The wife, hotel room and no condom


The wife, hotel room and no condomSo here I was. My wife Emma beside me on the bed. Jordan at the bottom of the bed, taking his clothes off. At 23 he is young, fit and lean. I can’t help but notice how big his cock is. Must be around 8 inches. My curvy 40 year old brunette wife takes off her bra and gives me a quick look whilst holding my hand. Her glasses catching the light.Over the years we had discussed this night many times. What he would look like. How old he would be. How big he would be. Tonight we had nervously gone to the hotel to meet Jordan. All our plans now about to culminate in this moment.He moves on his knees further up the bed. He takes both of Emma’s breasts in his hands. Feeling them gently and tweaking her nipples. He smiles briefly then starts to lick them. I pull my hand away and move nearer to the end of the bed to give them more room. My heart beating fast in my chest. I was not sure if I wanted this. A couple of times we almost backed out but Emma was keen on the meet so went ahead. Why was she so keen? It seems my fantasy was now more my wifes. Probably my fault as I had told her my fantasy so much. I had said I wanted to see her with another man. Well here we were.Jordan moves his hands down to her knickers, pulling them slowly down. Without hesitation he moves his mouth between her legs, his tongue pressing on my wifes pussy. She spreads her legs wider to give him access and he gets on his front, his tongue probing deeper. I look and my wifes face and her eyes are closed. A small gasp from her lips lets me know she is enjoying this so far.I look back down and notice he has his finger deep inside her, licking her still. Emma spreads her legs wider, holding them with her hands. Then from her mouth I hear ‘Can you put your cock in me?’, almost pleading sarıyer escort in tone. As me moves away from licking her pussy Emma gives me a look and smile. ‘Are you taking your pants off? She asks me. I quickly pull them down and take off my boxer shorts. I am half erect, a stark contrast to Jordans hard cock. We had discussed should he wear a condom. My wife can no longer have k**s as she is sterilised. I had mentioned it would turn me on if he did not but for safety reasons best he wore one. Jordan starts to get a condom from his discarded jeans. ‘I would prefer if you don’t wear it’ she states quietly.She turns to me ‘I want to really feel him inside me. Are you okay with this?’ I reply ‘It’s up to you’.Jordan moves his cock closer to her pussy, her legs already open wide in anticipation. ‘Slowly at first please’ she says. He nods in reply.I watch in fascination, fear and excitement as the tip of his penis slowly enters my wife. I quickly look at her face and she seems nervous. This is the first cock besides mine she has had inside her since we met 23 years ago. More of him enters her, slowly but surely moving deeper into my wife. It feels strange to watch another mans cock enter my wife. Like time is frozen. Should I hold her hand? Should I just watch and let them get on with it?’Are you okay?’ I ask her instead. ‘Yes..’ she breathes, clearly in the moment herself. She then puts her hands around him and on his bottom, at the same time spreading herself wider as she takes all of him inside her. I sit up slightly to get a view of Jordan inside Emma. He is now slowly moving is cock whilst Emma clings to him, encouraging the act.’Does it feel good?’ I ask hesitantly, not sure I want the answer. ‘Oh yes’ esenyurt escort she replies. I start to slowly play with my own cock as I watch them. Jordan moves his mouth to kiss my wife passionately on the lips. One hand moves around his head as they continue to kiss each other. They are both very turned on. As he moves his head back Emma moves her hands to his muscled chest and torso. Touching his skin as he continues to enter her. Emma begins to rub the top of her wet pussy with her hands. From experience I can see she is close to climax. Within seconds I hear her come, gasping with pleasure as her face flushes red.’Keep fucking me..keep fucking me’ she pleads quickly. He moves faster. ‘Fucking hell’ she gasps. I watch as she grinds her pussy against him, all 8 inches fully inside her. Emma is now literally shaking in pleasure, hanging onto Jordan tightly as he fucks her hard and deep. Suddenly Emma screams in pleasure ‘Yesss!’. Slowly Jordan slows down in pace with Emma, her passionate orgasm now less intense. Still inside her though he gives her a brief kiss on the lips.’Was that good?’ He asks with a smile on his face. ‘What do you think?’ she replies, looking over to me at the same time. ‘Jesus Chris, that was fucking intense’. I smile back, still playing with myself. My thoughts are all scrambled. I am turned on, but also appalled that she liked it so much, worried she likes another cock more than mine. I thought she would have been more nervous and reserved. I look at her now flushed still from the orgasm and she turns back to Jordan and pulls him closer to her. It seems like Jordan can go on for ever!’Can you take me from behind?’ she asks. She then gets on all fours, her bottom in the air ready for him. I can see she is dripping avrupa yakası escort wet still. I watch Jordan enter my wife again, holding her bottom as he moves deep inside. Within seconds he is hanging from my wife, fucking her hard and quickly. I hear Emma say ‘I want you to come inside me’.Helpless I watch has Jordan moves quicker, clearly close to coming. He grips Emma’s arse hard as he comes, pushing himself as deep as he can whilst gasping out in pleasure. In my mind I picture his sperm being pumped deep into my wife. I glance at Emma’s face and I can see a smile of pleasure there. Jordan pulls out slowly, cum literally dripping from my wifes pussy.Emma turns over onto her back. I can see she is full of his cum still.’Your turn’ she states matter of factly. We had not discussed this part but without thinking I move on top of her, entering her quickly. She is so wet. A mixture of Emma and him. Within seconds I come inside her. Not like Jordan with measured pace, but quickly and anxiously, desperate almost to complete the act. To take something back of my wife.I pull out, covered in both my own cum and Jordans. ‘Did you like that?’ she asks, with a twinkle in her eye. ‘I think so’ I reply honestly. Still not sure what to make of this night.Jordan has a quick shower, both me and Emma still undressed under the covers of the bed. As he gets changed he comes over to Emma and gives her a kiss. ‘Thank you’ Emma says. He smiles and says his goodbyes to us both.We look at each other, face to face. ‘Thank you as well’ she says to me. I nod, not sure what to say. ‘Shall we go and get dinner now?’ she asks.20 minutes later we are sat in the hotel restaurant eating. It is like everything is back to normal. But it’s not. I know Emma has just enjoyed taking another mans cock inside her and it won’t stop now. The genie is out. I also know I am powerless to stop her and not even sure I want to. She should enjoy herself. Why not give her this pleasure? Other men can do things I can’t. Fact. Whilst she sips her drink, I think that even now part of Jordan is inside her, mixed with me. Our sex life with never be the same again.

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