The Virgin Punter


The Virgin PunterThe Virgin ‘Punter’As he walked along the quiet Brighton street Andrew Hunter was feeling unusually nervous, during his successful business career he’d been in many situations where he was unsure how he would control a meeting, but then the nervousness was accompanied by the thrill of challenge. Today was entirely different. Over one shoulder was slung an expensive overnight bag, over the other a leather suit bag. He considered this the minimum amount of luggage that would persuade a hotel receptionist that he was an out of towner. The hotel was discreetly positioned towards the street’s end, it’s presence only indicated by the double door and an unobtrusive sign over it. Like the street it was quiet, there being only one other person in the lobby who seemed absorbed over a copy of the Daily Mail. As he approached reception he smiled, the girl had chosen well, the small lift was out of immediate sight of the desk and the girl behind it was also reading, this time a book rather than a newspaper. He gave a discreet cough, then, when she looked up, introduced himself as having booked a room for the night. “Good afternoon you must be Mr Hunter?, my name is Jenny, we have your room all ready on the first floor and the flowers you requested have been delivered, if you are eating in the dining room tonight you will find a menu book and a wine list, if you wish call me and order in advance. As he walked towards the lift Jenny had already returned to her reading, yes he thought the girl had most certainly chosen the hotel venue well. Once in his room he called the girl, then, when she answered, gave her the room number, in return she told him to expect her at seven that evening emphasising that she was always punctual. At first Andrew thought her response was a little curt but after a moments thought figured she was just being discreet. Laying down on the bed his mind drifted away, what were the circumstances that had led to this tonight? The events of the night eight years ago hit him with absolute clarity, hearing the screaming even before opening the apartment door, realising it was coming from one of the smaller bedrooms, walking towards it and being almost deafened by the yelling obscenities. Wrenching the door open he saw the two of them, naked on the bed, locked together in a sexual frenzy and totally oblivious to his presence, if anything their pleasure may have been enhanced by it as the screaming became louder.After the divorce settlement had taken most of his money he buckled down to building up the business, devoting far too many hours to it. Luckily they hadn’t had c***dren and his parents had passed away years ago, so with no one to care or concern himself about apart from his few employees, work became an obsession, “My god he thought, in all that time I’ve only dated twice and have pendik escort effectively been celibate for the last three years”. Now he had sold the business, wasn’t rich but well off, he had decided that it was now his time, and while he was still young enough to enjoy it,would indulge himself as long as the money lasted.The search for, and then the call, to the agency was the first step. He wanted a woman but she had to be right, not necessarily young, experience and wisdom had to be important. After all this was his first time! The agency had recommended the girl, in her late twenties, she had been escorting for some years now and, so it appeared, was in demand. Her fees probably reflected this but Andrew was in no position to judge, he was an escort virgin. Their first chat was really interesting she was keen to know something about him especially what kind of meeting he would like and if had any particular fantasies, if so please don’t be shy, it was one of her special talents. Well, yes he had but thought it best to meet first see how that went and go from there. She couldn’t have been more empathetic, of course that would fine, the appointment was made and she suggested the hotel where they would meet. The knock on the door jerked him out of his thoughts, God was it seven already? Opening the door he stumbled an apology, but the girl put her finger to his lips telling him not to be concerned and that there was plenty of time. He saw someone in her late twenties, pretty yes but not celebrity beautiful, slim and of medium height with shiny auburn hair. Her face was vaguely familiar but to be honest many such girls had worked in his office over the years so that wasn’t surprising. She was wearing a simple black dress, short but not too short, high heels and black nylons, stockings or tights, he wasn’t sure, but it was what he might have expected her to be wearing, so far so expected. Recovering his composure he invited her in offering her a drink, the champagne will be fine, she said, and was only then that Andrew noticed the ice bucket alongside the flowers he had also ordered earlier. As she sipped the wine she said something totally unexpected, but something he was happy to hear “I believe room service is really good here, perhaps we can stay in tonight and get acquainted?” of course he agreed to that, excusing himself to use the shower left her to the champagne. On his return he realised the lights had been dimmed and her dress was d****d over the chair. She threw the duvet back and he could see he hadn’t guessed right, the nylons were neither stockings or tights, but sheer black suspenders tights, which coupled with the lacy white knickers and bra took his breath away. For the first time for so long he was becoming very aroused, “Do join me, but please, take All your clothes off, I want to see escort pendik what I’m getting”.The kiss that then came was long, deep and very sensuous, she began to nibble him gently, working her way from his neck, down his chest then slowly towards his groin. By this time his cock was rock-hard and he was aching for her to take it into her mouth, to his surprise she slid past nestled her head between his legs and began to lick under his balls. Then, she reached down pulled his cheeks apart and began gently to lick his arse, running her tongue inside, probing where none had been before. If tonight was about new experiences then this was a perfect start. Andrew’s feelings were in turmoil, the sheer rudeness of what she was doing was exciting him to levels seldom encountered before, her hand gently caressing his balls as she licked was making his cock even harder and the urge to come was becoming difficult to resist. Without warning she transferred her attention to the area under his balls, then slowly moved up licking his cock as she did so. Reaching the top she plunged it into her mouth driving it deeper until it’s length was inside her. Moving her mouth up and down, licking and sucking he knew he was close to coming, he pleaded for her to stop but taking his cock out of her mouth she told him that they had plenty of time and she wanted him to come violently down her throat. When it happened he almost blacked out, wave after wave of repressed spunk poured out of him, all those years of near celibacy were now excised by what was happening. What she was doing he wasn’t aware of, until when finally he had exhausted himself, he looked over and saw her, head leaning on hand, smiling at him. “Thank you, I expected and wanted that, now we can both relax and enjoy our time together, perhaps another glass of champagne and we can order room service.?” The meal was served efficiently and was very good, the wine they chose was particularly appealing to them both. Sitting back drinking more wine she turned around to Andrew and suggested they should both take a shower. Walking into the bathroom he saw her breasts for the first time, not large but pert and with prominent nipples. As his eyes wandering down her body he saw her cunt for the first time too, not totally shaved as he might have expected but with a small V shaped strip of short hair above it pointing the way down.The shower together was a combination of soaping and groping, he couldn’t keep his hands away from her breasts and cunt, she was stroking his cock, once again nibbling his neck and chest. He wanted it to happen now, to drive his cock inside her, to fuck her as hard as he could. Somehow she seemed to know what he was thinking,dragged him into the bedroom pulling him onto the bed. “Now fuck me Andrew, as you never have fucked anyone before, I need your pendik escort bayan hard cock in me”. Moving over her he slid inside, sensing how wet she was, and not from the shower. She was again nibbling his ears and neck this time much harder, increasing Andrew’s sensations, pounding her cunt he knew he could, and wanted, to keep this going. “Finger my arse as you fuck me” she yelled, for him another new experience but he was willing to comply. “Come on fuck me harder, faster, faster, stuff that finger up my bum”.She started to moan and scream, was she orgasming? Andrew wasn’t sure but it certainly sounded like it. She was now begging him to do it harder, ram his cock deep inside her, as he did so he felt his spunk welling up, I’m close he thought but so is she, as he thrust forward she suddenly started to scream loudly, the obscenities pouring out of her mouth. Once more he came hard, this time deep inside her, slowly she became quiet, breathing hard, recovering from their encounter. Laying back on the bed Andrew reached for the glass of wine, he drank heavily, looked at the girl who was by now curled up towards him, looking contented and smiling at him. “Thank you Andrew that was amazing, and we have still got the rest of the night to go”.Now it was time to relax and talk, she asked where he was from as did he her, both it seems from the Brighton area. She asked what he did, they explored his career path for a while then she mentioned that some years ago she worked in a Brighton gym as a personal trainer, sometimes she went to people’s houses and whilst there had some amazing experiences. Some of these persuaded her that escorting might be more lucrative work, she had always been easily sexually aroused and considered that she might make money and enjoy herself at the same time. For a while they slept, Andrew was woken by her mouth once again engulfing his cock, he didn’t think he could respond but all the years of abstinence won through and quick enough he grew hard once more. Almost without removing him from her mouth she turned around and straddled his face, then rammed her cunt onto him, yelling for him to lick her clit.He was bucking inside her mouth, she was writhing on his face screaming at him to lick her harder, as he started to explode and cum for the third time something clicked in his memory. As he let go inside her mouth, and at the same time, he realised where he had seen the girl before. Her screaming for him to stick his tongue in her cunt and rub her clit had triggered the memory. He’d heard the same words eight years ago when he walked into his flat, then her legs were embracing his wife’s head and was his ex wife tongue in the girls cunt. Though she stayed the night and they both slept heavily she left before breakfast gently kissing him as he was still half asleep. It was as he was preparing to leave the hotel that he found the note. “Dear Andrew, I had a wonderful time and I hope we meet again. If it is any consolation you were far better than your wife was all those years ago, goodbye and thank you”.

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