The Women’s Spa – Almost


“I promise you’ll love it,” Ingrid said as she kissed me on the cheek.

“Why not come with me?”

“No, the Soiree is the sort of place you need to go alone,” she explained cupping my D cup breast and kissing my nipple that immediately exploded into its full hardness.

I had been transferred from the London Head Office to the company’s Denmark Branch in Copenhagen and promoted to being VP for Scandinavia; a big job with 200 personnel in six countries reporting to me. I loved it and lapped up the responsibility, authority and, yes, the power.

When I took up the post, I hardly knew anyone apart from Ingrid who was a head-hunter who I had slept with a few times. I had met most of the management group of the region, but didn’t really know them, but then that’s common in senior management. Most businesses don’t like managers getting too friendly, it ‘blunts their edge’ is the commonly held belief.

It had started with Ingrid a couple of years ago when she visited London to be interviewed as a global head-hunter for the European operation. She was there for a few weeks and we got very close ending up in bed in my flat in Primrose Hill a little later after a recruitment meeting. It had continued when I was being extensively interviewed for the job in Denmark and was ongoing now I had started to work there. It was largely due to her recommendations that I had got on the short list for the post so I really was very generously grateful!

Scandinavia generally and Copenhagen in particular, has totally different views on co-workers cohabiting and on outed lesbians living together although, to be fair, neither of us are lesbian but we both enjoy other women and each other. The region also has a completely different perspective on partnerships whether they be same or different gender, believing that sex and love can and should be kept separate. Thus, generally it’s felt that just as a married individual might have a friend or friends they share a hobby with so they might have one they share sex with.

“And in any case,” Ingrid continued. “I’ll be in Australia for the next six months so you’ll need some new playmates won’t you?”


I called the number that Ingrid had left me and made an appointment for a membership interview a few days later. I fitted the interview in between business meetings so was rather formally dressed in a dark grey suit that was just above the knee, heels, a white button up blouse, dark tights and a black jacket.

Misa Sondstein the manager of the Soiree looked to be around my age, mid-forties and was a rather stern-looking woman with a flat face and short, black hair. Fairly plain looking, she was tall and almost stick-insect thin but was very outgoing, charming and friendly. She made me feel at ease and welcome as she explained how the club worked.

“It is a membership only club darling,” she said putting her hand on my wrist. “Members have to register so we know at all times the details of everyone that is in here. Copenhagen is very particular on health and safety regulations.”

“So I am learning,” I replied crossing my legs in a way that her glance told me was reminiscent of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct; the difference, though, was that I was wearing underwear, though the hem of my skirt was some six inches or so above my knees. She smiled as I continued. “Aren’t people a little concerned with confidentiality?”

“Yes of course, but we are very understanding here in Denmark and membership of clubs such as this is not looked on as anything to hide.”

“Ok I see.”

“Of course, it is women only although we have numerous gender non-specific and other er, um complications as members.”

I smiled but didn’t comment.

“We only open during the day at weekends and on Wednesdays hence, the name of course and then it is for twelve hours from four p.m. We have a full bar, light snack café and an a la carte restaurant with a full menu on Fridays and Saturdays. After the joining fee there is an annual subscription of ten thousand Krone and we ask that you arrange to spend the same in the club each year. Is that all clear?”

“Yes perfectly, a little like a golf club really.”

She smiled. “Precisely.”

“Being a working resident of Copenhagen, we will not require you to be interviewed or supply references so once your subscriptions have been cleared and the credit card verified you’ll be good to go.

“So, what did you think of the Soiree?” Ingrid asked me when we met for a drink that evening.

“It looks great.”

“Was it all I promised,” she asked leaning across and running her fingertips across my cheek.”

“Yes darling and more?”

“Did the old shrew show you round?”


“Yes, she can be a right bitch.”

“I take it she didn’t fall for your charms then?” I asked looking down the front of Ingrid’s loose top. As usual she was not wearing a bra and with a jolt of sexual arousal I saw her small, pert breasts. She saw me looking.

“Later babe, later,” she smiled. “So, did you go around everywhere?”

“No, she mainly showed me from the viewing rooms?”

“What behind the one-way mirrors?”


“Fun isn’t it, was there much going on?”

“It casino siteleri was early around five so the club wasn’t that busy.”

“So, you saw the theatre?”

“Where they show the movies?”

“Yes and where you lay on those big leather mattresses to watch.”

“There were only a few people in there, all couples. I thought you said it was best to go alone.”

“They would have been alone and paired up at the club to watch the porn.”

“Oh, I see. What just met there?”

“Probably, but of course some may have known each other from previous visits.”

“Hmmm yes I see that now, two couples really were getting it on.”

“Had they taken their shifts off?”

“Yes, one couple were both naked and another had them open.”

“Of course, you couldn’t see into the private rooms could you?”

“No but we walked down the corridors where they were and some had open windows.”

“Yes the exhibitionist rooms.”

“How do you mean?”

“Girls who like to be looked at?”

“What alone?”

“And with others, two or sometimes three.”

“I only saw one girl in one room.”

“Well as you say it was early. Was she naked?”


“Doing anything?”

“She looked as though she was about to.”

“Did you and Misa stop?”

“Only briefly.”

“Probably if you and Misa had stopped she would have put on a show for you.”

“What masturbate?”

“Yes probably.”


“And I assume you saw the pool, jacuzzis, steam rooms and saunas?”

“Yes I enjoyed seeing the women swimming naked, I love that.”

“So have you joined?”

“Yes and paid my fees.”

“When will you go?”

“Well you’re ditching me tomorrow morning and so I won’t have you tomorrow night so why not then?”

“Good thinking, get yourself laid a few times imagining it’s me.”


Soiree was what Ingrid called a lady’s pleasure club when she explained it to me.

“They are fairly common in Denmark and Sweden,” she had explained going on to tell me that they are similar to male gay sauna clubs smiling as she added. “But of course, a lot less seedy as they are for ladies.”

She explained that they served a number of purposes and that she had been a member of several since her mid-twenties, some twenty years now.

“At first I joined as I was becoming more curious about sex with other women and although I had dabbled a little at parties and at clubs I wanted more.”

“And you got it?” I had asked as we lay in each other’s arms in my apartment in south Copenhagen.

“Oh yes darling and in spades.”

I laughed and kissed her. “So, you actually get sex there.”

“That’s what they are for really, to get laid.”

“Just women though?”

“Well there is the odd tranny and cross dresser there now and then, but effectively yes all female, albeit a few with dicks!”

“Have you er, um, had one of those?”

“A couple actually”? She replied kissing me.

“What’s it like?”

“Well with a pretty one, more a ladyboy, you know like you see in Thailand it’s pretty damn fantastic. It’s like having threesome but with only the two of you.”

“I laughed,” wondering just what it would be like, but forgetting about the idea almost immediately.

Ingrid had explained that at the club you got undressed and put on a robe that they supplied that was a simple mid-thigh length, slip on, button up the front, white cotton, shift dress.

“Anything under it?” I had asked.

“Most don’t, but a few keep their knickers on.”

“I take it you don’t.”

“No of course not, as you know I like them off as much as possible when not in the club so, when there well?” she had giggled.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do hon,” she smiled kissing me full on the lips and caressing my bum.

Kissing her back, I smiled. “That gives me a big canvas to paint on then doesn’t it.”

“Yes, very big,” she smiled sliding her hand between my legs and running it along my lips.

“Mmmmm so wet love, that for me or the club?”

“You of course,” I grinned watching her roll over so that her gloriously shapely bum was pointing at me as she reached into the bedside cabinet drawer and pulled out one of our several vibrators. I stroked her bum as she rolled back over to face me.

“Big boy tonight is it?” I asked as she kissed my nipple and I ran my fingers through her thick, dark hair whilst she ran the black, eight inch long and two inch diameter vibrator across my mouth.


“Lovely to see you Ms West,” the pretty, fairly young receptionist at Soiree said the next evening when I arrived at just after eight. “Everything is in order and the funds have been cleared.”

“Oh good.”

“Here’s your membership docket,” she said handing me a plastic credit card like slip. “You may charge what you like to this. It opens the door to the changing room and works on the lockers.” She went on to explain what to do after using it and as she said discretely.

“When you have no bag or pockets it can be left securely in here,” pointing to a piece of equipment like an ATM. “And you use your pass code to retrieve it.”

Later I used the card to get into and from the reception canlı casino into the locker room and as usual everything worked perfectly.

There were no cubicles in the dressing rooms, but then in Denmark that was not surprising as nearly everyone or, so it seemed was, to some extent a nudist. I undressed, put my clothes and valuables into the locker and slipped the short, mid-thigh length, thin, shift dress on. I checked myself in the mirror and was pleased to see that my 36D breasts didn’t seem to sag too much but jiggled around quite suggestively under the thin robe as I moved. I was a little worried that my nipples were quite as prominent as they were for they were making large indentations in the thin material, but generally I was quite used to it and had come to accept the embarrassment they often gave me. I fluffed up my blonde, spiky hair and polished my dark-rimmed glasses that I would have liked to leave off but the need for me to see prevented that. Alone in the changing room I did a little twirl in front of the mirror wondering what the other women would make of me and whether I would meet anyone who I found attractive enough to make love. ‘No,’ I told myself sharply. ‘Not make love, have sex with.’

Ingrid had been very clear when she had first told me about Soiree.

“You have to clear your head of any preconceived ideas on meeting other women for sex. You have to become Scandinavian and think like a Dane. Sex is just a commodity, a pleasure, maybe even a hobby. It has nothing to do with love Jayne, it’s all to do with feelings and sensations.”

With my UK way of thinking and my British ideas on sex and carnal pleasure, the idea of meeting female strangers with just one objective in mind, to get off sexually, was very foreign as, indeed, was much of the way of life in my new country of residence. But then so had using male and female escorts been when I had committed myself to the corporate world some twelve or so years ago. I had persuaded myself that there was no difference really between what I was planning at the Soiree and those men and women I had been with over the years who had been ‘ordered over the phone’ as I travelled the world as a single woman.

Looking at my near naked, apart from the unbuttoned, mid-thigh-length shift as those thoughts went through my mind, I wondered momentarily whether I would be able to go through with it. I was reasonably confident that some women there would find my body attractive. After all I have full, round breasts capped with prominent deep pink nipples and large areola. My stomach and hips carry a little excess but are by no means large and certainly not gross, maybe voluptuous is the most apt term for it. Even without the three- and four-inch heels I like to wear my legs are pretty good and my bum is in fine shape. So, I felt that I have the ‘equipment’ to walk around the club in both the brief tunic, wrapped in a towel and naked. Yes, I concluded buttoning the tunic up, the ‘equipment’s ok but do I have the guts? ‘Hmmmm,’ I thought. ‘I’ll soon find out,” shutting the locker and popping my card into the ATM lookalike.

I wandered around the club getting my bearings and a feel for the place for a while before sitting at a bar and ordering a white wine. I had only been there a few minutes when two women had chatted to me and others stood nearby talking away. I can’t say they were all stunningly attractive or that they had great figures, but they were all very friendly and that was nice and promising.

Excusing myself I went back down ‘the alley’ as it was termed. This ran the width of the building, about 40 yards. It was dimly lit and had small rooms each side about a third of which had viewing windows. Of the rest about half were occupied with the doors shut and most of the rest had the doors open and the lights off with no one in them. There were several where the doors were open and the lights were on. I looked in some of those and my heart pounded when I saw women lying naked staring at the window one or two, I noticed were openly masturbating and as I passed they smiled or beckoned me to come in. I didn’t. I wanted to get a feel of the place first and not get involved, well not just yet!

Coming out of ‘the alley’ into what I saw was the cinema where on my previous visit with Misa there had only been three or four couples and several singles, now it was packed. There must have been at least a dozen couples and at least as many singles lying on the big plastic mattresses. I stood to one side half-looking at the screen that was showing a montage of lesbian themed scenes from some famous movies including Basic instinct and The Hunger, and half at the audience. It really was a voyeur’s delight!

There were several couples who were naked. Unfortunately, none were particularly attractive and I was reaching the conclusion that the Danes ate and drank too much as most were overweight! I stood by the entrance taking everything in and watched one couple in particular who seemed to be putting on a bit of show. They stood rather than lay down with their arms round the other kissing quite vigorously as their hands became more adventurous. At first they were outside the other’s shift, but quickly kaçak casino they slid under it lifting the backs up to expose the two, nicely rounded bottoms. With the kiss continuing, the tops were unbuttoned and slipped off so that the two women, probably in their late thirties, were naked and squirming their bodies together. It was quite a heady sight to see the two pairs of full breasts and the two bald mounds pressed together

Looking around the dimly lit room I saw another couple going further than the rest. Both naked they were in a classic sixty-nine position with their heads buried between the other’s opened legs.

“Quite a sight isn’t it?” a voice from one side said.

Turning I saw a woman with long, dark hair smiling at me.

“Yes, it really is?”

As she moved closer I saw that she was about my age and quite pretty. Slim, with angular features she smiled as she said.

“Fancy watching the movies for a while?” as she put her hand on my arm near the elbow.

Looking closer at her I saw that all the buttons on her top were undone and as she moved so it opened up and I could see her small breasts. Seeing me looking she pulled one side open to expose them fully to me. She raised her eyebrow enquiringly. I have no idea why I did it as she was attractive and I was aroused but I looked away and said.

“Maybe later, but I want to look around first, it’s my first visit.”

“Of course, be my guest and enjoy yourself, I’ll be around here or the pool when you are ready.”

Then leaning forward she kissed me on the cheek and after looking at the swell of my breasts she said smiling. “I would love to see more of you,” then wandered into the room away from me.

Walking along a short corridor and down some stairs I came to the area that Misa had called the touch and feel room. She hadn’t taken me in there but explained. “It’s completely dark so you won’t see anything.”

“What happens in there?”

“You can’t really see anything or anyone so everything is by touch and feel.”

“What touching me?”

“Yes, and you touching and feeling anyone as well, it’s very erotic.”

“Are there any rules?” I’d asked.

“Only the standard house rule and that everything must consensual and talking though not against the rules is frowned upon.”

“So, touch and feel anyone, anywhere?”

“Yes, as long as they are ok with it, but then dear, if they are in there they are almost certainly up for it.”

Since my tour with Misa it had been this area that I had thought about most as I found the concept intriguing and arousing. The sheer idea of having another woman who I could not see and would never knowingly meet caressing and stroking me and perhaps fondling my breasts and even fingering me turned me on enormously.

I wandered in and was shocked by the darkness. I could hardly make out anything just vague, shadowy shapes and that was weird in itself. I had no idea how large the room was, whether there was any furniture or how many women were in there. I walked slowly forwards assuming that was towards the way out and felt others brushing against me our arms or hips briefly touching. Then I ran into someone face to face, well that’s how I thought we were as my breasts pressed against an equal softness . We were pressed together with our bodies touching from our breasts downwards. I could just make out a face was near to mine and I could smell a rather nice perfume. Neither of us moved and we stood there for a few seconds our breasts, tummies and thighs touching. Then I felt her fingers run up and down my arm and her lips on my cheek as she kissed me. I didn’t move but her lips did and they brushed against mine. They were soft and smooth and open. I opened mine and the kiss became more intense. I liked it and welcomed her tongue into my mouth as I felt her hand rest lightly on my bare hip under the tunic. It fondled me then moved round my body to caress the cheek of my bottom. I went to respond, but then surprisingly she was gone. I felt disappointed.

I moved further into the room and came across what looked like a small group. I moved in closer and just about made out that there were two or three women sitting or kneeling and a few more standing. Plucking up my courage I pushed myself into the group and found my stomach squashed against the bottom of a woman who was bent over leaning forward. I squirmed against it and it pressed back. Then a woman came up and pressed the top of her body against mine and I was pulled away from the bent over body as another joined us making a sexual triangle. I was kissed by both women and I reached up for their breasts. I ran my hands over them, cupping a nicely full breast through a top and a smaller pair with a long nipples; she had removed her top and was completely bare. Smiling I wondered whether you got fined for losing a top. A hand slid up inside the front of my top right onto my breasts, caressing and fondling them nicely. At the same time another, maybe of the same person but it was too dim to tell, squeezed my buttocks and yet a third slid up my thighs at the front to find my pussy. It rubbed me there enquiringly, I guess, so I parted my legs and it went right onto my wetness. Hardly stopping the fingers worked their way round my pussy before easing their way inside. And then, I was kissed on the mouth and breasts, had fingers rubbed along the crease in my bum and was fingered to a shuddering and delightfully sordid orgasm.

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