The Visit


You’re coming to visit me today. I’m very excited but try to get some things done before you get here. There’s still about an hour and a half till you’re due. I decide to take a shower and relax a bit. As I turn the water on and take off my clothes, thoughts of you and what will happen when we see each other fill my head. I start soaping up and notice that I am spending some extra time washing my chest. The nipples are getting very hard and erect. It’s sending a little tingling straight to my pussy, which is getting wet. I snap out of it and think to myself, “I will wait till he gets here.”

Pushing those hot thoughts out of my head for the moment, I finish showering. In my bedroom, I look thru my clothes and try to decide what to wear. Since I know you’re very fond of black stockings and lacy things I grab my nicest pair of thigh-high stockings and begin to put them on. They make me feel all sexy and warm inside and as I’m pulling them up to my thighs, my hand brushes against my steaming pussy. It sends shock waves of pleasure thru my body.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. that feels soo good!” My mind is racing and I can feel the heat burning inside. In my bottom drawer I find a very hot, sheer black teddy that I haven’t worn in a long time. I wonder if it still fits so I try it on for size. It does fit, tight in all the right places and totally see thru in others.

Smoothing imaginary wrinkles from my waistline and chest, I get those hot feelings back…. and much stronger than before in the shower. I can’t stop myself this time, couldn’t if I wanted to. The tingling in my soaking pussy is too much so I lie down on the bed and let my hands roam over it. I run my hands over my shaved hairless pussy, sliding down to the swollen lips…making my whole body twitch. Taking a finger I start to search out my hard clit and lightly slide over it.

Ohhhhh…it’s so hot and so wet that a finger or two from bahis firmaları my other hand slip inside my hot snatch. The waves of pleasure are crashing over me now and I feel myself climbing toward a huge orgasm.

Just then you walk in. I stop for a second, and look at you very seductively. You smile a sly little smile and tell me to go ahead and finish.

Slowly my fingers continue as you start to take your clothes off. I’m watching you as you undress and when your pants come off, you can see me looking at the huge 10 inch hard-on in your underwear. My fingers are moving very fast now, knowing that you’re totally turned on by the sight of me. You drop your shorts, and being totally naked now, start walking toward me. My fingers are really flying now and you can tell I’m getting close to cumming. You bend down next to me and take one of my hard nipples gently between your lips…licking it and teasing it to a hardness like none I have ever known.

You then move to the other one and use your fingers on the first one. The moans cumming from my mouth tell you that it won’t be long till I am going to cum very hard. You slide my tongue down my belly and replace my fingers just as I am rocketing to heaven on my first orgasm. My hips buck up strongly and my whole body shakes.

The juice pouring from me is sweet and you lap it up. All the while I have reached out and gripped your raging 10 inch cock and began slipping my fingers over it demandingly.

As my body relaxes a bit, you move between my open legs and point your hard rod at my slippery cunt. Using one hand, you guide it to the entrance and raise my hips up to meet it. At the same time, you shove my hips forward and your cock slides into the hilt.

You are beginning to move in slow, full strokes, going from the very edge to the very bottom on every push. I’m moaning loudly now and you pick up the pace till you’re pounding my kaçak iddaa pussy hard…making me gush with hot juice.

I’m lying on my back and you are on your knees with my legs up in front of you, my head hanging over the side of the bed…slamming your rock hard dick into my tight pussy, filling it with each lunge. It’s too much for me and I cum with a force I have never had before.

My whole body is one big nerve that is being electrified and jumping, twitching with every shove of your cock. My pussy is gripping you so tight that it triggers your orgasm and you shoot shot after shot of hot cum deep in my wetness. When we both calm down a bit, we cuddle and caress each other’s bodies and bask in the soft afterglow of our earth shattering orgasms.

After several minutes of cuddling me, you whisper into my ear, “Put on a dress, baby, and let’s go for a ride.”

I scramble out of bed and run to get dressed because I know what my lover has on his mind. We jump in the truck and head down the open road.

With your hand high on my thigh, we look for a private place to pull over. As you pull the truck off of the road near a sparkling lake, my hands begin to wander. I run my hands up and down your chest, your stomach and straight to your cock and lovingly stroke you through your pants. You grab my hand and pull me from the truck with a very wicked smile upon your face. We walk to the back of the truck and you lower the tailgate and sit me upon it. You slide between my legs and I wrap my arms and legs around you. We devour each other’s mouths in a hot kiss. Your hands are busy with the buttons on my dress, longingly seeking out my breasts.

You pinch my nipples and run your tongue down my neck to them. You take my erect nipple into your mouth and flick it with your tongue. I place my hands on your head encouraging you to suck and bite me harder. You gently lay me back into the bed of the truck kaçak bahis and finish unbuttoning my dress.

Your hands are racing all over my body, touching, caressing, exploring as you go. You need for me has not diminished as you slowly run your tongue down my body. When you reach my thigh, you run your tongue teasingly on the inside, running it back and forth, driving me insane. Finally I feel your tongue reach my clit and I moan with pleasure. You take your tongue and tease me over and over until I grab a hold of your head and push you straight into my pussy, letting you know that I am ready to get down to business again.

You take me over the first peak and continue to take me over the next. I arch my back and let out a scream of pleasure. I beg you to stop, telling you that I can simply take no more and you climb into the truck with me. I have you to lie on your back so I can work my magic on you. I take your cock into my mouth and run my tongue around the head until I hear you moan. Then I take you deep into my mouth, moving up and down on your cock very slowly. Having your cock in my mouth and feeling the hardness of you is more than I can take.

I slide my body up yours and straddle you. I kiss your lips and slide you inside of me. At first I just sit there, feeling your hard cock throbbing inside of me, and then I slowly start to move up and down upon you. You place your hands upon my breasts and enjoy the ride. I grind my hips upon you.

You lift me off of your lap and climb out of the truck and I follow. You place your hands on my hips and push me face down on the tailgate and enter me from behind. I arch my back and push against you. Our movements become faster and faster and our moans louder and louder. At your point of excitement, you pull out and shoot you hot cum all over my back. I collapse on the tailgate and fight to catch my breath. As we are recovering, we hear a car racing down the road. We jump into our clothes and get into the truck. The car pulls over and the policeman asks if we need any help and we smile at one another and both answer, “No Sir, thank you anyway.”

The End

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