There Can Be Only One Chapter 30

There Can Be Only One Chapter 30There Can Be Only OneChapter 30Ross had barely entered the house when he heard the thundering sound of footsteps as Julie bounded down stairs and brushed past him shouting her good bye to his mother, whom presumably was in the kitchen or lounge. The young girl barely, in her teens blushed brightly as she looked directly into the face of a startled Ross before running out to her mother who had kept the car running. Ross stood at the door and watched the red car pull out of the drive before closing it with a huge grin on his face after his latest conquest. He was not expecting the hand that came around covering his mouth with a soft cotton cloth. He shook his head free and spun about to see a laughing sister holding the white material which he immediately recognized as a pair of panties. “What the fucks up with you Cath?” Cathy was grinning from ear to ear, “Guess whose these are?” Ross didn’t have to think too hard and guessed straight away without having to be told. “Hmmm… I wonder… How did you get them?” Cathy seemed disappointed that her brother realized whose they were straight away. “How did you know?” “Fucking obvious… you wouldn’t be waving a pair of yours… or mum’s, and they are far too plain for Susie’s… now how did you get them off her?” Ross reached out and took them from his sister’s grip. Ross held the small pair of panties up inspecting the soft white cotton material covered in small hearts, noting the slightly stained crotch. “Piss or cream?” “Definitely cream. I showed her some of your porn sites… she had never seen any before… her dad has their computer browsing security set to high.” Ross was halfway to sniffing the pair when they were snatched from his hand by his little sister and held them behind her back. He had not heard his mother come out of the lounge towards them. “Get Mrs. Noakes sorted… get her cupboard fixed?” The question initially caught Ross by surprise having forgotten all about the reason he had given to his mother why he stayed at the church hall. “Yes… no… no. I need to go back another time… didn’t have the right tools.” “Took a long time to do nothing?” Alice Gorman already had her suspicions. “Ohh… I had a look at a couple of other things while I was there” the teen was desperate to change the subject before she asked what things. “Anything to eat… fancied a burger on the way home but couldn’t really ask Mrs. Noakes” “I should hope you didn’t… god…. What do you want?” “Anything”Alice turned and walked back into the kitchen, “Will cheese on toast do? Want anything Cathy?” “Sounds good…” “Yes Please” Cathy chirped in. As soon as his mother was in the kitchen, Ross reached behind his sisters back and pulled the panties from her small hand. “I’ll keep these” he held them to his nose disappointed that he could not really detect any pussy. “I want to know all about it later.” ======================= Alice Gorman lay in her bed content. Cradled in her arms was her teenage son, fast asleep with his left hand where it was when he fell asleep, clutching her right breast. Her pussy felt delicious smooth as she gently toyed with it, using the copious amount of silky semen as lubricant that her son had deposited deep inside her just before he fell asleep. She was amazed at where he got his sexual strength from. She had passed by the open door of her youngest daughter’s bedroom on her way to take her bath and although slightly taken aback, was not surprised to see Cathy kneeling between her brother’s legs as he fucked her mouth, rather too roughly for her liking, but then again it was not her mouth and Cathy seemed to enjoy being treated that way when sucking his cock. She smiled to herself recalling how instead of reprimanding them, she only reminded them it was a school night. She raised her fingers to her lips and tasted their combined love juices, something a month ago she would have baulked at the very idea, but now, she relished the tangy taste, as she alternated teasing her pussy and cleaning her cum coated fingers. When questioned, Ross would not tell her about Mrs. Noakes, although she did not press him to hard, not wishing to risk losing him that night. He had the choice of two other willing females he could have spent the night with, she smiled in the dim light of the bedroom that he had chosen her. How easy was it now to accept the i****tuous situation that existed in their family. She wondered what would happen if her husband were to ever find out, or indeed if Ross were to introduce Bill into their affair using either Susie or Cathy, or both. Her cunt tingled at the thought of her daughters in bed with her husband. As her mind drifted from one carnal thought to the next she slowly drifted into sleep wondering what lewd acts her son would be planning for her in the future.============================== Ross lost the argument with his mother the next morning. He had wanted to stay off school that day since the parcel that he was expecting had arrived. His mother knew that he had bought something last week on the internet, he had told her he had, but refused to tell her exactly what it was, she just knew that whatever it was wasn’t cheap. She had given him her credit card and although he hadn’t maxed it out it was well on its way.Throughout the day at school, his mind was pre occupied with where he was going to site the miniature spy cameras that came that morning. He had to place them so that they would go unnoticed, and yet give him full access of whatever was going on in the rooms he was planning on planting them in. It was immediately after lunch when he had French… that his mind was able to switch to another more pleasing subject… Adèle. The petite French teacher seemed on edge as she took class 3D… not knowing whether her blackmailing student will repeat what he had made her do the last time she took the class. The lesson had flown by… Ross… pre-occupied of how and when he could fuck the dark-haired beauty again. He hardly took his eyes off the nervous teacher… smile when a possible plan was hatched… tweaking it… weighing up alternatives and finally settling on the one that got the biggest response to his tingling cock. Hidden by his desk, he typed in the message and hit send just as the period was coming to an end. Adèle jumped slightly when she felt the phone vibrate in her black jacket pocket. She glanced at the clock, five minutes to go before the end of the lesson, she thought she had been spared being intimidated by the teen that day. She eased the phone out of her pocket and checked the message, concealing the phone from the class behind her desk. She gulped, giving a slight nod of her head as she looked at Ross who was grinning broadly at her. ========================= The confident teen sat silently in the passenger seat, admiring the interior of the Mini Cooper. Occasionally Ross would give Adèle directions as she drove to an area she did not know too well. He had decided that fucking the French teacher was more pressing than planting his spy cameras… besides… he really had to be alone in the house to do that. He told his mother he was going around to a friend’s house to study and as soon as she drove off with Cathy, he walked the couple of blocks and waited for Adèle to pick him up. The five-minute wait seemed longer, but not as long as the double math’s lesson he had that followed French… that was never ending. ======================= Adèle drove slowly past the individual parking areas that couples used in the Carman Hills, until she was told to turn into a small clearing sakarya escort amongst the trees. She parked the car where Ross had told her… concerned that the car was still visible from the small dirt track should they be doing something sexual.Both Adèle and Ross were surprised by the number of cars already occupying the ‘making out’ bays. Neither of them had visited the place Ross had heard was a dogging site… Adèle wasn’t aware this place existed but as soon as she drove past the first clearing, she knew what goes on up there. The timid female sat with her hands clasped in her lap waiting for her young student to tell her what to do, although there was no doubt it would be sexual. Ross was a little disappointed that Adèle would not take him back to her apartment… but accepted the excuse that her little sister would be there. Adèle… having agreed to his text message to meet her after school, and persuaded the student that her apartment was not practical, the Carman Hills was an acceptable alternative. Ross was a little nervous, never having done anything in such an open public place before. The time he got his mother to suck him off in lay-by somehow didn’t seem so risky, maybe it was because it was his mother and not his teacher with him then. His mother would defend him if a problem arose… not so his teacher.“Are you wearing panties?” Adèle jumped when the silence was broken and quickly glanced across at Ross. “Oui” she was half expecting him to tell her to remove them. Ross just nodded and once again looked around outside and then into the back seat of the car where he noticed the school teacher’s bag. Remembering what she had in a similar bag the last time she visited Susie and him at their house, he nodded at the cloth hold-all “You got the strap-on in there?” Not sure why he asked that as he had no intention of it being used on him… and he didn’t need one.Adèle swallowed before shaking her head, “Non”Ross didn’t even notice that both her replies were in French. “Where is it then?” He shook his head at himself… he was obviously struggling to start the session.The petite dark-haired woman started to blush and paused before replying it was at her place. The delay and uncertainty in her answer roused Ross’s suspicion. He reached over and looked into the bag and felt a little foolish when all that was in it were school books and a few other girly things that all women carry about with them. He dropped the bag back down. Adèle flinched when Ross rested his hand upon her bare knee. Her eyes swelled slightly but she fought back the tears as the strong hand slid up her thigh and under her skirt, she knew it was futile to even attempt to stop him. Ross felt the smooth warm skin of her leg as his hand slid upwards to its intended goal. He deliberately let it inch up, occasionally his fingers gripping the soft flesh, his middle finger gently teasing as it caressed in small circles. He could feel the woman tense as his hand slid around to the softer inner thigh only inches away from panty covered pussy. Adèle’s nervousness fueled Ross’s confidenceAdèle closed her eyes unable to look at her skirt being raised by the hand that wormed its way up her thigh. She held her breath waiting for the probing fingers to eventually come into contact with her pussy, something that she feared and yet…There was no mistake… she could feel her cunt react to the gentle touch… for a young boy he certainly knew how to tease and excite. Fear was replaced by embarrassment… embarrassment that the teen would find her panties decidedly damp. Adèle looked nervously around her, and jumped when the slightest of contact was made between finger and cunt.The teen knew exactly what he was doing in the slow tease of his teacher, he had learnt much about what women like and do not like in the few weeks since he lost his virginity. Ross with the deftest of touches toyed with the puffy lips and cleft through the silky material of the French tutor’s panties.Adèle eased herself back into the car seat spreading her legs slightly wider as the youth teased her upper thighs and pussy… without attempting to penetrate the young woman’s pussy. The adroit touch made Adèle relax and give up resisting the teen, as her whole body started to become excited. She let out a low moan of disappointment when her ‘lover’s’ hand slid from under her skirt, over her flat tummy towards her smallish breasts. The equally excited youth groped the g****fruit sized tits that were hidden beneath the teacher’s school attire of white buttoned blouse and black suit jacket. He could feel the hard nipples trying to bore through the lacy bra. Adèle sat back motionless and watched as Ross slowly started to undo the buttons. Her eyes scanning around the windows of the car, still nervous about the location they were making out. She wanted to stop the boy, say something, but all she did was look as each undone button revealed more of her well-toned, sun-kissed body, highlighted even more against the stark white bra. Ross tugged the blouse out of the tight waist band of the skirt, exposing the upper torso and full beauty of the petite dark-haired woman. Although delightfully concealed, the horny teenager wanted more. “Take them off” He would have done so himself but within the confines of the small car he found it awkward to try and maneuver the girl around. Adèle’s token objection was quickly dismissed and with her eyes continually looking about her, did as she was instructed, pausing briefly at each stage… looking at the boy… hoping that she might been spared stripping completely. She blushed when he held out his hand and took the panties out of her hand, holding them to his face smelling her sexual scent. Adèle’s attention was focused on the passenger’s hands as he started to undo his belt. The sound of his zip sliding down amplified in the surrounding silence. Startled by the husky voice.“Get in the back…” Ross lifted his ass of the cloth seat sliding his pants down his smooth legs. The teen could not resist sliding his hand up the inner thigh, his finger slipping easily between the moist lips into the silky cunt as the excited teacher rather unceremoniously clambered between the front seats of the car. Initially surprised by the hand upon her thigh, the randy teacher paused with one leg high in the air and the other kneeling on the driver’s seat, enjoying the pleasant feeling of her pussy being fingered for a full thirty seconds before disappointingly resuming her scramble into the back of the car. The schoolboy, eager to continue with what was about to come struggled to slip his trousers over his shoes and had to pull them back up, remove his shoes, thus allowing his pants to be discarded. With his impatience to fuck his school teacher he ignored removing his school tie and shirt as he clambered over the front seats. Adèle sat in the centre of the rear seat, with her legs parted, her eyes not only watching the enthusiastic boy but peering into the trees and bushes that surrounded the parked car… she had everything to lose if she was seen. With her tanned legs slightly parted and the neatly trimmed pussy glistening with her juices the sight was too inviting for the teen. Pushing the front seats forward he knelt between the smooth legs, spreading her knees even further apart, ignoring the slight discomfort of the cramped position. Ross inhaled the sweet fragrant aroma before extending his tongue to taste the sweet copious nectar. He could not believe how pleasurable it was to his tongue as it slid between the puffy escort sakarya lips and deep into the depths of the honeyed pussy. There was a feminine aroma that pleased him… perhaps she uses a vaginal deodorant… he must ask her… sometime. The contrast between the soft fleshy folds and the hard, red pearl that peeked out of its protective sheath only added more enjoyment. Adèle, once again surprised at how skilled the youth was, purred and moaned as her whole body basked in the sensual pleasure. Momentarily forgetting where she was, she threw her head back… closing her eyes… as she slipped her hands beneath her knees raising them in an outward movement, making her cunt even more accessible to the probing tongueRoss’s tongue concentrated on the small hard nub that was poking out of its protective sheath… teasing… sucking… nibbling… as his middle finger of his right hand circled the tight anal sphincter, greased up with the teacher’s own natural lubricant. The excited woman pushed forward, she could feel her cunt tremor, her anus inviting the finger to probe in her most intimate hole, the extended stiff tongue lapping noisily between the puffy folds of her labia, burrowing into the narrow entrance. Naked and vulnerable, the twenty four year old looked about her… nervous… excited… fully aware as to her precarious predicament but not caring as her arousal rose with the teens head between her obscenely spread legs, her small breasts heaving as her heart thumped, throbbing nipples that begged to be taken in mouth and bitten. “Baise moi… baise moi” Ross’s eyes looked up from between the soft thighs, his lips remaining in contact with the more delicate lips of his lover. “Baise moi… fuck me… please fuck me” The French woman released her grip on her knees and lowered her legs back down as the smiling teen rose from his crouched kneeling position, his face covered in her juices. Ross, relieved slightly from being squashed between rear and front seats, rose and shuffled forward until he was in a kneeling position between the spread thighs of aroused woman. Her cunt lips open inviting his hard cock into the dark pink tunnel. He ran a finger between the puffy lips causing an immediate shiver from his French Mistress. Grabbing the underside of her soft thighs he pulled them towards him, making her ass hang slightly over the back seat. Guiding his cock with one hand he slowly eased it into the warm welcoming cavern. Two sets of eyes watched as the cock slowly disappeared between the folds of pussy until it had fully disappeared. Adèle’s cunt tightened around the invading cock, the heavy ball sack against her ass, her hands grasping her breasts, squeezing them gently as forefinger and thumb pinched her throbbing nipples. “Baise moi… baise moi” her voice was low and husky. Ross did as he bade, he slowly fucked the tight hole, smiling as the woman mauled her own tits. He slid a hand to gently rub the hard clit, his cock sliding in and out, coated in the slime of the woman’s secretions. His fucking was slow and deliberate, bringing a continuous low moan from the inflamed teacher. He leant forward and planted his lips upon hers. Their kiss was passionate.===================== It was uncertain who came first, both were so intent on their own orgasms that they did not notice the other one’s climax. Ross’s sweating heaving body lay slumped over an equally exhausted and panting woman, his softening cock still embedded in the clutching cunt. He slowly opened his eye and eased his upper body apart from the soft breasts that were pressed against his chest. It took a few seconds for it to register, he thought he recognised the car, he couldn’t be certain. Even though the light was fading and it was getting dark, he most definitely recognised the passenger as the car slowly passed by on the dirt track not 6 feet away from where they had parked.“Susie?” Ross’s voice was low and questioning. ===================== Adèle couldn’t believe that she sat waiting in the car. She had dressed the same time as Ross had, and was surprised that once dressed Ross told her that he would be back in a minute, it had been at least five since he left the car without explanation. She had thought he was going for a pee but surely it doesn’t take that long. Now seated back behind the steering wheel, the French teacher could not believe how powerful her orgasm was. As wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body, she was vaguely aware that her pussy was being flooded with the semen that forcefully spurted out deep inside of her, she could feel the cock pump as her own contractions squeezed the hard flesh.Adèle suddenly looked about her, realising that her hand had crept under her skirt and was toying with her aroused clit once more, her soiled panties that she had used to wipe her pussy with, discarded on the floor. ===================== Ross stood concealed in the bushes, his heart thumping as he looked at the black BMW car. At first all he could see was Susie’s boyfriend sitting in the driver’s seat looking down at his lap with a glazed expression. It was not more than a minute or two before he saw his sister’s sit up wiping her mouth, had he cum already??? The voyeur stepped back into the bushes when his sister opened up the passenger door, looked about her before reaching under her skirt and pulling her black panties down stepping right out of them. Ross had to cover his mouth, stifling the gasp as he saw his sister hike up her skirt, squat, and piss there right in front of him, her taut ass clearly seen by the astonished boy, but the boyfriend, who had leaned over, had a full view of the piss that gushed out of the delicious cunt. Susie wiggled her ass a little as the stream slowed down to a dribble before she wiped her pussy dry with the black panties she held in her hand. With a loud laugh she tossed them at the grinning driver.Fucking pervert, that tongue of yours had better do its fucking business, or else that’s the last blow job you get from me… the shameless teen shut the front passenger’s door and climbed into the back, leaning against the rear door of the car with one leg planted on the floor and the other leg, bent at the knee whichpressed hard against the back seat, her legs spread open wide.====================== Ross waited for a few minutes before he felt it safe to sneak about to the other side of the car so he could get a better view of the oral action. He was surprised that Jason had not fully climbed into the car but was half kneeling across the back seat with his feet on the ground outside. Mind you he was a tall guy so he would have been very uncomfortable if he were squashed in the back going down on his girlfriend. He could hear his sister verbally belittle her lover as she ground his head between her legs. Susie suddenly looked up and started a scream when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye, the scream was cut short on her immediately recognising who was staring at her, legs open wide with fully clothed man between them. “What is it… did I hurt you?” Jason was able to lift his head slightly when Susie relaxed her grip on being surprised.“No… no… just keep on licking… useless fucker…” Susie pushed the head back down whilst, mouthing ‘what you doing here?’ at her brother. There followed a silent conversation between the two whilst Susie ground her cunt into the lapping face between her legs, occasionally deriding his efforts, concealing her brother from the lapping tongue. Susie quickly gave up trying to understand what Ross was saying and started sakarya escort bayan to put on an exhibition for her brother, taunting the lack of sexual prowess of her boyfriend, especially the size of his cock and how unsatisfying it was. His tongue however amply compensated for his lack in satisfying her with his 5” prick… that, and the fact that he treated Susie well, often buying her expensive gifts. ===================== Adèle drove in silence not believing what she had done, her objections at first gradually broken down until she was a willing partner to Ross’s perverted sexual demands. She looked down at her skirt, raised high up her thighs, just concealing a pussy that was still sore with the pounding that she had received on the end of the fake rubber dong that she had taken out of the boot ( trunk) of her own car so that Susie could strap it on and fuck her. As she drove, she glanced at Ross, who seemed to be lost in a world of his own thoughts. Ross had returned to her car and pulled her out, ordering her to follow him.The teacher, unsure what was happening recoiled in shock when she saw Susie sitting naked in the black car. The well dressed man looked comical… fully clothed above his waist but with his trousers and underpants wrapped around his ankles… both hands cupping his genitals… hiding them from view.“Show Adèle your dick… weed” Susie’s voice was threateningJason slowly removed his hands… his dick… erect once more… but embarrassingly small.Things moved quickly from there… in a matter of minutes… both girls were naked and making out in the back of the BMW whilst the two males sat in the front… watching.Adèle blushed, because it was at her suggested, Susie use the strap-on that had tucked away in her car. As punishment for lying to Ross… he made her go and get it… naked. Adèle surprised herself and such was her arousal at the hands of the younger woman… she obeyed the student, darting between the bushes… grateful that they had parked relatively close… sneaking past two parked cars… and thankful that she was not seen… well at least she hoped she had not been. Once Susie had harnessed the fake cock around her, the French Mistress willingly leant over the bonnet of the car and allowed Susie to fuck her mercilessly from behind, as Ross took pictures on his phone. Adèle was glad at least that it was not a video of the lesbian show. She would have trouble explaining the photos that were taken if they were made public… but trying to deny any impropriety would be futile as she begged to be fucked harder… pleading for the young boy to come closer so she may suck on his cock. She was rather surprised when he declined to have his cock sucked… but pushed forward the wimp of a boyfriend of the girl that fucking her sopping cunt so relentlessly. Ross reasoned that he may well need to give some incentive to his sister’s boyfriend so he does not cause problems later on.Lost in the sexuality of the situation Adèle, moaned and muttered words of encouragement to her female lover as she was fucked hard and deeply. She seemed not to be aware of her surroundings, only that she wished the hard rubber dick would not stop its relentless onslaught. It was a new sensation for the French girl… she had always worn the fake phallus in the past. She rather liked it used on her.Adèle glanced again at her passenger who sat beside her, a smirk on his face as he flicked through the stills he had taken on his phone. Her right hand slipped up her thigh and slowly toyed with her aching pussy, still a little tender… but her clit reacted to the gentle caress of her finger. The young teacher knew that she was now totally owned by her student, her cunt contracted at the thought. The strange thing was that she rather liked being owned by him. For such a young boy he showed a lot of maturity…. It was unfortunate how the affair started but she had never experienced such powerful feelings in her body with any of her past lovers… and risky though it was, she wanted to continue to have these deep desires. The concern that it may well ruin her career… and probably her life… depended on the integrity of the 16yo next to her… but she was prepared to take that chance. She did have a little insurance… what they were doing also had consequencesThe finger on her clit increased its stimulation as she recalled Susie, still fucking her wanton pussy… when she was dragged from her leaning position on the car and made to support herself by grasping on the hips of the cuckolded man… his small pink flesh inches away from her face. One hard thrust from behind and her mouth automatically opened to take the cock deep into her mouth. She gurgled and sucked eagerly, taking the whole 5” into her mouth, disappointed that it only lasted a few minutes before it spurted its thick cream down her throat. She at least was thankful, that it was the rubber phallus that was in her pussy and not the real dick.Adèle was surprised about the quantity of cum that was ejected into her mouth… swallowing as fast as it spurted. The young French woman felt slightly ashamed that she joined in with Susie, ridiculing the embarrassed man, and continued to hurl insult after insult as he was made to clean her sopping pussy… as well as the imitation dong that had been embedded so deep in her. She was shocked that she could show such malice when she forced the rubber cock deep down the throat of the gagging man. She abhorred such behavior normally but caught up in the sexuality of it all she did not stop until Ross slapped her hard on the arse. The surprising thing… once Jason had recovered sufficiently… he thanked her and agreed whole heartedly with his girlfriend that they would let her strap on the dildo and fuck his mouth as if it were a cunt. It was his suggestion that he could wear Susie’s clothes and they could fuck his man cunt.Unashamedly she masturbated whilst she watched her student fuck his own sister in front of hapless boyfriend, as Susie continued to decry Jason and the lack in size of his manhood, and how the cock that was fucking her was superior in every way. She once again joined in as Susie made her luckless lover clean out her pussy with his tongue… making sure that he had cleaned it of all her brother’s semen. Almost home, Adèle was brought out of her daydream… distance and time had passed without her realizing. Ross had not noticed initially that the driver had a hand up her skirt… and smiled when he did… and how she had accepted to become his sexual plaything. Adèle had even agreed to be his sex slave whenever he wished… with the proviso that their liaisons and all photos remain strictly private.The teen reached over and flipped her skirt up, revealing her middle finger teasing the small white erectile poking out of its sheath. Adèle did nothing to hide her exposed vagina which she blatantly continued to please. The immodest woman reluctantly removed her hand so that she could drive the last few blocks safely… making no attempt to lower her raised skirt. That was good, we will have to do it again soon, maybe set up a dogging session. Ross grinned as Adèle pulled up outside his house. “Dogging?” “Ohh… you will find out soon enough” the smile broadened “remember I own you.”Adèle could only gulp and nod as she pulled to a stop. Ross took a final photograph of the driver as she sat there exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.“Shave it…” he nodded at the crotch of the docile woman. Opening the car door he stepped out and as he was shutting the door he smiled… “Ohh… and, I want a picture of your sister… naked”Adèle could only mutter her sister’s name as she heard the door to her car slam shut and her new Master walk away before she could give her response.Comments can be made here or if preferred to (note the two NN in nastymann)

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