Thresholds Ch. 14


Much of the following week was fairly low key, getting to the beach each day at lunch for an hour or so, but it was otherwise rather uneventful. On Friday You gave me a sheer white g-string to wear. The butterflies appeared again as I slipped off my blouse and skirt at the lakeshore, exposing first my bare tits and then my barely clad crotch. Up close it was clear that I sported a bald beaver, my slit fairly evident through the sheer fabric drawn taut over it. My naked breasts were adorned with one inch silver rings through my nipple piercings, drawing even more attention to them than did their bareness. As I walked along the beach with you in your tiny orange g-string, your bits jiggled almost as merrily as did my boobs.

My period came again on Saturday, so it was pretty much a cooldown week. Having a bad case of cock withdrawal, on Wednesday I stopped by your office at lunchtime to give You a blowjob and surprised You by bringing along my friend Sandy who just sat and watched while I unzipped your pants, extracted your cock and proceeded to suck away on it for the next twenty minutes until You rewarded my efforts by squirting a nice big load of goo into my mouth as I held your shaft just far enough away that Sandy had a clear view of the jets of jizz as they erupted from your glans. Like a good girl I swallowed every drop before we left. Walking back to my office Sandy made me promise to return another time and trade places so that she too could savor the pleasures of your swollen shaft in her mouth.

Saturday You picked me up mid afternoon. I was naked when you arrived but otherwise ready to go with an overnight bag of cosmetics and miscellaneous acoutrements already all packed. You embraced me, your hands wandering down my backside as your tongue slipped into my mouth. I detected a trace of your morning coffee as our tongues met. I felt your fingertips trace the line where my cheeks meet my thighs before your hands gently clenched my cheeks and your tongue probed more insistently. I sensed myself getting wet.

And then suddenly you stopped. We selected a couple pair of shoes before You handed me my attire for the ride ahead, a simple pale celadon silk teddy. I slipped it on and adjusted the straps. No jewelry adorned my nipples and looking in the mirror I saw that they made lovely forms in the supple fabric. You smiled lasciviously in approval. I donned my high heel sandals and we headed out. Walking down the hall your fingers again traced the contour at the bottom of my left ass cheek, reminding me of how little I was wearing and how much I was exposed.

For some reason it was a busy afternoon at my apartment building. We encountered several people further along the hall and again on the walk from the building to the car. The teddy wiith its high cut legs and lightweight material was quite clearly lingerie that I was prancing down the sidewalk in and everyone took notice.

You said You had a couple errands You needed to take care of as You threaded your way through the light traffic. The first stop was at a dry cleaner’s where You instructed me to take some things in while You remained behind in the car to watch as I strode across the parking lot before disappearing inside. The Pakistani gentleman behind the counter was quite flustered over my attire as he checked in the jacket and trousers I handed him. He filled out a receipt and handed it to me, eyes glued to my barely covered body.

Next we parked about fifty feet from a mailbox and You handed me some mail to pop in it. This was almost at the corner of a very busy intersection, so plenty of people saw me in the middle of the day in bright daylight with nothing but a few ounces of silk concealing my treasures. One car honked as it passed. When I returned to the car my heart was pounding and I was breathing heavily with excitement. You laughed as you restarted the car. I settled in for the long ride ahead.

Our destination was six hours away and I spent most of the time curled up asleep with the seat laid back. Every once in a while as we passed a trucker you would awaken me could as they regarded my near naked form. A couple times I wound up awakening and realized I was in a position that left the teddy shifted aside just enough that a nipple or my pussy was exposed.

Dusk was upon us as we neared the end of the trip. I awoke as we pulled onto a gravel road. Groggily I asked “How much longer?” to which You replied that we were almost there and that perhaps I should change. You’d left a bag with clothes within easy reach and directed me to it. Inside I found what would be my first outfit for the evening, a black lycra tube dress. I shimmied out of the teddy and into the dress. The stretch fabric clung to my nipples and the hem came barely past my crotch. While not being transparent it gave the illusion of being so. There was a bright red satin g-string which I slipped on and my black fuckme pumps finished things off.

There were already thirty five or forty illegal bahis cars in the lot as we pulled in. After tucking into a slot we got out of the car and followed another couple heading to the entry to a complex of low lying structures. She was tall and leggy, wearing a pair of daisy dukes and a lacy halter top. He wore chinos and a polo shirt.

Inside the entry there was a sign-in table and the sound of loud music from deep inside. You handed me the bag you’d taken from the car trunk as You signed us in and handed the woman at the counter several twenties. She was a buxom blonde wearing a great deal of makeup but very very friendly. As we headed for the door that would take us further she chirped a “Have fun – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” which elicited a snicker from you. I had the distinct feeling you’d been here before and that You and she might have some history.

You’d told me that you’d been to The Ranch a number of times before and it was very much as I’d envisioned. Just off the main entry was the social hub of the place with a good sized dance floor, a thirty foot bar that returned on both ends, an area with a couple dozen tables, a small stage with a stripper pole, and a DJ booth (also appropriately referred to as the BJ booth). We headed toward the bar where you introduced me to Gary the bartender as You handed him the bottles of rum and prosecco You had brought. He immediately poured me a glass of bubbly and You a rum gimlet.

Leaving me at the bar, You disappeared for a bit. While You were gone I was approached by an attractive couple. She was quite petite and cute with shoulder length brown hair and enormous dark eyes, wearing a cute schoolgirl outfit with a short pleated plaid skirt, a simple white blouse, and ridiculously high platform heels. Although she was flat chested, I found the look very erotic. The fabric of the blouse came close to being translucent and her nipples were quite dark, so they made themselves evident depending on how the lighting caught her. Her ass cheeks peeked out past the hem of her skirt and at moments you could tell she was wearing some form of skimpy white panties.

He was a pretty average looking guy, balding a bit but quite friendly and as I sipped my prossecco I became more and more comfortable. A dozen or so people were out on the dance floor. The Electric Slide turned into Who Let The Dogs Out into You can Leave Your Hat On. An industrious and voluptuous brunette had actually come prepared with a hat and by the end of the number was naked save for it. She sported huge nipples and a thick dark bush. Soon after she and her companion disappeared into the back area of the club.

I was perched on a stool and every once in a while the dress would ride up such that various individuals would be afforded a glimpse of my scarlet clad snatch. I knew exactly what I was doing and played it for all that it was worth. This was definitely a place to see and be seen. Gary smiled appreciatively when it was his turn for a sneak peek.

You returned just as the couple I’d been talking to headed for the dance floor. Noticing our glasses were almost empty, Gary offered refills and we eagerly accepted. You suggested we go explore. There were several routes out of the main hall. One led to a short corridor with restrooms, another to a longer one with five private rooms off it. No single males were permitted down this corridor unless accompanied by a couple. We checked it out and found three rooms with the doors open and no one in them, one closed door and another with a dutch style door, the upper half of which was open and the lower closed. A woman with largish breasts was being ministered to by three guys. She was on her back with a cock in each hand and another being rammed in and out of her twat. We watched for a few minutes with You fondled my breasts through the stretchy fabric of the little black dress.

We then headed for the third way out of the main room. A lounge immediately off it had a long modular sofa with several young couples parked on it. One pair was dry humping as they watched porn on a big monitor but otherwise it was pretty tame. A locker room lay beyond and a billiards room to one side. The other way led to another corridor off which was a large communal bathroom with several shower stalls as well as the hot tub area which featured a huge vessel that could probably hold thirty people as well as a smaller one better suited for a half dozen. There were ten or twelve people in the large one and one lonely couple in the smaller. No one was wearing any form of bathing suit.

Doubling back through the lounge a different corridor passed by a room with walls full of holes, some at perfect height for gloryholes, others higher to permit fondling higher and some more appropriate just for voyeuring. We watched a woman enter, strip naked and beckon to two men to join her. They took turns eating her out and having their cocks sucked before the three gathered up their clothes and illegal bahis siteleri disappeared toward a private room.

Moving along further we passed by several “themed” rooms: a barn room, a dungeon, a doctor’s office complete with exam table and stirrups, and a room that was totally black with no lights, just a gigantic mattress. No one was playing in any of these so we continued along. Many more rooms lay beyond, some with signs that said ‘couples only” or “four or more only” or “door MUST remain open”. Two rooms were large communal areas with huge mattresses in the middle and seating around the perimeter. It was early enough in the evening that there wasn’t too much going on in any of these places.

Our drinks were empty by this time and we decided to head back for refills. There were lots of sexy looks and I received many leers and ogles from members of both sexes as we wandered along. The tautness of the fabric made my breasts dance in a very different manner than usual. Instead of the fluid up and down bounce that usually resulted when I walked in heels without the encumbrance of a bra, this was more of a side to side wiggle.

Gary filled us back up as we checked out the main room again. The crowd had grown considerably. I would guess it was now up to a couple hundred people with a ratio of probably three men to every two women. The dancing was getting bawdier and you could tell that the alcohol was beginning to work it’s magic.

After I had taken a few sips You steered me away from the bar and back to the locker room. It was time for a change of attire. You instructed me to strip and I peeled off the dress and g-string. You then handed me a sheer black bodystocking. It was had small straps at the top and a seam that ran straight down the front to my crotch and back up the other side. The seam nestled right into my kittyslit, disguising it but my tits were very visible through the sheer fabric.

We headed back to the main room and corridors where You spent the next hour parading me around like that. We watched all sorts of coupling going on, much of it involving groups of one woman and several men. Often a husband or boyfriend looked on, acting as a referee and keeping things somewhat under control. Other women were also starting to change into sexier attire or shed items of clothing.

As we stood and watched two couples swapping back and forth in a room, we struck up a conversation with another pair. There were slim and well turned out, he in a white shirt and khakis, she at that point in black lace bra and panties. Their names were Ted and Carol and when we headed on in different directions we agreed to try to connect again later.

The hot tubs were filling up. We watched as several women got eaten out as they sat up on the edge, feet in the water. On the deck a somewhat plump woman appeared to be in seventh heaven as a much younger man fondled her feet and sucked on her toes while she masturbated herself.

We continued to tour for the next forty five minutes. It was approaching twelve o’clock and the place was really beginning to hop. There was that unique buzz in the air that you only find at swing clubs when they’re packed and the chemistry is all perfect. Everyone had one common thing on there mind and that was a desperate need to fuck.

Headiing again for the locker room we passed through the lounge. The same group was still there but this time half of the clothing had disappeared and instead of dry humping three of the women were semi naked and straddling their partners with cocks buried deep in their quims. One of the other pair was deeply engrossed in some serious cocksucking and the final couple were just getting out of their clothes.

This time You had me change into a skimpy little black lace garterbelt, stockings and heels. You presented me with a new pair of rings to wear through my nipple piercings and once they were in place, You then fastened a little bell to each. You then stripped down to a pair of tight fitting black bikini briefs that nicely displayed your cockbulge as well as your buns.

We headed back to the bar. Most of the crowd in the main room stays dressed (well, at least sort of) leaving us much more exposed than any others. Gary grinned lasciviously when he saw me with with my tits and twat so brazenly on display. When I saw his reaction I puffed my chest out and shook hte girls from side to side, jiggling the bells as she did. They were inaudible with the loud music, but Gary and everyone else around took great delight in the visual treat. He poured me the last of the bottle of prosecco. You asked for a tonic water and ice for that round.

The bar was quite crowded but access magically appeared for us. We stood for a while sipping our beverages. You played with my tits a bit and then slid a hand slowly down my body, first to fondle my ass and then to wander between my legs and cup my crotch. You switched to just your middle finger and began to stroke my canlı bahis siteleri now juicy slit, teasing my clit a little before slowly slipping it into my pussy a half an inch or so.

I wiggled and squirmed, wanting more of it inside me but You weren’t about to allow me that pleasure. Instead You withdrew it and tickled my clit a little more. All this time I’d had been facing the bar and leaning on it. You spun us around so that You were then leaning against it and I was fully exposed to everyone that was watching (and just about everyone was). You resumed the fingerwork on my love button, at the same time clutching my left breast and grinding your groin against my backside. I writhed in enjoyment and closed my eyes, savoring the feeling of your stiff member against my backside. A moaning sort of sound came from deep inside somewhere and I could feel my body temperature rising.

One of the onlookers stepped forward, a striking creature with long dark hair dressed in a glittery minidress. She extended her middle finger and placed her hand just beneath yours, then slowly inserted it in my cunt. I opened her eyes at that point and stared intently into the woman’s deep dark eyes as she fingerfucked me while You continued to torment my clit. I moved my body up and down almost imperceptively at first, but then with more and more vigor as I approached climax. Eventually I let out a banshee cry, my knees buckled, and I clamped my thighs tightly around the hand with the finger inside me, bucking and shaking for several minutes in a thundering orgasm.

Slowly I came back to my senses and there was a round of applause from the room. Our new friend withdrew her finger then sucked my juices from it. You held me close, largely supporting me until my composure returned, then passed me my glass, from which I sipped before looking at You with eyes wide and the filthiest smile I could muster. The other woman had disappeared.

I excused myself, and headed off to mop up a bit. There was lots of company in the restroom, both male and female, some showering including a threesome taking place. A very generously endowed gentleman was standing at the sinks watching himself in a mirror as he stroked away. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

After I’d refreshed a bit I returned to the bar, finding you deep in conversation with a blonde in a red fishnet teddy and red patent leather thigh high boots. I finished off the prosecco and then You steered me away for another tour of the place.

I was the focus of a lot of attention as we strutted about. We both were getting extremely horny from all that we had seen and the general atmosphere. The lounge had cleared out some but the back rooms were now full of people in various states of undress. At one point we stopped to watch a group of six playing on one of the large beds. thirty or so others stood around watching intently as they rolled around sucking cocks and eating pussies.

You slid your g-string off and put a hand on my shoulder, directing me downward. I sank to squatting position and drew your member into my mouth. You continued to watch the group as I sucked away. A few people took notice and alternated watching between the group and us and I did my best to put on a good show for them, licking the shaft, licking your smoothly shaven testicles, spreading my legs wide and playing with my again sodden pussy.

At one point, a sweet faced blonde in the group of six caught a glimpse of us and then proceeded to focus her attention on your cock sliding in and out of my lips as she herself was getting pounded doggy style.

She just kept watching. The fact that she seemed more intent on what we were doing than the fact that she herself was being fucked was a real turn-on. You pulled my dick away from my mouth saying “Stay here” then walked the ten paces to where the blonde was, your raging hard-on bobbing away as you did. You put it right in her face and she eagerly opened her mouth to take it.

The guy pounding away at her smiled and gave a thumbs up. The three of you went on like that for a while. I watched every move, every thrust. The other guy pulled out of the blonde and asked if You wanted a turn. Someone handed You a condom and You pulled it over my engorged dick then positioned yourself between her legs then thrust it into her gaping maw. The other guy peeled his condom off and presented his cock for her oral enjoyment.

Before You came You withdrew and peeled off the condom then headed back over to where I stood patiently waiting. The blonde took on another cock and the pile continued to fuck like rabbits.

We explored some more. Everywhere we went people were fornicating, sometimes just couples sometimes in groups. At one point a guy approached us and asked if we wanted to play. You told him to lose the boxers he was wearing and once he was out of them instructed me to kneel down and suck his cock. I did so and in no time at all was rewarded with a mouthful of creamy white jizz. I swallowed and suddenly another cock appeared which was also then serviced. We were right in the middle of a hallway and guy after guy got lucky. I must have taken on a dozen mouthfuls of cum before things eased up and we moseyed on along.

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