Therapy For Cuckolds


Therapy For Cuckolds[ Diverting momentarily from the previous theme in the ‘Daughter’s Mother’ story-line, let’s take a look at a married cuckold undergoing ‘chastity training’ with a therapy business that specializes in, which his wife has set up for her husband, and see how he is doing with that! (I don’t think there actually is such a service, and so this story is ‘fictional.’ But, it’s too bad someone out there doesn’t start up a business like that, because the whole cuckold lifestyle thing is becoming more than a passing fad, it certainly seems to this writer!) ]As Chuck walked in to the Cuckold Training Center (or simply as ‘The Center’, as I will refer to it throughout the rest of this story), he could feel the chastity cage that he had been wearing for the last 14 days, bouncing and swaying slightly as he walked across the parking lot from where he had parked his car. He also felt that unmistakable ‘butterfly sensation’ in his stomach.He felt slightly nervous as he drew close to the entrance to The Center. Was anyone watching him? He wondered. If so, were they laughing behind his back? After all, the word ‘cuckold’ was instructive. Still, Chuck was eager, as well as excited to see the ther****t again. Jackie was a great ther****t. She was a great listener, every experienced in the techniques of guiding and training him in the cuckold lifestyle—and, she was quite attractive, too! That fact alone had surprised him that his wife, Susan, would have agreed to let him be around such a young and beautiful female; but she had.He opened the door and went inside.The receptionist, also a somewhat attractive younger woman, glanced up as he let the door close behind him. She smiled.”Hello!” She said, brightly. Chucked checked in, and as she slid the card through the reader, she said that Jackie would be with him shortly.”Thanks,” he said, and took a seat in the waiting area.He leafed through some old magazines; a few Sports Illustrated; National Geographic’s; and various news magazines. But as he did, his mind was racing. He’d done very well with the chastity training he had been doing. Of course, after he had been assigned to begin wearing the chastity device, that had become a bit easier. That didn’t mean that he hadn’t struggled, mentally mainly, with the desire to have an orgasm (because that had been especially difficult to manage (emotionally, and physiologically), but if he hadn’t been wearing it—he doubted that he could have made it a full 14 days without any orgasms. He was eager to tell Jackie of his success. He was also very eager to have an orgasm (as long as Jackie was in agreement with that, of course).Two months earlier, when he and Susan had decided that he would embrace the cuckold lifestyle, as well as explore the non-orgasmic side of that in particular, he never had believed that he could go a full two weeks without halkalı escort any orgasmic release; and yet, there he sat; having achieved that previously unimaginable target!Jackie appeared suddenly as Chuck had been leafing through a National Geographic. He looked up. She smiled brightly in greeting, and he immediately put the magazine down and followed her to the nicely decorated, and comfortable room where they always met and talked. As he followed her, he couldn’t help but admire her figure, and as he let his thoughts go in that direction, his cock responded instantly. Of course, there was little, if any, spare room for it to expand into; so, as it did, it was quickly thwarted; and though as his cock tried to become fully erect, the ring that secured it, began to press up against the back of his balls. It was uncomfortable, in one sense, but it was also curiously ‘pleasurable’, if that was the right word. Jackie was certainly a desirable young woman, but he would never have the opportunity to do anything about it.Jackie opened the door and stood to one side as Chuck went in. Following, she shut the door quietly, and flipped the ‘Occupied’ sign, so that they wouldn’t be disturbed. He took a seat on the comfortable couch in front of where Jackie always sat as they talked.There was chatter between them about the current weather, and other trivial things as usual, and then, after that, they got down to the business at hand.”So,” Jackie began, “how has these last two weeks gone for you?””It’s been a challenge,” he replied.”But you’ve been successful,” she began, “with your chastity observance?””I have, yes!” He felt proud of being able to truthfully say that to her, and she seemed genuinely pleased.”Good,” she replied. “Kudos to you. Two weeks,” she added, “was quite a long time.””Yes it was,” Chuck replied. “But I’m glad I managed to succeed. I really wasn’t sure the last time I was here that I’d be able to do that. But,” he said, feeling proud, “I did it!”Jackie smiled, and then referred to some notes she had on her lap. For a few moments, neither said anything, as she leafed through the papers. Then, setting them aside, she said she wanted them to talk about what the two weeks had been like for him; and he went into as much detail as he could. As he did, Jackie sat perfectly still and gave him her complete, and undivided attention.”Well,” she said after listening to him, “the fact that you found the last 14 days a challenge, was exactly the point. Chastity practice is never easy. As you and I have talked about for a while, chastity is never going to be easy. It will become easier, yes, with practice, but to embrace the cuckold lifestyle, as you are doing, difficulty, and challenges, are going to be part of that. But you’re doing very well. Congratulations!””Thank you,” Chuck said, feeling extremely pleased şişli escort with Jackie’s compliments.”So, how are you and Susan doing during all of this? Have there been any clashes? Any anger? Resentment?””She and I have been really good. Honestly.””Good. I’m glad to hear that. I spoke with Susan the other day on the phone, and she said the same thing; and that you have been very relaxed and happier around her now that your embracing the cuckold lifestyle.””That’s true,” Chuck added. “Susan and I are much happier now days. Since she’s getting her own sexual satisfaction outside our marriage, that’s made our own relationship much less fraught with outbursts of frustration from me. Before I was a cuckold, kept butting my head against the reality that as far as a sex partner for Susan went, I wasn’t what she preferred, and that she needed better sex than I could give her, the rest of our relationship has gotten really good.”Jackie smiled hearing that.”Are you wanting to have an orgasm today?” She asked.”I’d like that,” he replied. “But only if that’s something you would allow!” The fact that he had given Jackie the power of allowing him to have an orgasm was a significant part of their therapy sessions. In fact, it was one of the most significant things about their the****utic sessions, indeed, orgasm control was the very crux of his learning to be a good cuckold husband; and since he and Susan were no longer sexual, Jackie had become the sole outlet for his orgasms.”I think you’ve certainly earned an orgasm today,” she said, smiling across from him.As she said that, his cock swelled, and it was becoming cramped, and uncomfortable.Jackie had him undress. When he was, the only thing he was wearing was the chastity cage. It glistened in the light from her desk. She got up and went around to the other side of the desk and got the key out. As she came back around the desk to where he stood, she leaned over and inserted the key and with a click, the small padlock was off.Chuck watched in silence as Jackie undid the rest of the device, and laying each piece carefully on the desk as she did. As the device came off completely, his cock rapidly expanded, and though by no means yet fully erect, it was growing larger by the moment.Jackie pulled the chair she’d been setting on while talking with him earlier, and sat close in front of him; and taking his balls in one had, while with the other she began stroking his growing erection. As she did, Chuck couldn’t help but let out a moan.”Feels good?” Jackie said, glancing up into his face.”Oh, yes! It feels wonderful!” He said, as he continued to watch her stroking his cock.”Good!” She said. “Like I said earlier: you’ve certainly earned it!”After 14 days of total and complete chastity, Chuck didn’t last very long before he ejaculated. As he did, sarıyer escort Jackie let him shoot his pent up load all across the bare wooden surface of her desk; and as he did, he was amazed at how much sperm he’d stored up in those 14 days; and he found himself shaking, trembling uncontrollably, as Jackie’s hand nimbly relieved him of every last drop of his cum. The pleasure of it was so much more intense than any orgasm he’d previously experienced! ‘Less is more’ was the phrase that kept popping into his mind as Jackie milked his balls dry there in the quiet privacy of her office.When his orgasm was over, and his cock was sagging, flaccid, but sated, Jackie let go of it and pushed the chair back and stood up. As she fetched some tissues from the desk, she complimented him on his orgasm.”That was very impressive!” she remarked. “Thanks,” Chuck replied, still feeling the afterglow of the orgasm.She smiled. “Your welcome! You did very well these last 14 days; and so I’m going to have you observer another 14 days of chastity. Eventually, as I’ve said before, we will increase that to more days, but I think we will stay with 14 for a while before going on from there.”Jackie slipped off the blue nitrile exam gloves she’d been wearing during the ejaculation part of the session and tossed them into the receptacle provided for that. It was now up to Chuck to clean up the mess he’d made on her desk; and he did so diligently. As he tossed the sodden wads into the same receptacle that Jackie had thrown the gloves, it was a curious feeling he had knowing that his sperm was being relegated to the status of ‘trash’, and yet it didn’t upset him. His sperm belonged there; in the trash. It certainly didn’t belong inside his wife’s vagina, or in any woman’s vagina, for that matter. He was a cuckold! And that was the right and proper fate for a cuckold’s sperm!As Chuck cleaned up, Jackie made notes in his file.When it was time for him to leave, Jackie congratulated him once again, and encouraged him to be as successful in his next chastity observation as he had been with the last one.”I will,” Chuck said. “I promise you.””I know you’ll give it your very best,” she said smiling, and then it really was time for him to leave; and he felt a little sad to go. He’d come to feel very close to Jackie over the several months of their therapy sessions. After all, how could he not feel that way towards her, especially since she had seen him in his most intimate moments? He’d been perhaps even more intimate with her in those moments of orgasmic release, than he’d been with Susan, his wife! In some ways, Jackie had seen in a way that no woman ever had; and he liked that. It was what made his other times of chastity bearable.As he got into his car, he suddenly realized that in becoming a cuckold, and in having taken up this special therapy practice of chastity, where it was Jackie, and only Jackie that he gave his orgasms to, that in doing so, he’d closed the sexual side of his marriage to Susan, but opened it to Jackie!The only thing that had fundamentally changed for him was that Jackie was now the one he could turn to for sexual gratification, and not Susan.The End

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