The Video Conference

Big Tits

An email notification from your work desktop wakes you from a sweet day dream you rarely get the chance to enjoy. It’s a calendar invite for a two hour meeting to begin in 10minutes. There is no description of what the meeting entails. The invite simply reads a three digit room number and a name, Matthew! Your cheeks flush with haste, as your mind races to think what the meeting could be. You feel an instant tingle run up your thighs and arousal creeps over your body. You argue with yourself if you should accept the invite. You make your decision to… “Amber, can you book a conference room for Thursday the 18th? I need to discuss the new proposal for the downtown building.” Your boss’s voice, like nails on a chalk board, interrupts your unraveling, undefined fantasy. You scribble what you can remember from his request on a post-it as you turn your attention back to the screen. Where is this room located? As you read the room number over and over you realize it is familiar. You go to the intranet on your work desktop and find that it’s a small conference room on a different floor.

We have never met in person. You hardly know my appearance aside from what I’ve described. How do I know where you work exactly? Your mind overflows with too many questions all at once. Your feel heaviness in your throat and lightness in your head as you open the invite. In the body of the invite it is said this meeting will be a video conference. A level of comfort combines with a level of nervousness. How do I know so much information? You resolve to accept the meeting. You notify a co-worker that you’ll be away for a while.

You get up to leave. Almost on auto pilot you make your way to the elevator. You step out of the elevator onto the correct floor. You realize you can’t remember the last few moments. You utilize the plaque on the wall, pointing in the direction of the conference room. Next to the correct door another plaque is present, this one simply states “Reserved for the next two hours.” Closing your eyes, you take two long deep breaths in an attempt to calm your nerves. You open the door to a small room, which can seat no more than six people. The only lights on are track lights setting a mood of intimacy. You close the door behind you, and are thankful there are no windows into the room.

It finally hits you, the room is empty. All the chairs casino şirketleri are moved against the wall. Mounted on the wall opposite the door is a giant flat screen TV. The rectangle table in the middle is clear except for a box wrapped in brown paper. On top of the box is tapped a small envelope. You slide the box close to you, tear off the envelope. In my handwriting are simple instructions to open the box first. You quickly open the package and find a simple and beautiful half faced masquerade mask, a soft white feather, a pair of cordless headphones and another note. You read “put on the mask and headphones then turn on the T.V.” Perplexed at their meaning, you do as instructed and then turn on the TV.

On the screen appears a broad chested, shirtless, bearded masked man staring back at you from another small empty conference room. His face is concealed by a mask similar to the Phantom of the Opera. You can only see from the middle of his stomach up. You stay still, as if not moving will hide you. My voice booms over the headphones as I explain that you will be the only one to hear my voice and that I picked the conference room that you’re in because of its sound proof quality. As you’ve never heard my voice you ask me to prove I’m the masked man. After doing so, you ask what this is all about.

“You’ve never seen my face, and now I have never seen yours. However, I want to watch you cum for me.” You feel warmth rush into your face, and between your thighs. “I will guide you, instruct you. This will be for my viewing pleasure. However, you will be the only one getting off.” You feel a slight disappointment that you won’t get to watch me, yet a tingle of feeling sexy. I want to watch you, want to make you cum with my words.

“Seeing you standing there, your long strawberry blond hair flowing from behind the mask, you are amazingly sexy. Now, grab the feather. I want you to imagine the feather is my lips. Close your eyes, and start lightly tracing it back and forth over your lips. Now slide it over your cheek, to the side of your neck, imagining my breath against your skin. Use your free hand to run up and down your body. Feel your breast over your clothes” You do as instructed, giving in to me. “Slide your hand down your body, in-between your legs, feeling your warmth. Put down the feather, undo your pants and let them fall to casino firmaları the floor. Face the other way, so you can take of your blouse.”

Realizing I say this so you can remove your mask while still maintaining anonymity, your wanting to please me urges you on. “You have an amazing backside.” You blush, realizing I’m staring at your terrific ass. You turn back around wearing a mask, headphones, bra and panties.

“You look beautiful, deliciously sexy. Pick up the feather, and trace it from your chin, down your neck. Over your chest, between you breast, over your stomach. Now stop at the waist band of your panties. Starting at your left knee, slowly draw the feather up your thigh, stopping at your hip. Move over to your right knee and do the same thing. If that feather was my lips I have just traced them over your body, breathing you in.”

The thought of this makes you squeeze your thighs together. The feeling of the feather caressing your skin has made you wet. You can feel the arousal rising inside you. The anticipation of what I’m going to ask you to do next.

“I want you to rub your pussy through the fabric of your panties. Spread your sweet wetness into them.” The sudden jump to something so forward takes you by surprise. You hesitantly do as instructed. “Good girl. Feel the warmth through the fabric. Feel your sweetness in it. Feel your wetness consume your panties. I want to taste you. Put your fingers next to your mouth, and taste your sweet arousal.”

You taste yourself while I watch what a thought. Doing as instructed, you hear my breath in deep. My voice right in your ear, as if I were standing right next to you. “Now, using both hands, gently feel your breast through your bra. Feel your nipples harden under the touch. Now take it off. Show me how exquisite your breasts are. You have all the power right now Amber. Even though I’m instructing you, you can choose not to continue.”

You unhook the bra, and let the straps glide over your shoulders as it falls to the floor. Standing in your wet panties, breast exposed, you feel sexier than ever. “Now, slide your panties down over your thighs, and off.”

Your fingers hook the waist band, and you push them down with teasing slowness. You reveal your pussy to me for the first time. You stand back up, completely naked save for the mask. Your nipples harden. güvenilir casino Your pussy glistening with your sweet wetness in the soft gold light, you wait further instruction. “Sit on the table facing me, knees up and spread. Now, with one hand I want you to spread your delectable pussy for me. Show me your clit.”

Doing as instructed, you feel your nipples reach their peak. Your clit begins to throbbing, as if screaming for attention. “Rub your clit for me. Show me how you enjoy yourself.”

With your index and ring finger, you spread your pussy. You begin to lightly flick the tip of your middle finger against your clit, moaning for me. “Yes baby, enjoy your sexy body. Make your pussy wet for me.”

Hearing my encouragement you shove your middle finger inside your wet pussy. You hear me let out a low guttural moan. You look up at the screen and see me tracing my middle finger across my bottom lip. My blue eyes staring at your beautiful pussy; the attention spurs you to lie down on the table; you begin to slide your finger in and out of your pussy.

“Imagine my finger inside you baby. Imagine me fucking your pussy with my finger.” You begin to imitate this for me. The wet sound of your pussy wrapped around your finger turning you on even more.

In a whisper: “I want you to come for me Amber. I want you to make your pussy explode all over my finger.” Your breath quicken with each thrust. You want it. You want to come. You want me to see you come. You want to come for me.

Pressing your hand against your clit, your middle finger deep inside you the release comes, the sensation over takes you. You sit half way up as every muscle in your torso tenses. Looking up into my eyes, you try to yell my name but it comes as only a whisper. You feel your pussy hugging your finger as each contraction of this freeing orgasm pulses through you. You collapse on the table, struggling to catch your breath. You feel weakness in your thighs as they slump down on the table, your feel dangling off the edge. You feel coolness on your wet come soaked middle finger. You lift your head to speak.

“Yes, I want you to taste yourself. Imagine feeding me your wet delight” I take the words out of your mouth. You gain what little strength you can and prop yourself up on the opposite elbow. Looking me in the eye, you slowly taste yourself on your finger. You feel sexier now than you did at any other time. You lay there a goddess of pleasure, of beauty, as I stare at you.

“Thank you. I hope you have a good rest of your day.” The TV goes black. And cues you to get dressed, and carry on.

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