‘ The writing is on the wall ‘


‘ The writing is on the wall ‘I was sitting in the food court eating my lunch, in a tiny dress and some taunting heels. I find itarousing to watch them stare, while I carelessly flash some leg.When I’m in the mood to cruise for sex, I grab my keys and head to the mall. The stores are staffedwith horny crews, it’s a wonderful place to strut my stuff.When I crossed my legs and dangled that heel, the number of voyeurs were growing fast. Some were men,some were not, and some of them shouldn’t be staring, at all.I was here on a mission to visit some friends, they work at this mall, and they like to play. Most of themen are very straight but some of the women are not. It’s the perfect place where I can go, when themood is right, and I’m looking to feed.As I sat in the food court just taunting away, I watched the restroom, very close. The ladiesroom can offer some things, and views I won’t forget. Adjusting a skirt or fixing a bra, can pleasethe eye with a sudden flash.When I entered the restroom I brushed my hair, but my eyes were looking for flesh. The trafficwas low and too mature, so I chose a stall to wait. One by one I passed the doors then I noticedsome writing and a phone number too. I entered the stall and locked the door while I gazed at the message,… and gave it some thought.I typically ignore that kind of stuff, for fear it might not be real. But I was intrigued, her intent was real,and the ink was very fresh.I ran my hands up and down my thighs while I gave it another thought. I scribbled the number witha devilish grin, but I didn’t respond for several days. I could use a place where I could go on a whim,when I have a need.” I love to eat ” … it said on the wall, and written in permanent ink.A few days later while taking a bath, my needful thoughts returned. I wanted to see if that’ad’ was true, I knew it was time to call. I have to admit I was nervous as hell, it almost felt like a dare.The phone rang once,… then it rang again,… then I heard a womans voice.When she said; ‘Hello’,… I paused in fear, then I found the courage to speak.’ Hello, ataşehir escort I saw your number at the mall ??? ‘ … I said, and softly so. I felt more calm as we furtherconversed, she was real and very sweet. ‘ I like to please ‘,… she openly said, with no hesitation at all. The way she said it was socarefree, it instantly made me wet. I’m on the west side and she’s on the east, but she saidit was worth the drive. So I boldly picked a day and time, before we said goodbye. She soundedenthused and so was I, but this was a tactic, I haven’t explored.When Tuesday came I gave her a call, to confirm the time to meet. I was more than readyto give it a shot, I was horny and looking to feed.I have to admit my husband is good, and Michael is such a treat. But I have to say I’m also Bi,and a fellow woman, is truly the best !I wore a dress and some sexy heels, and I left the house, without a bra. During the drive Ibecame so aroused, just knowing what might occur. I stroked my thighs several times, toprime the mood as well. When I pulled in her drive my nipples were hard, and I was very wet. I casually opened thedrivers door, but I was a nervous wreck. When I rang the bell I tossed my hair, but I clenched myhands so tight. I was aroused yet nervous too, as I waited for someone to answer the door.When she opened the door her smile grew wide, and we shared an equal wink. She wasvery pretty and younger than I, with lips you’d want to kiss. She took my hand and led mein, and closed the door behind.As I sat in the chair I crossed my legs, and her eyes began to dance. She knew I was marriedbut looking to play, and I saw that she noticed my ring. It turned her on immensely so, just knowing why I was there. Her voice was soft, her eyes were too, but her focus was peaked,…on my legs and tits.I watched her face when that moment came, when I slid my dress, exposing some thigh.That lustful look we all possess was something, she just couldn’t hide. She wasn’t shy, shelicked her lips, then I gave her a playful wink. I guess ümraniye escort I wanted her to know, I was morethan willing, to please her needs.She stood from her chair and took a few steps, and ran her hand through my golden hair.My reddened face produced a smile, then out of the blue,… she touched my thigh.’ You’re beautiful Carrie ‘… she whispered soft, then she gave my leg a squeeze. I wasn’tshocked by her advance, but a part of me wanted to leave. The pace I set was moving fast,at a tempo I’ve rarely seen. Then she slid her hand right up my thigh, as she kissed me right on the cheek. With her hand on my thigh, she quietly said;’ I want you to come with me ‘She led me slowly down a hall, to a room that she prepared. The room was warm anddimly lit, with a lounger I’d never seen. I stepped inside and dropped my purse, and waited for her, to take the lead. She turned to me and carefully placed, her hands upon my hips.We were face to face, yet silent too, then she gave me a gentle kiss. Her lips were soft andfull indeed as we shared each others lips. When she placed her hand on the back of my neck,she filled my mouth with tongue.I opened wide and responded fast, and introduced, mine as well. A passionate kiss I must confess, on a woman that I just met. Our flickering tongues just danced away, then I felt her hand,upon my ass. When we broke from the kiss the lust was there, and I was soaking wet !She motioned for me to take a seat, while she crouched to her knees, and sat on the floor.I plopped myself on the cushion below, and my heart was beating, terribly fast. I gazed at herwith a genuine smile, while that woman caressed my legs. She was very excited, her breathingwas fast, and her eyes were wide indeed. I couldn’t believe how fast she was, but she was anxious to please.When I felt her tongue upon my legs, she heard my wanting sigh. She licked my legs in a feverish way, with a hunger I couldn’t ignore. When I raised my dress and parted my thighs,she gave me a pillow to rest my head. kadıköy escort I heard her moan as she moved in close, she was nowbetween my knees. She knows what I want,… I know what she needs,… and I was more than willing to please.I slid myself to the cushions edge, then I raised my thighs, and kissed my knees. I could feelher breath and it was warm,… and I was on display. There was no doubt was I was there,…my pussy was in her face.For more than an hour, I held my thighs, while that woman devoured my peach. Shelicked my pussy and buried her nose, while I glazed her face with juice. I moaned andsquealed and came so hard, till my body just shuddered with joy. She licked every inch ofmy supple thighs and drove her tongue so deep. I watched that woman swallow hard, herappetite was in overdrive. I couldn’t believe how good she was, she sucked my pussy dry.During the frenzy I opened my top, my tits were now revealed. I cupped my breasts andpinched my nipples, while Kristy continued, to eat me out. She pressed her face from sideto side, while I ground my hips as well. She ate my ass with such intent, her tongue wasprobing deep.That message she left in that bathroom stall, was truly a fact indeed.’ I love to eat ‘ she wrote on the wall and I have to admit, it was worth the drive. I know thereare others, I’m not the first, but I’d gladly stand in line. I couldn’t believe how thorough she was,she truly has a gift. I lowered my thighs and wrapped my calves, around this womans neck. She held my legsand pulled them close, so I gave her head a loving squeeze. Her moans were loud, they filledthe room, I as I showered her mouth with cream. Her frantic tempo seemed to fade, and mylegs were growing weak. But she found the strength for one more pass, and buried her face again.I rocked my hips from side to side and completely engulfing her face. When she was done shejust collapsed and paused between my knees. It’s hard to describe how good she was, she was the best I’ve had in years. We praised each other in such a way, we knew we would meet again. She held my hand when we left the room, and I stayed for a cup of tea. She enjoyed herself and so did I, then she askedif I would return. I was so glad that I had the nerve, to pursue such a naughty deed. I have no doubt she’s pleased a few,… ‘ the writing is on the wall ‘I’m going back on Thursday night,… to feed her once again./ CarrieAnn

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