They Cum by Appointment Ch. 05

Big Dicks

Jack arrived at Edi’s house just before seven; Edi opened the door for him; she looked gorgeous; she was wearing a tight-fitting top and leggings. Jack gave her a bag with six chilled bottles of Chablis in it. Edi put the bad down then hugged Jack; they tongue kissed for a minute; Jack was sure Edi wasn’t wearing a bra as her massive tits felt so soft against his chest. Edi said, “Liz is in the kitchen; let’s join her there; we haven’t started drinking yet. Is that Chardonnay that you have brought?”

“No, I’ve brought a delicious Chablis for you; all the bottles are chilled; give me a corkscrew, and I’ll open it for you.”

Jack carried the bag into the kitchen; Liz was there dressed similarly to Edi but wearing an apron as she cooked. She had a fork in her hand; she put it down then hugged Jack, they tongue kissed then Liz said, “I’ve got my sim cards changed, Edi got me a lovely Samsung, I changed the sim card from my iPhone into it, it’s unbelievable the number of calls and messages that I’ve got. I’ve got it muted; I can still see the calls and messages that come in. Hopefully, they’ll slow down now. At least now, I can communicate with Edi and you, Jack. My new life is beginning. This will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

Jack poured the wine; it was heavenly; both Edi and Liz said it was gorgeous. There was a candelabra on the kitchen table. Edi lit the candles as Liz plated the meals. When she had placed the plates on the table mats on the table, she switched off the main kitchen light; the kitchen looked so good in the candlelight. Liz took off her apron, they then started to eat. Not a word was said for a least three minutes, the food and wine were so good, then Jack said, “I’m so happy that I brought this Chablis; it compliments this delicious duck so well.”

Liz replied, “Jack, you are so right; the wine compliments the duck; my knowledge of wine is not that good, I know what I like, but that’s about it.”

Jack said, “When we set up the Hotel and Spa, I got involved in the selection of wine we would be selling. I have kept our wine list small, but it’s good. I am going to start having wine tasting evenings in the Bistro; you should come along as that would broaden your knowledge.”

“Jack, I would love that; Edi and I would both come; that would be so interesting.”

Edi said, “I’d love to come; that would be so interesting. Jack, Liz and I had a little chat earlier. Tonight is a get to know each other for all of us. When we finish our meal, we’ll go upstairs to my bedroom. Then Liz and I will get to know each other sexually. We both have a lot of experience; we have never in our life’s ever discussed sex. We will get to know each other a little tonight. We will get to know each bahis firmaları other in front of you; the first one of us to cum, you will fuck first. I believe that Liz told you that she enjoys anal; I love anal too. There’s lube beside the bed. How do you feel about this? Would you like to watch to sisters having naughty sex? I’m getting quite aroused thinking about it.”

Jack brought a fresh bottle of Chablis to the bedroom. Liz and Edi were naked very quickly; their bodies’ similarity was terrific; they both looked so good. The folds on their labia were beautiful. They were both long, thick and smooth. Jack stripped naked then sat in an armchair; he topped up his glass as Liz and Edi started kissing. Looking at both of them, they didn’t look that they were both in their seventies, sixties maybe, but in three years, Edi would be eighty. They were kissing and fingering each other’s pussies. Then Edi said, “Let’s 69, Liz, your body is in wonderful condition.”

They went down on each other; they were sucking the other’s clit; it was amazing to watch. They were both giving it their best shot; they weren’t rushing anything; it was slow and loving. The way they moved their bodies was so erotic, they both knew how to give the other pleasure, and that’s what they were doing. They were sucking the other’s clit and finger fucking them as they sucked. They were both purring with pleasure; as Jack watched, he could feel his stiff cock tingle. It was the clit sucking that was working for both of them, then Edi said, “Liz, that’s wonderful; I’m so close to cuming; is it ok if I cum in your mouth?”

“Of course you can Edi, I’m looking forward to watching Jack fuck you. After you cum, I’ll lube your ass for you. Cum for me, Edi, cum for me.”

A minute later, Edi’s mouth was flooded with her younger sister’s cum; Liz just kept sucking; you could see her swallow when her mouth was filled. Then Liz came off Edi’s pussy; they cum kissed for a minute, then Edi said, “You have still some cum in your mouth, give it to Jack, I’ll go down on Jack and make his cock hard. You can lube my ass as I suck his big cock.”

As Edi started to suck Jack’s cock, she said, “My god Jack, your cock is massive, Liz, lube my ass well, Jack, you’re like a stallion; I’ve never seen a cock as big.”

Liz was now lubing Edi’s ass; the way that she was doing it was so erotic; she had started with one finger, now she had three inside Edi’s tight ass. Edi loved it; she was pushing her ass against Liz’s penetrating fingers; Liz said, “I’m getting so horny doing this for you, Edi, I’m looking forward to watching Jack fuck you, would you like Jack to ass fuck you doggy style? I would love to watch that.”

Edi came off Jack’s cock then said, “I’d kaçak iddaa love that; I’m so horny too, I think that I’m ready; Jack’s cock is so stiff now.”

Liz replied, “That’s good; let me lube his cock, Edi. Would you like to suck my clit as Jack ass fucks you? Then we’re all getting more involved?”

Edi smiled then said, “I’m game for anything; let’s do it.”

Edi then got on all fours on top of the bed, her ass level with Jack’s erect cock; Liz got on top of the bed, she invitingly positioned herself, with her legs spread wide open, in a position that Edi could easily suck her clit. Liz spread her cunt flaps open, out popped her massive bulb; it was so suckable. As Edi started to suck on it, Jack slipped his huge lubed cock up Edi’s tight ass; she took his entire length quickly with the first push. Edi gasped with pleasure then said, “Jack, it’s wonderful, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, ride me, baby; it feels so good.”

As Jack rode Edi, Edi was sucking Liz’s big clit; she was also finger fucking her with three fingers; Liz loved it; she was close to climax. Edi had her first vaginal orgasm a minute later; as Edi was cuming, Liz felt Edi’s cum flooding into her mouth. The two sisters had cum within seconds of each other; Liz swallowed Edi’s cum; she was sure that she would cum again. Edi had two more vaginal orgasms; then Jack pulled out of her ass, he then went into her dripping pussy doggy style, Edi said, “Jack, that was beautiful, you made me cum three times, every one of them was good. It feels so good in my pussy, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix; I’ve never had that before, oh baby, go hard and deep for me. You have no idea how badly I need this. Jack, you are something special.”

Liz had filled her glass with wine; she went to the bathroom, she brought a towel back with her and laid it on the armchair that Jack had been sitting on; her pussy was dripping. She then spread her legs; she spread her thick cunt lips open, her pink bulb looked so inviting as she started to stroke it with two fingers. There was something so erotic the way Liz was stroking her clit and sipping her wine. Jack had made eye contact with Liz as he pounded into Edi’s wet pussy; Jack smiled, Liz smiled back, Jack was thinking, I’m going to fuck you the same way as I’ve fucked your sister, you’re both going to love it.”

As Jack was pounding Edi, Liz said, “Edi, I love how your big tits are swaying as Jack fucks you; they’re so big, juicy and natural-looking. Edi, you and I are so lucky to have the tits that we have; I can’t wait to give Jack a titty fuck. Would you like to fuck my big juicy tits, Jack?”

Liz was smiling as she said this; Jack smiled back then said, “Liz, I’m looking forward kaçak bahis to doing that with you, be a darling, play with your beautiful big tits as you play with your gorgeous big clit”

Liz then started playing with her left tit; her nipples were so big and hard. She then brought her nipple to her mouth; she started licking and sucking her hard nipple as she fingered her clit; Liz was a very sexy woman. Twenty minutes later, Edi had a body-shaking orgasm; her whole body was trembling. She quickly composed herself, then said, “I loved that. Your cock is amazing, my pussy feels stretched, but it feels so comfortable. I am so happy that we are doing this. Liz, I must admit that I had some doubts about doing this, but they’ve all gone. Liz, if you enjoy this, half as much as I’ve enjoyed it, then we are both winners. I can’t wait to watch Jack fucking you, give him a titty fuck first, as you are doing it, I’ll make sure that your tight ass is lubed and your pussy is nice and wet for Jack.”

Liz then lay on the bed; Jack squatted over her, he put his cock between Liz’s massive cleavage. Liz squeezed her tits together as Jack was riding her massive tits. It was excellent as she pressed her tits together when the head of his cock was at the start of a thrust. When his cock was at its closest to her mouth, Liz was licking the bulbous head of Jack’s stiff cock. Edi was lubing Liz’s ass as she was sucking Liz’s huge clit. All three of them were enjoying this threesome; the naughtier they were, the more that they were enjoying it.”

Liz was now ready for Jack; she got on all fours, similar to the position that Edi had taken earlier, then Edi lay on top of the bed as Liz had done. She spread her legs open, allowing Liz to suck her clit as Jack ass fucked her. Liz took Jack’s full length easily. Edi had done a fantastic job of lubing her tight ass. Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going. He had loved how Edi had gripped his cock as he had fucked her cunt; he was sure that Liz would be equally as good. Liz had her first vaginal orgasm a couple of minutes later. She loved it; she said, “I love it, what a feeling; I’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life before, Jack, please give me another one.”

Jack gave her two more; after the second one, Liz came in Edi’s mouth, they both loved that. After Liz’s third vaginal, which was a body-shaking orgasm for Liz, Jack slid his stiff cock inside Liz’s dripping cunt; it was beautiful; Liz was a great gripper too, the two sisters had both powerful cunt muscles. Edi was now sitting in the armchair that Jack had first sat in. Edi was sipping her wine as she watched Jack fuck her younger sister; Edi spread her legs open and started fingering her big bulb. She was smiling at Jack; Jack was smiling back. Jack had had many threesomes with his mum and gran; he loved doing it with them. He now was having a threesome with two sisters, both in their seventies. He loved every minute with them.

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