The twins Haitien boys


The twins Haitien boysIt was going to be a nice camping trip i was so excited to try my new tent and sleep in the woods I packed all my stuff and on friday we left my parents and me 3hrs away from homeWr got there just before dawn and i set up my tent on my camp ground momy and dad in the little chalet they rented not far maybe 500 feet from my campgroundwe ate diner and i was out riding my bike in the camping trails they were 2 identical black twin guys fishing down the river I stop curious if they caught anything maybe 3 yrs older than me”hi is the fish biting?””hey, no we just got here wanna fish with us?””sure why not””my brother has a spare rod”i never fished that much , i got stuck in the river and coudnt get it to reel”shit im stuck””dont loose it try to get it off ”i tried my best pulling too hard on the rod and it snap in 2”omg wtf you doing , you stupid or what you needed to pull the line only not the rod””shit sorry sorry ””dammit boy that was a brand new rod””im so sorry, i pull like you said”he was angry . took the rod from my hand and started to treat me like a dumb boy”you stupid white boy cant do anything good ””bro easy , he did it by mistake””mistake or not it was my 50 buck rod whos gonna pay for it now””that lure was one of my favorite you better go get it boy ”i look at the line still stuck in the river”i ….cant its in the river”and he grab me , getting my shirt off”you stop talking and go get my lure ”my short ripped down , leaving me in my tight fit bue pale boxer”please please no”and he throw me in the riveri fetch the lure him telling me not to stop looking until i found iti got it unstuck and crawl back to the shoreall wet holding the lure feeling so shy and stupid ”thats better, now you only owe me a rod”i dress and left in a hurry on my bike ”hey were you going?”i pedal fast getting away and got back to my tent , wet and changing myself quick mom and dad were talking around the fire place and i join them before they got to sleep around 10i wall back to my camp zone the rod guy was there holding a towel and a bottle of gel soap”there you are, you think you can break my rod and get away with it?””fuck im so sorry i didnt mean to i swear””so what you gonna do, that was 50 buck i work to buy that rod””im sorry i dont have 50 bucks””you gonna follow me then and pay for it”his strong hand locking on my back necki tried to be quiet him pulling me by the neck to the showers chalet, pleading i was sorry”it doesnt matters , you break it and gonna pay for it””how , i have no money”he kept quiet about it, both in the shower cabin, him locking the doori was scared, he blocked me the door exit and started undressing me”you so fucking small, get in the shower little cock boy, look at this”and he was undressing his bbc twice my size making me freeze eyes lock on the monster cock”omfg what the hell””you like how big iam, you better be you are here to suck me off””oh fuck i think..”slap he smack my face ”you are not here to talk, you are here to suck my big rod to pay for my fishing one”i was face hurt,he smack me hard and i lost my will to fight himits true i broke his 50 bucks rod”do you understand?””ok yes yes halkalı escort i do””good , here i dont want to see that tiny cock, you gonna put this”and one legs at a time i was help in a red bottom bikini panty ”there you go cute sissy, you fit well in bikini, small cocks all love to be hidden inside girl cloth””now go start the shower and wait on your knees mouth open ”he tap my ass twice and sent me to my fate, in the tight red swim suit turning the hot water feeling nervous, but accepting it, the big cock making me obediant mine so small and hidden inside some girl bottom bikinihim rolling himself somethingmouth open water pouring on my back he walk inside joints light up smoking his bbc all hard and up”there, have fun with this big black cock boy, pay for my rod with your mouth i wont say a word about this”i took him inside licking his big head and he moan smoking some weed getting sucked”thats it like that, get that pretty white mouth deep on my rod boy””yes mmmmmm you suck good , you could be a cute sissy you know””going out at night to suck cock in secret, on your knees pleasing real cocks yours hidden in sexy panty ””i met one before , white boy makes the perfect fuck dolls””yes look at me, you know iam right, see how big iam, tharts a real cock boy, you love my big cock i know you small white cock lil boy all love sucking on my cock in secret and get that cute ass fuck like a pussy””ohhh so cute you afraid? look up at me, are you afraid i try to enter that small ass with my cock boy”nodding, looking up , i was trully afraid he would do it””i wont if you make me cum like a good cocksucker”his fat cock barely fit my mouth , i was scared for my pink ass , sucking him better and moaning wanting to be a good cock sucker”yes thats better be a good cocksucker, suck me good and i wont fuck your ass”i worshipped him moaning like a hungry lil sluthe liked it, how i went with it and just become a natural, head bobbling mouth open taking him deep”oh yes you are good, im gonna cum in that mouth, keep it , you suck so good now”i was proud, he smoked weed telling me i was really good at this now, that he would cum i only care about making him cum, i was drooling on myself from his bbc, gagging and diving back on the bbcthrowing the spliff away he took my head , pin it on the shower wall in the corner”open up sissy boy”yes try to let it all in , you love this , you are such a sissyhe fucked my head deep and hard”im gonna cum , im gonna cum , take it sissy boy swallow it all yessssss ahhh ahhhh fuck ahhhhh yessss alll in your belly , get it all boy , fuck you suck good”all of it flooding in my mouth , swallowing in succession all of iti was looking at him rub his dick on my facecleaning it on me”your a good sissy, i like you, thanks for the blowjob , my rod was old and a gift , i just felt like getting sucked i hope you dont mind”i was speechless, i just sucked him dry for nothing except his pleasuretricked, in red bikini, my belly full of cumi walk out thinking of it and feeling stupid , i was tricked and had my belly filled with cumi opened my tent and it was dark so i didnt see himi close the lid just before i was pulled down on şişli escort my mattressass up on my stomachmy head turned and i saw his silhouette putting his fat cock in my mouth”you sucked my bro in the shower boy?””yes you did, i was right thats why hes been gone for an hour””suck mine too, show me how you sucked him”i was used my head pull on his fat cock, just like his twin he had a huge cock and needed it drainedthe tent zipped was open i was scarted my parents eard us. but it was his brotherjust back with lube and not waisting time to lube my ass”hold him, and dont leave his mouth his parent are close””yeah yeah i know”i was spitroasted, he pop my cherry adding more lube until he could slide easy i and out making me moan on his twin cock”your a sissy now, stay quiet and take our bbc like a good girl”they made love to my ass , taking turn holding it up and pumping in meit was their pussy for the nighti was broken by them two to accept i was too small and prefer getting my ass fuck by big cocksit went in so easy, so right after they stretch me for half an houri was willingly bouncing on one sucking on the other moaning with themi felt lucky being fuck, getting all the attentionand i realised how a true sissy i was whe he cum in me, making me moan of joy, my sissy pussy feeling so hottone cock out replaced by the otherused by them both to cum, it felt so right, those big cock so powerfull they needed my holei was kissing the guy i just made cum in my pussy ”you feel my babies in you girl””work for my bro babies , you want more you are so cute like this””make him cum in you yes , its what you want tell him””please please cum in me ohhhhhh please it feels so gooood”my mom had lighter sleep than dad and she was worry about the faint sound she could earshe was hidden behind the tent not believing what was happening inside wanting to help her son but when she got closer she listen anb fell on the groundher lil boy moans clear , kissing sucking moaning the constant tap tap tap of her son bottom on someone lapshe stayed on the grass her hand rubbing inside her panty, her son getting fucked by the two new friends he madeimages of her small son ass up two bbc pumping in him , in her head not able to think otherwise the moaning so obviousshe coudnt stay to listen more afraid her husband would find out too and wanting to protect him she never saw them for the rest of the weekend, her boy always went out to ”play with the twins”knowing to well they both were turning her son into a cock loving bitchthe weekend ended with her son smiling weird all the way back homethe twins ”goodbye” load in her son now tight pink pussyits hard for a mom to keep a secret but she had no choice once back homethe very first night they were back at 2am her son walk out to the backyard and in the next minute she saw henry the father of 3 living in our streetdivorced black guy i his 40s, walking carefully in the backyardboth entering the harden tools lockerthe small locker just big enought to hide at night and suck the neighbor bbcshe coudnt resist and had to listen if evrything was okaygetting out in silence to the locker ”yes suck your daddy sarıyer escort bbc, you should have tell me before boy, i love getting sucked in secret”sound of someone clearly licking and weting the big cock”oh yes, good sissy boy you look great in this, i will buy you more if you are my good girl”not believing what she was witnessinghe had put her son in panty and call him his girl…..”cute hello kitty string, sucking on daddy bbc, yes like that , good little white sissy doll””out at night in your new cute string wanting to suck daddy big black cock”it was crazy, she fell sorry for her son but at the same time he was the one on the floor mouth working the older black guythe sound of sucking so clear her lil son moaning mouth open ”ok good girl here give that pussy to your daddy now””sit on it mmmmm yes down go down daddy will make you bounce like your on a ride at the arcade”and she listen to her sissy son girly moanstap tap tap tap her son bouncing on a bbc and sounding so happyshe fely dizzy this was too much , she had to go back inside and sleepher son moaning in the locker become faint and not audibleat least they were ”quiet”it became a routineevryday 2am she woke up to the sound of her son going outdress sexy better looking until she saw a blond girl at night , in sexy dress walking out, her son was turned into a real girlwigs and evrything , looking pretty before getting in carsso many different cars each night stopping her sissy son walking inside blackguys, always older and driving awaythen one day her son bought a car, not knowing how he made so many cash, she now was sure the neighbor made him into a wore, selling him for moneyshe had to know and followed himjust to see him enter a weird housethe curtains closed but cracked she saw the poker table in the other roomher sissy son soon appearing getting on his knees under the tableand she saw clear from the crack in the curtainsthe chip leader bbc out , her son crawling toward it engulfing it with precisionshe watch in curiousity but disbeliefall them acting like this was usual, playing poker and having her sissy son sucking under the tablehe help her up and just like that panty pull down sit her on him , holding her the sissy holding the cards for him bounced up and down as he playedhe lost his hand and had to give her to the winnercrawling back under the table ass up on all 4 going to the new bbc, sucking him before pull up on his lap , given the cards and fucked she walk awayher son was more than a wore, she was a toy, a doll , submissive and smilling pleasing black older guys making money at private poker game , making sure everyone go home empty and happythe next morning she went to see if her son was in his roomthe blond gurl sleeping ass up plugged and in panty she close the door , happy she was back ok”ok yes she is sleeping, lets be quick”mommy was becoming too jaleousthe neighbor was passing again but this timeshe serve him cofee and smile”i know what to do i think”and to his pleasure she undress in hello kitty string under the table”can i have your big cock daddy”the married mom coudnt resist , she had to taste it toounder the table moaning like a young girl asking if shes doing it right”oh yes you are, keep it up , you are a cute girl ”she suck him wetbefore getting up kissing himsit on his cock”fuck me , fuck me i need it”loosing herself , becoming herself addict to big cocksher pussy so wet , stretching up the jaleous mom loosing it , blaming her sissy sonbouncing on the bbc”omg its so good”

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