how it was hinged down the middle how it folded then he showed me the back side of the device there were four wickedly sharp curving spikes that came out two on either side and when I grasped the nature of the thing I screamed into my hood but of course no sound other than a few UHH UHH UHH noises could be heard from my mouth it was a chastity device he was going to put onto me he was going to make my pussy his by locking it away from everyone else OMFG what had I got myself into…He fitted it to my vagina sizing it up to fit then he squeezed the clam shell together and the spikes drove themselves through my tender flesh through the lips of my most tender spot I screamed in my torment as the spikes continued through me finally connecting to the other side I heard a loud click and then it was over my pussy was locked away it was now his and he showed me the key it was a golden key small but with big meaning “Now that sweet pussy is mine and mine alone! Only I will fuck you and only when I want to is that understood Corinna?” Defeated I nodded my hooded head… beaten completely taken I was no longer myself I was now his to do with as he pleased I had asked for this and now I was this what was to come next I wondered it didn’t take long to find out…I felt my blood oozing from my damaged pussy it dripped from the pussy lock slowly he took some more pictures of his handiwork then got up and went to another cabinet he came back with a spray can it was Bactine a spray to prevent infection and he sprayed it liberally on my tits and all over my pussy as the medicine cleansed the wounds it burned like fire I bucked and squirmed in my ropes as the torment continued until finally it stopped he came and took the gag from my mouth I breathed heavily through my lips then I said “It hurts Simon please take them out of me?” Simon laughed again “Get used to it bitch you haven’t seen anything yet we are just getting started!” I moaned in pain and he laughed some more then he went and got from another cabinet the room was full of them obviously it was a black box with dials and meters on it there were long wires coming from it many wires with some type of gold pinching clamp on the ends he plugged it in and I heard it hum he turned up the knob and it hummed louder “”I am going to stimulate you a little Corinna get you juiced up a little!” He laughed at his little joke and I stared in horror at the device what was he going to go with it I shuddered to think of it… He took some leads and attached them to the gold spikes in my tits then he went underneath me and hooked up some more to the gold pussy lock I watched with eyes huge as he came in front of me and showed me the box it hummed with an evil sound buzzing with energy he was going to electrocute me with it I could imagine the current flowing into my damaged tits and pussy entering me through those spikes into my body…OMFG save me…No answer I was alone…He turned up the knob all the way and the box hummed mightily I braced myself for the jolt but it never came I cringed and closed my eyes waiting for it to happen but still nothing sinop escort bayan Simon laughed again “Silly Corinna I only hooked up the positive leads to you there can be no current flow without the negative leads he held those up in his hands these are the negative you are the positive first I need to get myself ready for my part in this and he came over to me and shoved his cock into my mouth I said “UGHHH UGHHHH” around his cock as he fucked it into my mouth “Suck it Corinna Suck it like your life depends on it because it may!” I sucked it I sucked it as good as I had ever sucked anyone maybe he would spare me if I did it good enough? I doubted it though and as soon as he was finished mouth fucking me he withdrew his cock wet with my spit and fluids from my throat where he had been and he connected the negative leads to his balls there were four leads two for each of his nuts “Now we are ready for some fun!” I realized what he was going to do and I stared in horror at his cock then he took a jar from behind his back and held it up for me to see it was called Body Fire a muscle relaxing gel made to soothe those aching muscles he took off the lid and I could smell the menthol so strong my eyes watered he took some and spread it over his cock liberally coating it from head to shaft to balls with the blue gel “AHHHH Baby feel it burn my cock its on fire it feels like there are flames coming off this cock do you know where this cock is going Corinna? Can you guess it’s not your pussy I have that locked up safe but you have another hole back there and that is where it needs to go!” “No Simon don’t do this to me Please baby I’ll do anything you want just don’t put that thing in my ass!” Simon laughed an evil sounding laugh like the sound of demon laughter emanating from hell “Enough talk Bitch NOW YOU LEARN!” He shoved the gag back into my mouth and secured it then he went behind me I could hear his footsteps retreating then his presence I felt between my legs I could feel the negative wanting to join the positive what would happen when they did? He moved closer and I could feel my skin prickle with energy I felt my pussy lock begin to hum in anticipation of his cock and then he put it closer and sparks flew from his cock head to my asshole the energy was enormous I started to vibrate with it my muscles were dancing under my skin and then he shoved it into my anus he gripped my hips and drove that gel coated cock balls deep into my anus and positive met negative and the current flowed into me through his cock it came like a lightning rod and my brain exploded in agony I knew what it must feel like to be electrocuted my tits were jumping on my chest and my pussy was twitching like it was having a seizure or something and the spikes felt hot in my flesh I screamed in agony I screamed as loud as I could but the muffled cries coming from my gag were pitifully weak I could hear Simon gasping as well the current was probably cooking his balls for him I imagined them glowing with the current impossibly he came the stimulus of the electricity must have triggered his orgasm and I heard him cum then I felt his cum jet into me it flowed fast filling my colon then back flowing out of my asshole it ran in rivers down the crack of my ass and his cum was electrical too I felt it sizzling its way down my ass to fall onto my pussy lock where it popped and crackled like a frying egg in a hot pan finally he could stand it no longer and he pulled it out of me my asshole was on fire still that gel had my insides glowing hot it felt like I had been fucked by the Devil and I imagined his huge fiery cock jammed deep into my ass OMFG please save me I begged inside my head…but I was alone here no god to save me just myself I knew what I had to do I had to accept my fate I had to accept Simon as my god and give myself to him body and soul only in doing that could I save myself so I did… I gave in and I felt my muscles relax and as I did nothing mattered other than to please Simon that was my purpose and my desire…I felt myself cum as I accepted this I felt my locked pussy release a flood of cum from inside me I heard it dripping out of me in rivers and still I came again and again and I saw Simon taking pictures of my pussy and that made me cum even harder jerking in my bonds as I convulsed in orgasms too many to count! Simon let me hang there for awhile composing myself then he took me down from my perch he removed the gold teardrops from my breasts and replaced them with large gold rings they locked into place and there was no key they said SIMON across the bottom so now my tits and pussy were his I was okay with that and loved my new jewelry I thanked Simon for the gift and he said “Your welcome Corinna! Now we can begin your training you want to become a good pupil now don’t you?” I got on my knees and looked up at him “Yes Master I Do!” I replied with joyous tears falling onto my breasts “Thank You for wanting Me!” He just smiled and said “Come back tomorrow for lesson number Two how far you go depends on you!” I nodded humbly and kissed his feet then left for home…I would look at myself in the mirror for hours remembering the pain and the pleasure I felt the rings in my nipples and felt the lock on my pussy I belonged to Simon now there was no turning back nor did I want to I was excited about my future training and could not wait to begin…One evening I was having a drink in my favorite bar and a man came up and bought me a drink he was very handsome and witty and he wanted to fuck me I knew it from the way his eyes crept to my lap when he thought I wasn’t looking I smiled thinking of my locked pussy under my dress no he would not be fucking me tonight though maybe I could suck him off in the bathroom…hmmm I guess I need more training sorry Simon!Never, THE END!

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