This is the third chapter of a very special girl


This is the third chapter of a very special girlChapter 3- Judy MBefore I graduated from my high school years and began my college years, I dated. Nothing unusual there. I had a huge group of friends and an even larger group of associates from many areas of my life. Team mates, school mates, neighbors- all were part of my life with some being only casual connections while others became close lifetime relations.I had entered adolescence early during fifth grade. Okay, I was about a year older than my classmates due to my birthdate which fell in the fall keeping me out of school another year which gave me the added benefit of maturity- mental, emotional, and physical over the group that would be my classmates. Usually, it is the girls that enter puberty first in a group of k**s. As their body fat composition changes, the fat causes subtle hormone releases that signal their bodies to produce pubic hair and the development of their breasts as they begin the transition to womanhood. By the end of 5th grade, I had already started that transition. I was fascinated when my female playmates’ flat chests started to show the budding breasts when they did handstands causing their shirts to change position on their upper torso. Of course, I would never be so base then as to challenge them to perform such acrobatic tasks so I could observe their bodily transitions.No, not me.I was shaving midway through 6th grade; I was only eleven. In 6th grade, only a small handful of girls in my class were showing signs of puberty. (As an aside, by the time I was in 10th grade, I recall two girls in my geometry class that still wore regular Tee shirts not needing a bra in any form or fashion. Not even a “training bra”- which has always amused me. What in hell is there to be trained? Can boobs do tricks I have never been aware of? Okay, they do play with my mind. But, I digress.) My penis had done its growth spirt which was noticed by my male classmates as I stood taking a piss in the boy’s room. Frankly, I was never interested in viewing another male’s junk and never thought to compare my length and girth to that of my companions. In 7th grade, I took the required PE classes which ended with all students having to undress in the locker room, grabbing a towel and heading, naked as the day we were born, to the shower to bathe before the next class. Young male bodies are stinky enough and physical activity makes them worse. I noticed some of my classmates staring at me as I took my shower and dried off. I sported dense pubic hair and a cock that hung well below its exit area from my body. My classmates were mostly bare- with “thangs” that were hardly large enough to take hold of to urinate.The rear of our NJ home backed up to a chain link fence which created a barrier to a huge field that was part of an elementary school facility. The block was huge with residential homes fronting the street on three sides of the block. At two corners were 2 homes with the elementary school filling the gap between them. All the homes had that huge field between them. There was no fence directly behind the school itself as the field was used for sports and recess activity. We played softball, touch football, and other sports in the field and rather than walk past the school building to the sidewalks then follow the path home to my house, I would walk over to my back yard, climb the fence and be home. It was only 8 feet tall- no big deal.While in 7th grade and on a mid-Spring Saturday, I had been at a friend’s home helping him work on his bike. It had a wheel slightly warped. I took my spoke wrench and tightened and loosened the spokes until the rim was flattened then put the same tension back on each of the spokes. It is a task easier described than done! He lived one block beyond the elementary school and I took my customary short cut home. I was maybe ¼ the way across the field with I saw Melissa, the 10th grade-age sister of a classmate, and her two girlfriends I did not recognize. The three of them started to run toward me calling my name. I continued my walk toward the fence and my back yard. The four of us reached the fence at the same time. A few yards from the point where I climbed the fence was the inside corner for the houses on the adjacent block. Melissa lived on that block- I had no idea where the other girls lived.We exchanged some pleasantries and I started to climb the fence. I had reached the point where I would transition myself across the fence to begin climbing down when I felt a tug on my jeans. Melissa and her friends were pulling my jean bottom. I literally fell from the fence and landed on my back knocking the wind out of me. The other girls sat on my feet- Melissa was on my legs and undid my belt and pants exposing my genitals.Her eyes got large and she made the comment that she overheard her brother telling a friend I had the “biggest prick in the school”. The other two took a look too. I was stunned. That fight or flee thing occurred deep inside me. I was on my feet in an instant, pulled my pants up and was over the fence in a heartbeat. My heart pounded. My pants fastened, I walked around the barn that sat at the rear of our property, onto the driveway, and into the house.In 8th grade, I took a metal-working class. In it was a 9th grade girl who would become a close friend later. Judy and I were pared together. Most would consider the two of us to be nerds. We were both smart, tall, wore glasses, and a bit awkward in some instances. Although we were separated by class, we were about the same age with Judy being 3 weeks older than me. We became study partners even though we took different classes. I am dyslexic and had problems editing my school papers. She was gifted in that area but suffered in math and science- areas where I excelled. I could naturally explain the concepts in algebra and the logic in thinking making sense of the operations and processes and she caught on and her grades improved. The same thing happened in biology where I helped her grasp the chemistry behind the biology. Judy would edit my papers and reports so I could turn in finished work that earned good grades. I did my own writing, she really corrected my inventive spelling with the letter reversals, etc.Judy had dark brown hair that was cut in shoulder length or slightly longer. I think I saw her with it down only a few times throughout that year- it was usually in a pony tail. She wore some lip stick for make up and nothing else. To school, she always wore a skirt and white blouse, penny loafers and white ankle socks. Saturdays were spent at her house under the watchful eyes of her parents as we studied together. We both liked rock and roll music but neither of us knew how to dance. She had a girl’s version of a woman’s body; nice waist, hips, and breasts I knew were there but were always hidden from my view. We were friends, innocent. Besides, Mrs. G was giving me all the stimulation I required at the time.She went to the high school the following year and, being in 9th grade on the junior high campus, I saw her only once on Saturdays when we continued to study together. Her goal was to go to nursing school. Mine was to become a physician. Somehow, I could predict what she would be tested on in math and science and would help her for the upcoming announced tests and exams. We stayed intensely focused on academics. Her grades stayed high. We did not date. First, neither of us would be allowed to date the other because she was from a strict Roman Catholic family and I was raised Protestant. Our friendship was tolerated because it was only academic and her parents, particularly, her father, was rational enough to realize her good grades in math and science came as a result of our relationship and were the keys to opening the doors of the nursing school.When I got to 10th grade, I was lost. I had to take Latin and failed it miserably. My lack of interest in studying that Romance Language did not help. Nor did the fact that my teacher, a homely alcoholic woman who literally drank in school fell on the floor in the classroom causing me to more than snicker at what happened right in front of me. I had so many written assignments that I could hardly keep up with them. Judy was working part time on Saturdays and I lost that academic support.The school had an annual Sadie Hawkins Dance where tradition calls for the woman to invite the guy to the event. Just invited me. The dance tradition began with Hillbillies and the attire was more than casual. Judy invited me to go with her. I picked her up and we walked to her girlfriend’s home where she changed from the more conservative bahis firmaları garb her parents approved her to wear out with me to something more relaxed. Her lip stick was darker, she had color in her cheeks, and her white blouse disappeared becoming a red and black plaid that was tied at the waist and unbuttoned somewhat at the top. Gone too were her glasses making her nearly blind and requiring her to hold mew close as we walked to her friend’s car for the ride to the dance. Judy and I sat in the back seat, her friend and friend’s date in the front.The date was fun. We danced every slow dance that played. we did the Twist and some other faster dances. We even kissed. On the way home, we kissed some more. I even felt her breast under her plaid shirt but over the bra. Her breathing pattern increased and it was obvious she liked it. Back to her friend’s home, face washed, and a change back to her more conservative shirt and we walked to her home. The light was on and her parents were inside waiting. Before opening the door, I held her and gave her a nice kiss and we said to each other we’d see each other soon.It was not to happen for several years.I had Mrs. G who was taking my attention and there were other things taking my time. I had that summer camp I worked at the summer after 10th grade and left for school in Virginia that fall. I spent my summer traveling Europe from London to Athens and back via Italy and France. I was unescorted having to make my lodging arrangements, city transportation, food, etc. At 17, I acted and looked like an adult and passed as a male in my mid-20s. The summer after I graduated, I had Kim to play with in the evenings and worked for a local builder during the day as a carpenter’s helper. We started at 7 in the morning and ended late in the afternoon. I was the burro, a b**st of labor. By the time I left for college, my muscles were well-developed and I was tanned all over from being in the sun all day.Judy had started nursing school and lived away from home. I ran into her at a book store the summer between my freshman and sophomore years. We left the store and grabbed a coffee around the corner. We talked and laughed as we recalled old times. She was going to the same school that Mrs. G had gone to, a teaching hospital that concentrated on nursing without the academic programs four-year colleges require. It was hands on, all clinical, intense. And challenging. I asked her if she would like to go out the following Saturday. Yes.I asked if she had ever gone to Greenwood Lake which was a long, narrow lake running north and south with half in NJ and half in NY. The NY side had a younger crowd because the drinking age there was 18 and not 21 like in NJ. There were clubs all along the roads on both sides of the lake. All had live bands featuring up and coming stars like Bruce Springsteen and Cindy Lauper. Some had topless dancers. All served alcohol. All had dancing. No, she had not but wanted to go.That became our destination. I picked her up at her parents’ home. They were cordial toward me. Judy wore a nice dress, modest as it was buttoned at the top and knee length. She wore stockings and short heels, pearls at her neck, and a simple bracelet. She also had traded in her glasses and now wore contact lenses. She was radiant and softly sexy. I think I wore a button-down starched white shirt, slacks and sports jacket. We made an attractive couple!We got to a club and she asked for a Johnny Walker Black, no ice, no water. I got a rusty nail. We found a table, took a drink, sat the glasses down and headed for the dance floor. A band was playing. They were okay, a lot of east and west coast beach music, and Judy and I started to dance. She smiled from ear to ear. Then a slow one and we danced close. Very close. We sat down and finished our drinks and ordered another round. We spent the night dancing. We kissed a lot during the slow ones. Not wanting to piss her folks off, we left for the drive home. This time, she entered her home through the back door. She had loosened the bulb in the porch light so it was dark when I walked her to the door. The kiss was deep and erotic. I cupped her breast as we kissed and she reached up and moved it slightly taking my thumb and forefinger to tell me to pinch her nipple- which I did. She moaned into my mouth.I asked he if she wanted to go out the following Saturday and got a yes. Same place?, I asked. Another yes.The following Saturday was similar to the prior one except that she drank a bit more than before. What was stunning to me was that she could drink straight JW like that and function. I think she drank two to each one of mine. I was reluctant to do a lot of drinking. Too many young NJ drivers had partied at GW Lake and died in car accidents while driving back to their NJ homes. I didn’t want our names to be in Sunday’s paper.Later in the evening when the band was on a break, a Righteous Brothers song was starting and Judy and I got up to dance. My hand drifted to cup her ass. I could feel the garter suspender going down the back of her butt cheek and gently squeezed her cheek as she slightly pinched my nipple with her fingers. She had her head on my chest and sighed softly. We had known each other for years. We spent many dozens of hours together, and had done nothing too intimate with each other. I pulled back a bit causing her to look into my eyes.“What are you thinking?”, I asked.I was stunned with the unexpected response. “I was wondering what you would feel like up inside of me”, came the reply. Then she kissed me deeply.Okay, I understand the effects alcohol can have on a person. And, as horny as I was at that age, I also was not the sort of guy who would take advantage of a woman who might have had too much to drink. We left a while after and talked on the drive back home. It was a drive where I wished I was not driving a Karman Ghia with bucket seats. Birth control seats, I thought to myself. We arrived at her home and found her folks had replaced the bulb in the rear light. So, our kiss would not be as intimate as the prior Saturday.On the way to the back door, I asked her if she was serious about intimacy with me. Her non-verbal reply was loud and obvious. I thought I could swallow her tongue it went so deep. She said she had to return to her apartment in Paterson for a week and would tell her folks we would go out for supper and I would take her there afterward. My brother was in Virginia and my parents were taking my sisters on a week-long vacation beginning Friday afternoon.The house would be mine for the weekend.I picked her up around 6 and tossed her bag in the back seat and we headed to The Fireplace for a beer, burgers and fries. It was like she could not keep her hands off me. She wore a plaid wrap-around skirt with one of those metal dress pins holding the edges together. She had her penny loafers on her feet and a button-up-the-front blouse with the top two buttons unfastened- something she did in the car to The Fireplace. As we ate, side by side in a bench, her knees slowly spread apart. She was sitting slightly turned to me and over the space of a few minutes, she had pulled her skirt up and spread her legs to let me know she was not wearing panties. There was hair there. Not a thick mass of it, but stark growth that allowed me to see the skin. In my imagination, I could smell her state of arousal. While no one could see, she took my hand and rubbed to between her labia. The wetness said she was aroused.When we got to my home, it was dark inside. Huge shrubs separated our property from our neighbors providing privacy on one side. I parked, grabbed her back from the back seat, opened her door and we ran inside. I gave her a fast tour of our nearly 100 year-old home, the oldest on the road heading into town. We climbed the stairs to the second floor and went into my parents’ room and their bed.It would be hyperbole to say we were naked in an instant. But, It did not take long. It was time to practice the lessons taught by Tarri Jean in SC. I started kissing Judy with deep kisses. I kissed her ears softly, nibbled her sensitive ear lobes, kissed down the side of her neck. Not hard to leave those nasty bruises but hard enough to get her to shiver and shudder. I kissed down one side of her chest to her navel and back up to one breast. I hungered for her and suckled like she was able to feed me with sweet milk from her breast. She held it and told me to suckle as long as needed as she needed it too. As I sucked on the right breast, she cupped and fondled the other one. I have no idea how long we stayed like that but eventually, we switched kaçak iddaa breasts. They were not the large motherly breasts of Mrs. G or Tarri. And they were not the champagne glass shaped hard breasts of Kim. They were full having a gentle sag with wonderful nipples pointing to the front. Her nipples responded quickly. With Tarri, there was a constant patter of encouragement and instruction coming from her lips. From Judy, it was different. She loved the touch, the intimacy, the feeling and told me so. No matter what I did, it sounded from her that it was perfect. I know the foreplay with her breasts was unhurried, perhaps ¾ of an hour. I had not turned the light off and the room was well lit. I wanted to see Judy. Totally, completely. She was my peer and, unlike Kim, seemed to give me back as much as she received.My lips left Judy’s breast and I kissed my way down her tummy. I was in for a surprise!The hair was thinner than I realized- like she had removed 9 out of every 10 that had once grown there. The hair was downy in texture and a softy brown much like that on her head. Her labia were puffy the nub of her clit protruding from between them. I was fascinated; it looked like a small cock with a hood that had covered it but was pulled back. But, what really got me was the wetness. It was not just a moist place. But, it was a creamy fluid, whitish in color, It was like she had sex before I picked her up and she had not washed the semen from herself. But, it did not smell like semen. Nor did it smell like Mrs. G, Tarri, or Kim did. It was intoxicating. I licked her clit and Judy shuddered and grabbed my head telling me she was cumming. I pushed my face into her and started licking in earnest, then sucking her clit. In the back of my mind, the thought of its likeness to a small cock got me for an instant. It struck again when it grew between my lips. Shew started to thrust into my mouth. It had been like the end of my little finger but grew to what was an inch-long shaft. I could taste the wetness of her. There were two tastes I became aware of- the tangy taste I had experienced with the others and something new, different, erotic. The white fluid was different from the clear, sticky stuff. When Judy climaxed, the white fluid seemed to come from a small gland above her clit. I lifted my face and told her I wanted her tio fuck my mouth with her clit and repositioned myself. My tongue went to the base of her clit and my front, upper teeth and lips covered the area between her labia where the source of that white creamy fluid came from. Judy took my head and literally fucked my mouth like I asked. She was vocal and climaxed repeatedly. The amount of expelled white fluid seemed to abate with each subsequent climax. After a while Judy pulled on my head and asked me to let her feel myself inside her. I had put several condoms on the bedside table as I had learned a valuable lesson with Tarri Jean. I reached for one and Judy, seeing it, took it from me.“I want to feel the skin of you against the wet skin inside me. We cannot use birth control but it is not the time in my cycle we need to worry about it.” Good Catholic girl, I thought.I took several pillows from the back of the bed and prepared to prop them under Judy’s lower back. I was hard but knew I could get harder. Judy leaned over and took me in her mouth. I could not get half of it in her mouth before she gagged. I made a dumb comment about our needed to work on that skill and she giggled. When she had made the front half wet with her saliva, she repositioned herself and took my cock to guide it into her pussy. As we developed the pattern of thrusting, we kept hearing a noise pattern behind the bed. Clank, clank, clank, clank. I could not get but 2/3 of myself inside her before I struck bottom.For the years I had known her, Judy had never uttered a curse word nor spoken crudely. It had been as though she spoke like the parish priest was listening to her. That changed as we had sex. She was tight and shallow. And climaxed. I wanted to cum in her and asked if she wanted it. I thought a female sailor was under me with her reply.“Fuck me, you stud. Fill me with your cock and stuff.”I obliged her wish.The bed had a huge wet spot on it. I am certain it mostly came from her orgasms. But, I added to it as well. I pulled out and we moved to the other side of the bed and started to kiss and talk. We talked and kissed; I caressed her the entire time and she caressed me as well. Curious, I asked Judy about her sex life.She told me that I woke up the “sex worm” she had inside her with my kiss at the Sadie Hawkins Dance and that she wanted me that night, the hell with her parents. She described how she took her mother’s tapered candles and used them as dildos before turning to untampered ones, cucumbers and carrots, squash. She realized Crisco and unsalted butter made great sex lubes and that she enjoyed fucking her ass with candles. In nursing school, she studied anatomy and birth control techniques and dated some with guys at the hospital. She made them wear condoms but none had been my size and none turned her on like I had done and none made her feel like a natural woman.Being a practicing Catholic, she said she could not use birth control and would probably suffer the fires of hell for fucking the guys who wore condoms. I told he that it was them who used the birth control, not her and she bought my logic. We kissed and she looked me straight in the eyes and said as plain as day that she has always loved me and would marry me if I would ever consider converting to the Catholic fait but would never ask me to do so. But then she blew my mind. She added that when ever we made love, I was to not use a condom as she wanted my cock in her uncovered and to never cum anywhere on her but always in her. She said she would take my cum in her pussy when it was not the fertile time in the cycle and in her mouth and ass when it was that time.We kissed some more.Then she said she was thirsty and we walked downstairs to the kitchen and got glasses, ice, and water. She also opened the fridge and removed a stick of butter. As we walked through the dining room, she asked if we had candles. I opened the drawers and found an opened box of cream-colored ones. She took one and told me to follow her.She laid the butter and candle on the bed and went to her bag and rooted through it before finding a small makeup mirror.Soon, she was on her back with her legs spread wide, the mirror in one hand, the candle in another. Her labia were still opened from earlier. With the mirror in place, she gently pushed the tapered end of the candle through the opening of her cervix. No wonder I could not get but 2/3 of my cock in her, it was there in plain view. The candle became a dildo and she gently fucked the opening of her cervix with it pushing ever deeper inside her body. I lay down beside her and began licking her nipple and gently sucking on it. Judy asked me to play with her clit and she pushed deeper. She was obviously approaching another orgasm. I was hard, totally recovered and desiring entry to this woman’s body. As she climaxed, she cursed then settled down removing the candle before turning it end for end and pushing the untampered base where the tapered end had been. Amazingly, it easily slid in although she grunted as she pushed the blunt end through the opening. Keeping the candle moving, she told me to open the stick of butter and cover my cock with some for lube.When I was greased, she pulled the candle out and told me to take her “virginity”. I got the drift; her hymen was long gone but this would be a barrier I might breech.I got on my hands and knees and she tool me in her hand once again and guided me into her. As before, I felt my cock bottom out. She wiggled some and told me to push hard. I pushed and she cried out as the head of my cock popped through the opening of her cervix. I was totally inside her body, to the balls. The head of my cock was deep inside her held in place by the cervix. Judy’s orgasm was intense. She thrust herself against me and, for the first time, I heard her use the word, “fuck” repeatedly.I would thrust and hear her say “fuck”, pull pack and thrust again to hear her say “fuck”. Over and over, with the same sound coming from the head board. It had to be uncomfortable for her but she dug her nails into my back and pulled me into her repeating that word, “fuck”, over and over. I did not last long. I had the most intense climax ever. Before, and after. I cannot say we made love. It was a****l-like. It reminded me of a movie, “The Howling IV”, I think, where two werewolves kaçak bahis fucked in the forest.Then, panic struck me. It was one thing to cum inside a woman’s vagina where the sperm would still have a challenging swim to find an egg to fertilize. It was another to unload so close to her ovaries. Judy saw the concern in my eyes and pulled me close to her. We kissed and she thanked me over and over for trusting her and for sharing that with me. She said she was well over 12 days until she would next ovulate and sperm could never last that long there.I hoped so.We continued to talk, kiss, cuddle, and caress. When my cock finally pulled free, no flow of cum came with it. Her cervix had kept it all trapped deep inside her body. She kept having those little orgasmic waves that flowed through her body. In a way, I was envious. My orgasm came in a series of contractions spaced about .8 second apart and subsided after a while. Judy experienced the same intense pattern of contractions .8 second apart but she would continue to feel them for many minutes. Or, hours as was seeming to happen that night.I left her in the bed and walked back to the kitchen to grab some cheese and crackers I had fixed before going to get her. I also got a pitcher of fresh ice and water. While some might have chosen beer, wine, or a mixed drink, I wanted us to enjoy our time with clear minds and eyes. I took the time to wash the remaining butter from my cock. Hint, use unsalted butter as a lube…We ate a few bites and drank some ice water and continued to talk for hours when Judy took a mouthful of ice water and held it in her mouth before swallowing it. She promptly moved her head between my legs and took my flaccid cock into her mouth and started working her magic on it. I am sure I would have gotten hard just looking at this freshly-fucked woman I had know for so long. But, her mouth worked its magic on me and I was erect. She grinned.“Chuck, I gave you something no man has ever experienced with me. I have another first to share with you.”She moved to her hands and knees and turned her shapely ass to me.“Baby, use the butter and rub it into my ass and on your penis”. I can recall those words because they were more clinical than her use of cock and prick earlier in the evening.I put a small dollop on my finger tip and rubbed the opening of her anus with it. She pushed against my fingertip as to hurry me along. I got more butter and pushed my fore and middle fingers into her ass and heard her moan into the pillow. After I fingered her ass for a while with her reaching up to play with her clit, she told me to take her ass. I asked if she still wanted me to lube my cock and she said she felt relaxed enough to take me. I moved to position myself behind her and put my cock at the entrance of her buttered butt and got ready to push into her. I was not expecting what happened next. Judy grabbed her butt cheeks pulling them apart and pushed back onto my cock. After some resistance, I slid inside her. I reached up and held her breasts that were hanging under her. She rubbed her clit and pussy. And, as we set in motion, there was that damn banging noise from before. She asked me what it was. I thought it was the head board. And, I did not care what it was.Judy asked me to follow her as she moved forward to flatten herself a bit and change the angle of penetration. This was something else. While Judy admitted being around the block a time or two, she was new enough at this that her body was not all stretched out of shape. The band of muscle of her anus gripped the outer skin of my cock allowing the internal structure to rub back and forth. Judy said she felt like she needed to pee. (Year later, I would learn that this position was rubbing that magic spot inside her called the “G Spot”. That was driving her to the edge. My playing with the nipples at the same time while she rubbed her clit off pushed her well beyond it. Her language got more and more vocal. Soon she was begging me to cum in her ass. I was close, but not close enough.Normally, I would be solving complex equations in my mind attempting to stave off an orgasm. But, here I was deep inside a beautiful woman’s ass with her on overload and begging me to empty my nuts into her again as she could not take much more.I hit it a bit more and fulfilled her basest desire. I pulled the pillow case off a pillow and used it to capture any mess that might leak out of Judy and pulled out.We fell asleep in each others’ arms on a dry place on the mattress. The next morning, we dressed and started a remodeling of my parents’ home. Below the bedroom was the dining room with a beautiful bay window. My mother always dreamed of the master bedroom having the same bay window feature in it as did the dining room below. I carefully removed the tin metal roof over the bay windows and removed the cedar shingles revealing the wall beneath them. I pulled off the plaster and lathing on the outside wall, put in a sturdy header and cut a large opening for the windows. Judy carried materials for me ands soon I had the bedroom floor over the old bay extended and the walls framed for the windows. My buddy George delivered the specially built window units that would fit in the openings and helped me put them into position. While Judy put fiberglass insulation in place inside, I covered the sheathing with window trim and new shingles. We got the majority of it complete by night fall.We went to the neighboring town for supper then back to my home for bed. We were wiped out! The sex would be slow and tender, no high energy as was the night before. We kissed a lot. Her pussy and ass were sore from the previous night. I got hard and she asked me to let her suck my cock. It was not like in a porn movie we might see today. It was patient, slow, sensual. I did not grab her head and face-fuck her. She used her mouth and hands and brought me close several times before stopping and letting me relax. Then, she would repeat. After a bit, I told her I felt like I was going to cum and she stopped using her hands and moved her tongue as she sucked me. I erupted in her mouth. The entire time, it was like listening to a cat purring with the delight that makes them purr. I had my usual 3-4 strong contractions followed by several lessening ones. Not a drop slipped out of her mouth.I wanted to kiss this woman, my friend since junior high, who had performed such a one-sided and loving act.. We made out with the taste of my semen still in her mouth. She said no man had ever kissed her after she had sucked them off and if he showed no tendency to do so, that was the last BJ he got with her. I guess seconds were few and far between. But, I never asked her how many it had been. And, the next morning, I realized I had passed the test.Plus, she and I got the walls insulated and covered with sheet rock before I had to take her back to Paterson.Judy and I saw a lot of each other that summer. Out relationship was bitter sweet. The relationship was deep, respectful, not totally sexual as we did many things together that were purely social. But there was always the nagging thing in the back of our minds. She felt she could not marry outside her faith and I sure was not going to become a Papist.I finished the remodel before my folks returned giving my mother a huge surprise. I managed to recreate the fancy Victorian trim to match that found throughout the house. I moved the steam radiator so it sat under the middle window in the bay. I did not re-carpet their room though. I washed the sheets and cleaned up the bedroom.And, I found out the source of the banging when Judy and I were active in the bed. The Monday following my parents’ return, I found a cassette tape laying on my bed. I put it in a cassette player and on one side was my father’s voice in a sleepy voice recording thought he had at night that came to him between dreams. On the other side, filling the tape, was the recorded sound of Judy and I having sex and talking. Nothing was left to the imagination except the visuals that voice does not capture. I went down to my parent’s room to investigate. Hanging over the back of the head board was a cord attached to a cassette recorder and a voice activated mike at the other.To his credit, my father never mentioned it. But, he knew I knew he knew.You might wonder what happened to Judy and me. She was busy the following summer doing clinical rotations and studying for her state boards. I came home that summer and operated a remodeling business that employed other young people and kept me busy. I also had to take French and a fine arts elective in college that summer. I went to her pinning ceremony when she graduated and was recognized with the title, Registered Nurse. I had to return to college and did my ROTC summer camp the following summer.We drifted apart as two star-crossed lovers often do.

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